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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / The Violet Sky Dancers on: 03 March 2007, 17:25:44
The Violet Sky dancer are possibly the most loveliest insect to roam the hills of Sarvonia.

Appearance: The Violet Sky Dancer like any butterfly has two body sections both of a dark shade of purple then their wings. The wings themselves can range from a deep midnight purple to amethyst in color particularly for the female Violet Dancer.The length of their wings can range from thumb tip to the tip of the first ringer to one quarter of a palmspan  the males in particular have larger wings to attract a potential mate.

Special Abilities: The Violet Sky Dancers are famous for their graceful flights across the plains of their  homes especially for little girls who enjoy chasing after them to try an copy their dance across the skies. During the Festival of Celebration many performers do a dance called The Violet Sky in honor of this beautiful creatures.

Territory: The Violet Dancers homes range from hills and plains anywhere the Dalferia is located as this flower is its favorite food and like the delicate flower these delicate dancers can only thrive in climates that are not  severe or strong in anyway or they will not survive. Like the  Ceruwing during the times of harsh winters or hot summers the Violet Sky Dancers migrate to more cooler or warmer climates but some of them don't always make it to their new homes.

Habitats/Behaviour: As stated above any harsh climates or terrains will never suite these delicate little butterflies and as such they can only be found in very mild regions like their favorite type of flowers the Dalferia.

Diet: Aside from the Dalferia other The Violet Sky Dancers can also eat the nectar of other flowers prefferably violet colored ones as it is said they get their unique coloring for their wings from the nectar of these flowers of course no one knows if this is true or not.

Mating: When mating season comes around for the Violet Sky Dancers The Male Violet Dancer will fly up high into the air and perform enchanting dances to lure females to him the more enchanting and luring the dance the greater his chances of getting a mate.

 Once he does get his mate together they perform a duet dance  in the sky so elegant that those lucky enough to witness this occurrence are nearly brought to tears at the shear beauty of their dances.

Usages: The only usage The Violet Sky Dancers provide is small bits of entertainment for children and inspiration for Festival of Celebration dancers who always borrow the dances of the Violet  Sky Dancers as ideas to perform for each Celebration.

Myth/Lore: Although it is pure speculation many believe that these  little butterflies share a connection to Jenevére for these little darlings have an innate talent for bringing joy and happiness to those who watch these elegant dancers live up to their name as they fly across the skies of Sarvonia.
2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Crystalline Dragon on: 23 February 2007, 18:17:46
That's fine I figured I'd just give it a shot as a starter if it didn't bode well then I'd have to accept that but maybe try it out for later once I get the hang of this place heh after all Santharian Dream is no different then EverQeust.

And if I can devote four years of my life to creating molding and near completing a druid of my own work I can certainly devote the same amount of time to here.

Infact even my druids name is an original of my making I called her Goldenfeather cause I love Golden Eagles and what does a golden eagle have :D you guessed it if you chose goldenfeather for your answer hehe got the idea sorta from Harry Potter go figures.
3  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Red Dragon on: 23 February 2007, 08:46:00
My treasured artwork and signature profile( I use the name Keara/Red Dragon/Red Dragon of Egypt quite often on the net).

I hope you all enjoy it and if theres anyway I can make her look better please let me know so as much constructive criticism that can be offered is most welcome I just want to perfect my skill and more importantly make better pictures of my dragons.
4  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Bediardari on: 23 February 2007, 08:38:06
Well I only said cousins cause dark or light creatures of the magical world are still siblings cousins and kin to each other because they are two sides of the same magic.

Plus these fairies are more butterfly looking the best reference I can give you to look at for what I mean is Allakhazam.com and look up EverQuest's Bestiary they sorta followed what I mean but if it wont work then I can always try something else.

Which comes to my second question like I said before I have a book that tells me a great deal about a large variety of mythical creatures would I be doing something wrong if I borrowed one of these creatures or no cause I just wished to make sure I'm not accused of plagiarism since I would never intentionally do that to a fellow creator.

If this is allowed I have two other ideas one is a Horse of the sun called a Bronte I can change it from being one who carries the sun to a horse who was actually born from the sun and I can also bring in a Horse for the Water who was born from that very element what do you think.
5  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Bediardari on: 23 February 2007, 04:53:39

The Bediardari unlike their cousins the Mad or Wicked Faeries are gentle and more kind in nature but very shy as well they range to little more then 1ft in length to half that size they share their homes with the  Light elves and those who dwell in the forest areas like Thaleon. They provide aid to the forest and the elves by using their powers to help things grow and the guide weary travelers who have lost their way by using their powers to become beacons of light to guide them. So helpful are they to anyone in the forest that they are often given the nickname "The Good Folk"

(well hows that for a teaser for fairies)
6  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Crystalline Dragon on: 22 February 2007, 19:09:19
 The Crystalline Dragon


Due to her powers and massive size dwells and comsos around the world of Caelereth but holds a close bond to all the dragons and drakes of all kinds. After finding Caelereth appealing to her she placed a small nest deep in the northern terrains of Cyhalloi and left them with one connection to their mother a single scale brimming with her ageless powers.


