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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Iurías and kýrass on: 17 June 2004, 16:53:00
Quick question, maybe i missed something, but you said that they are rare...but you also said they are quite common...

that's about it, good job other wise :biggrin  

2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 30 June 2004, 20:47:00
finished, and icon changed, thanks Arti


3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 29 June 2004, 10:09:00
hehe, even then i caught a few spelling mistakes (and grammar errors...but apparently not enough >_<)

fixing these 2, and i wouldnt mind giving it a shot

4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 28 June 2004, 23:18:00
i like em! i'll put it in a WP beforehand, check for any spelling mistakes lol

glad to finally finish this!

5  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 27 June 2004, 00:47:00
i still think you have a few brackets missing lol

when they reach an elderly age.
() I
f such a young man were to drink the water while he had the disease, he would be cured, and it wouldn’t strike back, ()

Not quite sure what you mean by 'description ??'  sorry (i think i asked you to help me with that lol)

i read through your old edits...and i'm not sure what you changed!  i did see the thing about effects...and i'm a tad confused as well, i tried to change it up a little bit...but i dont think i did a good job >_<

heres what i did "The effects of the Efer'Avél disease include a change in memory, personality, and/or behavior. Also the Efer'Avél disease makes it hard for a person to carry out normal daily activities, and a person with the disease may ask the same questions repeatedly and get lost in familiar places. He or she may not be able to follow simple directions, may be disoriented about time, people, and places; and may neglect personal safety, hygiene, and nutrition. "

Hope it's good!

*and it's not my fault, i was hunting and while i was chasing down a deer she got in my way...shouldnt have been gawking...:-P*

6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 21 June 2004, 16:29:00
ARG!  apparently my fixed version didnt get saved....*sighs*

OK lets go through here

Made all the changes again, added a bit of observation, hope it's enough

made all the changes, (i just recovered my changed version, i have the Quaelhoirhim elves as the elves for the history lol)

i feel like i have this disease for not saving my changes/posting them >_<  

7  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 20 June 2004, 14:55:00
@ Talia:  I never said she did, though it is hard to add details and keep it mysterious...though i was meaning the married/unmarried thing (which i still dont want in there :-P)

@ Rayne: yah i know, but it doesnt mean it isnt hard, and there is a point where you can not add any more detail with out making it less mysterious :-P besides, i dont want/need this to be very mysterious (part of the reason i dont want married/unmarried in it)

(and if you cant tell by now, i really dont want married or unmarried in any of this lol)

8  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 20 June 2004, 00:38:00
OK, 1st of all, arg...i did it again....

now, lol, thanks for the idea and the info about not needing to explain everything, wish i knew that earlier.

I just didnt like the married unmarried thing lol.  

Other than that, sorry about the drystan thing...i could have sworn i changed my accnt...

9  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 18 June 2004, 19:27:00

mealy = merely. Typo on my part.  

I may change the numbers a bit, but that sounds good

Your right, no climate.  

Nah, nothing with marriage, I don’t think that diseases pick and choose that way lol

Changing the history up a little bit.  And can you help me on the description?

Edit: for the history i chose the Quaelhoirhim elves because they are the largest tribe (numerically )

Edited by: Zdoth Natterath at: 6/18/04 3:46
10  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 18 June 2004, 10:48:00
OK corrections

Still not entirely sure what your saying…but I will try.

Put in the minor corrections

Changed “Though the memories aren’t forgotten, they are mealy  lost” to “Though the memories aren’t forgotten entirely”  

The reason for that is I don’t want them to forget everything permanently, if that were the case, none would go to the cure because they would think their families were trying to kidnap them!  This way they can remember that they are supposed to be going somewhere.  

done, since that's the only desert where elves live lol

That is not enough, I think it wouldn‘t regarded as disease at all, if it would be not more common. (Demetia in all forms affects at least 20% of our people), especially, when it is even rarer in other races. On top - there are not many elves living in hot regions (none in the Rahaz-Dath) So what would be a good number? Or should I just say about 20%?

Also, I am sorry about the post with drystan, for some reason I thought I was on Zdoth.  Wont happen again

edit: about the history, i didnt even see what mina had wrote As for the history, perhaps the earliest confirmed case could be as you mentioned, though rumours and documents dating from that time imply that the disease had already been around for a while by then. That is, if you want its origins to be more uncertain.

i am doing that now!

