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1  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: The High Fores, Vardynn Province, Southern Santharia on: 16 February 2016, 06:30:21

Excellent read.  First, an aura point for teaching me a new word: stolid.  Thought this was a typo, but, before I complain, I always do my due diligence and looked it up.  Stolid- I will use that in the future.

Finally, set within the southern facade of Rofan's Peak, itself a mighty structure, is the Kor Mukkot. A peculiar thing, it is unclaimed by any Thrumgolz craftsmen; indeed it seemed to exist long before any current inhabitants of Caelereth settled around it in Vesolda and elsewhere. Within the cave itself, it is smooth and obviously artificial. A mystery to many.
I really like when people leave a little mystery.  There are many who like the entries to have ALL the answers, but I much prefer to having mystery and "magic" left remaining so that the imagination is still allowed to roam.

The Fores and its surrounding hinterland are not particularly exotic regions. The Helcrah lands are grazed by herds of domestic Rimmilch and Baneg cows, owned by pastoral Helcrani, although they become rare in the more arid biomes near Codomma and beyond the Low Fores.
  Although not an incorrect word, biomes to me sounds far too modern.  It immediately removes me from the setting.  It is just a jarring anachronism, in my humble opinion.

The hinterlands are sparsely scattered with the benign Mogliar critter which burrows its own tunnels into the soil,
  Should be a period, not a comma.  Unless you had more to add that is missing.

The gloomy and now abandoned Mount Doriath, within the central Fores, is home to a brood of demonic Sephet demons.
  Repeated use of demonic with demon sounds awkward.  Should find a different adjective.

Rofan claimed to have conquered every peak in north of the snowcap in question, one by one beneath the sun.
  This sentence does not make sense to me, like a word or three is missing.

His ox fell to its death as the ledge beneath it gave way, along with their supplies. Shortly after the last teamster tripped upon a stone hidden by the stone, only to tumble down below.
  Stone hidden by the stone? 

All in all, an excellent entry.  I really enjoyed it.  Good job. :)
2  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Re: Santharia: Quest for the Flitter Twitch Butterfly on: 25 January 2016, 05:49:37
 shocked  I got eaten by a troll.  Will have to try again.

Auried, Seeker, for an innovative little diversion. :)
3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Luneweep Stone on: 14 December 2015, 14:12:00
This is a stone pominently found upon the mountain tops and throughout the many caves of Cyhalloi. While the stone itself is usually of a dark, almost black color, it emits a cyan colored glow. It is commonly used as a means of light, and famously in the forging process of the Kasumarii's Moonblade. A huge luneweep stone, called Kruu-an's Soul Stone, reportedly stands in a hidden glen, a temple built around it.
Prominently, or Predominately.  I prefer Predominately. :)

The glow of this stone is a peculiar one, to say the least. No matter the size, it immits a surprising amount of light, yet there always seems to be a shadow inside of the glow.

Pulverized into sand, the Kasumarii fill deep grooves etched into floor stone and fill with the pulverized Luneweep stone to achieve vast intricate designs that span the floors of the Citadel in Kasumar's Peak.?
One too many "fills".  Also, I assume this should not be a question.

The few pieces of orcian jewelry that has been found has shown that their style is crude, yet hold an air of elegance. Oft, the Luneweep stone is smashed into what could be regarded as "ugly" shards and chunks, wrapped with blackened wire.
  I think, Orcen, is the accepted possessive form, though I may be wrong.

Determined to save his love, the Moon came down from the sky to heal the goddes himself.

Excellent job, Val.  I like this.  Wouldn't mind having one in the Gathorns (no, I'm not asking you to move them, it wouldn't work with your conception of them :) ).  I really like the Kruu-an's Soul Stone setting.  Going to have to find a way to RP there one day.  rolleyes
4  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Cahlgrey, Vardynn Province, Village on: 27 November 2015, 17:34:18
 :D  Sounds like a blarrow to me.  You heard it, Arti.  Post this one online.

Well, that went easier than I had hoped.
5  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Cahlgrey, Vardynn Province, Village on: 26 November 2015, 13:50:58
Cahlgrey, Vardynn Province

This will be average at best

This will be fantastic stuff.  Probably would have garnered me Best Places nomination if we still did Awards.

How can you spice this up?

Oh, yeah.  This will rock, prolly my best work in years.

Coat of Arms.
Inspired, but not the highlight of the entry.

Inteeresting.  Everyone likes to talk about the weather.

Geological nerds will be pouring over this for years.  Years from now, will find this quoted in a non Santh article as some random fact some clueless web poster believes is from a real place.

Special Occasions.
Not just special, fan-freakin-tastic.  I'll be forced to watch for other's trying to plagiarize my phrasing.

This will no doubt suck.  My worst section of the entry.

So dry, I should probably place a disclaimer for the reader to grab a tall glass of water before attempting to get through this section.
6  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Sleeper in the Snow, Icelands Coast, Predator on: 26 November 2015, 13:12:10
Thank you for the comments, Shabby. :)

Because the Sleeper has innate magical ability to convert the ice instantly to water, where it freezes behind them, I don't see that ice would pose that much of a bother.  It is not something the Sleeper needs think of, it just happens naturally.  Like a chameleon doesn't think about changing colour, it just happens depending on where it is located, the Sleeper doesn't have to think about what medium it is traveling through.  Still, if faced with traveling quickly through snow, or moving much slower in ice, I'm sure the Sleeper would choose snow under most circumstances.

