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901  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Weavers on: 07 March 2006, 19:19:00
This is one enchanted entry, Rayne [applause]. Though I see that you still have a bit of a work to do on it. However I would like to comment on the Nybelmarian side of the Weaver myths.

What you describe there about Murmillions makes me think that perhaps their tribe entry would need an update (but we need to settle on a coherent Nybelmar timeline first). However, there are still up on the site their religion entries (The Shadowcasting, Mari, the Cults of Mari and the Arkhaeon Guild). I don't know if I really managed to offer a clear image though. But from that intended general image I guess that we could conclude that this version of the Weaver myth that you describe for Murmillions would be actually, at most, a heresy among them. The thing is that their "Dark God", or "the Unspoken", is not a personified being but more like a principle. He/it creates things just like the black background of this board creates the white words that we read. There is no intention in this sort of creation, as the intention comes only with Mari - and thus she is ultimately their one and only God.
Then there is another thing about Murmillions: they are all truly believing that they do not belong to this world (and thus they are calling it the "world of exile"). So confronted with these Weaver myths I guess they would rather believe that the Weavers must be the holiest of the holiest Murmillions, who finally managed to break out of this world of damnation => their feelings for them would rather tend towards reverence.
And then there is one thing more: the different systems of magic. The Sarvonians have the the Ximaxian one and I suppose that the Weavers are related to the same classification. About the Nybelmarian magic we can only speak in vague terms, since the "new systems" ban. Anyway, I always pictured Murmillions as tinckering with a sort of "mind magic" - this is what suits them after all: power games, altered states of conscience and control. I guess that they would also not really consider it real magic (when they believe that their holy mountains were a result of a magical deed, it's kinda hard to name magic a mere hypnosis), but more like a skill. So the question is how does the Weavers/weaving fit in such a picture?
Perhaps they could believe in some sort of beings that guard all the possible "exits" from the world of exile - aka Weavers in Sarvonia? Hmmmm... this is a bit tricky though. They will eventually end up by considering such beings more like metaphors... I don't know.

But, if the Murmillion version does not work, maybe we can find another place. Like Anis-Anpagan. They have a very influential Mage Guild (the Ansaran mages) and a certain enclave of heretics (the Daedhirians of the Venlaken Enclave). Now the Daedhirians have certainly spawned many Netherworld stories among the Anpagans (see the Asbavaer and Asdamon people entries, the Venlaken Enclave place entry, and the Anpagan Atheism religion entry - for this possible version of the weaver myth), so I see no reason why the Ansaran mages would not produce a theory (probably based upon an original elven Weaver myth) about such a mystery place or such a mystery group of gifted individuals that dwell at the edge of the world. I guess they could even try to explain their Daedhirian "embarassment" through the existence of such persons. After all some Daedhirians tend to look like the Avennorians describe the Weavers, plus Armand Da'Ran, the original Daedhirian, came with his heresy from the eastern seas where "a wise shadow" whispered it into his ears. Of course, the Daedhirian abomination cannot really match those true gifted individuals living on the edge of the world... I don't know, maybe it's a starting point for a better Nybelmarian version of the Weaver myth. (ah, one important thing to keep in mind when dealing with these Ansaran mages: they always ask for viable proofs - until the weavers do not show up in the world, they would consider any theories about them as simple speculations, speculations that might be true, but... speculations :)  )

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