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1  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Pic of Zarathian Man- Kazin on: 06 January 2011, 07:29:45
Ahhh I see, that's why he has a Sparth. It's exciting to see someone has finally made a Cholian, I'll be curious to read his history, I always thought they had potential to make interesting characters since they're practically drug addicts! Not to mention superpowers haha!
2  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Pic of Zarathian Man- Kazin on: 06 January 2011, 05:09:39
Ooooh a Zarathian!

Apologies for bursting into this thread as you don't know me, Aeruillin was my home for a while you see ;).

I am curious as to why he is carrying a spear, as Zarathians are famed for their daggers? I don't mean to be difficult but I had to ask! Spears are the weapons of the Cholians, not Zarathians...  evil

:) :) :)
3  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Re: My Anniversary Gift to Santharia. on: 15 November 2008, 02:05:15
*Inscribes on palm* SOONER RATHER THAN LATER! ^_^

And Irid - yes I see your PM which you sent errr.... a very long time ago! It deserves a reply :). It would be foolish of me to say "I'm back", more - this is something I have wanted to do for a long while, and I'm going to do it for Santharia at this momentous time.

I want to get the main sections complete ASAP, but history is likely to take much longer to sort. It's really complicated and given that it's something I worked out a long time ago... and I mean a LONG time ago... trying to piece it back together in my mind is something that cannot be rushed. This tribe have pretty much terrorised much of northern Aeruillin and so as you can imagine their influences are far and wide.

:) :) :)
4  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / My Anniversary Gift to Santharia. on: 14 November 2008, 08:08:03
I had wanted to post this complete. However, this is taking me a lot longer than I had anticipated - I'm a busy trainee teacher right now, and balancing the research and memory dredge needed for this alongside lesson plans, lesson evaluations and Masters level Uni assignments is proving trickier than I had first imagined.

So. This is only about half of it, quite a few sections have a random collection of words. But since everyone is getting in the anniversary mood, I wanted to say - 1. Happy Anniversary! I hadn't forgotten, and 2. I promised Talia many times I would write something again for Santharia and at long last I am fulfilling this. I will finish this. Too late for the anniversary update I'm sure but I'll keep it in my mind that I started this post about that time ;).

Most people here probably don't know me, in which case... hi! I'm an old member who hasn't contributed in a good 3-4years now, due to University and general laziness.

Anyway... let me present to you the beginning of what is turning out to be an entry of epic proportions. The Thairans, the most important tribe of Aeruillin, slowly coming to life. I had started to write about these a few years ago and some of that writing still remains here. There's so much to say about these people and ARGH my mind boggles when I think of their history. It's complicated. And it's my fault its complicated so I only have myself to blame!


The Thairans are arguably the most important tribe on the vast desert continent of Aeruillin. They reside in Shan’Thai, and are a highly successful people of the trading port. Their history is long, a confusing web of war, religion and politics. Their early religious zeal led them to fight for what they believed, in the process killing thousands of people, even eradicating a whole tribe from existence. Nowadays their devout ways have calmed, and the Thairans are once more known as the masters of trade, business and industry, running the highly successful port of Shan’Thai.


As this tribe has undergone radical shifts in racial dominance, so has their appearance. The first true Thairans looked nothing as they do now, given that they did not yet have the Avennorian blood within their veins. They were dark skinned, dark haired, and had sturdy, thickset frames. These people, once the Avennorians started to dominate Shan’Thai, were referred to as the “natives” and eventually became subservient to the new settlers, tending the fields of Amristh. It was noted that the two factions of the tribe tended not to come together and produce children, although it did happen – this tended to be hushed up however. So, the Avennorians retained very much their own characteristics, although their skin tone did noticeably darken – perhaps due to the sun, or having a native parent, or even a bit of both. When the natives eventually left to form what would eventually become the Ordion tribe, the remaining settlers started to become very puritanical about their appearance and with whom it was correct to procreate, which coincided with the rise in religious devotion. This meant that until about one hundred years ago, the appearance of the Thairans greatly resembled those of their Avennorian ancestors, the only obvious difference being that they had picked up a tan along the way.

Only when the changes in the mindset of the Thairans began to occur, which happened roughly a century ago, did they begin to consider those outside their own tribe as viable partners. Although even now some hold onto the old fashioned racial purity beliefs, it is now not unusual to see a Thairan man proudly walking arm in arm with his Ordion wife.

