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31  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Trumgrupyim, the Rock Eater on: 13 March 2006, 11:36:00


  The Trumgrupyim or Rock Eater substance is a creation and weapon of the Tenthrum Dwarves. As the name suggests, the substance has the ability to crumble solid rock at unprecedented rates. Used in mining and siege warfare it is highly prized by the Tenthrum tribe. Other tribes have labeled it with a sort of jealous awe, as Trummi.

  There are two basic types of the substance; one is used in mining and the other in siege. Both are made using fluid extracted from the shoot root of the Tol Kurr moss, which is found exclusively underground. Both share some common characteristics in that the liquids are clear brown in color, sometimes containing a greenish tint, indicating good quality. Its smell is most repulsive commonly smelling of rotten Sulcho Mushroom and Tol Averyim waste.

The two forms of Trumgrupyim are different primarily in consistency. Dradikgrupyim, which literally translates Unrefined-Eater, is often referred to as Drag for short. It is the crude form of the substance is used in mining. It is jelly like and needs to be smeared on to the rock manually, using large brushes. On the other hand, Uryegrpyim, is like water and can easily cover an entire surface quickly. This makes it very well suited for siege warfare, in the destruction of castle walls. The substance, in any form, causes severe pain and may also cause irritating rashes to form when it contacts human flesh. Though it does not cause any permanent damage. But, due to its value, it is not used directly against soldiers.
I chose to keep a third nickname out of there to keep it less confusing, but if it isn't too confusing I'll put one in.

  The base substance is extracted from the Trumgrupyim Tog root of the Tol Kurr Moss. The Trumgrupyim Tog is highly specialized root that eats through rock to spread the moss to other areas. The actual refining and mixing process, for the Trummi, could obliviously not be obtained, due the aura of secrecy surrounding it. But the process to make the Uryegrpyim, is said to be highly complex, and requires numerous special substances.

Dradikgrupyim is used under various special circumstances in mining and though it contains only a few other ingredients, the formula is still undisclosed. It is most often used when dust becomes a hazard, especially around living areas and in small, enclosed mining shafts. The substance must be applied manually to the stone surface. Large brushes are often the tools of choice when applying the substance. Due to its irritable qualities protective clothing must also be worn while applying the Drag. Leaving it applied to the rock surface overnight enables it to work through up to two peds of rock. The Drag has proved extremely useful to the Tenthrum tribe in mining, while Uryegrpyim is a highly prized weapon of war.

Trummi has been the envy and fear of many rival tribes. Nearly any castle or fortress literally crumbles to its tremendous power. Uryegrpyim, though very much like the Drag used in mining, is a much more complex mixture. For use in siege warfare, the Trummi is poured into large jars. Wood is the material of choice for the jars due to the mixtures effect on clay and rock. After being filled and caped, the jars are loaded into catapults. The catapults fire the jars at the wall, where they shatter upon impact. The Trummi quickly spills down the wall and immediately begins to deteriorate the rock. Depending on the thickness of the wall and the type of rock used, a wall can be knocked down by catapults between thirty minutes to four hours after application. Thus rendering any stone defense useless in the presence of this concoction.

Used in the creation of ornate rock carvings and designs, it has become a valued substance for many dwarven artisans. Uryegrpyim has been used to in the crafting of many elegant halls. The clan does allow the substance to be traded, at an exceedingly high price, with other clans for its use in art. Many fear that if too much of it was traded, it could be used against them in war, thus Uryegrpyim is only traded in small quantities. But Drag, used in mining, is traded in large quantities to other dwarven clans, as it cannot be used against the Tenthrum’s in war. None have discovered the secret formula for Trummi. Though many have attempted, in hopes of becoming rich and famous. One such fortune seeker by the name of Andros VanSarcos of New-Santhala reported this

"Many times I have attempted to recreate the Trummi substance. After many such attempts I have become convinced that the mixture must be created under certain air qualities. Just a year ago I presented a formal request to the high council for a grant of 1600 gold nunes to construct a air control room and hire a highly skilled air mage to assist in my project. But without so much as a second thought they denied my request. They ignored my request soely on the basis that I added in just a few 100 gold nunes for myself in the total. In order for me to work with efficiency I need a daily massages and a good supply of Kao-Kao. Those drelldung greylers! I am attempting to better our tribe and city by discovering the formula to the most powerful military weapon in all of Ceelereth. Nevertheless I believe the only place it is possible to brew the mixture, is in the caves of the Tenthrum Tribe."

