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31  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Answers by the programmers on: 28 May 2003, 03:04:00
1) If you mean if I can program all the things you found in the demo yes.

2) I 'm glad about this question because we now start to come to the underlying role-playing system. All PCs have an Endurance and Mana. Endurance is a measure of how much damage can take the PC before dying. Mana is used  for spellcasting. But generally there is no such thing that counts how much tired a player is. So, moving on one path than the other generally should not cause the player to get damage.

3) Yes. You can do herbs that restore health but we must also think about the conditions of their use. How the player knows what the herbs do? For example one party member might have an Alchemy Skill.

4)Yes, altering the reaction of the animal or anything else according to the actions of the player is possible.

5)Yes, objects can be moved around either by the player carrying them or by the program itself when a certain event occurs (e.g the player uses the boat and chooses destination)

6) Random events are also possible. If he falls he could be attacked by fish or loose some health.

7)You probably mean how to do its statistics and not how to do it in the Editor right? Well this can be quite complicated. I can also add these statistics if necessary. Generally you should concern yourself with how much damage can this enemy do (e.g 1-3 points) and how much health it has until it's dead. Players generally start with a health of about 10-15 points so doing an enemy that causes 5 damage per hit would be a very difficult enemy for starting.

A creature can also have certain resistances expressed in percent for pierce, blunt, slash, fire, acid, cold, electric and poison damage.

32  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Re: Quests Brainstorming on: 02 June 2003, 10:14:00
I 've been thinking about a quest/new npc combination. It goes like this.

A travelling merchant with his wagon has recently arrived in Nepris. The merchant is not there from the beginning but appears later e.g. when the player returns from a quest and finds him in Nepris. This wandering merchant just passes through Nepris and is not one of the locals. He could provide somewhat more exotic items to the player but not right from the start.

Once you meet him he tells you about a stolen item of his stuff and he refuses to show you his wares unless you find this item for him. This item could be stolen by some creature of low intelligence (goblin or something similar) that has hidden into some cave. The item will be originally not identified so when found the player will also have the option of keeping it entirely if he thinks that it is something too valuable or give it back to the merchant.

If he decides to keep it, it will eventually be a magical item. But if he decides to give it back to the merchant he will have access to the somewhat more powerful potions or weapons carried by that merchant as well as an increase in reputation and quest experience points.

Finally the merchant after some time leaves Nepris and we can either make him vanish from the game entirely or use him further to ask the party of players to accompany him as mercenaries to some near city where he is headed. This of course can pobably happen towards the end of this episode to prepare the next chapter and wet the appetite of the players for more adventures.

The great successful men of the world have used their imaginations. They think ahead and create their mental picture, and they go to work materializing that picture in all its details, filling in here, adding a little there, altering this bit and that bit, but steadily building, steadily building.

-Robert Collier


33  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Re: a few bugs & suggestions on: 22 November 2003, 06:04:00
Ahh! I found what has happened with the images. Instead of "loading" picture "location_031.jpg" I used "location_31.jpg" The same for the other as well.


34  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Re: a few bugs & suggestions on: 21 November 2003, 09:35:00
@Smith: The parts that are my concern, the script error and the Lisu dialogue thing have been fixed. Generally, the inkeeper dialogue cannot be considered complete yet.

Now, the way we present the text, which is way too long in some situations can be easily done later. Certainly, there will be a refinement but this should happen at the last stages as a whole when we have agreed on a standard and coherent way to present things (e.g italics for actions, bold or color text for something else etc)

Of course the Exits.dat will not work. I was in a hurry to give a fix. The Engine always checks the CRC of the files to avoid any tampering of the files by the user.

Here's the new version (and there's not going to be any more updates from this point onward - Artimidor, you will soon get the project in you mailbox). This version also contains the msscript.ocx and tries to register it when it runs. So this means that this version will play almost for anyone without a previous intallation required.

nepris015full.zip 3.14MB

@Talia: Whatever! Porting to other platforms surely interests me but it is not going to happen before this game is finished. Until then, the 90% of computer users will suffice.


35  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Re: Yes! It's here! on: 20 November 2003, 08:10:00
Yes. I forgot to connect rooms 46 and 48 :hammer

Here's the fix (3KB)

Just replace the Exits.dat with this one.