Following all this disruption, a common Thairan can be described as follows.

Their skin is no longer white as the Avennorians now, yet it is not as dark as many other Aeruillian tribes. Through mixing blood with Ordions, it is light brown in colour. They are still somewhat short in stature, although the average height is a little more than their Sarvonnian relatives, an estimate would be 1.75 peds. Frames are light and petite, although the integration of other races has meant that you may on occasion spot a thickset, almost giant-like Thairan – no doubt due to influence of Ordion blood. Eye colour has remained true to the common blue of the Avennorians, yet the blue shade has darkened. A few brown eyed citizens are seen here and there; however, Thairan eyes remain the colour of the sea from which they trade upon.

The hair of the Thairans is a defining feature and some may argue a cause of much bloodshed and war. A century ago, nearly every Thairan was blonde to some degree. The shades of blonde were of course varied, however, to find a brunette or redhead was an impossible task. This was due to years of believing superiority was due to the blonde hair. Although a common belief amongst some Aeruillin tribes is that those who are blonde are blessed by Nakashi, the Thairans took it a step further to say that as they had blonde hair, they were greater than any other people upon the world of Caelereth, and that the High Goddess of Light herself watched over them. When the Avennorians came and settled on Aeruillin, it was their predominantly blonde hair that caused them to win the trust of the natives, in order to turn them against the majestic winged race, the Aerith. It was also why the natives slowly allowed themselves to become subservient. As the settlers realized this, those who gave birth to children with blonde hair were encouraged to have as many children as possible. Eventually, they convinced themselves of their own superiority. So, blonde is the hair colour of an Avennorian, although the recent integration with other tribes means alternate shades are beginning to occur. However, there are still undercurrents of the belief that blonde hair is better. It tends to be worn short in men, although some of the younger generation do like to grow it longer, it is a fashion that has been around for some time. Women wear their hair how they please, although somewhat elaborate styles have been adopted over the ages in order to show it off. One worth noting was seen between 1460-1474as, where women of a high social status (and with many patient maids) would place a wheel-like structure upon their head called an Injiara (possibly a reference to Sarvonnian word Injerá, as it resembled a sun). They would weave all their hair up the spokes, leaving the ends to hang loose. This led to, quite literally, silent hair wars. Women would grow their hair as long as possible, in order to use the biggest possible Injiara, or simply cheat and weave fake animal hair. This craze came to a somewhat abrupt halt in 1474 when Countess Dhelima, famed for having the largest Injiara ever created, was found dead in an alleyway, having snapped her neck. It was said that she caught her hair in a wooden beam, and unaware that she had done so continued to walk - the beam abruptly swung to the side, snapping her fragile bones.

Thairans are not averse to putting on a bit of weight – they work hard, but at a desk counting their profits. Their arrangement with the Ordions mean that they need not tend the fields of Amristh and so can often be guilty of having a somewhat lackluster exercise routine. So they really do come in all sizes – there is no precondition to be slim, or tubby.

Coat of Arms

The Thairan Coat of Arms is something which has seen a lot of use over the years. Given the varied history of this tribe, it is understandable that the Coat of Arms has changed throughout time.

The earliest representation of the Coat of Arms is found on shards of ancient pottery of Aerith origin – and it must be said that this recognition as the “first” Thairan design is much disputed between scholars, some of whom argue that we can only consider a Thairan coat of arms to be from the moment the Avennorians bought their influence to Aeruillian shores. Nonetheless, for those who protest otherwise, the first Coat of Arms for the ancient Thairans (or, as the general consensus amongst scholars is, symbol for the tribe as they were a peaceful people) was two simple crossed sheaths of wheat, with a small unadorned pot in a central position. This represented the two main items of trade for the city at that time, the Amsrith which was grown and tended by the natives, and the pottery which was the speciality of the ancient Aerith race.

However this slowly evolved over time. Items which date from the century following discovery of Aeruillin, and what was then simply called Thai, by the Avennorians show the first change. The removal of the pot and addition of two crossed swords behind the wheat sheaths indicates the upheaval of those times – the native’s betrayal of the Aerith and consequent war against them. It is poignant to see the history of the tribe in such a marked way.