Edited by: Zdoth Natterath at: 6/17/04 18:50
11  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 17 June 2004, 19:42:00
yah i'm working on the history, still not quite sure what i should put in here, though these questions help LOTS!

interesting thought, i'll write this out

well, if the cure is taken properly there arent any (considering that people who take the cure properly die off in a few years anyway)  but, inproperly, they dont wake up

i'll state how common it is (yes half elves would be)

:D  thanks

(and i dont want to even touch afterlife, considering almost every tribe has a different view of the afterlife)

12  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 17 June 2004, 14:35:00
er...that's me lol forgot to log out

13  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 13 June 2004, 21:39:00
Replying to your comment (btw, to Hier, it effects elves mostly so your safe)

Your comments are in BOLD ORANGE

Have you made sure, that the connection of this two elven words in this form is correct? Better ask in the language forum!
Done, waiting for a reply

Oh, I don‘t know, if this term is correct - isn‘t it conscious, if at all?
Bah! Conscience, conscious same thing in my book :-P  (fixed)

This ex-pression is unclear, what do you exactly mean with short term and long term
Changed, but I may need some help with the wording

well, in the end it is fatal, if you don‘t remember, that you should avoid orcs... or poisonous plants... not fatal in itself, but the circumstances can lead to an untimely death
:-P the disease isn’t deadly, but it’s effects are.  

I think you do mean something else: The disease attacks the brain and has effects on the mental or intellectual health of the person.
hmm that works…I’ll just use that wording if the new one I have doesn’t work

Zdoth, you are really describing dementia, partly, but it could be much more! Elaborate it! Go to www.google.com and type in dementia, and you will find a lot of links. From there you can take more ideas , how the people with‘memory los‘ are afflicted! How does it affect relatives?

Didn’t think I had to include more stuff…but I will!!  I am in the process of looking it up, I should have this part updated by the time you read it again

link it to Santharia, name the deserts!
Done and done!

they have to be brought there by relatives (in severe cases.)

at the foot of the Norong‘Sorno volcano, north-west of Thalam‘bath
so this is where we are making our little village eh?  Sounds good, added

which the people say is enchanted (so you won‘t get trouble with our mages)

oops, forgot about that little detail, changed

What happens , if you were not inflicted and drink nevertheless?
I could say that it induces sleep in little amounts

The wording is a bit off, Maybe: Once a person who has the disease has drunk from the well the right amount of water, he passes out and stays in an unconscious state for a period of time
ok, but I’m still putting in the extreme cases

Years is too long, they would die before of hydration or malnutrition - who would feed them this long, if this would be able at all - no infusions here! I would propose weeks at the longest timespan.
>_< was thinking of modern technology in here, changed

but died after some time from lack of nutrition

Or better: However, there are always some, who will never gain conscience again, but die after some weeks from lack of nutrition, but that is the risk, the relatives of the ill take to escape more sufferingJebus what is it with you and the lack of nutrition?  This sounds best, changed it to this

Cut ‚fishing‘ (village), it is much more interesting to have a village grown because the well was there , or write, that it was once a fishing village , but now all turns around the well, the guests and the patients.
sounds good, consider it cut!

Another proposal: Make it a bit more strenous for the ill: They have to drink a certain amount, otherwise it doesn‘t help, but it needs some time to take effect. If they drink to much, it may be fatal.
Is the amount you have to drink dependant of the severness of the illness, of the age?

I have a better idea, they have to drink a certain amount depending on the severity, but if they drink too much, they never wake up

Study sounds a bit too scientific, though it is one, name a researcher!
eh?  Should I just cut it out?

depending on their tribe
, dwarves, and orcs; but there have been cases of younger people also

Young people seem to revover from the disease, but it strikes back more severly when they reach an older age than normally.
added or changed or what ever it was I needed to do lol

What if such a young man goes to our village?
the same that happens to the elderly, though he has to be suffering from the illness, which I am adding lol

No, nobody will remember a single old elf, nor his illness. How spread the disease, where do we have it now, and how many people are affected? When was discovered, that it strikes harder in hot regions? Why was the Zeiphyrian forest the origine?
and why not?  lol, I get what you mean, I will explain these things

It is rumoured, that the disease occured the first time in the Z. forest about 500 b.S. .... name the rumour, invent an origine, or go farer back in history, tie it to an certain event.
ok I am going to name the origin, and I may go back and tie it to an event..depending on if I can find a suitable one

Thanks for the research help! lol

Arg, your right! But, nevertheless, thank you for your help :biggrin  glad to have help from someone as friendly as your self

14  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 12 June 2004, 19:03:00
*whispers to Talia* i didnt say it was incurable :-P

OK, hot climates...i did say it mostly effects elves....so hot climates still applys to the other races :b  uggrin

ok other than that i think i have most of the editions done...here we go again

I think i may have frogotten something...

and i am not sure what to do about tieing those elves to the disease...and i need the name for village lol

Edited by: Zdoth Natterath at: 6/12/04 3:06
15  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 12 June 2004, 08:39:00

Thanks Coren but i'm thinking of leaving it in Sarvonia...though i may need something to cause it...and if i do...then there is no reason for people from the other countires to get the disease...

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