Alchemist and herbalist, Hansdem Henlogrom of the Mitharim clan, is credited with the discovery of the Stone-Eater substance found in the shoot root of the Tol Kurr moss. He carried out much research on the root system of the moss, thus leading to his discovery. Once he isolated the Rock Eater substance, the word quickly spread about his discovery.

Two well-known alchemists by the names of Morgost and Tabar, immediately saw the potential for the substance. They traveled to Kor Mithrid to see to the doom of Hansdem Henlogrom. Poison was slipped into the alchemists’ drink during an evening feast on the holiday of Brokdem. The slow acting poison went undetected as the evening progressed, dismissed as one too many drinks. Meanwhile the pair snuck off to Henlogroms’ home where they found all of his research. The unsuspecting dwarf was declared dead the following morning.

With the man’s life’s work in hand they returned home and began work on their new project. After 70 years of laborious toil, they perfected the formulas for both Dradikgrupyim and Uryegrpyim, and presented their wonderful creation to their clansmen. The Tenthrum tribe chose to ignore the charges toward the two for theft and murder and instead holds them both in high regard. They even commissioned a statue in honor of them. The finest artisans, using Uryegrpyim, created the statue. Today they are still honored and glorified for their great contribution the to tribe.

I have finialy completed this entry. A special thanks to the Bard for all the translations :worship        . Anyway how is it? Comments welcome.

Edited by: Lucius Helvil at: 3/20/06 5:15
32  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Gitarre (Instruments of Santharia) on: 11 March 2006, 08:23:00
Ok, it just seemed a little odd to me. But I guess it works. Anyway you could explain how the strings are made, not only the intestine ones but the metal ones also.

33  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Gitarre (Instruments of Santharia) on: 10 March 2006, 23:14:00
Well, most logical would be hair. Don't you think?

34  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Gitarre (Instruments of Santharia) on: 10 March 2006, 21:15:00
For history just put the last two pargraphs below in the history section. Would you mind explaing this a litte more in detail -
Classical gitarres are outfitted with strings made of the intestines of various animals.

It appears a little far feched to me. How do you make strings out of intestines? Also for a little more detail you could go into deepth about the wood. What is the best kind to use? What is the most common?
One more thing. What is the size and shape of the base? Is it rounded or does it follow the shape of the face of the base? What is the shape of the base?
Thats all I have for you now. Good entry, like the differnt variations.

Edited by: Lucius Helvil at: 3/10/06 4:22
35  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The stone of truth/ The Doomstone/ The guiding stone on: 03 March 2006, 08:44:00
Good idea, It is well developed. One thing that I did notice is that there is only 8 such stones. But you often use the words "many" and "often" refering to the stones. Where it would be better to use "in one instance" or "twice" so on. Because up until the territory section it seems as if there are 20 or so stones. Describing the stone a bit more in detail would also be nice. What color are they? What kind of stone are they made of? Are they smooth and polished or rough? Does anything grow around it with lightning hitting so often?
Also, as for the Nyembelmar stone, it could be placed in the dessert where it would be hard to find. I'm not saying it needs to go there, but it should be specifcially placed. Just saying it is on Nymbelmar is quite a general statement. Anyway good entry and nice work.

36  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Farseers on: 30 September 2005, 19:09:00
Nice, funny enough I was just thinking about telescopes for the Dream the other day. Anyway, what excatly is it used for on ships? Is there a specific hobbit that is known for his or her well crafted farseeers?

37  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Dwarven Tools, Weapons, and Implements on: 30 October 2005, 09:51:00
Good entry. For all the things used for jewerly I would add a jewelers saw - a small saw with very fine teeth used to cut metal for rings and fine chains. But nice entry

38  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: ALCHEMY - found! on: 01 October 2005, 05:24:00
Sweet, I love this. This is cool.
A highly bondable non-metallic element discovered by the Gnomes in the year XXXX b.S. by the Arch-Alchemist. It is Domatium that impedes the process of “explosions” but creates some of the chemical effects highly

Try to stay away from words like bondable and chemical, ( I would use reactive and alchemical) they would not know of such terms. But nice entry.

