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1  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: WE WON!!! GO ENGLAND!!! on: 26 November 2003, 14:42:00
:crazy  ... i came in here thinking you were talking about football... *sigh* oh well, cant have it all. :biggrin  sorry just looking through the different post.


Swordsman Extraordinaire

2  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Rewards and uh... stuff on: 26 November 2003, 23:53:00
First sorry if my typing is off, I just spent 3 hours out in the cold talking to my beloved girlfriend on the phone and I didnít have the common sense to wear a jacket or anything. Itís got to be 30 degrees out side.

Ok well the group of ideas that you didnít like, are the ones that I had thought that would not be liked. Like I said they were based on bringing in those that enjoy the struggle to be better than others, something I could care less about. But like I also said I was not sure if bringing in those type of people was a concern or not.

I have to say I am glad that you liked the idea about the monthly awards, as that was one I would actually like to see happen, the others where more or less just thoughts. Though I liked the last one, but you make a very valid point there, but anyhow back on subject. Ok on this my idea was simply this. Every month at a certain time you would nominate x number of people and then those people would, for a lack of better words, run for that position. Like for instance if it was the one for the best Role Player, then they simply point out what they believe to be the best Role Playing the have done and then everyone votes on it, simply done with a poll, like in the development forums. That would work, I believe, with anything, even with the most annoying and even and so on.

ďHow does one prove that they are a good RPer? What does that encompass?Ē Well lets see. I never really thought of it, like I said they were just thoughts I had because of what I ran across on the rewards. Though you asked me so Iíll try and come up with something. How to prove it? Well I guess what one would do to prove he was the best Role player, out of the selected, is one of two things: Either post past role playing entries showing their role playing abilities or they would be given a situation and told to role play that situation to the best of their ability. Either way how I see it, it would be best left up to the masses. Like I said I never put much thought in how, just the base of the idea.

As for the granting useful or unique items, yea youíre right, I see what you mean.

Now this is the part I hate. As for being concerned about the term bragging rights, I just got to say, just because one brags does not mean that it should take the fun away from anything. People competing is what makes things get better. I compete with my self and every one on this board when I made my character. Grant it I may not have done a great job, in my opinion, compared to everyone else on making my character, but I assure you I get better ever time. Why? I believe itís because I strive to make a more interesting character and more creative character than everyone else. I think a little competition is always a good thing, as long as not taking it to far. For this site where competition well go to far is if it becomes over something other than creativity and uniqueness. Just my opinion though.

And now that I got the chance, I have to say that Rayne, I love how you do things on this site. To me, you seem to be more interested in helping others and the site, then just saying itís wrong. If I made any sense. I was on this site long ago, long long long ago. I left the site due to real life issues, health problems with my girl, but the reason I am just now coming back was because of how people acted when I left, the didnít seem to want to help anyone and I have to say I am quite refreshed to see someone like you who appears to want to help others and the site. Yea and I am a little ashamed at how I left, leaving a lot behind with out even a word, just didnít have a choice.. but thatís a different subject. Just wanted to say keep it up, its people like you who keep sites together. Its just a shame you cant be on here 24/7.


Swordsman Extraordinaire

3  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Rewards and uh... stuff on: 26 November 2003, 15:18:00
I am just wondering. In Character Descriptions area under Where To Begin? You speak of rewards and such. Grant it I could care less about receiving awards for my role playing, though along with everyone else I like to think Iím doing good, but there are those who would love this and I am thinking it might make people who leave early, stay, if thatís even a concern. I do have some ideas here, donít know if they are all that practical but hey not like you can take me out back an beat me upÖ I hope. Keep in mind these are just base ideas and not meant to be the law as written.

The first one, after every story/quest has finished the Mod of the story would give a sort of grade to each role player, grading the players role playing ability. Then if the character wishes he can take his character to the character creation area or another area to be said by the great all mighty creators, and add to his character. Not only history or personality but strengths, weaknesses, age and such. Maybe the character could only add things to strengths and all that, which he actually did in the story, meaning if he fought then he can say he got better at fighting. Donít know how well that would work with it not being stats, but this is pretty much based off trying to gain the players who like leveling along with character development. Some of this I believe is already being done, like the adding to history, not sure though, but was trying to think of a way to reward role playing like a pro.

Another is to be granted a spot in the history of Santharia itís self. When a character has grown so much it can get tiring to play the character or maybe the person is just tired of playing the same character for ever. I think it might be a nice incentive to play a character out if your character is going to be placed in the History or hall of fame or something of the sort, for all else to see, giving that player full bragging rights. Of course this would not be for everyone but just a idea to keep those that it would be for, I would think though that the character would have to die and also do something worth of it. It would be an easy way to create a hero for the history, with REAL role playing back ground. Once again just another idea that may not work.

Another thing is maybe every so often, 3 months or moth whatever, have a Role-player of the month, or character of the month or both. Every month have people nominate newly created characters and everyone votes on which one is the most creative and interesting player for that month and they get a spot somewhere that all can see, maybe a hall of creative characters, where they once again get bragging rights. Also you can every 3 months or so have characters nominated for who has the most role playing skill or something of the sort, and for that one you get a place in a hall somewhere for bragging rights plus your character is granted some sort of gift, depending on the character, just something powerful, useful and unique. Once again both of those are to inspire creativity and uniqueness. With this one there are so many things you could do also. The most unique character, the most troublesome character, the most annoying character, the most evil character and the mostÖ good character. Couldnít think of how to say that last one.

Ok ok be for you start to throw stuff and boo me off stage. Please allow me to say one thing, these are my thought and if you donít like them! *Pex Turns around bends over and shows the crowd his bare bottom*

Hehe. No seriously these are just ideas of mine, donít have to like emí but if you donít please say so, I would like to know.


Swordsman Extraordinaire

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