The next change comes at the time when the Thairans truly became a warring nation. The swords moved forward of the wheat sheaths and were enlarged in size, with a central shell – likely inspired by the Avennorian Coat of Arms which features six shells. This design remained unchanged for centuries.

The latest change was wrought only recently. Following the calming of the traditionally devout ways of the Thairans, the Arkh proposed that the swords once more be moved behind the crossed sheaths of wheat to indicate to all others that his people had finally put aside their warring ways. In memorial to the long absent founding Aerith of the city, the pot was reinstated centrally within the Coat of Arms, with a slight change – it now bears the Avennorian shell. So, the design truly reflects the history of the Thairans and is a culmination of the many influences which have shaped the tribe.


The Thairans inhabit the large port city of Shan’Thai and much of the surrounding area, to the edges of the Sveltash Desert. This is located in a centrally northern area of the desert continent of Aeruillin. In their war-torn past however, they extended (and subsequently lost) their territory. At their height they reached to Shan’Chahalynth in the East, the Cár’cál’cáey mountains of the South and Dion and Ordána in the West.


Describe here what makes the people unique and special. E.g. good horsemen, fighters, etc. Just mention there what this tribe has what others don't have. Mention special abilities here, e.g. magic, training ect.


The people of this tribe have always lavished much attention upon their architecture. Any traveller or merchant visiting the city will always comment on the quality of the buildings within the city, many also note how advanced and forward thinking the Thairans are in their structural choices. In the opinion of many, their greatest achievement is their ability to create sweeping curves within their stonemasonry, and apply this talent to build a multitude of breathtaking bridges – as they will boast – across any gap.

What is of particular interest about the housing of Shan’Thai is that every single dwelling is unique. This is due to the custom of every house being devoted to a particular God or Goddess of the Aeoliran religion, and this is shown not only by shrines and religious paraphernalia within and surrounding the building, but by the actual shape, design and sometimes colour. For example, a house dedicated to Arkon may have vines carved into the stone, creeping up the side of the house and over the entrance, or perhaps pretty carvings of animals along the walls. A house dedicated to Pariya would be covered in representations of fire, and many would even go so far as to actually have some sort of live fire ever burning somewhere outside their building. This tradition can mean that a simple act of looking for a new place to live has an added dimension for a would-be owner.

“I couldn’t possibly live here, it’s dedicated to Pariya!” or “Goodness, I refuse to set a foot in that building; it is dedicated to that wanton Goddess Kashmina!” - often are these words uttered!

Although this non-uniformity of building style may sound somewhat lovely, in reality it allows for a quite confusing cacophony of shapes and styles that at times can be very garish. However, in other places, where neighbours are more discerning of their surroundings, it can blend together very well and create a spectacular sight.

In the time before the majority of the natives left to become the Ordions, it was recorded by the scholars that their housing conditions could only be described as squalor. Indeed these records note that these people, who worked the amristh fields and allowed the Thairans their productive trade, were banned from consulting any stonemason. This meant that they had to fashion basic huts from whatever materials they could often using mud and coarse stalks of the amristh they slaved to attend. Such settlements were far from the main port and no visiting merchant was likely to stumble across the shameful housing.

As could be expected of this tribe, the most impressive buildings are the houses of Gods and Goddesses – the temples. They dwarf any other building that can be seen within the great trading port, for two reasons. The first, the amount of money and manpower available to the city allows them to aspire to such grandeur; secondly, no Thairan would ever dare even think to build a dwelling larger than that of a God!

The Thairans have always enjoyed their clothes. Early on in the history of the Thairans, following the leaving of the natives and the surge in religious devotion, the people would wear a robe similar to that of a priest or priestess. These robes started simple – in one plain colour, tied at the waist. However, the natural need to be flamboyant the Thairans have always seemed to possess meant that the patterns started to diversify – still keeping the same basic shape, but adding pockets, or patches of vibrant cloth. Eventually, even the very cut of the robe was manipulated – a popular amendment amongst women was to add long sections to the ends of the sleeves, so that they almost trailed upon the ground, men would add padding to the upper arm area, giving an interesting muscular appearance. The robes were no more – however, a Thairan would always wear a tie around the waist. Although most of the clothing no longer needed it, it became a symbol of Thairan unity, also their religious devotion.

