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46  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / The Crimson Rose on: 07 November 2002, 00:37:00
I feel some points are missing so please tell which parts do you think need more development and I will make them redone.

The Crimson Rose

Basic Overview of the plant

The crimson rose,  also called "Assassinīs Rose" or "Ladyīs heart". Itīs the symbol of the Karīii order of the Echiilianni and they are the ones who mostly cultivate them. They use it as a vengeance symbol. When someone receives one it means a certain action to be taken against him soon (maybe death, maybe worse).


The plant resembles the common rose except for itīs black stem, with a lot of black thorns. It height is more or less than a fore. It have 7 petals, 4 exteriors and 3 interiors, enveloping 5 black pistils (in the shape of a grape but a bit smaller). Those petals are rough and of a deep crimson color. It have no leaves and itīs scent is strong and sweet.


The flower can only be found in the Cyhalloi continent, spread all along the island of Guldor (however it was originated in the island of Dorolak). In spite of the extreme cold weather, the flower manages to survive. Sometimes it mean to grow by the protection of a rock, deep within a cavern, or where the conditions are suitable.
The Echiilianni build cottages where they cultivate tons of flowers, protecting them from the harsh weather.


The petals are used as powder to make someone enter a deep sleep. The powder may be put in a drink, food or just alone. However, a great amount or an overdose of this powder ma conduce to a never-ending sleep, followed by death if not neutralized on time. To neutralize its effects, an antidote is needed. The antidote is made with the stem and thorns of the rose. Extracting the sap of the stem and cutting the thorns you must boil both for half an hour. Also used in small portions to counter insomnia.
The pistils that give the rose the name of "Ladyīs Heart" (where all Echiilanīs hate and vengeance desire resides according to the myth), are eatable. They are sweet and the Echiilianni make a soft and energetic beverage from them.


Each pistil functions as a seed. So when the rose withers (between 10 and 13 days), the pistils give birth to new roses. Not all the times the 5 pistils form another rose but the average is that 1 rose gives birth to 4 new ones.


The crimson rose was originated in the orc island of Dorolak. The myth refers to the torture of Echiilian and her final thrown in a hole. Her blood was absorbed by the land and turned some rose plantation in a clearing of the pine tree forest where was the hole. The fact is that when the orcs realized of this transformation, they started to fear and evade the place. After a few months and due to the fast reproduction of the flower, they realized it as a threat and their fear turned into anger. One stormy and windy night, a great amount of orcs, armed with huge sticks, started to hit the roses in order to destroy them all. Doing this, the petals aroused and started to float over the land, finally being transported by the wind to Guldorīs island. That night is remembered as "The crimson night" by all the Kasumarii because the sky turned to this color. Itīs also said to be the day Lady Echiilan was reborned. The few roses and petals that were left in the island of Dorolak were burned with the orcs corpses that die, victims of the petals sleep effect.


Edited by: Sahndorf at: 11/10/02 6:43:49 am
47  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Thanks and translation proposal on: 05 November 2002, 05:16:00
Thanks Dasson!!!!!!  :)

They were the ones I suposed so I will take your word as a confirmation.

Best regards, Sahndorf.

48  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Thanks and translation proposal on: 03 November 2002, 03:08:00
Thatīs what I was planning to do but I want to check with Xarl first. And I will not work only on that subjects. I suggest working on territory first in order to go on with a base.

Although the Karīii are my priority I will be working in other things also.

49  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Thanks and translation proposal on: 03 November 2002, 01:50:00
Thanks for the mail :)  

::Better talk with him by mail than face him. Iīm still a bit afraid about what Dasson said:: ;)

Iīm sorry about the msn or yahoo but actually I donīt have one. I connect at work and we are not allowed to download them. But I will get an account to use on free days in my house. I will let you know soon.

Until that day here is my mail:


Postcriptum:  How can I get the @santharia one?

50  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Thanks and translation proposal on: 03 November 2002, 00:50:00
Dasson, any way I can contact with that axe you mention?

Hope to get a chance to share part of my vision with him until my head is cut off form the rest of the body.

You know, Iīm in need of a lot of Karīii information for a couple of ideas in my head, starting for their territory. So I will be glad if I can contact Xarl.
I read some of his post about the Karīii and I must say I like them.

Would you mind if I give you my mail so you can pass it to Xarl?

:rollin  :rollin  :rollin  :rollin  :rollin  :rollin  :rollin  

51  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Thanks and translation proposal on: 27 October 2002, 01:45:00
Look Artimidor, you are doing great on satisfying wishes. I mean, if you werenīt good this site just must had turned into ruins time ago. For me itīs ok in english (better take mental note to thank my mother on her insistence on me to study english when I was a little kid. Now I understand what she tried to explain me with the words "It will help you in the future"
She knew about Sorren and didnīt tell me a word!!!!!! :)
Must buy her a gift.

May I ask you to point me what to do if you donīt mind?
Actually Iīm working on Karii history and a few persons relevant in it (thanks Judith!!!! Your scroll gave me an idea)
but want to work in something else. Just let me know.

All the best for you.

52  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Thanks and translation proposal on: 24 October 2002, 00:42:00
Yep I had think in all what you are saying Artimidor :o  (Can I call you in that way?) But I hope maybe someone find a way to make it real.

What about translating only the world information (races, places, library, etc.) and left the threads in english opening just a few like the general ooc thread and the CD one in spanish and the tutorial basics? We shall keep the development forums just for the English speakers.

If not to play maybe make the world able to be know by spanish speakers. I would love to read about this world even without having the chance to play or post in the forums.
I understand what you tell me and I must confess I agree with you. Please donīt blame me if I still have the spanish idea on my head. Iīm a stubborn one and think there is always a way for everything.  

Well, Iīll be wandering by there. See you and thanks for your response. Good luck. :rollin  (I love this rolling thing)

   We are the singers of songs, the writers of words, the tellers of stories. We entertain, amuse, and instruct. We deflate the pompous and uplift the depressed. We are those who see the beauty in all things and share that vision.

    We are the Bards

53  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Thanks and translation proposal on: 23 October 2002, 00:39:00
One day I was just wandering around the net without finding anything interesting. But destiny have other plans for me an send me to the Sorren forum.

Woow. Whatīs all of this? Rping, fantasy, create your character, a new world under development,etc? It must be my lucky day. The place I have been looking for all my life just appear in front of me. And without even noticing how I do that.

I want to make this post more than a proposal. Itīs a truly gratitude to all of you that make this world a reality.

I had the luck to understand english but I think in the only spanish speaking people (Itīs my first language) and the idea just pops in my head.

I have the time and I think the capacity to translate all the world to spanish. It would be helpful? There is a way to make a link or something to a spanish Sorren world? Just the same as it but able to more people to reach.

Itīs just an idea. Maybe there is a way to make it possible. I donīt know. I donīt know either if there are things that make that impossible. Itīs just a dream within a dream.

Hope not to be annoying. And thanks to take the time to read this lines. See you.

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