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16  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Inspiration: The Gardens of Bomarzo on: 12 April 2007, 00:59:45
yeah i have always been mesmerized by the varying angles of reflections depending on the time of day, i just lucked up and got there in early morning.
17  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Discussion on Development Regions on: 12 April 2007, 00:50:35
i quite agree with you Artimidor, so i hope Drasil quits insulting me and puttng me down. i happen to notice he never signed the Santharian Code, so it may be he just is not aware of what his role as moderator is supposed to be in terms of encouraging people, instead of browbeating them?

anyway i have moved on, i got a new submission up since the well didnt quite make it past the final edit.

18  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / The Gibbering Jackal of Eyelia on: 11 April 2007, 13:32:35
The Gibbering Jackal of Eyelia

The typical Gibbering Jackal is roughly one ped tall at the shoulder, and snout to tail a little over two peds with large articulated paws about one palm in width. The  grey whiskered canine head has backswept ears with a soft inner lining that acts to amplify sounds when the Jackal’s head is underwater. The short furred coat is a dull smoky hue which allows the Jackal to blend in with the shadows of the drooping vegetation near the edge of the Thaehelvil River’s edge.  The forelegs are longer than the hindlegs which give the Jackal a peculiar pouncing gate to its regular trot. Webs between the toes of the paws allow the Gibbering Jackal to maintain footing in the slippery river coastal muds, without sinking deeply and catching  paws deep in the mud. What is most interesting about the Gibbering Jackal though is that the markings of the matriarch of the pack are no different than the other female Jackals, thus to anyone who sees the Gibbering Jackal packs, it is hard to tell which female Jackal is armed with a poison salivary sac.

Selective breeding of the Gibbering Jackal ended in the days before the demise of Vista Castle, so much of what is known about the Gibbering Jackal are from Serphelorian outland settler experiences with the beast. Some say the piercing amber eyes of the Gibbering Jackal are almost mesmerizing in their intensity, but this may just be the scared recollections of those who have lived to tell of their close call experiences.

Special Abilities
Aside from the matriarch of the Gibbering Jackal pack ability to spit poison saliva on enemies, the common Gibbering Jackal has acute hearing underwater. This ability enables the Jackal to pick the best fishing spot. However with the frequent submersion of the Jackal’s head underwater while scouting fishing spots, this makes the Gibbering Jackal especially vulnerable to larger animals who stalk their prey. This may be one of the reasons the Gibbering Jackal’s hunt in packs along the coastline. So that while some have their heads submerged, the others are alert for any dangers coming from further in shore.

The pack matriarch’s poison sac normally remains unused in a pouch under the tongue, but when threatened, the sac will rapidly fill with poison. As the pack females mock charge the threat from different directions, the pack matriarch will approach from a side attack to spit the poison toward the face of the hapless victim. The male Jackals will repeatedly run in circles around the victim trying to bump it to the ground. Once the poison has been spat, the Jackals will back away careful to not get any poison on their own paws or hides.

When threatened, the pack matriarch spits a poison that causes the victim’s tongue to swell up as well as the inner lining of the chest, so that cries for help or any other words can not be understood. As the swelling increases, the victim actually starts to choke to death, and these gibbering pleas for help is how this particular Jackal get their name.

There is no known cure for the Gibbering Jackal poison and so berry bogs in that area have high wooden pickets built around them with wooden chutes and gates that connect each berry bog with each other. Some eastern shore berry bog owners have sought to cultivate thorn bushes near the berry bog approaches.

The current range of Gibbering Jackal is in the bottomlands and moors of the  upper Thaehelvil River area south of Tyr Thromgolin entrance's and before the split of Hell’s Fork in Southern Sarvonia. This Jackal is not a particularly powerful predator and instead scavenges on small fish and fresh water crawfish along the river shore. However as outland Serphelorian settlements began to encroach  along the eastern shore of the Thaehelvil in later years, the behavior of the Gibbering Jackal became more aggressive particularly in the berry bog areas, where the Jackal path would often conflict with Serphelorian settler harvest activities.  Found on both the eastern and western shores, the Jackals do not make their den’s very far inland, as their natural smoky coloring protects them more along the shadowy coastline than it would deeper into the green forest.

Gibbering Jackals have the peculiar habit lapping only from still water, and this is what draws the Gibbering Jackal to the edges of the berry bogs. Some Serphelorian outland settlers have taken this Jackal habit into consideration, and so around the eastern shore Thaehelvil berry bogs you will often see false ponds that are periodically refilled by hand mill and water chute from river’s edge.