39  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Trumgrupyim (RockEater) on: 19 September 2005, 20:16:00
I'm sorry Bard, thank you for the translations but I messed up. Can I have Wall Breaker (literal translation) and Crude. The first one is for the kind used in siege, just a missinterpertation, my fault. The second would refer to the one used in mining, a crude form. Im sorry again, it was my mix up. Thank you very much for your help. :hug  

Edited by: Lucius Helvil at: 9/19/05 4:25
40  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Trumgrupyim (RockEater) on: 19 September 2005, 15:05:00
There are not many existing battles that fit the ballot but I found this.

-Have an attack on Marcogg in support of the Mithranim Dwarves were the substance is used for the first time.
-I found one battle, the Battle of Annilation at the Zeipyrion Forests. It was on the Elven capitol but neither side really won (806 BS).

What would work? (I would put a link but I cannot get it to work)

P.S. Bard could you get me another translation please. (I know I've been asking for alot of them lately). I need a word for pure, as in high quality. Thanks alot.

Edited by: Lucius Helvil at: 9/18/05 23:31
41  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Trumgrupyim (RockEater) on: 12 September 2005, 12:00:00
I have finally found time to work on this entry. I have two questions for the Bard. First could you get me a translation for "Wall Breaker". Next could you explain the mining process in detail to me, I was thinking that a crude form of this substance would be used in the process. But I found I did not know the process. So if you could kindly assist. Thanks a bunch.

Also I was thinking for the history section, that large quanities of it would have been used in a siege battle on another dwarven city. It would have been used to quickly make a tunnel by passing the others defensive position. in an existing tunnel. The clan leader would have been greatly commerated for his victory. It would have been the first time it was used in battle, as the clan leader recently commisioned its devlopement. Would this work? If so what city?

Edited by: Lucius Helvil at: 9/11/05 20:16
42  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Trumgrupyim (RockEater) on: 07 August 2005, 09:12:00
Dont think of it as an acid. It is just a substance that reacts with rock. Plus it really dosen't matter, because that would not be something the people in Santharina could find out about.

43  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Trumgrupyim (RockEater) on: 06 August 2005, 09:54:00
Ok, but then it has to be very hard to make. A complicated mixing prosess. Otherwise it would also be used on people, making it more complicated. Mabey it would require a special substance to make the "acid" more fluid. It would therefore be harvested has a watery jelly, but it would be too jelly like for it to cover the wall on impact. I was also thinking that if you took a crude form of it (without the special fluid) it could be used to break away rock form ores. There would still be a mixing process to the crude form, and it would still be secret, but it would not be complicated. So what do you think?

P.S. Mabey the special substance could be the stomac fluids of the Tol Averyim? It would already have a crosive quality. And would be hard to harvest. Or even the jucies of its eyes?

Edited by: Lucius Helvil at: 8/5/05 18:02
44  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Trumgrupyim (RockEater) on: 06 August 2005, 07:52:00
Ok go with the Tenthrums. I like the idea with the arrows, thanks. Anyway what do you think should it also harm iron and steel? I also had the idea that it harmed mitril, making a weakness for the strong substance. Or just rock?

45  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Trumgrupyim (RockEater) on: 05 August 2005, 20:01:00
Thank you very much Bard. In regards to the question about how it is applied. It could be put in pots or barrels and loaded onto a catapult and launched at the walls. I also had an idea that it could be inserted into arrows or spears. They would have a sticky end that would keep it attached to the wall. Once attached the fluid would empty out onto the wall via the tip (havent figured the specifics yet). The last and simplist would be to apply it by hand. In a "watering" can of sorts. Another idea attached to this was to also make it effictive on iron or steel, because the roots would enconter it often in the ground. A note: The substance is not harmful to humans or anything else that is not rock or iron (if I go with that). One other question, @ Bard - do you want it so the Tenthrums have it or don't you care?

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