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31  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Electro-Singularity (Another Attempt (Go easy on me!)) on: 06 December 2007, 09:01:12
I do not know. Actually, I was under the impression that it was stronger, but I suppose wind ounia is wind ounia, no matter where you get it from, right?

If so, I guess I'll just change that.  grin
32  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Static Singularity (Another Attempt (Go easy on me!)) on: 05 December 2007, 12:33:15
Edits = Orange

Static Singularity, Wind School, Level IV

The magical technique Static Singularity is the process of generating a sphere of lightning in the hands of the caster. This intriguing spell consists of multiple steps, and beginners may find trouble getting beyond the first two. Practical uses of Static Singularity include; forming a compact sphere of nonlethal lightning which can be used for beautiful displays, launching lethal attacks of spherical energy at the target or opponent, drawing energy from surrounding air to be put towards something else, and much more. The true power lies in the imagination of the magician and the effects one wishes to achieve.

Static Singularity was at first created to be used as an offensive spell for wind mages, as it was highly effective in penetrating metal armor, and was particularly useful against wet targets. On the other hand, the sphere of nonlethal lightning is also a very beautiful phenomena to behold, and it is often paired with sparkling stream to put on dazzling magic shows. However, the creativity of the spell is only limited by the imagination of the caster, and the amount of things one could possibly do with a sizzling ball of energy. One of the effects of this spell is that whenever it hits something flammable, there is a huge chance of that item igniting in flame.

Spell Effect:
The spell targets specified wind ounia near the caster's hands, and is manipulated and moved by the will of the caster. The exertion of wind ounia pushed together will increase the size and length of the sphere of lightning. Regardless, this spell cannot be cast through fire magic, nor can the sphere be manipulated by it.

Casting Procedure:
Static Singularity is a very useful spell that could be used almost as frequently in non-rushed circumstances as it could be in circumstances that call for quick action. Either way, it is ideal for both.

In circumstances where the caster has time to perform the spell, reagents are highly recommended, as they dramatically enhance the ability of control and finesse which are integral to the execution of Static Singularity. It is common that inexperienced magicians cannot even hold an independent sphere without the use of a quartz crystal or similar reagents.

To cast the spell, the mage must raise a hand (preferably both) in front of them. Intense concentration is required, and even the slightest lack of focus will result in failure. The mage draws upon the wind ounia around themselves and forces it into the space around their hands, causing the air above their hands to pressurize to such a level that results in a spark, and it should eventually grow into a crackling cluster of static bolts in the palm of one's hand. The smaller and less pressurized the ball of lightning is, the less energy is require from the caster to sustain the singularity.

The higher the level, the stronger and/or larger the sphere can be. Once the sphere reaches the desired size and strength, one may launch the ball in any direction by opening a tiny gap through which pressure may be released. At higher levels, one does not even have to release pressure in order to launch the ball with one's mind, however the distance to be launched would depend on the capabilities of the user. For most lower level magicians, a higher pressurized sphere will result in a farther launch. The average distance is about 10 to 20 peds.

Magical Formula:

The first target is the wind ounia which lies within a short distance of the caster, and the second is the wind ounia which lies directly above the hands of the caster. A beginning mage should be able to push enough of the surrounding ounia into the space above the hands causing at least a continuous spark. Focusing on large target areas are impractical, as they will require too much energy for exerting one's own wind ounia.

Holding a quartz crystal in one hand is said to concentrate the wind much easier. It is said that diamonds work wonderfully, as well. Also, the more feathers one possesses, the less energy is required to transfer wind ounia. As of yet, it is unspeculated as to whether the type of feather affects the outcome. Also, one may throw silverdust into the space that they are pressurizing the air, and the lightning will come much quicker.

Magical School:
Wind School, Level IV

Spell Class:
Physical representation of Sphere Two. Part of Spell Class 3; Motion.

If one wishes to launch the Static Singularity, than the range one may launch it is proportional to their skill level and energy level. A healthy level 4 mage would be able to launch it at around 10 to 15 peds while well rested. However, a healthy level 7 would most likely to launch it 25-30 peds with deadly accuracy. It also depends on whether you have an affinity for magic. Those who do tend to be able to launch their singularities farther without them dissipating.

Casting Time:
The casting process is very fast. Usually, it takes less than a few blinks to start the casting, move the wind ounia from around the body to the hands, and form a simple average sized sphere. However, just like anything else, clouded focus or lack of energy will result in a slower casting time. Overall, the casting time of this spell is very quick, which makes it rather useful as an offensive spell.

