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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: possibility for magical amulet on: 13 March 2004, 14:10:00
Ok Sounds good to me, I will start working on it now.

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

2  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / possibility for magical amulet on: 12 March 2004, 20:05:00
I was thinking about an attribute added to Dar'mont's amulet.
What the magical ability is, it allows his dead Fiance to communicate with him, only when he is sleeping, and only she can initiate the "dream" Dar'mont would not know of this ability.

The upside is he would be able to see his dead fiance, but the downside is that she does not approve of his course of actions since her death.

His dead fiance, was a cleric of Ava, although Dar'mont does not worship Ava any more, much less any of the other gods. She was 353 years old, as a full tethnirium elf, having the appearance of a 30 year old human and the skills of a 40 year old human.  

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / re: Iurías and the kýrass on: 17 June 2006, 10:11:00
This is Dar'mont/Argon  I gave Drasil the ok to repost and change this as much as needed.

4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Iurías and kýrass on: 09 June 2004, 20:00:00
Finished History and is finalized.

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

5  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Iurías and kýrass on: 04 June 2004, 17:14:00
ok just need to work on the history a bit, but got a lot of the rest fleshed out.

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Iurías and kýrass on: 13 May 2004, 14:20:00
Added a short overview. Added a little more to the history. with making some legend/lore to it. I wouldn't mind a weapons expert taking a look at it and speaking their mind on it being theisable and whether or not the disadvantages are logical.  

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

7  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Iurías and kýrass on: 08 May 2004, 15:41:00
The Iurías and the kýrass are both swords of the Kaýrrhem guards. These light curved blade swords have been used for generations to protect the Kaýrrhem from the before the War of the Chosen.

The Iurías, at approximately 1 Ped long, has a fine sharp blade that bows back to a point, the back is thicker but still sharpened. At the base the sword is about five Nailsbredth, and gradually comes to a point as the blade curves slightly backwards. Having been crafted by the finest Elven smiths of Nybelmar. The sword has a bit of a unique shine, the edge of the blades, are polished.. The edge of the blade are sharpened as they come down to a thin edge, increasing at a steep angle, and then continues until the middle that reaches a shallow point, with no edge, and then continues down to the back of the balde gradually. About three nails breadth above the hilt there is a half circle, about a nailsbredth long, and a half of a nailsbredth deep, removed from the blade. This sword weighs about three OD.
The Iurías has a twohanded version thats about a ped and a half long, with two notches removed, the first at three nails breadth, and the second at eight nails breadth from the hilt. This blade is called the kýrass, weighing about a Heb. This sword is able to be used one handed, but is more unwieldy, for the hilt has been lengthened, and the blade is wider then the Iurías. Both the swords have variations of the handles, being straight to a curved handle, amongst other variations.

The Kaýrrhem use the Iurías and the kýrass for their guards, which at war times can be the vast majority of their population. These are their common weapons. The Iurías is commonly used in conjunction with an Oval shield and a spear. The kýrass is used without the shield, and occasssionally with the spear, but not in tandem. The Kaýrrhem use the swords in defense, this tribe is not warlike, but does defend themselves, and will goto war if they feel necessary to protect their realm, or even to defeat a greater evil.Within the tribe these swords are common, outside the tribe this sword is a rarity, although crude variations have been found in the hands of the enemies of the Kaýrrhem.

Fighting Style
These swords are met for slicing, not as a slashing or hacking style. The Iurías is used best with the oval shield for defense, while the kýrass is used with 2 hands, but still as a slicing style attack. The disadvantages of the kýrass and Iurías is they are best used when slicing, anything else, and the weapons are less effective when used otherwise. These weapons are not very effective with parrying for they are far to thin to safely, and effectively parry a blade.These swords also tend to be less durable then the normal broadsword.The fighting stance generally used is that of a dancing then fighting, dodging and slicing as they twirled by.
When the blade is used to parry, it is generally used with the back of the blade to deflect the blow, for this is the least fragile area of the blade.  

These weapons tends to be isolated with the Kaýrrhem on Nymbelmar. These swords are used in defense of the Kaýrrhem. These blades date back to before the War of the Chosen. It is said the original smith for this blade envisioned it in a dream, and from that dream he crafted a crescent shaped longsword. The original version of this blade was as heavy as the longsword and rather unwieldy having to be used with 2 hands, or with one only by the strongest of elven warriors. This blade quickly became the favored blade of the tribe through the war of the Chosen and became to be the favored weapon of  Imsadí. During one of the final battles of the War, a chip of Imsadí's sword was broken off. After the battle the smiths saw this and began to replicate this with the blades to represent the victory Imsadí had that day. Through the centuries new smithing techniques were found and they began to try these out on the Iurías, some of them stuck, others were sought to be detrimental to the blade.At one point in a later war with the Co'orhem, when the kyrass was first being implimented, the general of the Kayr army had recieved an early version that had a defect in the blade. The back of his blade was deeply chipped when he engaged in combat and that chip scared his cheek. He survived, and led his army to victory. Smiths saw this as a sign to keep the chip for before the blade was chipped they were losing, after it became chipped it. From that day hence forth the kyrass had 2 circles removed from the back the blade. Through out the years more changes have been made to bring you the Kyrass and iurass of the day.
When the Co'orhem, and the Iferrhem both left the Kayr, at their respective times,  they took the iuras of the time. These both have been changed to suit the tribes through the years and are crude, and differing fashions of the iurass. The Co'orhem have made the back of the blade more jagged. The Iferrhem have an even more crude form designed to take extreme heats.