Nowadays, clothing is extensively varied. This is because not only do they have access to materials from many parts of Caelereth, but also of the many different styles. It has led to there being no definitive Thairan dress – instead it could be said that every style of clothing is Thairan. However, a Thairan will still wear the tie around the waist, the symbol of their unity and (even though less fervent) devotion.

Lavish styles are not uncommon. Thairans do not dress practically – they love to parade around in the latest fashion from across the seas – even if it is wholly unsuitable. Ladies of high station are at most to blame for this, there seems to be a somewhat strange need for women with far too much time to wear the most ghastly item of clothing she can possibly find. Generally every Thairan thinks every other Thairan is sensational, not to mention cultured, and obviously makes excellent style choices. The rest of Aeruillin are inclined not to agree.

Children are given equal opportunities to look just as interestingly styled. From an early age a child is taught of the importance of maintaining a cultural appearance – that way, those who wish to trade with them are not threatened by foreign clothing. Some schools even now give classes to older children with the aim of teaching them how to “dress for the customer”.

Shoes are another point of interest. Since Thairans have a fairly short average height, they have learned the art of elevating themselves via what is upon their own feet. This is a practice common amongst both the sexes, although women seem to have taken to it with more aplomb and enthusiasm than men. Men view it as a necessity, a status enhancing measure, whereas women have developed it into more of an art form. This is probably the reason why paths and roads are so well developed and flat within Shan’Thai – otherwise the common Thairan would find it hard to walk in some of the footwear he or she may wear. It is said that a Thairan will wear the shoes that will give them the greatest elevation when dealing with a difficult or rude customer, prompting a saying, used when people are acting in an authoritative or bossy manner –

“Put your Thairan shoes on have we?”


The Thairans eat a varied and unique diet. Due to the constant trade that is part of the bustling and booming city, food from many continents can often find their way onto the dish of a Thairan citizen.

People often visit Shan’Thai just to stop by at a local market. Delights from around the world can be found and purchased…


The bloody history of the Thairans meant that up until very recently the armouries of Shan’Thai were well stocked. Despite this fact, the Thairans never really had any great blacksmiths of noteworthy recognition and relied heavily on trade to acquire the items to suit their warring needs.

They tended to favour slender and light swords – most campaigns involved trudging great distances and to do so bearing heavy and cumbersome greatswords would be completely impractical in the Aeruillian climate, not to mention difficult due to their natural short, petite stature.


The Thairans are first and foremost merchants and business people – this is without question. However, there are other prestigious trades and crafts within the people, notably the Stonemasons Guild. Careers within the religious groups are highly thought of

     Stonemasons Guild: The history of this Guild of craftsmen is steeped in a great legend. It was said that the Hjorian who build the great Library of Hjoreh, wherein the fabled texts of Jakata the Wise are said to lie, was unsatisfied remaining with his people once his task was complete. Then, Nakashi came to him in a dream, telling him to travel far and use his talent to design and build more magnificent structures but dedicated to her and the other deities. He travelled across land and desert, eventually stumbling across the Thairans and told them of his vision. Five eager young men heard his him and apprenticed themselves to the great Hjorian craftsman. When they had learned all there was to know, they themselves took apprentices and the trade spread quickly. A famous example of the work of this Guild is the Thylascuran bridge, “The _________”, the structure that is responsible for the wealth of the west side of the city.

To be apprenticed to a stonemason a young boy must show promise in having discerning artistic taste and a steady hand. Rarely there are girls taken on, the view amongst the men of this guild is that they cannot handle the hard labour involved with this craft. However there are exceptions to this rule and those females with a true passion for this craft have produced some stunning pieces of work through their desire to prove themselves. It is a great honour to have your child apprenticed to a stonemason and definitely a fact of which a mother can boast.

     Priests and Priestesses: Religious men and women are respected. Not only are they responsible for the spiritual wellbeing of this deeply religious tribe, but they are heavily involved in making decisions affecting the whole of Shan’Thai due to their duties in an advisory nature to the Arkh. In truth the real people in power have often been these advisors, the Arkh hanging off their every word in fear of offending the Gods and Goddesses. To enter service of a God or Goddess is not a light decision, for in most priesthoods you may not leave – you are bound until death.