The duration of the spell is proportional to how long the mage can hold the sphere. For most mages, this isn't very long. The longest a mage would want to control a Static Singularity for isn't much more than a few minutes. Most uses for the spell do not take that long to complete, however crafting one's sphere would take much longer. It could take a fraction of a second to fling a small ball of lightning across the room. It does take longer to build up a larger ball of lightning though, and therefore it is more energy consuming to hold a larger amount of wind ounia in one place than a smaller amount.

Counter Measures:
The best way to stop a Static Singularity spell would be to attack the mage himself. Also one could distract the mage long enough to lose his concentration, or to injure the mage which would result in the mage breaking off focus completely. Creating or blocking with shields made of rock, or similar earth magus feats are extremely effective, as they harmlessly channel the lightning into the ground. Probably the worst thing to do is protect yourself with metal armor, shields, or weapons, as they only transfer heat and lightning directly into your skin.
33  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Inauguration of Irid into full membership! on: 05 December 2007, 09:48:12
Jairo stepped in through the grand entranceway just to be astounded by the elaborate decor and the beauty of the room and the people inside of it. Wow, isn't this amazing? He though. All manners of people bustled about, and all were gathered here just for the celebration of Irid.

He did not know this woman, Irid, but she must have been important for such a beautiful occasion to be thrown in her honor. Slightly confused, he scooted his way to the side, watching the room full of activity. Perhaps this Irid lady would be a good person to get to know?

A few faces were recognizable from his years past, as well as recent times. He had a feeling that a fun night was in store for everyone, especially Irid.
34  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: A question about souls? on: 05 December 2007, 09:38:30
Alright, now we're talking!

Unless they are prohibited, could it be possible to create magical artifacts which allow for this to be accomplished??
35  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Rat / All Continents / Rodents on: 05 December 2007, 09:27:25
Oops, I'm sorry. I didn't know that this was taken, as I looked in Drasil's thread and there wasn't anybody listed for the responsibility of this thread.

If Nsiki would still like to do this, then I will definately let them have it, but at this point, considering nothing has happened on it, I'll keep going with what I was doing.

@Aurora: Thanks, I did not realize that! I'll put that in as soon as possible.

So, are there any other details that I am missing?? *is having brain blockage*
36  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: The enthusiastic and relatively new Koshi! on: 05 December 2007, 09:22:13
*is overwhelmed by the hospitality*

I forgot just how warm this side really is.  grin

@Miraran: Why thank you, Mira, I think I will join you. It's all right, no need for any of that, although I still want to meet everyone around here.

@Artimidor: Haha, that's right, I forgot. I thought I had hopelessly abandoned it. I dunno, maybe I'll go back and dig it up for a look-see. Anyways, yes I agree, I was young and entertained ideas of being a famous writer at 13 years of age. Perhaps I should write a short adventure for the library?

@Twen: Heh, I don't know if we've met, but I definately know who you are. Aren't you along with Mina like a magic prodigy or something? Well, I think I'll stop by the Bard then and see what she has to say.

For the most part, I plan on tagging along in the magic section, and perhaps a few stories or novels for the library. Initially though, I plan on doing a bunch of regular entries in the bestiary, herbarium, and such. Anyways, the areas I have most interest in is the magic section, and the myths/cosmology area. Hopefully I'll be able to pick up on it quickly enough...

So yeah, I guess I'll just head over to Irid's inauguration.
*Bounces out of this thread and into Irid's*
37  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / The enthusiastic and relatively new Koshi! on: 04 December 2007, 14:23:38
Hey guys! *bounces in*

I'm back, and I'm ready to help wherever I can, whenever I can! My interests in venturing back to the dev board reside in the magic section, however I aim to keep my hands off the spells until I get a bunch of easier entries under my belt. I have just begun a re-entry in the bestiary, and I'm still trying to get my bearings on the dev board, as it can an overwhelming thing to rush in to. If anyone has help or advice, I would absolutely love it, considering I barely know where I am half of the time. Only joking, but seriously, help is much appreciated.

Anyways, a bit about me.
I am a creative 15 year old who lives in central United States of America. Unlike most of my narrow-minded friends, I love to look at the world with my own point of view, and I have a lot of dreams which impact my writing talent and capability. I am a movie-maker and author at heart, although I have been known to draw a bit, but nothing good enough to propose to Santharia. I love creative writing, especially creating my own worlds, sets, and people. That is probably what attracts me to this wonderful site the most.