The Gibbering Jackal communicate mostly through visual signals of stance, ear position and tail wagging during the day. At night time when they bed down, a few Jackal will remain awake and pace the borders of the packs den territory. Their howls which pierce the night are usually only when communicating warnings. Overall one of the greatest dangers of a Gibbering Jackal pack approach is that they move so silently through the moors and along the coastlines, that many folk are unaware they are near Gibbering Jackals until too late.

Gibbering Jackals usually rise at first light, as this is normally a good time for catching fish. Later in the day as the heat of the day warms the waters, the best fish will seek the deeper and cooler river waters away from the coastline. While the males spend their early day along the shore, the female Jackals will fan further inland, wary for any intruders. If a threat is spotted the female jackal will freeze raise her tail straight up. As Gibbering Jackals communicate primarily through visual cues, it is rare to find any one Jackal not in sight distance of another Jackal. Thus the intruder alert is communicated speedily towards the shore where the male Jackals can respond backwards up the chain to the location of trouble.

Female Gibbering Jackals also spend their day mentoring the Jackal cubs who are making their first steps out into the woodlands. Only older male younglings are allowed to watch near the coastline as the male Jackals fish. Later in the day, half the female Jackals will lead the young cubs back to rest and play near the dens. There they will learn the finer points of eating fish and building dens, and other woodland skills.

After the main fishing is done, the Jackals who will be guarding the dens at night return to get some rest, while the rest of male jackals scout further along the coast for new fishing areas. In this way the whole pack will slowly migrate up and downriver through a period of days.

The Gibbering Jackal of Eyelia mainly dine on captured coastline fish of the Thaehelvi River shallows. When the river is at low flow, the Jackal will dig crawfish and other small crustaceans from underneath the shore rocks, and shallows mud. As such the teeth of the Jackal are primarily for tearing the fish away from bone. An exception to this diet is when the female Gibbering Jackal is with offspring, they will graze on the sawgrass of the moors on occasion, to help in the later birthing of their young.

The Gibbering Jackal of Eyelia mating antics would seem humorous if viewed up close. At first look, it would appear two young male Jackal were splashing at each other while ducking their heads underwater. What they really are doing is seeing who can make the most catches for the female Jackal of their choice. As a prime fishing spot is easily ruined when too many Jackals disturb the waters, the young male Jackal will pace the coastline with certain stances to ward off competitors, and then dunk their heads down in the water to listen for the fish. But to ward off competitors they push out with their forelegs, which often causes them to appear to be splashing other young male Jackals on either side of them.

Once the triumphant male has dragged his repeated fish kills to the female Jackal of his choice, the female Jackal picks the young male who has brought her the most fish. As the survival and health of her young cubs will be ultimately determined by the skills of her male fishing mate, this decision is a critical one.

The female Jackal will indicate her choice by walking repeatedly around the young male she has chosen and rubbing up against him. Eventually the young male Jackal will also begin to rub up against the female Jackal to help her to get into heat and the mating will begin. These seasonal mating dances usually begin after the first buds appear on the trees so that by the later colder months, the young cubs will have been born and gaining their strength before the hard winters begin.

At any one time there may be only one pack matriarch, but there will always be two or more female Jackal offspring who have the poison sac in their undersnouts also. They are the direct line descendants of the pack matriarch who often has several mates. Upon the death of the current pack matriarch through accident or illness, these other female Gibbering Jackals will fight to the death using their poison sac attacks, to determine who will be the new pack matriarch. After the death match, the new pack matriarch will breed as soon as possible even if it is out of season, to maintain the health of the Jackal pack defenses.

General Information
Once a weapon of war used by Beastmaster Taranthir I of Vista Castle, after the Great Earthquake  of 15th century B.S. curdled the ground of Eyelia opening up huge maws, the Royal Bestiary was broken asunder and many marvelous and terrible creatures were set loose. One such creature which seemed insignificant at the time, would later be known as the Gibbering Jackal of Eyelia.

Outland Serphelorian settlers who have moved into northern Eyelia to farm berries and raise them in the berry bogs, run the most risk of running into the Gibbering Jackals. These Serphelorian settlers inhabit mostly the eastern shore of the Thaehelvi, and occasional contact is made with the wandering packs of Gibbering Jackals who favor the still water berry bogs to quench their thirst rather than the moving river waters.

