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301  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Magic System on: 08 April 2007, 08:57:35
Creating a new magic system is banned right??? Coz I was thinking of creating one for the Psyrpents since they have a magic system of their own. Gem shaping thing.
302  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Golden Flower on: 08 April 2007, 08:50:11
There its done I have changed the poem, sorry wasn't able to do so this last few days due to lack of sleep but yeah theres some errors in the grammar of the poem and Bard Judith's poem version is a lot better than mine. So I guess all I need now is some few recommendations about the post and I hope this entry will be approved :) . And oh yeah I also changed the usages, changing the plant's abilities and turn them down a bit.
303  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Golden Flower on: 06 April 2007, 04:28:30
Bard Judith I do not mind creative criticism and have taken your advice and the advice of the people who posted thier thoughts about my entry. Really sorry but I like your edition.
Thank you everyone for giving time

But if anyone suggests that Bard Judith's version of the poem is better than mine (Which is true) I would be glad to change it :)
304  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Golden Flower on: 05 April 2007, 12:17:01


The flower must be one of the most intriguing plants of Caelreth. Nobody knows how this flower came to be, save the Sarvonian Elves who believed that Seyella granted this fair flower to the world of mortals.

Golden flower is its name in the tongue of men. Glásáj'merín to the fair tongue of the Elves and many more names were given to the flower in other foreign tongues.

It is also very rare that many doubt that it ever existed, that its detailed description came from an over imaginative mind. Many sought for the flower and most if not all, came back empty-handed.


Its roots are bronze in color but with a little shade of gold. They are like tiny threads only finer and smoother. Its texture is as smooth as silk and it stays not deep in the ground but near the surface making the plant easy to pull.

The stem's color is like gold that has tarnished over the course of time but it still shines the beauty that it held before. In it, grows fine hairs like a horse's mane but smaller. It stands about seven nailsbreadths and three grains in height.

The petals of the flower are like precious gold in color. They are leaf-shaped and pointed at the end like Elven ears. Eleven petals are present in every flower and they overlap each other to form a circle. They are about three nailsbreadths and four grains in length and two nailsbreadths in width.

On the middle of the eleven petals, lays the small leaves of the flower. In the middle of the small leaves, a small gem-like object is present. It is called "Mód'miés" by the Elves but men call it, "The Earth Star". It shines like the stars on the sky only dimmer and less brilliant but it is no less magnificent than the greatest stars. It is like the diamond, only that it cannot be cut, even by using another mód'miés to cut it. Its shape is like that of a tear, only golden in color and has many edges.


Not much is known on how this flower increases in number. Many researches, especially from Ximax concluded that the flower is like the Wizardleaf, only that the flower grows in places where great sorrow and great despair are found.

Some lucky people have seen the flower's growth. They say that it takes a few blinks to grow but after the flower rises to its full glory, the people who watched it notices that many hours have passed since then.

The flower favours no continent nor weather. It is abundant in places that are cold, silent, and dark. It also grows on places where there are recent wars, tragedies, disasters, and deaths like the Mushroom of Querpur.

The flower rekindles lost hope to those who sees it. Ximaxian mages studied it and concluded that the flower has the natural ability to increase the influence of the fire ounía in the car'all and makes hope (one property of fire) more dominant than the other.

The "Earth Star" is considered to be a priceless jewel. Those who wears it will shine the beauty of the Light Elves. It is sought by many women especially princesses and queens but also sought by men to give as a precious gift to the woman they love. Thieves had also taken interest on this flower as well, because its price in the market will surely turn someone into a "rich man".

It also grants its bearer an unimaginable luck but only if the whole flower is intact save the petals which will fall in every luck that was granted to the bearer. A shield would stand like as if it was made out of mithril against swords and spear. A spell will never fail nor will it ever backfire. A blind can shoot an arrow with great accuracy. Arrows will miss the bearer of the flower regardless of the skill of the archer that shoots them. Harm will never hinder the bearer of the flower for the favour of destiny is upon him or her. This is one of the main reasons why the flower is also sought by many people, specially those who wish to engage in a dangerous quest.