     The Army: The Thairan army was undoubtedly the most feared of the whole continent – and despite the more relaxed stance of the tribe now, the army is still kept active and full. All young men are trained in arms from a young age, with the very best are offered great rewards and incentives to remain as a permanent part of the fighting force. Every day the army trains to perfect their skills. They are mainly fierce warriors skilled with their light yet sturdy blades. For them, a battle is won by best prepared side who strikes suddenly. However, each member of the army also chooses a secondary weapon or service area within the force. Some become skilled with bow, others train in medical knowledge, and there are even those who will learn to cook good meals to keep a marching army well fed. The entire army relies on no-one else but themselves and as a result their loyalty to each other is said to be unmatched anywhere else.


Each of the port cities of Aeruillin are ruled by an Arkh. The title is the same for men and women; no distinction is made, as recognition that females can be as ruthless in trade as members of the male sex. The position of Arkh is not hereditary, it is determined by a vote in which all traders may participate. No persons are specifically nominated, so the outcome cannot be predetermined by bribes and so forth. Traders are supposed to vote for the person they believe is the best at their job, so by becoming Arkh it shows that the person is valued highly by all, and is honoured and respected. It is a lifetime position, held until death. Absolute power is given to the person chosen, he or she answers to no-one, although they will have a council of advisors made up of Priests and Priestesses of the Aeoliran religion. Wealth is passed on upon the passing of one Arkh to the newly elected ruler.

The idea and position of the Arkh originated in Shan’Thai. In the early days, it could not be decided who should lead a tribe of clever and prosperous traders. The Avennorian method of choosing by wealth was discussed but quickly discarded. Since the port was so prosperous, with the needs and wants of the people ever fluctuating, the richest person in Shan’Thai could change from one day to the next following a bad deal or trade. Therefore it was decided to choose the method of an anonymous ballot amongst all traders to elect their leader. The workers, who were mainly the natives, were not eligible to take part in this vote as it was deemed that due to their lowly status they would not have the wisdom to vote on such an important decision.

The idea of the Arkh is taken one step further in the port city of Shan’Thai than in the other port cities.. Not only do they hold the position of the supreme ruler of the people, but they are also head of the Aeoliran faith. It is not sure how such a title was added to the responsibilities of the Thairan Arkh – some surmise that a dream was visited upon an Arkh one day; others say a greedy leader simply bestowed it upon themselves. The Thairans themselves hold great stead in the fact however that every Arkh is considered to have been elevated to the position through the will of the great Goddess Nakashi, working through the ordinary people.


Amristh. Stonemasons. Etc etc etc. Argh.

Natural Resources

There are few natural resources, aside from the water of the sea and the sand of the desert.

Holidays, Festivals and Observances

For the Thairans, there are no other days more important than those set aside in honour of the Gods...

Important Achievements (Optional)
You can mention here for what exactly the tribe is famous for, like an important building which was erected, inventions, political breakthroughs etc.



Building Thylascuran bridge.
Weak/notable Arkhs.
Eventual change.
5  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: A Santharian Petition for Justice on: 21 September 2008, 09:13:38
Shireen Clothier, Bristol, England, United Kingdom.

Nikolas Kouloumbis, Bristol, England, United Kingdom. (My boyfriend).
6  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Inauguration of Drasil into full membership! on: 19 September 2007, 22:43:22
Artemis lands gracefully, careful not to catch her wings in the branches of the trees around her. She gently smooths down her flight feathers out of habit, somewhat nervous that she has not seen any other compendiumist for some time, she wonders whether any would remember her. Indeed, she has missed many inaugaration parties since the last one she went to... however the time that has passed means Artemis is now far more experienced in the ways and customs of the other races of Caelereth - indoor fire no longer causes her alarm!

She specifically wishes to see Drasil finally become a member, for she remembers well (with a small smile) his travels in Aeruillin with her, meeting the Zarathians and the odd Cholians, and his fascination with various weaponry they had. So she has made the long flight to properly mark this occasion with much urgency, she has a habit of being late to these events - not this one however!

Artemis sees Arteemidor in the distance, but she now knows that these humans would rather she did not squeeze them tightly in the wing-enveloping hug of her race. Instead they prefer to touch hands, such a strange custom! She looks around, Drasil has not yet arrived. There are others there, yet she fears they do not know her... have they even seen an Aeryth before? Probably not, her people still do not travel far from Aeruillin. She hopes they are more accepting than the last group of humans she met, who laughed at her and made strange squawking noises. That upset her very much. Then when she had moved forwards to speak with them, they ran! Although she is wiser following years of study into the races of Caelereth, she still understands the race of man very little. Indeed, scholars (mainly elven) called them unpredicatable, fickle and short-tempered. From the way they treat her she is inclined to agree! She shakes her head to clear it of negative thoughts. Every human compendiumist she had met treated her with nothing but respect, she should not be so judgemental. She thinks of Talia in particular... will she be here?

