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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re. Horned Drake on: 15 April 2003, 13:59:00
How big is this thing i mean is it 4 peds or 40 long? just as a guide i mean.

2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / shields on: 06 May 2003, 09:50:00
I wont be posting much as i've got exams and revision untill the 24th of june (GCSE's:eek ) so i'll see you lot the other side, I will be posting the completed text, so far, in a few days ,after my french orals. so, so long and fare well and thanks for all the fish.

3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Orcisth on: 03 May 2003, 10:09:00
Thanks for the info on the orc shield!

4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / shield corrections on: 03 May 2003, 09:43:00
Bard Judith: I know about the St george type shield is terran in oragin but i used that so people here knew about it they wouldnt get confused with a differant name.   I was planning on calling it the Broadhead shield as there is an arrow of the same name that is the same sort of shape, but after reading your suggestions I will call it the Mercenary shield instead.

Silfer Darkflare: I thought that the Kite shield was the larger as it tended to be hung off of the shoulder of a mounted knight to protect his whole body from arrows.  However I will change the name to Heraldic shield as that does seem the best description of its use.

Koldar:  When I originally mentioned this idea else where Eruton Argon said to include this "Orc shield" so I thought that it was used by other Orcs apart from the Orcisth.  As I have this wrong I will change the post when I have a moment spare from typing the rest of the entries.

Edited by: Matthias evathon at: 5/2/03 4:44:56 pm
5  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re:intro on: 03 May 2003, 00:18:00
Thanks for the tip, and yes i am expanding on it this is still just a type up so far as the rest is in rough on paper being constantly reworked.   I may not get much up in the next month as it's GCSE time and i've got exams to sit but i will work on it and improve it.   If its alright could i use that intro you mentioed as that would be amazing.   Yes i will remember the sanhorrhim shield but thanks for the mention of what its used with!

6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Shields on: 02 May 2003, 11:26:00
I've typed this up so far but there is more ni rough on the way post if you see any problems or if you see anything that doesn't make sense.   Thanks!

For centuries upon centuries warriors of various tribes and ages have used the shield to aid them in battle as well as to proudly display the heraldic crest of their ruler, family, or the tribe they are so gallantly fighting for, though some have shields less transient in their design, including a pivotal moment in history or a generic though very elegant pattern. Shields tend to be made of iron, mostly, but some are made out of strong leather or cheaper but more brittle metals. Some royal knights and nobles can bear to afford shields made of dragon scales, but such shields are very rare.

Shields may come in a variety of sizes and styles, and may be decorated in a number of ways: usually with bright, bold designs. Common colors used are black, white, Santharian purple, royal scarlet, bright yellow, and cerulean blues. Most shields tend to have a round or diamond-shape to them, though many have taken an artistic license in creating their shields, shaping them into squares, triangles, and oval shapes as well.

The Bracer

The bracer is the most basic form of shield.  It is made from leather, which wraps around the forearm and attaches, by buckles.   Adding iron or various other metals into the leather or even making the whole thing out of metal can improve this simple design.  

The Buckler

The buckler is only slightly more complex than the bracer.  The buckler is a small oval or round shield made of wood sometimes rimmed with metal that are at largest a fore long sometimes smaller. They are usually used in duels and go best when used with rapiers or other light swords.

Orc shields

Orcs have a strange shield.   Their main shield is shaped like two axe heads joined at the butt of the blade so that it looks like a butterfly.   These edges are sharpened for use as a hacking weapon.  The blades are mounted on a buckler shield to add some strength to the shield part.   The blades lie as if a butterfly where lying along your forearm with the head at your wrist and its body in a straight line along your forearm.

Some times however the outer side (away from the body) is covered with thorn or dagger like protuberances to make a highly effective slashing weapon.

Other types include a 2 fore long wooden shield coated with up to fifteen layers of leather or similar substance, this is used by the Rhom-Oc Orcs. The Gob-Oc Orcs use a totally different form of shield to other orcs.  The shield they use is rectangular and about a fore and a half wide and 2 fores tall.  These are very good as they are small enough to be used in the tunnels they inhabit but when up against a large opposition they can create a virtually impenetrable shield as they can interlock with great ease.   These shields can be slide aside slightly to allow holes for arrows to be fired through.

Thats it so far but there is more on the way.;)    If any one has any extra types of shield that want putting in except for the st george shield, kite shield, sanhorrmim shield, and tower then could they email me at moorhousemj@hotmail.com   Thanks again!!!:hat  

Curiosity not only kills the Cat but anyone else who come looking.

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7  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: shield base on: 27 April 2003, 04:26:00
should I base shields on real life types, should I extrapolate on the race their for, or should i make something that looks right?

Curiosity not only kills the Cat but anyone else who come looking.

8  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / shield locations on: 27 April 2003, 04:14:00

Curiosity not only kills the Cat but anyone else who come looking.

9  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / capitals on: 27 April 2003, 03:57:00
I'm sorry about the caps thing but i'm used to typing in word where their redone automaticly:o .  Where should i put the ideas i have once i've written them up?

Curiosity not only kills the Cat but anyone else who come looking.

10  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Shields of sorren on: 26 April 2003, 10:19:00
i've seen swords of sorren, metals of sorren and weopons of sorren but one thing is missing. Shields! the only shield i can find is the tower shield and thats greaet. But, what do cavelry have or scouts or archers? I was wondering as i thought i was getting into Santharia and was understanding how it works (how a sixteen year old can do this i have no idea but i digres) I raised this point as if someone was allready doing it then it wouldnt be fair to do a half rate job, however i would love to attempt something serious and have one of you amazing people check it and then see where i should correct it?   what do you think?:  

Curiosity not only kills the Cat but anyone else who come looking.

11  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Cyhalloi Orcs on: 17 April 2003, 07:53:00
Are there actually any orcs on this continent and if so where are they?  if no-ones written them up i'd love an attempt to write a race:D   and then some one could check it over and see how it was?

Assassins are invisible. Elvish Assassins are simply not there.

Edited by: Matthias evathon at: 4/16/03 7:47:19 pm
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