I discovered Santharia around a year, maybe a year and a half ago, when I was surfing the internet for research on one of my earlier novels, which was supposed to be the first in an action-packed fantasy trilogy. Of course, like many of my novels, I did not finish it. Fortunately, I gained something much more valuable out of the experience; Santharia.

Anyways, so that's a bit about me and why I'm here. I have a whole lot of questions, and I hope they will all be answered in the time that I am here with you guys. Thanks, and I'll see you around!
38  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: A question about souls? on: 04 December 2007, 13:47:41
Oh, haha, well I guess you're right. I did read over the necromancy discussion, but I didn't realize that you could manipulate souls with it. Oh well, I have plenty of time and ideas to deal with, and that one sounds like a dead end to me. Thanks for throwing in those ideas, but I doubt that my original idea will work in any context. Back to the brainstorming, I suppose.
39  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: A question about souls? on: 04 December 2007, 10:09:18
But wouldn't it be possible with reasonable leveled magic if attempted to capture near the exact point of death? The spirit or soul would then leave the body, and advanced magic would no longer be necessary to remove the ounia which make up the soul? It really does depend on what the definition of the soul is.

Anywho, it doesn't really matter at this point, as I am still really new to the board. However, I WILL save this concept for later disection once I study up a bit more on the magic section and stuff.
40  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Rat / All Continents / Rodents on: 04 December 2007, 09:50:21
Yeah sorry, I'll do that right now.
41  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Rat / All Continents / Rodents on: 04 December 2007, 09:31:07
Oh sorry. Heh, I wasn't quite sure where to start. For some reason I was under the impression that one should do reworks before they begin a whole new project. I was confused.  buck

Anyways, the overview section came from the old unfinished entry, but I added some things, removed some things, changed words, and corrected spelling and grammar. The other sections are brand new though, so...


EDIT: Okay, so I've been looking at the entry, and it just doesn't feel finished to me, but I'm not sure what else needs to be added. Considering it is just an overview entry, I assume that I shouldn't add too much information about individual rats. If there are any sections that should be require, feel free to let me know... I guess I am going to open this for comments, but that doesn't mean it's finished yet...
42  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: A question about souls? on: 04 December 2007, 09:27:37
Okay sorry.

To be more specific, I was thinking about writing a spell in which one could trap the soul of another living being inside a container. Perhaps I am looking more towards the spirit of the thing?

I don't know, it was just an idea, and I'd thought I'd ask here before I did anything rash with it.
43  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / The Rat / All Continents / Rodents on: 03 December 2007, 13:04:00
(I have chosen to finish the incomplete article on the rats of Caelereth. If anybody has any objections to this, please step forward. I will be only too happy to back down, as long as there is a reasonable explanation for these objections.

Even as I am working on this, I would like feedback, because I'm not too sure about what I am doing here, and help would be extremely wonderful. Don't hesitate to comment at any time, as it is better to comment while the work is in progress as opposed to once I am finally finished.)

YELLOW = New Additions
ORANGE = Edits

Spelling changes and content removal WILL NOT be shown in orange, as they no longer exist to be highlighted. (<- For the most part.)



General Description.
Arguably the most intelligent and versatile creature in Caelereth, Rats are very agile, medium to large sized rodents with short legs and relatively large heads. Rats usually have dull-colored, coarse fur; long tails; large ears; and a pointed snout. This snout houses a set of very sharp and powerful teeth, which allows them to penetrate nearly any natural substance behind which they suspect food to be hidden. They have even been known to bite holes in lead pipes.

Rats are usually nocturnal, but as is their nature, they are extremely adaptable, and may be active during the day if conditions allow/require. As a result they thrive in settlements built by Caelereth's main races, especially large human cities, a place where most wildlife prefers not to dwell. In such conditions they have few natural predators which are found in the wild, and an ample supply of food generated by their human hosts. Originally, however, all city dwelling rats came from, and still dwell in, forests and deserts. Their spread has been attributed to their ability to thrive on seagoing ships. This may well explain the vast variety of species to be found in Caelereth, as cross breeding produces new strains of rat species.

Rats are extremely prolific, breeding 1 to 16 times a year and producing 6 to 12 young in a litter. Rats will eat almost anything. Certain rat species are strictly herbivores, while others, especially those which live in towns and cities are omnivorous and will eat practically anything... much to the delight of residents who would seek to poison their unwanted guests. Some of the larger species are purely carnivorous, and assume the top-most part of the food chain in some derelict areas.