The Crystalline dragon bears the same classic appearance as all their larger kin two slender forlegs and two broad hindlegs, the only difference she and her children bear from the others is their snouts are longer and more slender looking like those of their Wyrm cousins. Their scales are iceblue in color but ripple with Aurora waves to symbolise the crystal energy that is their source of power. Their eyes differ from pure deep red with cat like black eyes to gold and sometimes even pure white.

Special Abilities

The Crystalline Dragons powers may vary to suite her needs but mostly lie in the power of crystals through this power she is able keep her brood hidden from outsiders other then the dragons native to Caelereth. Her crystal powers also grant her the power to leave her physical form and enter Caelereth since her size makes it impossible for her to actually enter the world. Her other power is the ability to produce her young without the need of a male her children do not share this power as they are on a level of immortality weaker then hers and are unable to produce the kind of power she wields.


The northern regions of Caelereth and Cyhalloi in particular since her brood lies in the mountain ranges of the land since she like any mother with a child is extremely protective and will allow no harm to be fall her children. As her children grow their territory may spread beyond the mountains except for those charged with guarding the Nest of her brood as a mark of their devotion to their beloved mother.


The Mountains are were they find themselves most comfortable prefferably places with deep crevices into the earth where they can keep themselves and their wealth of power hidden from unwanted visitors.But through their powers of crystal magic they have shaped the heart of their mountain home into an island suited to guard the nest with their fire to head the rock beneath the Nest to incubate the eggs of future Crystalline dragons. Thought their mother was the sole source of their creation her children do not share this power and may breed as they wish but she does not except mixing of the dragons with say a fire dragon with an ice dragon. Should any of her children disobey this law or any other law she sets banishment into a solitary mountain and unable to leave it's boundaries until she decides otherwise.


The crystalline dragons have a varies sources of food from land animals like the sheep and goats of Cyhalloi to the fish life that they can catch the exception to this is their mother who uses the elements to create more crystals to fuel her for energy and her primary form of sustenance.


Crystalline dragons of Caelereth choose a mate of their specific kind such as fire dragons breeding with fire and ice with ice but as stated before they are forbidden by the laws of their mother to ever mate outside of their kind.


Though these dragons prefer to keep themselves hidden and away from outsiders a few have seen and heard of these dragons. However it is said at night when the winds have died down and all is silent and still they say you can see the power of the Mother Crystalline Dragon rippling through the heavens in various colors.


The only usage these dragons have for most folk is the structures they built as shelter when they are lost and are unable find their way home.

7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Question on: 22 February 2007, 17:28:29
OK I can do that it was just a thought that's all cause my mom loves the fairy folk and I figured as much for her sake as my own I'd ask but I still have a large VERY large selection to look through as well as the bestiary here :D I found this book at my neighborhood Barns&Nobles store called The Element Encyclopedia of Magical Creatures I can use that as a reference book for ideas.

That is of course if no one minds and I'll try to make sure that the creatures I borrow fit the world you all have built up so far heh
8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Question on: 21 February 2007, 19:31:08
I have just a small question I was looking in the bestiary section and I noticed/overlooked where they keep the fairies in that section if we don't have any then with the admins permission and a mentor's help I'd be glad to build you  a section for fairies good and bad choice is yours of course I just figured I'd offer my help.
9  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Magic tutorial on: 21 February 2007, 19:09:56
Just out of curiosity is the ban on new magic still up yet cause I have one I'd like to add just not quite sure how to fit it in to make it within the boundaries of the rules.

My spell idea is one that can be used  in the similar manner as the four element spells mine is Crystal Magic the fifth element forged by the union of all four elements brought together.

Cause contrary to popular believe Crystal/Magic is also an element to most just don't know or realize it but magic is its own living thing it thinks and does what it will we can control but a mere fraction of this power ourselves.

...OK I'm getting ahead of myself if someone could help me put Crystal magic into a form that would suite everyone I'd greatly appreciate it thank you huh I'm still trying to get the hang of this thing  :( I swear EQ wasn't nearly this hard when I first started nerves and what not aside it got easier as time went one thats for sure.
10  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Well Met on: 21 February 2007, 16:51:15
Hello and Well met everyone  I'm the latest newbie to Santharian Dream but not by any means a newbie to RPG's.

One of my personal favorites its the game called EverQuest and it along with a great deal many other favorite pastimes of mine inflamed my love of mythical creatures and the world they inhabited centuries ago if our good JRR  Tolkien is any expert to go by.

His work along with the works of the Great JK Rowling Anne McCaffrey and Tamora Pierce are what just set my love for fantasy into the multiverse of my imagination.

Seriously if it were physically possible I truly believe it would take someone Millenniums before they could fully say they've navigated every last square inch of my imagination it's that big.

Plus what also helped is being a creator by blood :D my mom is a very skilled artist and poet and I got all my talent diverse from hers though it maybe strictly from her.

But one love I built entirely by myself is one most of you will probably see poking its head every chance it gets and thats dragons I positively ADORE  heart heart dragons heart heart so much so that if I could I'd marry one even if it would be near impossible to accomplish.

And for the last of my favorite things(not that I'm quoting that song from The Sound of Music thank you) I also like reading (mostly fantasy but I do occasionally read Sci-fi blame my brother) watching anime  listening to a LARGE variety of music and trying to find helpful ways to put this multiverse wide imagination of mine to better use.

With that I hope I didn't bore you all with my long winded tale and I bid you all a farewell be well all
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