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61  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Pyrokinetics and Whatnot. on: 19 April 2007, 07:24:03
Don't you think it might be too similar in that case?  Sphere 2 basically means to alter the influence of the element in an area through the movement of ounia; it's a technique.  One problem I see with this spell is that it is too general, almost as if it covers all of Sphere 2.  Try to make it more specific.  Take Fireball for example, it gathers Fire ounia at a point to produce a ball of fire, which is just one of the effects you can achieve by moving Fire ounia.  Of course, there are other things that happen too, which distinguishes it from other spells with the same basic principle, like Fireblast, but that'll do for now.

But isn't Fire Control a kind of basis for fire magic? Couldn't Pyrokinesis in the same manner be a root of spells such as Fireball and Fireblast? I think that the most ideal thing for mages to invent would be a spell that is general so that when they need to think of a quick spell they have something to fall back on. If you are confronted with a situation where it would take split seconds to react, I'd much rather use a weaker general spell than a powerful specific spell. You just can't always prepare for those kinds of situations. Do you think that it would defeat the purpose of having those other spells? Once again, it has the same principal of fire control, only it includes sphere II instead of sphere I. Of course, once you know sphere II you can apply sphere I to it, but that is besides the point. The reason why it is similar, but not quite similar to the Fireball is that it does indeed gather ounia in the same way, but it is more like a root spell, not a subsitute.

Perhaps I should add some of these specific points to it. If you honestly think it is too general, I can tone down it's capabilities, but I don't think that should be necessary. It's up to you though.
62  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Pyrokinetics and Whatnot. on: 18 April 2007, 08:21:11
Quilrosh's Fireball gathers fire ounia, similar to Pyrokinesis.

My apologies, but I'm not quite sure which points of the entry you want me to change. Fireblast also happens to be level VI sphere II, and yet it achieves it's goal by moving ounia in the same way that Pyrokinesis does. I'm not sure where that is innacurate, could you please show me where in the entry?

So far I understand that you thought I only described the observable effects, but I think I'm rather accurate in describing that each of those various effects can be achieved in the same way; by targeting the fire ounia you wish to move, and to move it with your mind. That's pretty general, but I think that's what I stated above before you posted that response. I said that you can move a fire ball through a forest of dry pines to set them on fire, you can redirect flaming arrows or cast them aside, and you can craft different images with fire. I think that all can be achieved using the technique I described. Perhaps you are asking for a more detailed descripiton?
63  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Compendium!! on: 17 April 2007, 13:31:40
That's interesting... You DO use the Legendary Tales editor, correct?
I know how to code with it, actually... I suppose I could be of some assisstance. Where is the developement of rooms and such taking place, or has it been suspended temporarily for a later time?
64  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Pyrokinetics and Whatnot. on: 17 April 2007, 13:18:16
Yes, it may be pretty similar with it's large array of capabilities, but it's smarter to use a Fireball for the pupose of offense. I thought fire control seems pretty general, and pyrokinesis is much more specific to what I want achieved. It's perhaps not a totally innovative idea, but it allows for much more non-offensive manuevering, which was what I am trying to aim towards. There are so many uses for it, it's not even funny. It's similar, in this same aspect, to fire control, but it's just too specific, advanced, and sphere II to boot. I think it makes a good addition to the fire school lists and it defines at which level a mage really can use their own inventiveness to explore the boundaries of a spell similar, but more sophisticated than fire control.

Here's what it provides, as an overview;
-Redirection of fire attacks and missiles.
-"telekinesis" or movement similar, but with flames.
-Fire crafting (temporary, think firework type displays. More for tribal celebrations and things where fire spectacles would be used)
-Setting large regions (flammables only) on fire with little effort.
-Distracting groups and enemy armies with dazzling spectacles.
-Increasing the size of campfires and such in windy environments where you can barely get a small flame.
-Decreasing/Manipulating forest fires in a manner, similar to control burns. Quell flame and Extinguish can be used when wanting to completely put a flame out.
-(Conditional!) Possibly shadowmancy, (See the site entry) basically using the lack of fire ouns to move shadows, sorta thing. Basically umbrakinesis, moving shadows and such. Not any of the Kasumarii 3D shadow stuff.