Rat Distinctions.
The following is a list of all the kinds of Rats known in Caelereth (sorted alphabetically):

Brownie Rats live in the streets and sewers of large cities and grow large, powerful, and ill-tempered. Armored with tough hide and coarse hair, large jutting front teeth, and sharp claws, Brownie Rats were soon adopted as the steeds of many of the tribes of the diminutive city-dwelling Rat Brownies, especially in Nyermersys (hence their name).

Common Rats vary in size and color, but are usually about a Fore in length, including the tail. Their coloring ranges from browns and blacks to whites and even the occasional paint. Pure albinos are uncommon. Their beady eyes are almost always black, and they have hairless pink tails and feet. Originally this species probably originated in the Narfost Plain or the desert to the south, where small numbers can be found, but these Rats have spread all over Santharia, Denilou, Aeruillin and Nyblemar and are commonly found in cities, village barns, ships, and other places of human inhabitance where food is to be found. Rats and mice often fall prey to cats, stray dogs, and snakes, as well as meaner Rats of their own kind, although their large front teeth and short, sharp claws can do some serious damage. For the most part, however, they are cowardly creatures, preferring to scavenge and steal, and run away from a fight whenever they can.

Flax Rats Sometimes referred to as the "Farmer's Friend", are the smallest of the Rat species, and dwell in more northerly climbs of Caelereth, usually no further south than Elsreth, among many different types of crop but especially flax. About 5 nails breaths end to end, they are fiercely territorial and aggressive and will bite if disturbed. These are distinguished solely for the fact that they eat farm pests such as locusts and other crop harming insects.

Giant Rats are enormous versions of the common rat, which can mainly be found in Southern Sarvonia but mostly in the surrounding forests of Voldar and the Auturian Woods near Marcogg. They are nocturnal animals, omnivorous and can be quite aggressive if provoked, especially the females. People of Marcogg and the surrounding region even keep Giant Rats for using their milk, which is said to give extra strength.

Snow Rats are only slightly larger than the Common Rat and similar in many aspects to most rodents. However, they possess several adaptations to their harsh tundra climate that set them apart from all other Rat species. The most noticeable is their coat: it is pure white, long, and very soft. The hairs also grow to cover their wide-spread feet, allowing them to scamper lightly across snow drifts leaving nearly invisible tracks. The silky hairs of the Snow Rat not only provide warmth, but camouflage as well. Their blue eyes might make one think these Rats are blind, but while their eyesight is not exceptional, their sense of hearing is acute.

The Vilerat is named as such due to its revolting appearance and neglecting hygiene habits. Unlike most rodents, vilerats lack the grooming instinct. Vilerats are made up of intensely durable material which can withstand some of the strongest acids and bases which exist. Their stomachs eradicate almost every disease upon consumption, which allows them to eat literally anything which they may happen upon. Green-furred, usually due to the amount of garbage which remains clogged in their fur, the vilerats are nearly two palmspans in length and up to an od in weight.

Water Rats or sometimes Black Rats are almost completely black in color. They are prevalent in midland and southern Santharia, Aeruillin and Nybelmar, in and around slow flowing rivers, marshes and wetlands. They are also to be found in quiet coastal waters of the Isles of Quios - in river estuaries and natural bays. Much like the Common Rat in appearance it is distinguishable from a black Common Rat only by their slightly larger size and webbed hind feet, which make them rather less agile than their land dwelling cousins, but far stronger swimmers. The front feet are un-webbed to allow them to manipulate things. They have extremely course waterproof fur and a female Water Rat may produce anything from 4 to 9 young in a litter.

Also known as Bush Rats or Steppe Rats, because of their fondness for living far from human habitation. The Bush Rats, which are 1 or 2 palmspans in length, are found in wooded and desert areas throughout Caelereth. They build characteristic dome-shaped nests, usually in tree branches, about 1 ped high, by weaving straw and sticks together. The exterior of the nest is studded with needle-sharp thorns by weaving in the branches of thorny or venomous plants for protection against natural enemies. In certain areas especially on the Elverground farmers may have to protect their crops from the damage these Rats can so. One method is to take grain to the Rats characteristic nests to prevent them damaging the crop. Wood Rats are slate-gray, blue or tan above and white below and can easily be identified by their hairy tails.

Ximax rats are very intelligent beasts, who are not only capable of running away with your food and creating awful chaos in your kitchen, but also can avoid strategically placed mouse-traps and fool any cute furry kitten, except, maybe, their Ximaxian rivals. After a long time spent in the big human cities, Ximax Rats learned to conceal their true nature, knowing that people's interest in smart rats is for some strange reason bigger that in ordinary rats. Therefore, they are now hardly distinguished from their less gifted relatives, only their fur is generally cleaner.