Before using the flower's greatest gift, a warning must be heed. For in every luck that it grants, a petal will wither and fall. Bad luck will soon come around the bearer. The great warning was given by a mage who studied the flower's lore. He claims that he was able to find one flower when he was walking in a cemetery of warriors that was involved in a recent war. He gave this to his wife and many things she gained while she is in possesion of the flower. One by one, the petal starts to fall and on one night, the wizard found the dead flower next to his wife's body, he wrote a short article about it, titled, "The Golden Curse" and near the end of the article, this line was written:

"When all petals had fallen save one which is the eleventh. The bearer must be wary for his life will also come to an end."


The elves say that the flower is hope during dark hours because it only appears in areas that are filled with much grief, pain, despair, and sorrow.

A tale of a woman that was lost in the swamp became one of the great stories about this flower's creation:

A woman was running away from her village. Running away from the screams of her people, the war cries of the orcs attacking her village, the fire that slowly consumes her home and the orcs that are hunting her.

She ran away never looking back. Feeling only fear and great despair. She stops at a swamp for she was tired and she heard no orcs' footsteps behind her. She embraced her knees and cried. She said to the sky, "What ill-fate has befallen upon my village. What hast thy done to deserve this? Seyella, Goddess of Destiny have do not be cruel to us!"

She did not notice the setting or the rising of the sun for it was always dark there. The thick mist covers the swamp and only little light could pass through. The woods were also silent. No movements came from their leaves or branches. In that place, she fell asleep for darkness and great despair took her.

When she awoke, she noticed where she was. She looked for a way back but she could see none. She wandered the forest but to no avail, she came back to where she started. Fear took her and she kneeled down and prayed to her Goddess, Seyella.

"Seyella my Goddess. Please forgive thy servant for thy servant's word were ill. Let my doom pass for now and let death take me when I reach my home. Seyella, Goddess of Fate, let thy servant reach thy home." she repeated seven times until she heard a faint voice speaking of a short rhyme:
"Seek for the star that has fallen to earth,
 Seek for the flower unfound.
 Seek not and your life shall be claimed by the swamp,
 Seek not and your fate shall be bound."

At the corner of her eyes, she saw a dim light. She wiped her tears and went towards the light. "Have a star fallen?" , she asked herself. When she reached the source of the light, she was amazed at the sight of a fair flower sprouting on the ground in front of her. She waited for the flower to grow to its full glory and then she took it.

Hope filled her heart and she began to wander once more but now she walked a straight path. She saw a bright light at the end of her path. She hurried to towards the light but her foot hit a rock but she did not fall nor was she wounded. "It is the sun!" she said.  She looks towards her left and she saw her village being rebuilt by the villagers that escaped the orc-raid. She went to them and told them her story in the swamp. After telling them, she collapsed with a smile on her face and darkness took her. And the flower died with her.

It is believed that the young woman's prayer brought the flower to existence. When her words of sorrow reached Seyella's heart, the mighty Goddess created the magnificent plant to show her that fate is not always cruel for not all of Ava's dream are corrupted by Coor's malice. Seyella hallowed the flower so that no harm may come to its bearer but she also put a curse, to remind the bearer that Coor's dreadful malice have corrupted the dream of the mighty Goddess.

Updated and revised!

I have found similar entries like mine: The wizardleaf and the Mushrooms of Querpur!
305  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Vision of Fear, fire school, level 5 on: 05 April 2007, 11:23:58
Is it possible to implant thoughts through the use of xeua. Connect your mind to the targets  mind giving him the thoughts you create in your mind and replace the one he has. Some kind of illusion. (Thats my opinion anyway)

And maybe water magic too, Since as it is said above that water is the element representing calmness, the mage can destroy the element which i think would be permanently. It will result to an unstable mind, the target gets worried, loose confident or something. Not resulting to fear but it does  make someone loose a competition. :) (Sorry I am still learning) The water spell I am talking about is the water version of waning. :)
or maybe the mage can just heighten or lessen the amount of the water car'all in the target which will cause the target to loose calmness which means the target will probably worry, loose concentration and confidence.
306  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Teleportation on: 22 February 2007, 18:13:23
Yep the amount of memory needed to store all the data of a normal human is impossible to reach(right now).
307  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: The Black Vortex Spell on: 21 February 2007, 11:56:58
Is there anyway to open a portal to the ethereal void. If there is may be you could use it instead of using a black hole.
308  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Dissinigrate and Reform spell on: 21 February 2007, 11:28:52
okay thanks
309  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Dissinigrate and Reform spell on: 20 February 2007, 23:38:44
hmmmm. We have the same concept only that I created the idea for teleportation however I dont think changing the car'all itself will change the object itself. I cant understand. I know you can change the shape but not the compostion itself. Example and Iron sword cannot be transformed into gold which seems to be impossible because iron's car'all differs from gold's car'all. So by any means you should not be able to change the object into a completely different substance. However you can change its shape but it will retain its weight.

