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1  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / The Tethinhrim Tribe - Revisions on: 09 March 2015, 06:24:43
Here is what I've been working on. A lot of this has just be rephrasing things and expanding on some of the ideas, as well as tying in to what other entries have mentioned. I will add in the other sections as I complete revisions of them.



Coat of Arms/Sign

The Tethinrhim tribe is found throughout the Auturian Woods which is located north-east of the Gulf of Maraya, and in the mid to lower regions of the Southern Sarvonian Continent. To the east of the woods is the Manthrian province capital, Marcogg.

At birth every Tethinrhim child has a tattoo placed on the left arm. Each tattoo has a symbol that is unique to the child, but the tattoo always includes the Eye of Avá. The Spiritual Guider looks into the soul of the child and describes the design of the symbolic tattoo to the artist based on the infant’s soul name. Besides the Spiritual Guider, it is said that only dragons and other highly developed spiritual leaders are capable of reading the symbols. This tattoo is a source of great pride for many of the Tethinhrim, and the soul name associated with it is a more intimate name that is shared only with loved ones.

Children are raised by the tribe, allowing every child an even “playing field” and an opportunity to interact with almost everything the tribe has to offer. Children can be found playing around the Ria on most days or being taught by various adult in all the different occupations that interest them. In general, once a tribe member reaches adolescence they begin to focus on just a few skills in order to become a specialist.

Affection is kept to a minimum within the Tethinhrim tribe. Public displays of emotions have been discouraged ever since the horrible death of Ar'leiná. For the Kaierian Warriors, this is especially true. In fact, theses skilled fighters are trained to have very few emotions at all. Spiritual Guiders and the sovereign are the few known to express their emotions due the extreme burden placed upon them. However, it is only when in private company that they show these emotions and never in public.

Following the Rónn or Ava’ránn, the Kaierian Warriors are the next most respected people amongst the tribe. They are highly trained warriors, exceptionally skillful in battle. Spending many years training, the elves who strive to become Kaierians must go out and complete a quest of self-learning in order to be finally classed as a Kaierian Warrior. Each test is different, and many last several months.

The Spiritual Guider (Avár'Soórn) is another highly respected tribe member. He/she is often very gifted in the magical ways. There is never more than 3 at a time, training is harsh and generally starts from childhood when the child is seen to have the gift.

Other than the Rónn or Ava’ránn, the Kaierian Warriors and the Spiritual Guider there exist no other high-ranking tribe-people. This keeps the Tethinrhim's social and governing system simple, as there are clear cut leaders to look to for guidance.

Because of their continued contact with the other elven tribes, the Tethinrhim language is much the same as other normal elven tribes. However, it is noted that vowels are pronounced with more of a growl than usual.

Typically tribe members live in small structures high in the tops of urban trees. Living in the trees lessens the impact upon nature as well as creates easily defendable and concealable housing. Large trees may be hollowed out to form a more permanent shelter, or housing can be constructed outward from the tree on platforms supported by the large branches.  Houses are connected to one another with ladders or small bridges, which are often just logs that have begun to flatten over time.

In the heart of the Auturian woods is the largest Tethinrhim structure called the Ria. The Ria serves as the home of the sovereign, as well as functions as a communal center for the tribe. While very large compared to other Tethinhrim structures, it is small when compared to other houses of Royalty. This is not to say it is less grand than other houses of Royalty, as it is still an awe inspiring structure.


The Tethinrhim diet mainly consists of vegetation foraged from within the Auturian Woods. Seeds, nuts, roots, and fruits are all commonplace with some of the most notable staples being Doch Nuts  and Truphulls. The Tethinrhim are also known to have acquired a taste for cheese and sweet bread from trading with the Darian natives in the past. Meat is consumed on occasion, but has played a much smaller role in the tribe’s diet since the Third Great Flood when the Ylfferhim herds were contaminated with the Mór'cárlth virus, prompting a general avoidance of meat within the Tethinhrim.


Occupations are not defined by gender within the Tethinhrim tribe. For example, a male can look after the family while the female is out working  or vice versa. The main goal of any occupation is to become skilled and provide their services to the tribe.

