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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Water Location Spell on: 18 March 2007, 20:31:35
It occured to me that this is one of the basic spells any Water Mage would need isnit it? Who's gonna use water from their own body to cast Call Lightning when there's a lake nearby they can use? Exactly.

Water Spells:  Water Location Level 4

Overview: Allows the mage to find water within his/her surroundings. The water can then be retrieved using the spell Water Extraction and used in another spell. It has been suggested that Water Mages travelling in the desert may use this technique to find underground springs and suchlike. Since this spell makes the caster aware of all the water ounia within range this spell can be used to track and locate living creatures, which are mainly water. However they will not show up as “brightly” as sources of pure water (lakes, streams etc). This spell is also pretty useless underwater, and tricky in heavy rain.

Casting Procedure: The mage closes his eyes and clears his mind. At this point lower level mages may need to wet their foreheads slightly using the some water. Generally the purer it is the better, but most mages learn not to have to rely on this reagent during the spell. Wet browed or not, the caster then continues. Thinking only of water he says the magical formula. At higher levels the formula can only be thought, and at levels 10 and 11 the mage only needs to think of water to find it.
After the formula has been said the mage will be able to sense the presence of water and its distance from his location (it should be mentioned that this is a precise art, and while the spell itself requires little concentration, judging the water’s position takes practice). The feeling is said to be similar to the Oh’mód’hál, although it seems to differ from mage to mage.

Magical Formula: (Still to be revised and open to suggestions) Már, ahmán (Styrásh: Water, answer)

Target: The area around the caster, see range

Reagents: Water, to wet the forehead (optional)

Magical School: Water School

Spell Class: undecided

Range: Depends on level

Level 4-6: Up to 30 peds away from caster
Level 7-9: Up to 1 ½ dashes away from caster
Level 10-11: Up to 3 dashes away from caster
Level 12: Unknown. Probably anything up to a Cael.

Please help with spell class, what sphere would this be? Also, I attempted a magical formula, but I'm happy to do an edit and remove it. Just giving an idea for y'all to toy with :). Again, comments and suggestions welcome.
2  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: New styrásh (elvish) vocabulary here! on: 18 March 2007, 20:16:32
Suggesting words for
The Ethereal Void:

Valayá (derived from valannia+ ayá = beyond the dreamer/ beyond dreams). Femenine


Valá (again from valannia= dreamer).



Also there seems to be no word for light in the Thar/styr dictionary.

Injýr ( derived from injóh- light creature and injéra- guide [ie the sun])

If there's already words for these sorry. Thanks everyone, and if I screw up please take pity on the humble newbie...
3  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Hello Everyone! on: 18 March 2007, 20:14:27
Hi all. I've been hanging around Santharia for months now, getting background  and immersing myself in the magic system, but I only just registered. Greetings to everyone!
About me: I plan to contribute mostly to developing spells, but of course I'm just a newbie so I think I'll start small. If I understand correctly mentors are a little scarce...?? I think to start off with I'll post a small spell I've been working on, nothing too ambitious, as well as contributing to the Tharian/ Styrásh vocab.
Thanks guys, wish me luck.
P.S. Sorry if this is in the wrong place, I couldn't find a place to introduce myself. Feel perfectly free to move this if it's in the wrong place.
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