Artemis sits down and removes her present from her flight bag, playing with it in a nervous fashion. Would he like it? She had taken much time in the busy port to pick the best one... the genuine Zarathian Dagger shines gloriously in the morning light and she hopes it thrills Drasil just as much as it took her breath away the first time she saw it!

:D :D :D
7  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Looking for approval for an idea or two on: 09 September 2007, 23:32:54

I'm here... I'm always around, but missed this thread for a few days, don't know why.

Anyway, with regards to the Fae... yes that is something Kareesh has asked about and I replied in another thread to which Talia has given the link to. Further to that I've had an email from her but I guess I can address the issue in whole here...

From what I understand (Artimidor correct me if I am wrong) but the decision that was made about 5 (? I think... wow I'm old!) years ago was that Faeries as an actual living race won't exist upon Caelereth. However, having them and myth and in stories is perfectly fine... or of course, ambiguous which is how the Fae relating to the Aeoliran religion are... of course the people of Aeruillin believe that they ARE real, but the general consensus throughout the rest of Caelereth is that they are creatures of children's fairytales.

Therefore, as I have created the Fae as such, if you want to work with them as a myth (although Kareesh mentioned interest before you sorry, so if Kareesh goes ahead then you'll have to ask her to help out I feel... overview of what I have done is intertwined with the Aeoliran religion http://www.santharia.com/religions/religion_aeoliran.htm) you have to consider what is already done - for example, views of them differ greatly between Aeruillin and Sarvonnia. Also, writing them as a tribe really would not work unless it was allowed to make them as one.

So in response to Kareesh as well, I think what needs to be established is whether Artimidor wants to allow people to develop Fae in other places actually as a race. The original answer was no, however if this is to be overturned then I feel we would need to consider how the Aeoliran religion came about, worshipping the Fae of the void when there were real Faeries around anyway?! Once this has been established, then I can give a reply to Kareesh's ideas.

With regards to the medusa myth - I would need to know how this would fit into the religion exactly. You can't just plonk an original version of the medusa myth into the religion ;), there needs to be a reason! BTW - Pariya hates men and is a feminist, so a woman would have had to have done something pretty bad for Pariya to curse a woman :P.

:D :D :D
8  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: New Eratin picture: Raising the Dead on: 04 September 2007, 19:21:42
Wow, this is incredible :D.

Nothing more I can really say..! Just... wow...

:D :D :D
9  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: The Basis of life on: 26 August 2007, 02:21:54
Went for survival of the fittest. As I have recently graduated with a degree in Biology, if I chose anything else it would be me essentially ignoring my last 3 years education!

10  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Amiga Nostalgia on: 23 August 2007, 21:11:01
You said a magic word... LEMMINGS... never managed to complete that. Oh the temptation...

11  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Artemis Graduates And Wears Daft Clothing! on: 23 August 2007, 21:09:33
Well, with us we had to hire them for the day from some London tailors who seem to do all the graduation stuff. If you wanted to buy your robes you were looking at the best part of £200. Ridiculous. It was still £36 to hire them for all of 6hours or so. But it's not so bad when you have them on since all your contemporaries are feeling and looking just as daft, we all had a right giggle :).

And thankyou for the compliments, although how anyone can find me attractive in something resembling a well-worn tent is beyond me! ;).

 grin grin grin
12  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Artemis Graduates And Wears Daft Clothing! on: 22 August 2007, 06:16:36
I mentioned earlier today in another thread that I graduated a few weeks back and had some photos. Artimidor says "yay for photos" and I happened to have nothing to do this evening so put this lot together.

People like to see pictures of the silly stuff you have to wear in the UK to do so, so here are a few choice ones for you to have a giggle at :P. I'll have you know that me allowing pictures to be taken of myself is a rare thing indeed, however both my parents would have been unhappy with refusal and on a day like that it would have been best not to upset them :P.

A nice, sensible picture... nothing like not seeing my face :D.