Lets use the iron for an example again. An iron sword which can measure 1 meter long and 5 cm thick for example cannot be turned into a 2 meter sword without affecting the thickness of the sword. because the iron sword is your raw material and you cannot create something that surpass your raw material. So your spell might be changing the shape of the material but not changing it completely into a different substamce.

Am I talking right here. I mean lets use chemistry. Isnt it that when you enter a certain amount of elements on one side of equation the other side should be equal.
Like this equation 1 hydrogen and 1 Chlorine is equals to 1hydrogen and 1 chlorine. They are same and equal however they are different.  Am I right? If not can somebody correct me pls.
310  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Teleportation on: 20 February 2007, 20:59:22
Well yeah thats how the theory on teleportation too. The original object will be destroyed and all the data will be recorded in computers as digital data and recreate the object somewhere else. I read about this stuff I dont know where though.

Maybe we could use the concept to do the teleportation spell but I dont know where or how a magi could ever record the data. So I guess teleportation on either fantasy or real world is just too hard if sufficient reasoning is needed.

Well the theory of destruction and recreation is just too hard to do since destroying something is easier but recreating it is much harder. So even if the magi have enough experience to do such task he or she might not have the sufficient energy to do so and probably the will to take the risk of something that have no room for mistakes huh? However I am a human and as the description says "inborn urge to experience things and overcome these difficulties by their unceasing will for improving their techniques steadily" hehehehe :)
311  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Teleportation on: 20 February 2007, 20:17:07
I based my theory on real world teleportation. Since rebuilding the car'all can affect living things how about instead of actually transporting a living thing how about just an object. Well example in a war where transporting resources is hard they could use teleportation that way there's no problem if the thing is alive or dead.
Requiring two magi. Ecua and Xeua magi's are needed. One to break up the links of car'all and one to rebuild them however they should both know the compostion of the car'all before doing this thing or else the spell could go horribly wrong. So what do you think about it.

(Oh yeah if you guys think that I copied my idea from Mina's idea and just changed some things well I am just saying that this idea of mine is not truly original since I based it on real world teleportation and besides I have not read that post of her yet. Sorry bout that :)
312  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Teleportation on: 19 February 2007, 06:21:32
Maybe the mage could send a piece of his/her car'all in a particular place to act like a magnet. So that when the mage destroys the links between his/her car'all and body, the individual pieces will be attracted to the piece of car'all in a certain area where the mage sent a piece of his car'all that was sent earlier then he can rebuilld himself/herself overthere.

313  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Teleportation on: 18 February 2007, 22:54:54
Hi there I am a newbie here but I got an idea on how to limit and how to make this spell work but still there is some bugs. Here it goes.

Lets say its both xeua and Ecua. Why? its because the mage should be destroyed at one place and be rebuilt at another. The theory is that the mage destroys himself at one point and be rebuilt at another. Using the two principles of magic. This can be done by understanding the compisition of ones car'all and if one is completely sure that he knows himself very well then he could actually destroy himself breaking the links of his car'all and body (but keeping a weak link to those individual parts)  then recreate himself at another place. However how he could actually transport his car'all and his body that are in pieces into the area is something I am not sure at. But since light particles are lighter and faster so those individual pieces may arrive faster than physical travel. This theory isnt actually true teleportation since I make this sound that the farther the target place the longer the time that you could recreate yourself but its alot faster than walking or horse riding.

My theory for the limit is this. The more the mage uses such spells makes the links of his car'all weaker and weaker each time he or she uses such spells. Over time the usage of the spells can cause the mage to dissappear into nothingness because the links of his or her car'all has been destroyed permanently. Or the mage that looses focus can fail to maintain a link at great distances  since the farther the area to where the mage wants to go the weaker the temporary links between his or her car'all gets so he could also dissappear into nothingness while performing the spell. Also this might happened if the mage is tired and this spell could use to much energy.

(Also we can modify the ethereal void so that it could become a shortcut to different areas.) I hope this could help even a bit but thanks for reading my reply anyway even though I am just a newbie.) 
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