The native Eyelians of the Thaehelvi river basin have no trouble with the Gibbering Jackals, as they are natural animal tamers. They live primarily downstream near Hell’s Fork territory which is called present day New-Santhala and other areas further south, though an occasional Eyelian does have a river home further up stream in the natural range of the Gibbering Jackals. Though there is no known cure for Gibbering Jackal poison, the Bear Clan Eyelian healers have poultices that can greatly slow the effect of the toxin such that with constant care some victims can live a season or more before their chest muscles are completely paralyzed.
19  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Compendium!! on: 11 April 2007, 12:18:44
oh sorry Irid, i know i seen him over on the RPG forum, just not here. i know when i first started reading Santharia i had a horrible time with seeing the entire screen and i wrote a series of notes to Artimidor about it. there never really was a solution, i think it has to do with the width of my computer screen, but Artimidor did say you can click on the golden claws above the forum to get the sidebars to appear (right or left claw, right or left sidebar). Anyway we have a bigger computer screen now so the problem is not so bad.
20  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Discussion on Development Regions on: 11 April 2007, 08:26:09
...Ignoring Mirmec\'s blatant insults about my existence, I\'d like to agree with Takor on the above mentioned point.  While technically development is open all over, despite the Manthria focus, the heads of each area, (Judith for Bards, Smith and Coren for Nyblemar, Alysse for NS ect) are able to shoot down any entry that comes their way.  I\'m not claiming that they always do, but it definatly restricts certain areas to a small group of developers.

Drasil i have made no "blatant insults" i really wish you would quit this diatribe against me, by putting down every comment i make.

we are of a difference of opinion. And if you recall when i suggested a constructive alternative, the "development map overlay" for areas to guide folk on what can and can not be developed, you openly *snickered* as you put it, and put down my idea.

if you dont like my ideas thats fine, but treat them with respect, and if you treat others with respect, they will in turn treat you with respect. right now, your level of immaturity is really a big turn off, and i hope you can step back and see this from a new person's to Santharia's perspective. your constant abuse from a moderator, a person in a authority, is the issue. I could care less if you were my equal, but in the Santharian world you are placed in a position of authority. i do hope you can start acting in the manner expected. a positive manner. not negative.

if you dont agree with me fine. but dont term my disagreement "insults" or "naivete". The reason why i bring up certain issues with people who submit various things is for them to look beyond what they wrote and actually read the articles, and think about their entries. I would much rather Druadan learn now how very far away those mountains are from the Crystal Woods before he goes and starts on a masterwork with those distance misperceptions. And the same for the Enaye girl's CD, which seems to be the point when you started being antagonistic toward me. Its not about what they want to write, or their intention, it is about what they HAVE WRITTEN. That is what we are going over.

So i think something that would really help you Drasil in your dialogue with various people who disagree with you, or hold views which you abhor is to consider why they are bringing up those points. Comments are not made in a vaccuum. I approach the writing from a literary standpoint, what is and is not there, and based on that then i extend it visually and compare it with the maps, and after that the cultures, and then the drill down goes into the creature and its capabilities. What is listed and what isn't.

Now if you want to take the advice to be positive and not negative as an insult that is fine. But i would question whether we need a moderator of such an immature, shortfuse temperment. Especially a double moderator who is carrying one this abusive style in both the Dev forum and in the RPG forum. Ultimately it drives away members, and if you look recently, we have not had much posting here in the Dev forum side.

So if you have something personal and insulting to say to me, please Drasil message me personally.I'll even give you my email.  But out here in public, i hope you will be polite and positive as most Santharian writers are. I do not think this forum is set up for people to be constantly abused, humiliated and embarrassed, as you are set out to do towards me. But luckily it is me, and not a younger kid that might never have dealt with a situation like this before.
21  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Compendium!! on: 11 April 2007, 00:20:52
if you look at the main leftmost sidebar (which switches btw between two menus when you click on The Santharian Dream Ellipsis), you'll see a whole bunch of icons for various parts of the compedium. but you will also see a little indescript white circle on the right hand side at the top below the rightmost vertex of the "The Santharian Dream" ellipsis, and there that little white button is the search button for the entire compedium.
22  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Discussion on Development Regions on: 11 April 2007, 00:15:15
Mirmec , please - your respons to Drasil's comments are not a bit more polite than his . He has a right to post his opinion in every thread he likes. it should be done in a nice manner though , which I miss in some of your posts.

