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16  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Nybelmar Overview ~ Entry Update ~ WIP on: 15 September 2008, 04:41:50
I was just saying so we won't forget :)
17  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Nybelmar Overview ~ Entry Update ~ WIP on: 14 September 2008, 09:40:11
So the first Shadow Realm is Menemronn's, and the Second Shadow Realm is the one that Murmillions forge by conquering the first Korweyn Empire. The Third Shadow would be "in the making" with the Chyrakisth and Murmillions slowly, yet independently building up to something nasty. As this part of history is still under development (since we kinda stopped just after the Year of Darkness) we should be ok with just hints pointing to it.

I also agree with Loreney being a bit too large. I would support having some pockets of Chyrakisth activity in those forests (southern Loreney right now on the map) as of right now we kinda have them packed together in one place when they are not supposed to be like that.

Also, I don't know if you guys remember or if it still stands, but I know at some point the islands of R'unor fell under our responsibility. They were supposed to provide some competition for Santerrans in the northern seas and kinda meddling in Loreney's affairs quite a bit (on and off, at some point Loreney being a vassal state to R'unor).
18  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Re: Political Nybelmar ~ Map and Entry Update! on: 14 September 2008, 00:58:54
Well, if you remember there was that Bell-ringing thread I made on the Nybelmar forum to be used just for this purpose. Then Arti liked the idea and transformed it into the general bell-ring that we all know today.

So we could either create a sticky in the Nybelmar forum again for this purpose, or create a Nybelmarian Bell-ring in the bell-ringing thread (I think I actually did that, but I'm not sure anymore). As I'm always checking the Nybelmarian forum for new posts (when I'm on the forums that is) I would support the sticky (also the nature of the thread would actually be to brainstorm/collect ideas). But I'm fine with the other option too, should we pick that one.
19  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Eluda'Shi Lashmara- First Witch Queen of Marmarra/Defected Petal on: 13 September 2008, 14:08:36
I like the connection with Daedhir, although I wouldn't say that she gave them "a platform" since they already had that (hence the formation of the Enclave). However an "exchange of experience" with some Daedhirian Lords works really well as that would explain some of their dissensions as well (as the ones between Asbavaer and Asdamon).

You still have a few typos here and there but if you read it again I'm sure you'll catch them (they're the kind that pass an automatic spell-check: like the one at the end "turn them into an organisation legion of accomplished magi"). Overall I really like how this adds to the Marmarran entry explaining quite a few things here and there, a nice "snapshot of history" so to say :) The entry is also quite open-ended, thus leaving room for more connections to be made, which is really exciting :D
20  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Cairnhoom (Shukinu, Shiingarath, Doil Tenasi) on: 12 September 2008, 08:21:30
21  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Re: Political Nybelmar ~ Map and Entry Update! on: 12 September 2008, 08:19:26
What he said. :D

Now let's drink some local beverages and shake hands ;)
22  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Cairnhoom (Shukinu, Shiingarath, Doil Tenasi) on: 11 September 2008, 08:37:32
I really like the Shifting Mountains idea, although back when we talked about these beings I wasn't imagining them as humanoids. Reading the entry though I would say that humanoid is all right too.

Question: Republican wars? Are they related to Anpagans? I need an update on that lol. (I was also calling the civil wars that led to Anis-Anpagan becoming a republic the same way, if we have two such events we probably need to tweak one into something else)
23  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Re: Political Nybelmar ~ Map and Entry Update! on: 11 September 2008, 08:29:51
Uhm, I got one "quibble" myself :)

The two tiny islands southeast of the Anpagan peninsula that figure as being part of Korweyn/Kaleman are actually part of Anpagan. The largest of the two is actually the Ansaran Island - their mage guild headquarters.
24  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: A Santharian Petition for Justice on: 09 September 2008, 16:30:26
<---- same. Only that I "pm-ed" not e-mailed.
25  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Citystate of Marmarra- Initial Draft ready for commentary on: 09 September 2008, 05:37:44
Ah, I finished and now I see the connection with Venlaken (I also just remember that talk we had about a Daedhirian Lady :) ) I also seem to see a connection with something else too, just by looking at the purple/black banner sporting the eye :D But I will say no more :P

Great entry. Although "a bit" long I never felt like it's too much (just that I didn't have time to read it in one session). ;)

Edit: about the elegance of the place... well, just think about the smell of Venlaken :P
26  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: The Cult of Fire on: 09 September 2008, 04:59:53
Well, think about a polytheistic setting: you have many gods and some people may be devoted to just one of these many, yet they're not denying the existence or "right to be worshipped" of the others.

Anyway :) yep, "blarrow" it up ("blarrow..." new term to me :P)
27  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Citystate of Marmarra- Initial Draft ready for commentary on: 08 September 2008, 07:04:31
I have to say this looks really impressive. I haven't finished it yet though *blushes* but I'm working on it :)

I really like the feel of the city so far - also the layout and architecture reminds me of Venlaken which is great if you think the two are not that far away from each other (well, far enough, but somehow you would think that a common aesthetic would fly around in this area of Nybelmar). ;)

*goes back to the entry*
28  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: The Cult of Fire on: 08 September 2008, 06:55:24
Hey there, sorry for my absence :( I did update the e-mail (I forgot that I still had the yahoo one there), and I'm checking the gmail regularly (sooo much cleaner than yahoo).

