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556  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Piano Pie on: 13 September 2005, 20:55:00
Wow, 'mael, this is great! You're continually raising the bar. :D  I think the thing which I am most impressed by is that you really took on board all the feedback you were given from your original two pieces, and came up with something so tailored to Santharia. Just great!

Grunok's CD

557  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Quellion's Injerín Elf in progress on: 15 September 2005, 04:35:00
Yay! Lovely! And thanks for listening despite my avatar :lol  

Grunok's CD

558  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Quellion's Injerín Elf in progress on: 14 September 2005, 15:18:00
Sorry to be a pain, but I would really like to see the colour on his cheeks blended or lightened  - I don't think it looks natural, whether it is intended as him blushing, or as an effect of the light. If I have missed something as to why it is like that, please let me know, but otherwise, would it be possible to tone it down, Quellion? Does anyone else agree?

The rest of the picture I love!

Grunok's CD

559  Organization and General Discussions / Organizational Schedules / Development Schedule - Grunok on: 31 August 2005, 03:51:00
Areas of Expertise and Interest:
Santharian Places, especially in Manthria and Central Santharia.
The Serphelorian and Avennorian tribes.

Currently in progress:

On the boards:

- Chrondra (WIP)
- *PIC* Crazy Woman Pass

Off the boards:

- *PIC* Cave trolls
- *PIC* Grunok

 - Serphelorian childbearing and marital practices
 - Kokdar (given to Eoranna)
 - So You Want To Write A Places Entry - prospective sticky for the places thread on how to write useful, rich, blarrowable places.
- Elsashal Falls

To be done:

Rework of the Goutonch School for Ladies using info from Cio's story to fill out the process of bargaining, working in Linda Tso's #2, "Invitation".

Entry for the High Fores and Lower Fores in Xaramon/Vardynn using Linda Tso's #1, "Dusk Lights".

Person Entry for the first Serphelorian Queen - Quesvath.  See notes in tribe entry on comp.

Most traditional Serphelorian town still around (?).  Cha'ah town.

Twynor Farmsteadings (see Marcogg entry, history)
Castle Aut'eye (similar to Mistrash, protect, seat of Thane?, see Twynor farmsteadings in Marcogg entry)

Starmiran founded by escapees.  
Before the wall is completed a small sector of Marduran’s population escape by night from Marduran.  The escapees are mainly those of scholarly or otherwise more peaceful leanings.  They fear that taxes will rise when the wall is built, and the soldiers, with nothing else to do, will turn on the weak and innocent for sport.  For the first year they live in caves in the bush like Greylers, until they go to the Avennorian King with a story about being a community of scholars from anywhere but Marduran, who would like to settle in that area and are willing to tithe.  By the time their deception is partially discovered in 765b.S., Starmiran is a thriving, heavily tithing village and is allowed to continue to exist.

Other Manthrian mini-descriptions (currently working on the Shadowwing Downs, Tribell Lake and the ruins of ancient Sophronia).  The latter may be a mini-descrip or may end up being a fully-fledged entry.

See "Random ideas" thread:  "...dead orcs into caves, which worked as cemeteries for the losers, for the betrayers, for those, who are believed not to have earned the honour of a typical orcish funeral. This would be a cursed place..." would need to be of an extinct tribe cos doesn't work with Marv's orcish religion, but would still be fun to write.

Orders and their territories

More work on Serphelorian and more recent Sophronian History?

Possible projects which I'd be happy for others to do:

Entry on the Temples of the Twelve, the buildings in some villages / towns for all the Twelve to be worshipped in.

Waystations of Santharia - see Twilight 1C, Mimi's invention

On the site so far:


Sertharian Dialect / Sophronian language  (Races and Tribes)
Serphelorian Nomenclature (Races and Tribes)
Gnarco Toad (Picture in Bestiary)
Yarg (Picture in Santhworld)
The Serphelorian Army, a.k.a. the Order of Seyella (People; Races and Tribes)
Serphelorian Religion (Religion; Races and Tribes)
The Serphelorian Tribe (Races and Tribes)
Marduran (Places, Manthria)
Clendor Tower (Places, Manthria)
Mistrash Keep (Places, Manthria)
Grasslands of Hylach (Places, Manthria)
Courtford (Places, Manthria)
Broken Dream Gap (Places, Manthria)
The Three Maids Mountains (Places, Manthria)
Holt (Places, Manthria)
Xazuran Mineral (Misc.)
Addition to Sou'cald Moss entry (Herbarium)
Greylers (People)


Mount Wraelen
Orc's Head Point
The Guardian Rocks
Gorgoroth's Claw

Dream project list:

New-Santhala, City of Light!   :loveeyes:

The Kyranians - old fashioned and suspicious.  Names like Wagstaff, Waygard, Lighthold, Innstand...

560  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Bestiary Entry Proposals on: 07 December 2005, 12:37:00
"Little fairy type of bugs" (no name as yet)
Referenced by: Uragel, found by Grunok
Search Link: Tethinrhim Ria
Details: undeveloped bug, looks more or less fairy-like.

Grunok's CD

Edited by: Grunok the Exile at: 12/6/05 19:43
561  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Grunok! on: 31 August 2005, 03:08:00
Please post here if you want to get hold of me. Links and a brief da-scrip-shun of what you want me to do are helpful. :b  

Grunok's CD

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