well you miss all his rude posts to me in the other threads. just search on my name, look at the threads i post in, and then look for Drasil's snide remarks and you will see why i said what i did. He is very overbearing over in the RPG group too, so i think it is better to deal with a situation head on, than to let him keep trying to continue a pattern of abuse.  Luckily there are nice people in Santharia, but Drasil is certainly not one of them. Or he hasn't been one in the last month when he obviously decided to start kicking the newbies. I think he feels threatened that other people may learn more than him and then he can't be "an authority" whatever that means lol.
23  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Vól'aél, (Eagle/Drake Crossbread) on: 11 April 2007, 00:11:33
Mirmec, I know I have been rough with Art lately, but that‘s a different thing. I never have been rough with a promising newbie. You can say all you want, but in a polite form. There is now need to state throughout your entry - you haven‘t done your research.. you can simply ask - have you seen this already or considered this?
Apart from that I don‘t see your accusations pinning down a real lack - there are mountains in the west of this Gaeldorioth forest. (I won‘t dive deeper in Nybelmar geography) if they are too far away then he might have to add something like that theses beasts have to fly huge distances to get to their prey or that they don‘t feed at all while they sit on the eggs (are their eggs?) or that they try to carry a whole little gopag to their nests. maybe they have to be stronger therefore..

And this drake is mentioned in the gopag entry..so - why not start your research before asking others to do it? :D

„....but technically as yours is a half eagle/half drake that was your idea of getting around the ban....“ - No, it was not his idea, he found it in the bestiary thread.

So please be more carefully with your comments. Especially when commenting on first entries. You have good ideas - please write them down in an appealing manner!

Drúaden - please don‘t forget to colour your changes (and don't get discouraged! ! :)

yes exactly. those mountains are far far away. So to include them is like saying, the hawks of the Colorado mountains fly to the eastern lakes of Oklahoma to fish, thats exactly why. The scale of Nybelmar is huge you know.

I know all about Nybelmar if you remember i was making the database last winter about Nybelmar until i told there was a ban on new creatures/places in Nybelmar. So if you have lifted that ban i guess you ought to make a sticky about it in the Nybelmar thread. That was why i made the suggestion about a Dev. Forum overlay on the lands that can have creatures developed and the lands that can't have the creatures developed. Sure would eliminate alot of the confusion. At the time i was told not much is known about Nybelmar, and so you can reference hints of new things, but you cant make a new place to fill in the map, you cant make a new creature that is not already mentioned in the histories of Nybelmar.
24  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Vól'aél, (Eagle/Drake Crossbread) on: 10 April 2007, 13:47:36
well if you did that thats great. but all i have to judge that entry on is your writing. If you take out the very few place names you reference, that entry does look like it was a stand alone from some place else. So if you have read all that i suggest you try to incorporate what you read into your entry more. As Artimidor says, try to make plenty of bridges, to knit it into the overall place of Santharia.

Its not what you know, its what you write. And the context of a drake in Crystal Woods is horribly out of place. Because as you should know they have a ban on inventing new things in Nybelmar that are not already referenced.

Anyway good luck on your rewrite, i think you have an interesting idea. It read very taxonomically besides the ban they have on new dragon entries, but technically as yours is a half eagle/half drake that was your idea of getting aroudn the ban.

I think if you were to downsize that creature and make it more birdlike, then you would escape from the whole "unkillable carnivore" motif, that obviously would have seriously threatened the livelihoods of any race that was around it, and make it more like a forest animal that provides an important niche in the food chain.

Gopag's are very hardy creatures, the shells have many uses, and they are very heavy, so if you are going to insist your half eagle half drake could flip them over to get at their undersides when they only have a three ped wingspan, i think you need to reread the entry about a Gopag, not to mention their extreme age and wisdom of a Gopag. So the idea your small creature could lift up an entire Gopag and fly away with it suggests you have not read the Gopag entry very closely. Gopag are the size of large boulders or large logs

So this is the sort of thing by me saying it doesnt look like you did your research. You learned the terms but you didn't study the animals and places you just toss out as asides. I think if you insist on mentioning the Gopag you should go ahead and name the variety of Gopag, maybe you will luck up and find a minature variety of them in the Crystal Woods etc.