Ah OK, I guess I can't get away with having my back to the camera all the time :'(. Here's me trying to pose for my overenthusiatic Dad with his camera, and failing miserably because the stupid hood thing fell down my shoulder,

Here's some stupid photo opportunity with a fake background that seemed to be all the rage at my graduation...

Here's the outfit in all it's daft glory,

The two human specimens either side of me are my parentals. :).

Here's my... well my face I guess :P.

:D :D :D
13  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Question about Races on: 21 August 2007, 19:08:47
Congrats on graduating Uni. I have 2 more years till I have that and then I have no idea what I want to do. :\

I had a big idea for faeries, which they don't really look anything like what you have. If you are interested, I could post what ideas I had here or just e-mail them to you. As you were the first to "make them up" I would like your input on it. ^^

Well I'm always interested to hear ideas ;). Faeries as a race are 1 of the 5 groups of Fae if you see what I mean, so your ideas could fit them in particular! However, you would have to consider the basic Void mythology that I have laid out, the Aeoliran religion, and how the 5 groups are different from each other. However, the view of Faeries in Sarvonnia/Nybelmar etc is sure to be a lot different than the views of those in Aeruillin. So there's a fairly large scope to work with there.

And yes! I did graduate... I put on some silly robes, walked along a stage and shook the hand of some random guy... and that was 3 years of my life over! Wow, talk about an anticlimax ;). There's a whole load of photos from it... I suppose I could dig some up for you all to see Artemis in a rather overlarge gown thing and stupid hat.

:D :D :D
14  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Re: Thairans - Nowhere Near Finished - Ignore! on: 20 August 2007, 00:32:21
WOW I am glad I posted the first part here. This means that at least I wouldn't have to start from scratch again. I remember particularly liking these two sections I had done anyway.

Nothing like digging up a very dead post, but in this case I'm doing so to categorically state "PHEW - it still exists!"

:D :D :D
15  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Question about Races on: 20 August 2007, 00:16:11

I am here :P. Summon me and I am happy to oblige. Thanks for the polite email Kareesh! And Talia is correct, I do check here every few days. :D.

So faeries... wow that takes me back for sure. When I first came to Santharia it was what I wanted to do and I wrote so much... which was totally unsuitable, I was kindly rebuffed in my attempts and told to take a different angle on it all. Eventually I was told I could write about Faeries, but they had to be mythical. Then someone told me/suggested that they should come from the void. It went from there really, I made them part of Aeruillin, ultimately part of their religion and therefore took interest in the continent from there.

Now, when I was doing them I made up various groups which are mentioned in the Aeoliran creation myth which is here... http://www.santharia.com/library_old/tales/aelorian_creation_myth.htm - I made 5 groups. Then I went and fleshed out 1 of them... but that was where I gave up because I just couldn't write in the correct style for them. I made a long entry on the Veeke/Pixies, talking about them and their studies, how life was for them etc. However, I was once again rebuffed (any aspiring Santharians, even I went through the "writing unsuitable material and being told to change many times" stage, fret not, it works out in the end!)

So... in the spirit of keeping consistency in Caelereth, to write about another race of Fae would probably not work. However, the general premise behind the Fae was that they were believed real by the majority of Aeruillin, that these races actually lived in the void, yet by others they were myth and legend in stories for children. However, if you wished to try to elaborate upon any of the 5 races of fae, I don't see why you should not. It was something I failed to capture the correct writing style for... I don't know whether I could find my original attempt of 4-5 years ago as inspiration, it's probably gone into forum depth death. However, if you do it would be good for consistency to understand the importance of the Fae to tribes like the Hjoria and in general to those who are of the Aeoliran faith.

Any more questions, ask away. I will check this thread regularly over the next few days :).

Also... Shan'Thai/Thairans... would you believe me if I told you this Easter I had to buy a new computer because my laptop was infected with some awful virus which rendered the whole thing impossible to save or use ever again? The harddisk was totally corrupted, I was lucky this time however in that I had a memory stick upon which all my University notes were saved, otherwise I probably would have failed my degree. HOWEVER there is an early version of the Thairans with some stuff in this board somewhere, so I didn't lose all of it. :).

And that reminds me. 4 months ago I promised Talia something... I shall find that email you sent. I haven't forgotten... I've just graduated from Uni, and then gone to Holland, Scotland and France... teeheehee... only the small matter of deciding my future now!

:D :D :D
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