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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Claws of the Iscariot Beast on: 28 July 2005, 21:26:00
Are you telling me in a mellenia of generations that it is imposible that two Coorhem from one family were mages? I think that is a bit rediculous, if you bother read my discription only two of the enchanting mages were Coorhem.

2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Claws of the Iscariot Beast on: 28 July 2005, 14:49:00
What if i just dont mention the name Iscariot? I am about to get pulled off the comuter but i have an idea and will put it up a.s.a.p. I dont know if i can get it up now but it should be up by the end of the night.

3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Claws of the Iscariot Beast on: 28 July 2005, 14:19:00
My previous question was not answered, do i have to refrain from mentioning my charecters last name in my arifact discription or do i just need to change to name of the artifact? If the artifact name is all that is required to change i fixed it and am about to edit the first post with the new version.

4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Claws of the Iscariot Beast on: 28 July 2005, 13:44:00
Then do i have to not mention the name Iscariot in my arifact discription as well? That may be tricky if i do...

5  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Claws of the Iscariot Beast on: 28 July 2005, 13:31:00
Ok fine, I see I got the big guns pulled on me. I canít argue now can I? So I have to make to delete this account and make an entirely new account? I have to say, this place has a well put together format and on top of it Administrators, but that is lame. At least you could have told me sooner so I could delete this account before I made a bunch of posts with it and all. This is going to be the third time I have to delete my account and make a new one; I must say that is EXTREMEly cracktastic. This is getting a wee bit ridiculous. I made a character name, made an entry form, got a bunch of comments and work for a hella' long time to make him acceptable, and made a description for his artifact that is tied into his story. Then I was told I have to do more than most people to even use my characters items which is tied so deeply into his story and I have to change my characters name and you have so far, as far as I have seen, been really strict about making sure a characters name is the same as their user name which means I have to either delete this account and make another or make a new e mail address. This is getting depressing...:(  

6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Claws of the Iscariot Beast on: 28 July 2005, 12:43:00
HELLO ALL!!! I have a few points I would like to mention.

Letís start with the name Iscariot: Yes it is mentioned in the Bible, however, according to "The Oxford Companion to the Bible" the reference in the bible is simply a title meaning "man from Kerioth," Judas having come from said place. My character obviously did not nor did his ancestors but I donít see why the name couldnít have come from some other ancient family reference or however last names develop, I could think up some reason if you would like. As for it being a rip off on a name, I disagree, if a name is taken from a fictitious text like "Lord of the Rings" I would agree, but from text like the bible, (I would like to state a disclaimer that this is not meant to offend anybody) historical/mythological text a name reference should not be restricted. I would like to point out the first three words of the classic novel "Moby Dick" are "Call me Ishmael" and Ishmael is from the bible as well.

Also, on the topic of my artifact I was told in my character CD that I am not required to name the schools of magic involved in the creation process. If this is false and you are going to make me get that detailed (I notice that this was not required in the two artifacts I was sent as examples) then so be it. Also, on the format level I just fallow that of the artifact called The Hearth of Daoinis.

7  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Claws of the Shadow Beast on: 27 July 2005, 13:12:00
Claws of the Shadow Beast

Appetence: The Claws of the Shadow Beast appear as a set of plain, black leather gloves. They have an almost unnatural sheen. Under close examination one may notice that the tips of the fingers are adorned with slight blades that that they come to a point at the end of the fingers. However, the blades appear the same as the rest of the glove, as if they were made of overly shiny leather.

Abilities: The Claws of the Shadow Beast have multiple enchantments placed upon it giving many powers to the wearer. The perfectly sharp claws have been honed by generations of Coorhem blacksmiths and are enchanted to stay sharp in almost any case; only a very powerful mage could dull the blades. They were designed originally to only give the wearer mundane claws. The sharpening enchantment was placed upon them later. Another enchantment was placed upon the gloves without the agreement of the family, this is the power that truly gives the gloves there name. This enchantment makes the wearer grow fangs and all their teeth sharpen slightly. However with this gift comes a curse, blood thirst, the need to drink the blood of another creature, preferably living though any blood will do in a pinch. This thirst must be appeased once a week or the enchanted person suffers unliftable fatigue and death in one month of not feeding. The fangs and blood thirst do not lift on the removal of the gloves. Another curse the gloves present is a love for the darkness and a weakness for the day. The man who enchanted them loved the night and believed that all should walk the night rather than the day. He placed the curse of sun weakness on anyone and everyone he could and wasted not time putting the curse on the gloves.

History/Origin: The Claws of the Shadow Beast have been the treasure of a Coorhem family for generations. The use of the claws, weather in open war, as a back up incase magic fails, or as an assassination tool, varies between owners. Some other Coorhem know of the claws and wish to acquire them, their attempts to seize the artifact has been in vain.

        An ancient assassin of the dark elf family named Eathen was the first to create the gloves making the claws and taking a job from an evil mage to get him to imbue them so that the claws are disguised as part of the glove. After three generations in the family line the claws had been dulled many times and the family hunted down a powerful mage and forced him to enchant the claws to remain eternally sharp.

        Twelve generations later a mage of the Ak'vath'rhim, who had managed to acquire the artifact, decided to enchant them with more beastly powers. He had sailed for Sarvonia, killed the owner of the claws and fled home where he planned to enchant them. He was a twisted mage named Damian who looked upon the gloves as too subtle and quaint. He enchanted them to give the wearer fangs and also manifests a powerful blood thirst inside the. On a nasty binge he also enchanted them so that this effect did not stop or fade when the wearer removed them. He also placed a curse of daytime weakness on the gloves that would not fade either; this did not affect him or his kin as they already have a weakness for the light.

        A member of the dark elf family that had originally held the claws snuck into Sarvonia and managed to assassinate Damian. Fleeing back to his home he was ambushed by another member of the family and killed.

        The gloves are used in battle as simple claws, slashing mostly at vital veins or the throat the wearer can do considerable damage. The claws point and slight blade makes it possible for even an only slightly strong wearer to plunge their hand deep into an opponents flesh.

        They are currently worn by the mercenary Gabriel who is the great, great, great grandson of Damianís ambusher, though Damianís descendent who is named after him is currently seeking them as well as Gabrielís older brother Jason.

Edited by: Gabriel Iscariot at: 8/3/05 22:10
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