Likewise you say these half eagle/half drake only nests in the mountains, and yet look closely at the map of Crystal Woods and Gaelderioth Forest and what are we missing from those pictures?? Mountains. So that is why i say it does not look like you did your research. Maybe those were just two inconsistencies you weren't aware of, that i do not know.

Also i think you stress the rarity of them too much. If they are so rare they barely mate, and are rarely seen, how do we even know what their mating habits are?  So i think you could introduce some travel diary of some person, again you cant use a Dark Elf travel log cause i do not believe they have their writings in the main library in Sarntharia, so i think if you look for a location that is mountainous, has a civilized local populace that record and share their writings with others, and you possibly change the diet of the creature to a creature a little smaller in proportion to its just average 3 ped wingspan, then you could have a good entry.

Lastly though its nice to add the half drake part, do you really need it? It makes a nice picture, but Eagle's they are warm blooded, they can live in the heights quite comfortably. Dragons/Drakes on the other hand are cold blooded, they make their homes in lairs deep in the earth to remain warm, so even the make up of your creature is contradictory. Unless of course this creature has some "animal magic" that allows it to moderate its internal heat in some way?

So that is the background of why i said what i did, i unfortunately did not have the time to go into depth about it until tonight as i was in a battle in TribalWars
25  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Im back on: 10 April 2007, 13:08:21

glad you have returned.
26  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Discussion on Development Regions on: 10 April 2007, 13:02:46
i'm not guest posting.

and why should you concern yourself so much with me? try to lighten up and have a good time. i know i do.

i think part of the reason so many people only post a few times, is some members approach every post they make like a power struggle or a tennis match. if you want to win Drasil, well you have won. now try to be a gracious winner and address people with respect. Not everyone is going to agree with you, and if they disagree, that doesnt give you the right to put them down and be rude to them. So show some maturity and try to be pleasant to folk. and if you are the moderator then try to act like a leader and be a moderator. being a moderator does not give you the right to trash someone repeatedly, so i suggest you try to comprehend that a moderator is like a tour guide, showing the wares of their respective environments. Not brow beating complete strangers cause they do not have an eidetic memory like you do. And remember people have a right to disagree with you. Just smile and say thats nice. Or smile and IG. The worst thing you can do when someone disagrees is to parse what they say, or repeatedly bludgeon them into submission. I don't see any other moderators doing that, now do you?

anyway i think you have hijacked this thread, so lets try to get back on the subject of the tuskdigger, shall we?
27  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Discussion on Development Regions on: 10 April 2007, 08:30:23
i would really appreciate it Drasil if you try to write in other threads, thanks.

if you cant say anything nice to me or my ideas, i'd rather you keep yyour negative attitude to yourself. It really does not express the attitude of Santharia Dream. especially not the welcome hall if you bother to remember how you are supossed to be behaving. i figure you are burnt out cause you have to respond to so many posts. Or maybe you think cause you post so much that makes you better than the rest of us? It doesn't. Especially with your poor attitude. So try to be nicer, it may get you further along the way.

Its a good idea, i think you dont like it cause it would steal your ability to nuke people's ideas, and put them down. ;p luckily there are nicer people in the Santharian dream than you.
28  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Discussion on Development Regions on: 10 April 2007, 07:56:53
Well, I'd like to hear some more opinions on this general issue whether a reference to a possible existence of a variety of a beast in a undeveloped area like NW Sarvonia should be possible or not. Here's the passgae of this entry we're talking about:

It can easily be removed, but we should clarify this general question. But if I have a different opinion as Takór it is immediately interpreted as a personal attack if I don't concur with it - and that's what causes irritation, not the issue itself.

Personally I don't see that reference as a dramatic problem, but that's just my opinion. It is only a "rough reference", Takór, because I don't want to do more than that than give a pointer, and it can always be changed aorund if necessary later. Just like we did it with the White/Ivorine Drake Morc developed - it has ties to Cyhalloi and Guldor, though whether the territories will remain exactly that way once we get to Cyhalloi is another matter. But we cannot see these necessities right now, and we need to determine later from case to case if there's a better location when the time arrives. I see that as a valid way to make references. Actually I've done that all the way through at my entries to mention details I haven't planned in full, sometimes also in territories that aren't developed at all.