Crap, sorry.  undecided I'll add on as I remember, I'm a little out of it tonight.
65  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Pyrokinetics and Whatnot. on: 14 April 2007, 10:30:36
Pyrokinesis, Fire School, Level VI

Pyrokinesis is the art of moving and shaping fire however one pleases. The caster can target any open flame to begin the spell, and then move it freely about, through the air, and do whatever one wishes to do with it. More practical uses of pyrokinesis includes; setting a large perimeter on fire with a limited amount of energy, redirecting offensive magical fire attacks or flaming arrows, moving a small bulb of flame through the air to light one's path, and much more. The true power lies in the imagination of the magician and the effects one wishes to achieve.

Spell Effect:
The spell targets specified fire ounia and is manipulated and moved by the will of the caster. The fire ounia can be increased or decreased in amount or strength in order to increase or decrease the size of the fire in order to achieve the desired effect. The caster can redirect any fire attack of a foe and send it back at the opponent or send it harmlessly out of the way. Fire ounia can also be moved quickly through flamable areas causing destruction in its wake.

Although it concievably could be used to attack adversaries with, the energy required to build up the fire ounia would make it a much easier to use Quilrosh's Fireball instead. On the other hand, Pyrokinesis would be a much better offensive skill if one wished for an attack to originate from an area other than the caster. For example, a mage could send a ball of flame from behind the adversary instead, although the casting time for such an attack would increase dramatically.

The second part of pyrokinesis, shaping, is an awe-inspiring thing to behold. One can compact or rearrange fire ounia in any shape, creating a blazing but perfectly round sphere of fire, or a long rope of flame suspended in the air. The more complex the shape is, the harder it is for the caster to maintain. It is not advisable to create complex shapes, although many fire mages spend their time creating intricate masterpieces of pure fire ounia. It is often used for large spectacles.

Casting Procedure:
Pyrokinesis is a very useful spell that could be used almost as frequently in non-rushed circumstances as it could be in circumstances that call for quick action. Either way, it is ideal for both.

In circumstances where the caster has time to perform the spell, reagents are highly recommended, as they dramatically enhance the ability of control and finesse which are integral to the execution of Pyrokinesis. It is common that inexperienced magicians cannot even hold an independant flame without the use of sulpher.

To cast the spell, the mage must raise a hand (or both) in front of them. Intense concentration is required, and even the slightest lack of focus will result in failure. The mage draws upon the fire ounia from the target and pulls it from the source in some way, shaping it, or levitating it in the air. The closer the levitating flame or source is to the user, the less energy is require from the caster to sustain the flame.

The initiate levels are generally able to cast the spell with 1 to 6 peds away from the target. 6 peds away requires 6 times the energy of 1 ped away. Likewise, being less than a fore away will require much less energy than 1 ped.

The magicitai and magus levels are capable of casting from a source up to 20 or more peds away and can cast in a much quicker fashion than the initiate levels.

Magical Formula:

The target is any physical source of pre-existing fire ounia and the space in which the fire ounia is moved by the caster. A beginning mage would be able to target a small source of fire ounia, such as a candle, or hearth. More experienced mages could potentially move much larger quantities of fire ounia, such as a burning tree, although small flames are the most commonly used source for this spell. Larger sources are impractical, although they require much less energy for moving larger quantities of fire ounia, for the soul fact that one does not have to increase the amount of fire in any way.

Sulpher, as is commonly used with fire spells, is rubbed into the palms or over the entire hand. This supposedly grants a greater level of control over the flame. Blowing ashes into the air that one wishes to move a flame is said to move a flame quicker and with much less energy. Unfortunately neither are practical for scenarios that require quick action.

Magical School:
Fire School, Level VI

Spell Class:
Physical representation of Sphere Two. Part of the Pyrokinesis Class.

The range, of course, depends on the skills of the caster. As stated above, the source must be within 1-6 feet of the caster, although the range of motion is much greater. There having been instances of mages burning entire perimeters of forest by moving a large fireball in a wide arc and igniting the trees in it's path. The range for the initiate class in anywhere from 10-20 maximum peds distance, although the farther the controlled fire ounia is, the harder it is to sustain.