Originally created by Koldar Mondrakken under the Kaýrrhem Elves

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

Edited by: Darmont Lonearcher at: 6/9/04 3:59
8  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Avéleferán disease on: 17 June 2004, 17:13:00
I guess this is more history orientated,  but when did people actually realize this was a disease. What were previous treatments.

The cure, if taken properly, what are the long lasting side effects?

How common is this disease, is it like 1/100 male elves. Do Half elves have more of a likelihood then humans?

Aside from those minor questions/ bugs placed in your ear, I think the disease should be pretty well set off, although I don't want to get the disease myself.

Here is an off the wall kinda question, not really necessary to answer, is it believed that this disease affects the patient in the afterlife? I guess thats a bit philosophical at that

9  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Santharian Chess on: 10 June 2004, 19:05:00
If this is met to be a strategy, war type game, perhaps letting there be different numbers of troops, letting them be determined by random. Having an agrredd minimum. That there allows for more possibilities, giving one an advantage over the other, as it would be in a real battle. Just a possibility to consider, could make things more lively, and intriguing.

10  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / the heart of the Daoini's on: 16 March 2004, 17:27:00
Ok updated with new name

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

Edited by: Darmont Lonearcher at: 3/16/04 0:28
11  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / The Heart of the Daoinis on: 13 March 2004, 18:00:00
Open for comments, critiques and suggestions.
The Heart of the Daoinis
The Heart of the Daoinis is one of the lesser known, but equally well-sought after artifact by those that know of its existence.   It gives solice and peace to those who have lost someone. It also can grant knowledge from the dead, if the dead wish to give you that knowledge.

The Heart of the Daoinis is very simple, Having no abnormal cár'áll, this amulet is rather misleading.The amulet is about a palmspan in width and length. The amulet has an amber inset in the middle of it. The stone is  5 nailsbredth in width and length. Being of an orange color with black lines running through the stone. The outer edge of the amulet is gold and etched in the gold it reads "Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death."  written in Tharian.

Abilities: The amulet allows free communication between the bearer and the dead. This Amulet creates a doorway between the astral plane and the Bearer's mind, allowing one of the dead to commuunicate with the bearer, in the bearer's mind. This can be dangerous and could possible caues the bearer to lose their mind. This amulet is a beacon at the least, for those who do not know of its power, and a means of direct and intimate conversation if the person is disciplined enough, and knows of the amulets powers. This communication only occurs one of 2 times, when the bearer is unconscious, or when they are in a meditative state, concentrating on the loved one.
The deceased, if they know of the amulet's abilities, may be able to initiate conversation if the bearer has love for the deceased person. The stronger the love, the easier it is to initiate the conversation.

The Heart of the Daoinis was created by Marius Daoini, had purchased an orange amber stone, knowing his wife loved amber stones the most. Marius spent a week creating the setting for the stone and setting the stone. He knew he would never live as long as his wife, and did not wish for her to be alone after his death, so he spent a year, after creating the amulet, researching the proper enchantment to place on the amulet, and would stand the test of time. He finally found the proper enchantment after a years time, and imbued it upon the amulet. Later that year he gave the amulet as a gift to his elven wife. He died some time later, but she was never alone at nights. He visited her in her dreams, but she kept the secret to herself, and never remarried. She gave the amulet to her daughter, when she died. The daughter did not know of the powers, and sold the Amulet soon after recieving it. The amulet was passed on from owner to owner until about 600 years ago. A young man by the name of Marius Salenor purchased the amulet, and began to research with it on. His mind was always on his mistress who died recently, even though he was married. He went to bed with the amulet on, and thought of her nightly. Slowly he began to learn of the amulet's abilities. He found that he could spend his nights sleeping, and dreaming of being with his mistress. When he started running low on money he had to sell the amulet, but he also sold its secret. The amulet was purchased by an older elf named Demetrius, who gave the amulet to his daughter at birth. Her name was Katrina . Katrina was told of its secrets, after she had started the path of a Cleric of Ava. Katrina grew up and then started travelling, at about 300 she returned home for a visit, and met a young elven child, well child, that she saw was more detached from others and closer to the woods.His name is Dar'mont.  She took her time and befriended him and slowly grew closer. He was to go out on his first quest, and she knew it, She gave him her amulet, but did not tell him its secret. He returned and they continued courting, she was kidnapped 1 week before the wedding she was kidnapped, but he had the amulet. The bandits took her in specific figuring she had The Heart of the Daoinis  They killed her, and Dar'mont still has The Heart of the Daoinis until this day.

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

Edited by: Darmont Lonearcher at: 3/15/04 1:18
12  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Eshoh's first picture: The Heart of Daoinis on: 27 April 2004, 14:30:00
All I can say is wow. :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap :clap

Mina's right I don't frequent the dev boards often. If ya ever need any help with something though, give me a hollar and I will see what I can do. ALthough I am not that great of a story teller.  

Two hearts bound forever, unseperable even by death.

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