Some notable professions that the Tethinhrim focus on are: bowyer, armourer, weapon smith, leather worker, hunter, carpenter, and mapmaker. There are also more common skills that almost all Tethinhrim have some training in such as: forestry, herbal lore, climbing, telepathy, basic fighting, and other general survival skills. The most skilled members of the tribe are proficient in several of these areas, and the sovereign as well as their family are all educated in every single area so that they are able to lead the tribe in any direction required.

There is also the highly respected Kaierian Warriors that some of the Tethinhrim train to become from a young age. The Rónn or Ava’ránn is often trained as one of these warriors to ensure the strength of the tribe leaders.



Natural Resources

2  Organization and General Discussions / Development Master Plans / Re: Manthria Master Plan Discussion on: 14 February 2015, 10:56:49
Alright I did some digging around for the Tethinrhim elves and this time found out Wren had a claim on it several years ago('08-'09ish). Does this claim still last or has Wren been in any contact lately? If the claim isn't still in effect I'd like to request to be able to work on at least part of the Tethinhrim entry. I'd likely work on it similar to the Avennorian revisions and revise the entry piece by piece, unless you'd recommend just keeping it all one big entry revision.

I *think*, based on reading it and your note on the masterplan, the revision involves expanding some of the information and ensuring that new information that was added in other entries is reflected within this one. For example, I know I've read that Truphulls are mentioned as a staple in the Tethinrhim diet, but this is not mentioned in the tribe entry. Correct me if I am wrong, or if there is more or less work required.

If Wren's claim stilll holds(or if I missed a more recent claim), I understand and don't mind at all. Or if you think I should just start off my return to Santharia with a less intensive task then let me know. My feelings won't get hurt if you think I'm biting off more than I can chew :P
3  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Re: The Darian Men (WIP) on: 14 February 2015, 10:35:40
Hiya Talia,

After returning back i was anxious to begin working on something so I started to piece together the historical relationship between the Avennorians and the Darian. Arti pointed out that you had this entry in progress (which I neglected to even look for on the dev side  sorry ), so I'd just like to provide you with what I was able to come up with after a night of research. It is every mention of Darians I could find currently uploaded to the site and how it relates to the Avennorians. Hopefully it saves you some work or you find it helpful in some way.

Pre-Avennorian History

Before 12000 b. S.
  • Darians begin to settle around auturian woods
  • One of the settlements was hamlet of Shneerin

10540 b. S.
  • Sophronian friendly with Darians

Darian-Avennorian History

11340-1335 b.S
  • Glandiorans arrive and first encounter Darians
  • Glandiorians looked down up Darians from start
  • Darians provided food, clothes, intermarry and otherwise helped
  • Darians introduce Glandorians to cheese
    • Initially rebuked
    • 2 generations later accepted? (mentioned in cheese history)

11335 b.S
  • Glandorians explore and encounter Darians

11330 b.s.
  • Asgeir possibly marries a Darian
  • Attempt at improving relations with the Darian people
    • Theorized by scholars

11325 b.s.
  • Glandorians began trade with Darians
  • Traded for food and knowledge

11320 b.s.
  • Glandorian people under leadership of Thorgeir become Avennorians

8800 b.S.
  • Avennorians reach westward
  • Darians subjugated or pushed south

After 8800 b.S.
  • Mingling with Avennorians
  • Those who were pushed south became Shendar

745 A. S.
  • Sunth founded by Darians

886 A.S.
  • Sunth conquered by Glandorians

Unknown Time

This is not a confirmed history, merely a rumor that I came across

Legend regarding Broken Wing tavern in the village of Shneerin

So yeah. There is a brief outline of what i found during my research. If any of my short notes need explained more or you would like a link to where I found the information, feel free to ask. I think a large portion of it came from here.
4  Organization and General Discussions / Development Master Plans / Re: Manthria Master Plan Discussion on: 12 February 2015, 05:44:08
Yeah, yesterday I started compiling all the information that is currently onsite, then did a quick search on dev boards and found her entry in progress. So maybe I'll just pass along what I gathered incase it helps her at all and begin on something else.   :)
5  Organization and General Discussions / Development Master Plans / Re: Manthria Master Plan Discussion on: 11 February 2015, 13:34:15
In regards to the historical timelines (specifically the Avennorian/Darian),

What all would this entail? Does this rough timeline just need to be pieced together from events mentioned in other entries, and then add a few elaborations? Or is it more of a major project of writing the overarching history from scratch, while still making sure to keep previously mentioned events accurate?