36  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Yes! It's here! on: 19 November 2003, 15:10:00
The next version of LT 1.6 and the Nepris RPG is finally here :number1  in a single, easy to use package that features DnP (Download and Play) technology :b

Yes. You just have to unzip the package in ANY folder of your choice and simply start playing. No installations, no registry accesses, no hasle. (Provided that you have installed LT at least once with the normal procedure in the past so that the scripting control msscript.ocx has been properly registered through the installation)

First Package : 3.10MB Full

Second Package : 2.10MB

The second package does not contain the nepris-theme.mp3 that plays when the game starts. If you have it already, just copy it in the gamesounds directory.

Have some serious fun! :worship  


37  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Lisu Ibbon on: 16 November 2003, 16:32:00
I have almost finished this dialogue as well. :smokin

Should I have gotten a records picture? And what important information the player will see in the records, especially when he pays to have a look?

Will the rooms he buys play some role in the game?

Why would he buy both rooms?

The AGAIN_RECORDS keyword is not turned on anywhere in the dialogue.

That's all for now.


38  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Re: About the new Dialogue on: 15 November 2003, 16:34:00


39  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / About the new Dialogue on: 15 November 2003, 03:40:00
If Lisu Ibbon is the innkeeper then who is Lisu Alnasray. I thought he was the innkeeper.


40  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Re: Some answers on: 13 November 2003, 07:07:00
So the option to attack the imp was in dialogue? I must have missed that.

No, the link I posted was exactly the previous version. I will post the new version soon. Trust me. It will be clear enough :D  


41  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Certain Issues in the Game on: 12 November 2003, 06:22:00
I have finished package 18. There are some issues though

1 ) The incident with attacking the imp but then deciding not to attack cannot be implemented. The imp can be added as Enemy or NPC. If it is added as NPC you cannot attack it. If it is added as Enemy it will not be hostile immediately but once you attack it there is no turning back.

2 ) I don't understand what's going on with the Climbing Plant in location 322. When and how it is removed and how examining it affects the whole situation.

3 ) Using Items works only with other items as it is currently now. So, a kuatu can be added only as an item which I don't know if it would appear nice. If added as an NPC you cannot interact with it. There is a problem here as well as other parts where items interact with living things. I don't know how to solve this at the moment. Perhaps if I changed the explicit term Items to Misc - Miscelaneous so that the player does not see the kuatu inside an Items list but in a Misc list.

4 ) I noticed there are many holes in the quests here and there. For example text placeholders  or the box in the kuatu quest which we still don't know what role it will play (if any), or the place where you obtain the wizardleaf. Such things might be forgotten when some time passes unless you keep a separate list of them.

That's all. The next version is ready to the extend allowed by the issues mentioned above.


42  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Re: Some inconsistency on: 29 October 2003, 07:05:00
I understood that 200 is outside of the hut (where you interact with the doorknocker). It is just that the rooms are marked as 201-1 and 201-2. That is on my map unless the numbers have changed.


43  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Some inconsistency on: 27 October 2003, 14:18:00
1 ) I have added the rooms to the south so that the entire south region is walkable. The problem is with the wizard's hut that is mentioned as rooms 200 and 200-01 in the .doc files but the map has the rooms 200 and 201-01, 201-02 as the wizard's hut. So, which room should be the study (201-02 I suppose)

2 ) I can't seem to be able to find the wizard's imp description anywhere.

3 ) The incident with the wizard's ball is cool :)  


44  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Re: Development Report on: 27 October 2003, 05:11:00

I will remove the lines that cause Mimi to run away for now.

The picture is really nice. I hadn't noticed it before.


45  Santharian Game Projects / RPG Adventure Programming / Development Report on: 26 October 2003, 11:52:00
Alright. I just finished the Mimi dialogue ( pheeewwww) and number 4 series of quests related to Mimi. From package 15 only the kuatu quest remains but I think I will first finish the Thalanis dialogue as well.

I have some abservations thought :

1 ) Well, since everybody agrees that Mimi is a real brat the fact that the player will make a "negative" dialogue choice is very high. But when this happens Mimi runs off at most of the times and disappears which might not be that good.

2 ) When Mimi runs where does she go? For the moment I simply remove her from the room.

3 ) Do we have a Mimi picture? I surely did not get one. Same for Thalanis.

4 ) I also need a Thalanis description.

5 ) This is a final general observation about the nature of quests. There are many quests of the type "go-fetch". I mean the player has to go get Pinn for Ilbeth, go get Pinn's Ball, get all those sweets for Mimi, get the wizardleef for the wizard and so on. I'd say we must enrich the type of quests a little.


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