A note on Yamalquain: NW Sarvonia is still Sarvonia, and Sarvonia is the main continent we develop. The NW lacks development, much more than the NE, but Yamalquain is a continent, where we decided that this will stay out of developement for quite a while. The amount of information we can know about Yamalquain (tribes, places and such) is unclear, and thus we said back then that Yamalquain shouldn't be mentioned at all. It is intentionally kept mysterious to a large degree. So putting a beast into Yamalquain is practically impossible, we don't even have a map of that territory. We have more from Cyhalloi and Northern Sarvonia, and Sarvonia is the central continent, so I don't see a problem with a vague reference I threw in, as it is only something - in my point of view - that can be picked up later, or the beast can be moved somewhere else in that area if not directly applicable. To me this contribution is a helpful contribution in regard of future development. A little bit of flexibility is in order methinks so that the fun of developing doesn't hit restrictions whenever it can be avoided.

i think what would be very helpful to this line of discussion is if you had a sort of "map" that showed the areas of the world, and over laid on the territories and regions was the sort of "unwritten guide" of what areas can and can not be developed. Cause i just read that post and was completely unaware of these finer areas that should remain mysterious and i have been reading this site for six months!!

so give us a "developers map" that shows the territories we can develop and mention and the areas we cant, and then put it in the newbie section as a MUST READ guideline. that way everyone who appears reads the same thing and we can all agree on what needs to be developed and what doesnt.

the current system you have right now of multiple stickies in the various forums of Master Plans or entries that need to be finishedis not really helping folk, cause some people read this and some people read that. And only after someone has gone to great depth to make an entry, then it is mentioned as an aside that "it was agreed" that such and such was not to be developed, when in reality the people who agreed that are mostly no longer on the Santharian site.

This way periodically you can update the "developer's map" overlay, and gradually extend in whatever direction it is you would like people to write about whichever sections of the world.

And that way you can make sure you dont have tons of people writing and researching needless things, things that ultimately will never be accepted because they are in some sort of restricted area, animal type, race or whatnot.

And it gives a unifying vision to the Dev Forum, so we can all unite and work in the same direction, and not allows be bickering with each other.

29  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Vól'aél, (Eagle/Drake Crossbread) on: 10 April 2007, 07:30:18
First Talia, I believe I have addressed your issues.  Any inconsistencies should be taken up with Xera for providing incorrect information in her original post.  Secondly, I believe you guys are all taking the description WAY to literally.  Seeing as it is impossible for the two to actually crossbreed and produce a viable offspring, I think that the description was meant in a more firgurative way.  From my interpretation, the bird is supposed to LOOK like a mix between the two, not actually be one.  Sorry for the confusion Dru.  This IS definatly a nice first attempt for your entry.  I'll look more in depth at this later.

Mirmec:  Please don't openly insult Dru's attempt, as it is quite well done.  While I apologize for snapping at you in my Archery School entry, please don't follow my example and look down on others.  I am a VERY bad influence.  =P

Takor:  We need to talk.  Also, I'd appreciate it if you didn't broadcast your dislike of the "Need an Idea thread" as it is simply a compiled piece of other people's words.  Also, that thread took over two hours to make, and, with the Resource book, took over a week of work from both me and Jonael.  While you may not approve of either, I'd ask that you voice your concerns in a PM so they can be addressed in a less public manner.

Drasil i'm not openly insulting anyone. it is obvious the guy didnt do his research. He just threw in some place names, but take away the place names and there is very little Santharian elements in that entry.

Just cause you like to talk down to me Drasil doesnt mean its right, so i will ask you again to try to watch your tone with me. You yourself were critiqued quite extentisvely in your archery school article and yet have made no revisions. at least you went to the trouble to read up about your subject. But i see very little actual research in the first post. In fact the way it was put last winter there were to be no new dragons, no new races etc..

It would be good if he actually read and studied about the things he is writing about instead of just name dropping terms he obviously has not studied. The Crystal Woods in particular.
30  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Vól'aél, (Eagle/Drake Crossbread) on: 10 April 2007, 03:54:41
well having just glanced at it, i think you should study a bit more about Nybelmar and the Crystal Woods. If there was such a creature like that you would think that the elves of that area would have a specialized weapon to fight it and maybe a more powerful kind of bow. The thing about introducing powerful creatures like that is they definitely would have affected histiory, and yet we see no mention of them.

So for a first entry its very ambitious, but it is obvious you have not done the required research first.

you might want to study Nybelmar for a few months especially the Drifting Woods article to get an idea about what a softer approach might look like.
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