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31  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Words we should not use... on: 11 December 2009, 22:26:24
If we must use a word for science then I agree we must come up with a new word, perhaps something in Thergerim as the dwarves are rather inventive.
32  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: New Proverbs and Sayings Additions on: 09 December 2009, 21:31:59
From the Cutlass entry

Saying- Cutlass Wearer

Meaning-"Cutlass Wearer" has become a bit of an insult in many trade circles. It means someone who is greedy and "goes for the gold", a trait that the many think the Avennorians share with pirates.

33  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party on: 09 December 2009, 13:39:47
Keldren opened the door and stomped the snow from his boots, his breath forming a white cloud. He quickly shut the door then smiled around the room before moving up to the bar and laying out two square and one round packages wrapped in wax-cloth.
"I brought cheese, two blocks of Brandypot and a wheel of Smerecase."
Kel took a mug of hot tea and moved to a seat near the firepit to warm himself stretching his right leg and massage the knee. A sigh escaped as heat began chasing away the stiffness the cold had brought to his limb. He was not getting any younger even though he still had a strong athletic build under his Rahaz'Estar skin armor.
While his armor marked him as a shendar his coloring was pale like a Kar'ii yet his hair was dark. His face gave few clues to his age either appearing to be somewhere between twenty-five and thirty-five.
He pulled out a handcarved bone flute and began to play a soft mellow tune.
34  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: What's a fore for? on: 07 December 2009, 14:04:18
Well I would say that it just goes to show that nobody is perfect. Amusing...most definitely...Perfect....Not even close grin evil grin
35  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Wrath Cleaver on: 04 December 2009, 11:17:47
OK. Full Work up, My comments inorange. My corrections inGreen.

Overview: A terrifying weapon of northern make, this device has spread trails of blood throughout its history. (How old is This weapon?)Wrath cleavers are primarily focusedMaybe change from focused on to designed to on inflicting a very painful death to the enemies of the wielder. The toothed edge, vicious tip and sword breaker trenches inspire a lasting horror in the hearts of those who see it in action. The blade of this weapon has the cleaving power of an axe and thrusting ability of a sword. However, this utensil of war also serves many purposes to those who make their lives in the wilderness.

Physical description: Rarely measuring more than one ped and a fore from tip to pommel, these weapons can be used one or two handed. The blades come to a point much like a butcher's knife but are much larger. Usually measuring just under a fore at the widest point, the weapon utilizes full-length serration from tip to blade end. All have the uniform shape of an oversized chef knife. Thick pieces of steel are affixed to the handle to protect the hands of the user from injury. These insure safety whether using the blade one or two handed. No more than nine and never less than five sword breaker trenches run the length of the non cutting edge.

The handle is rounded and measures just about a full fore in length. Always wrapped in either thin cotton cord or leather, the handles are formed around the full tang metal and come in either wood or bone. The unique crafting of the grip affords a durability to these weapons most are hard-pressed to match. The fact that the handle allows this to be a bastard weapon affords for the use of a shield.

Usages: Used for both the battlefield and the wilderness, these cleavers are used to saw through wood and bones alike. Also used in the preparation of hunts, it is used to rip open slain deer.perhaps add a gut hook in near the pommel Warriors adept in this weapon enjoy its use it in the woods as well. It lessens the need for an axe as it can cut down small trees and trim branches into fire logs with its saw-like blade.

History and origin: This weapon began with the Hlvet'ine tribe around the year seven hundred. Long used as an instrument of war, it wasn't until within the last three centuries its usefulness in the forests of the world was discovered. Since then, these have become favored tools by many tribes and are now rather common around most of Northern Sarvonia.

Fighting style: Mostly a slash and thrust type weapon. Wrath cleavers can leave heinous wounds by way of stabbing or cutting. With their cleaving power and serrated edge, they can even rend some types of metal armour.The metal of the blade would have to be exceptional to tear through any form of metallic armor and leather armor would definitely slow it down. Wielders have the most difficulty taking offense against an opponent in banded or chain armours. Reason being is that chain armour is specifically designed to withstand slash attacks. It is for this reason that they are equipped with a thrusting tip. Whilst in battle, one would ideally put to use the sword breaker side to first disarm their foe, then either cleave off a limb or stab them and move on to the next opponent.