Just really trying to wrap my head around how big of a task this would be.
6  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Hello again on: 11 February 2015, 08:18:42
Hey everyone! I don't know how many of you remember me, but I remember quite a few of you and I hope you all have been well over the last few years.

After the last 5 or 6 years of absence, I am finding myself drawn back to Santharia and this wonderful world I was once a part of. I hope to begin to immerse myself once again here, hopefully for the long haul and with no sudden disappearances.

Since disappearing I've started attending Iowa State University in the pursuit of a degree in Management Information Systems and currently work for the university making webpages for all the different departments on campus.

So yeah.. How's everyone been? :)


7  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Miscellaneous Proposals - Need an Idea? Get it here! on: 28 May 2011, 09:02:36
Well not to say that every single one needs an extensive entry, but there is several possibilities for a small one to add some lore or other things that aren't necessarily included in the overview.

To me, probably because it's what I've wrote, it's nice to be able to go on that list and be able to click to find out more. Not that it is hugely important to the world of Santharia, but its nice still to know that if you wanted to know more about the paintbrushes or quills here, you can.

Just my two sans. :P
8  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Paintbrush on: 09 February 2011, 06:32:08
When I find the time to get some more editing done, yes. Was away this past weekend and for some reason all the teachers decide to put large projects on the same week of school... I'll hopefully get some changes done in the near future!
9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Mallowdrop Plant on: 23 January 2011, 02:54:01
Yes! Thank you. :)
10  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Mallowdrop Plant on: 22 January 2011, 10:27:22
Anyone else have comments for this or can it be Blarrowed and added to the site?
11  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Paintbrush on: 14 January 2011, 09:47:13
Added in comments already given. Any more comments anyone has for this?
12  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Marshmallow Plant on: 13 January 2011, 05:35:22
Anyone have anymore comments on this? I've read through it several times and I just make tiny changes to it. If someone else has anything to say it would be much appreciated!
13  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Brush on: 10 December 2010, 11:16:22
Thanks everyone for the comments. School has become very busy this last week or so and I haven't been able to find time to continue working on this. Once I find time i'll make edits according to the comments.

Thanks again everyone!
14  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / The Paintbrush on: 27 November 2010, 11:20:37
Another entry to begin to complete the Writing Implements Overview. (If possible, I'd like the overview that is written here to replace the one on the Overview list. That old one was redundant and I think this one does a much better job of showing what the brush is.)

The Paintbrush

Overview: The Paintbrush is a common tool used by artists. They use these, along with paint, to put their imagination on canvas. All artists have unique styles of painting, and all have their strengths and weaknesses. But all art created by a skilled painter can be delightful to see. Some artists prefer to paint real things they see in front of them. Others prefer to paint from their imagination. Painters can be anyone, rich or poor, as long as they have some artistic talent.  The Paintbrush helps these people reach their goals, whatever it may be.

Description: The Paintbrush can be mistaken for a wooden stick, as this is the main part of it. A wooden handle, about the length of a hand, is used when handling the Paintbrush. This handle is whittled to the correct size, sanded smooth. The thickness varies, depending on how thick of a line the artist wants to create. A thick line requires a thick handle, while a thin line only needs a thin handle. Some painters leave the handle as is, smooth and still resembling wood. Others prefer to paint the handle a color. Some just like the appearance of a colored handle, while others want to make it more noticeable and less likely to be lost or broken on accident.

The hairs of the Paintbrush can vary widely, depending on the use of the particular brush. Some animal hairs that are commonly used are: kuatu, goat, baneg cattle, wild pig, and some draught horses. Kuatu hair Paintbrushes are inexpensive and commonly used for larger Paintbrushes. Baneg cattle hairs are another inexpensive brush, which can be made into any size of brush. Goat hair is used in smaller, more accurate Paintbrushes. The tips of the hairs form delicate points that can be used to put paint exactly where it is needed. Pig hairs hold a larger amount of paint when dipped, and are used in larger brushes. Lastly, horse hair can be used to create a brush. These Paintbrushes are usually the cheapest, but the hairs do not create a very good tip.