Casting Time:
The casting process is very fast. Usually, it takes less than a few blinks to start the casting and move the fire ounia from the target source. However, it takes longer, depending on how much fire you have, to move the fire ounia longer distances. It is common that many also add fire ounia to the target flame in order to increase the size, which also takes longer to complete. Overall, the casting time of this spell is very quick, and it is often useful as an offensive spell.

The duration of the spell is proportional to how long the mage can hold the fire ounia. For most mages, this isn't very long. The longest a mage would want to control a flame for isn't much more than one minutes. Two minutes is possible, but most uses for the spell do not take that long to complete. It could take a fraction of a second to reverse the spell of an enemy magician, or to fling a bulb of fire ounia across the room. It does take longer to build up a larger ball of fire though, and therefore it is more energy consuming to hold a larger amount of fire ounia than a smaller amount.

Counter Measures:
The best way to stop a Pyrokinesis spell would be to attack the mage himself. The best way would be to distract the mage long enough to lose his concentration, or to injure the mage which would result in the mage breaking off focus completely. When attacking the mage is not an option, the next best way to deter a spell would be to douse the levitating flame with water. To defend against it, a slab of rock, a metal shield, or even armor could protect against getting burnt by the flame.

66  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: The Black Vortex Spell on: 17 March 2007, 09:11:19
Lol, yeah why would you make a complicated vortex to suck enemies into when you can just hit them in the face with a fireball?
67  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: The Black Vortex Spell on: 15 March 2007, 08:44:50
If magic can be defined by equations, which I'm not sure, but if they can, then you are right. If magic is not bound by the rules of the world, then unless there is another variable involved, there is no hinderence to the creation of a black vortex. Until the phsyisical laws of Caelreth are draw out, you cannot disprove that.

In math, you can prove and disprove, correct?
Well in science, you can't ever prove, you can only disprove.

Without knowing the physical laws and limitations of Caelreth, we can not disprove the creation of a ball that attracts things, unless of course, it cannot be done in the first place.

(I'm a little confused anyways, why do we approach magic so scientifically?)
68  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: The Black Vortex Spell on: 14 March 2007, 12:46:11
No, it still has gravity. Being a disc changes nothing. If people are walking with their feet on the ground and if things have weight, then the world does have gravity.
Without gravity, there is no weight, no pygges, no measurements for mass divided by gravitational pull or whatever the equation for weight is.

And because gravity HAS to exist in Caelreth, then that means that there's the possibility of creating forces similar to blackholes.
69  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: The Black Vortex Spell on: 13 March 2007, 14:53:38
Ummmm... Yeah.
If we assume that Caelreth is in a Universe with similar (not the same, similar) laws to our own, it is safe to assume that rules operate the same. Since people walk around Caelreth with their feet on the ground, it is safe to assume that Caelreth abides by the law of gravity. If there is a law of gravity present in Caelreth that is the same as our own physical laws, then it would be natural to assume that to create a black hole the size of a one foot diameter sphere, you would need an object 50 ft3, which would be larger and wider than a house.

Unless you have enough power to squash an object of that size (assuming you have a SOLID object that big to squash) than that wouldn't really work. And it's not like you could squash a house, or even a mountain for that matter, because you would need an object as pure as possible. You wouldn't want to compress a bunch of flammable elements together, now would you?

HERE's how to make it work!!!!!!!!

It would probably be third sphere, but instead of compressing an object down, keep it the same size, but instead add to it drawing mass from the air around you. I mean, air's practically unlimited. It would be quite a feat, but this way, it wouldn't be a very destructive vortex, nor would it be very large. And I'm pretty sure it would have the affect you were wanting originally.

So there wouldn't actually be a black hole of any kind, but a place where the gravity would be stronger than the planet's over a small radius. It could be deadly of course, it the mage wasn't experienced enough to create the "hole" far enough away from himself.

Another option is to create a rend in space. This would create a gap between this space and zero-space. This would upset the balanced equation that this world is. Although this might not be very useful because it would make the world expand, then contract almost instantly. Both worlds would be equal but opposing half worlds. In theory it could create many different multiverses. Perhaps it would be cool for some diabolical plot...

Anyways... there's a few ideas.
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