As far as glaciers go, my thought is no, it would not affect a glacier any more than badger holes contribute to earthquakes.  They are too small in relation to a glacier and there are too few to do any damage, not to mention that they do not leave a tunnel behind them, just water that would freeze again.

Under the right conditions, a person might see a sleeper beneath their feet while standing on clear ice, or see one in the wall of a glacier if the ice were pure enough.  You might even be able to make out an older trail.
7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: the Squelchbug on: 24 November 2015, 12:50:54
 :D  Perhaps "refrigerated" was too strong a word.  I meant just cool on a hot day, not necessarily cold.

8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: the Squelchbug on: 24 November 2015, 11:46:11
It is also interesting to know that this curious butterfly is of only one gender, all of which are capable of both fertilizing and laying their own eggs.

It has also been found that the male Jellyfly has a high preference for Lampstalk pollen, and can often be seen congregating where you would find these.

Aren’t these two statements at odds?

In the first year of their lives, these bugs will mate an upwards of three times. After mating, often the couple will journey together to find a bush to dig a hole beneath.

Do humans ever use these bugs?  I can see on hot summer days, children all a clamoring to “go squelching” and find these delicious little critters, especially if the juice/jelly was naturally refrigerated within the bug itself.  Just an idea.  Feel free to discard, but one that I might use on the RP side, or novel I will one day write. 

Other than that, I really like this.  Good Brownie addition.  Perhaps the Brownies that work on these bugs are Squelch Wranglers. :)
9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: the GulletCramp Butterfly on: 23 November 2015, 14:21:37
Only in extreme cases have healers been known to use Lye Tea as a remedy. However, due to the deadly effects of ingesting lye, the healer must be very skilled in order to brew the correct strength. Too weak, and the Gulletcramp will survive, and the patient will not only have to deal with the parasite, but lye poisoning as well. Too strong, and the patient will be subject to a very painful death at the hands of those who would save them.

Just making that small change, and I am happy with it.   :D
10  Organization and General Discussions / Active Projects / Re: Regional Taskforce W15 - Vardýnn on: 23 November 2015, 08:39:58
I would like the village of Cahlgrey, which includes origin stories for the naming of the Bow and Crossbow rivers.  I had ideas when I suggested these names for Arti when the map was being created. :)
11  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Ombaxxis- Northern Sarvonia- Ruin City on: 18 November 2015, 21:59:16
 :D Thanks Coren, I appreciate that.

Living rock is rock that is carved in place and is still connected to the earth.  Not like a stone building that is made from stone that is quarried.

This church in Ethiopia is what inspired me.

And, of course, Petra.
12  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: the GulletCramp Butterfly on: 18 November 2015, 13:51:13
How about drinking a tea of lye (caustic soda)?  Yes, it would need to very weak, and the cure could be as bad as the disease, potentially worse.

Lye is a strong base, which neutralizes acid, so my reasoning is that since the critter is at home in an acid environment, a base environment would be lethal for it.

"In extreme cases, healers have been known to use Lye Tea.  Because of the deadly effects of ingesting lye, the healer must be very skilled in order to get the strength correct.  Too weak, and the Gulletcramp will survive, and the patient not only deals with it, but lye poisoning as well.  Too strong, and the patient will a very painful death at the hands of those who would save them."
13  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: What's the Matter with Santharia? on: 17 November 2015, 12:54:18
BTW, additional suggestion: Major entries could be split up to get them done. E.g. someone could take over the Myth/Lore section of a big city entry, someone else write about People and another one only writes the Coat of Arms section. Small junks if it makes sense to deal with them individually.

Along those lines, perhaps partial entries posted to the site in updates.  If a project is a larger one, like a major city, say, then perhaps allow the author to submit a few essential sections, then add to those sections later on?

I know, Art, that you would prefer not having to amend entries because it is as hard or harder than doing a new entry (I'm certain I remember you saying this).  So, larger works could be done with subsections, no?  Like many entries on the site, the Shendar entry for example, has an original entry, then several subentries,  Death Rite Journeyon, Housing, Myth and Lore, Society, Toilet.

Having something go up on site is both good for the site and encouraging for the author.

My idea, anyhow.

PS: You let me do this with the Antislar entry. rolleyes
14  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: What's the Matter with Santharia? on: 16 November 2015, 07:45:19
As an added argument, I would think a Team Effort should focus on the Continent of Sarvonia, as this is the heart of the site at the moment.  The other continents are "extras" that until recently (in Development terms, not chronological because we all wander away, then return) were, if not restricted, at least discouraged from development.  This was to force the majority of work to be concentrated on the central areas.

Just my two sans.

And, Val, obviously this is aimed at the Team Project, not your work individually on Cyhalloi.  :)  I would have the same argument with having a Team Project centered on the Icelands, even though that is my neck of the woods.

15  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Sleeper in the Snow, Icelands Coast, Predator on: 15 November 2015, 14:48:14
Thank you for the lookover Val.  Edits have been made. :D
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