I would say you are doing a great job with Murmillions. You really did read and pay attention to everything that was done before and you seem to have aquired a good grasp on the project.

The only thing would be that the capital city is called "Dasans" (not Dassan or Dassans :P). I liked the new city that you added and I would suggest to create a thread in the Nybelmar forum with any such new additions that would eventually have to be integrated in the Places entry - so we can keep track of them.

I think I still spotted a few typos here and there but nothing major. Overall I'd say great job on this!  thumbup

Now I can hardly wait to see your next entries on the other cults :D

@Azhira: There is no mainstream (so to say) religion for Murmillions. They all believe that Mari may manifest herself in many ways and have dedicated a cult to each of these possible manifestations (that's why they refer to them as "cults" as in the end they are cultivating one such manifestation). While the followers of a certain cult would favor one manifestation they would also be comfortable with the existence of the other cults - they might make fun of them, but never try to censor their interpretations. It's a bit of a complicated structure I guess, that is apparent in their religion overview entry - I was trying to combine monotheism with polytheism in a sort of a cohesive form.
29  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Giant Venlaken Tangleweed (Mira's Bane) . A prezzy for Mira! on: 05 September 2008, 17:00:05
That was a really entertaining read!  thumbup

The plant itself also feels "like home" in southern Venlaken, and I absolutely loved all the cross-referencings you used. In fact I think you should definitely keep Mira into this lol.

About the story at the end, being written in a god-like view, why not split it as a separate entry? You would have a link at the end of the plant entry (or in the section regarding "Researchers") pointing to this short story. I know I used this trick before (with the "Book of All Fears" for example). But whatever you do, don't delete it lol. It's just too funny.

PS: @Mira - maybe "you" happened to take a trip to southern Anpagan, you know, relax a bit with the Ansaran mages... their island is beautiful I heard. That would explain every single bit in that story, actually.

PS (again): I'm still trying to NOT imagine how would an undead's innards smell...
30  Organization and General Discussions / The Continent of Nybelmar / Re: Nybelmarian Empires ~ Murmillions Included? on: 03 September 2008, 15:30:57
Hey there :D

So let's set things clear here for all of us :)

Murmillions are actually a really interesting piece of development. Koldar/Rakshiri came up with the idea (ask him if he got it from somewhere else :P) then at some point I joined the project and started to flesh them out. Then we both started  to work a little bit of their history in connection with the Korweynites and Santerrans, that is until RL issues have set us apart. I moved my interest more towards Anpagan and Venlaken after that, so when I saw someone wanting to continue the Murmillion project I was nevertheless excited. I still am ;)

The basic idea about Murmillions is this:

(forgive me my so mundane way of putting things in the followings)
- big bad wizard (Menemronn - check entry) stomps over Nybelmar.
- some people think he's not that bad after all => Murmillions
- they eventually form a kingdom in the aftermath of Menemronn's demise
- they grow in opposition with the other power that emerged in the aftermath of Menemronn's demise, the Korweynites.
- big bad (and pointless) religious war happens between the Murmillion kingdom and the Korweynites' empire. Lasts a lot too (hence it being named the "Second Shadow War").
- war ends with Murmillions kicking the Korweynites behinds. However, by doing that, Murmillions actually overextend themselves, and all sorts of cohesion and keeping-tradition problems appear. (we did those things in a couple of entries, I guess Theodunn, and the one about the Battle of Kormendale, also the unfinished Tiara entry - you'll have to search through the People forum for Tiara or just ask Rakshiri for a text)
- Santerrans take advantage of that to kick Murmillions' behinds and establish a strong foothold on the continent.
- after the Santerran intrusions (and eventually war - check the Asthalon the Black entry) the Murmillions will be split in two sides: the ones living west of the sickle, more or less under Santerran rule, and the ones in the sickle - more or less considered to be a myth, or not there, or there but really not enjoying visitors, and so on. That's why you'd see all these conflicting accounts about Murmillions - depends on which point of view you would tell the story. About the actual situation of Murmillions living west of the sickle (the, say, Santerran ones) things still remain somehow under discussion as we still need to flesh out the history after the Year of Darkness.

Did that make sense? :P

Anyway, I saw you were really attracted by this part of development so I'd still say to go ahead and try to develop. The biggest challenge would be to keep it cohesive, as you would be the third person working on Murmillions :)

I also have those "letters" as an unfinished story, where I was trying to flesh out how a Murmillion might relate to the world. The story didn't go well, as originally I had the idea of an action-adventure type of plot, yet it turned out to be just a love story...

e-mail me when you have questions (I'll have to update my profile, I'm not using yahoo anymore, but gmail -> cpralea@gmail.com)
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