The tips of Paintbrushes are different depending on their use. Some hairs are cut into a flat, thin line to help spread paint over the canvas evenly. This prevents any paint from dripping down and ruining the artist’s work. Another method of cutting the hairs is to have one edge to be rounded to allow the user to spread paint well, while also having an edge to be more accurate with. The “Ship Brush”(Was thinking maybe calling it a ‘Shipush’ to shorten it and give it a slightly odd name. Anyone have thoughts?) is a brush with long hairs cut to form a very small tip. These are usually used in painting of ships to add details such as riggings and faint texture to the ship itself.  

The hairs are attached with the sap of a tree. When the sap is applied, it is still liquid and the hairs are bunched together and placed at one end. After the sap dries, the hairs are held in place. Besides just the sap holding the hairs, there is a small metal ring fitted around the base of the hairs. The shape of the ring varies on the type of brush. Flat brushes have a more flattened ring to hold the hairs in place. The ring goes about halfway up the length of the hairs, and prevents the hairs from bending sideways and becoming useless. The ring is usually made out of grey iron and fits snuggly around the base of the hairs and the handle.

Method of Production: The process of creating a Paintbrush can be completed by anyone who has the supplies. Shops can usually create their own, as long as they have someone who can whittle moderately well.

The whittler takes a small piece of wood, usually a palmspan and a few nailsbreadth long, and whittles it down to a handle the size of a Paintbrush they want to create. They then sand it smooth, to prevent the user from getting splinters. One end is rounded while the other is kept flat. The flat end is where the hairs of the Paintbrush are attached, while the rounded end allows an easier grip for the person using the Paintbrush. The next step is to either dip the handle into paint and let dry, or to move on to attaching the hairs.

The creator then heats up about a sip of hardened sap over the fire. Only a few drops are needed for each Paintbrush, but there are usually several being made at a time. After the sap turns to liquid, they place the ring around the flat end of the handle. They then add a few drops of sap into the hole, and place a large bunch of hairs into the hole after the sap has reached the bottom. After that, they just need to hold the hair and ring in place until the sap dries. If the creator is making a certain type of brush, this would be when he carefully cuts the hairs to have the desired shape.

Area of Production: There is usually at least one shop in every city that produces, and sells, Paintbrushes. However, if one was to travel to Bardavos, they could find Paintbrushes almost anywhere. This city is, by far, the largest producer of Paintbrushes.

There are painters all over the world that require this tool to create their masterpieces. Some have even perfected the method of creating Paintbrushes themselves to lessen the cost of materials. These self-sufficient artists can then sell or train others to create them, since the process isn’t terribly hard.

Usage: The Paintbrush is used by painters to put pictures onto canvas. The colors applied to the paper by the Paintbrush help bring the painting to life. Painters will dip the Paintbrush into paint, covering the tip thoroughly, and drag it lightly across the paper. Some of the paint clings to the hairs, while the rest is left on the canvas. When changing colors, it is advised to rinse the hairs in water to remove the previous color. It is also advised that when finished painting, to wash the hairs and remove any paint that may be left on. Once they dry, they are ready to be used all over again.

Myth/Lore: There is rumored to be a magical brush in existence that allows anyone that owns it to paint beautiful works of art. Over the course of history, several people have spent a large part of their lives searching for this brush. Some want it destroyed because it allows the user to have no artistic ability, yet paint masterpieces. Others are greedy and want this brush so they can create their own great works of art.

The compendium artist, Seeker, is believed to have a magical palette. As described in the poem “Seeker’s Palette,” the palette is said to provide him with the perfect shades of colors he needs for his paintings. When one looks at Seeker’s paintings, it is certainly believable that he holds this magical palette.

15  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Marshmallow Plant on: 27 November 2010, 10:19:12
Well... I don't know about working on it. It's been up for awhile. I just suddenly got what i call the "Santharia Urge." lol I get it every once in awhile and feel like writing something for Santharia. I try to get as much done while I still have the inspiration during this time.
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