A common rat's diet might consist of insects, grains, scrap food, waste, grass, flowers, and just about anything that is available and easily scavenged. Contrary to popular believe, the rat mouth is just as clean, if not, cleaner than a humans mouth. This is due to
an interesting substance in the saliva which kill diseases and other harmful things, which allows the rat to eat a wide range of things without getting sick. Their bodies are simple enough to live off of parchment for weeks, yet their stomachs are complex enough to break down complicated food mixtures which intelligent races consume.

Smaller outdoor rats are most commonly known for the consumption of berries, grains, short plants, crops, and edible seeds. Larger outdoor rats are known for eating animals and insects smaller than themselves such as small mice, snakes, lizards, an other rodents. Indoor rats are commonly known for the consumption of table scraps and other bizarre items. These include, but are not limited to; dark meats, poultry, eggs, grains, bread, fruits, vegetables, desserts, cheeses, clothing, small shiny objects, thimbles, sewing needles, hay, woodwork, parchment, candle wax, lard, margarine, molasses, syrup, honey, milk, lead, jewelry, etc.

Mating Habits (Universal)
In general, rats reach sexual maturity in anywhere from 5-7 weeks of age. There can be as many as 6-12 young in any given litter, and they may breed as many as 16 times a year. For this reason, rat overpopulation is a serious problem in many major cities and towns where many people congregate. Rat poison can be found in almost any kitchen across the continent, as rats are not only pests, but carriers of a large variety of diseases. Not only are diseases sexually transmitted, but they can be passed on to the young as well. Diseases, just like the rat population, increase at an alarming rate. It is not advisable to keep male and female pet rats together, as you will find that they will reproduce all too quickly, and you will end up having to drown the excess rats.

It is also not advisable to keep the following specimens of rats:
Brownie Rats, Vilerats, Flax Rats, and Wood Rats

Usage/Special Abilities
The silky hairs of the Snow Rat are sought after by the middle class and semi-wealthy for winter coats. The white hairs naturally repel snow and water naturally, and they do not fade in color or stain. However, due to the size of the snow rat, and the amount of rats required to make the coat, it requires a significant amount of money to purchase. The soft silky feeling of the fur is probably one of the number one attractions to this kind of coat.

The people of Marcogg keep Giant Rat milk, as it is believed to enhance strength. Although it is not certain whether the milk of the Giant Rat has strength enhancing or restorative properties, it still fetches a satiable price in the market place for one those in the rat farm industry.

Almost all rats are hunted for their meat, which is much more filling and satisfying than most other rodent meats. Giant Rat meat is probably the most valuable, with Common Rat meat being the least sought. Perhaps the second lowest is Brownie Rat meat, which tastes horrible to the elven and human pallet, but is said to be enjoyed by tribal orcs.

Ximax Rats are often valued as pets, although because they are the most clever of rats, tend to escape often and/or chew through precious belongings.

Upon death, the vilerat melts into a substance called Vilique, which is an extremely dangerous and potent yellow acid. It can melt through nearly any substance, but if left exposed to the air for more than an hour, it will dissipate. Vilique is most commonly used by the Kasumarii for the sole purpose of use as a powerful reagent for particularly nasty spells. Because it cannot melt through diamond, it is stored in diamond flasks and has been tipped on diamond/glass weapons in the past.
44  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / A question about souls? on: 03 December 2007, 11:30:46
Hello everyone, I have a question that may pertain to the magic section...

What is the exact nature of souls in Caelreth?
   -What defines a "soul"?
   -Do all beings have souls, or only intelligent beings, or no beings at all?
   -Do all spirits have souls (and vice versa) or are they both the same thing?
   -Are souls immortal? (Can they be killed, torn, or split?)
   -What are they made up of? (Fire ounia or wind ounia?)
   -Can they be manipulated by magic? What branches of magic?
   -Souls lean towards existance in the spiritual realm. Does this refer to souls with a physical counterpart?
   -Are humans/elves/orcs, etc. mostly physical, mostly spiritual, or a balance?

I hit up a search on this subject first, just in case, and I found the following:

The closest thing relating to the spiritual essence within us is described as the six bodily constituents:
1. Choler
2. Phlegm
3. Sanguine
4. Bile
5. Anima
6. Ichor

These don't really sound like parts of the "soul", but I could be wrong.

Somebody help me out??
45  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Serious Question About Yamalquain on: 24 April 2007, 11:21:43
But since it is a legend, would it be acceptable for the "author" to have made up villages and such as part of the legend?
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