It should be noted now that these devices absolutely must not be used from horseback as you run the risk of decapitating your own mount. To use one of these in mounted combat would surely be the warrior's death sentence. This has been proven by way of warriors practicing with this weapon on horseback and killed their horses. This only had to happen a few times for all in posession of these weapons to take to heart lessons from history. It is for this reason all Helvet'ine warriors are absolutely banned from using this whilst mountedThis passage I find hard to believe. Generally in practice one would pad there weapon if against another comrade. and I do not understand how one would behead their own horse if they had trained in the use of weapons while mounted. Many knights used great swords while mounted and I have never read of one decapitating his own mount.

Myth: There is a grisly myth surrounding these destructive utensils. It involves a tale of deceit and tragedy. Long ago, a Helvet'ine warrior and smith known as Horak Malnor was called to do battle against a great threat. Famed for his skill with the axe and sword, as well as his use of the forge hammer. In trust, he left care of his home to a friend by the name of Jerren O'orl. After the battles were called to end, Horak returned home. Upon return, all was not as sweet as expected. He found out his wife had been adulterous with Jerren and swore vengeance against his one-time friend.

It was in this blood oath that he spent many nights and days in the forge, making a weapon sure to lay the deceitful heart of Jerren to rest forever. Not just any weapon would do, Horak wanted it made by his own two hands. In his work, much iron became molten and crafted until finally a weapon he perceived perfect came to fruition. Combining the trenches of a sword breaker, teeth of a saw, thrusting end of a fine sword and cleaving might of an axe he drew forth the first wrath cleaver ever made. After giving it time to cool, a vindictive smile came to the face of Horak as he stared at his reflection in the blade.

The next dawn, he went to Jerren's residence and feigned a friendly demeanor. Upon gaining access to the home of his former ally, the vengeful smith revealed knowledge of Jerren's atrocity to him and challenged him to a fight to the death in secret. Jerren accepted and the two ventured into the forest for only one man to return. The battle raged and steel crashed like thunder as the warriors danced. Then, with a brutal charge, Horak destroyed his enemy in a series of slashes, ripping away parts of Jerren. From that day forth, he called the weapon the wrath cleaver. The name has since stuck.

Following is a song about this weapon was penned in collaboration by the great scholars Sir Lorek Sarnif and Lady Rayne Avalotus:

The drums o' war ring through the wood
(Bum bum da bum bum)
We hunger for battle, thirst for blood.
(Bum bum da bum bum)
We treck the night, and march through snow
(Bum bum da bum bum)
Our Wrath Cleavers we grip in tow
(Bum bum da bum bum)
With our vengeance the bells of death will sound
(Bum bum da bum bum)
We shall laugh as we send them into the ground
(Bum bum da bum bum)
36  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Drape-silk Spider on: 04 December 2009, 10:46:41
Lionhorse- Injecting some of the venom would cause the numbing state that I talk about in the desciption of the encounter. It would help keep the subject calm as less pain generaly means less thrashing and moving. It could even become addictive like modern morphine

Rayne Avalotus- I would fix the colors but this was done about three years ago and is already finished. I guess I could bell ring Arti and see if he wanted to go in and change it.
ps thanks for reopening the tavern, should be a blast
37  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Weapons that need entries on: 04 December 2009, 10:40:34
Oooops. I should have looked before I opened the proverbial mouth. thanks for the catch there. I had talked about developing it 3 years ago so nevermind that
*Wanders off looking sheepish and muttering about using "search" next time*
38  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Invitation to All: A Holiday Party on: 04 December 2009, 06:25:25
Keldren sighed and looked around at the frozen countryside as a cold wind sprang up making him pull the hood of his worn cloak tighter. He pulled off one of the thick furred gloves he wore and unrolled the note he had recieved again.
He looked up checking landmarks and hoped that a few more hours would put him in sight of his destination. Pulling on his glove again and settling his pack and weapons more comfortably he started out through the white again. Hoping the map was accurate.
39  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Weapons that need entries on: 04 December 2009, 06:10:47
I know but...With the poisons and my current weapon I would hate to deprive someone else of the oppurtunity. We shall have to see what happens with my othr weapon first. Though it is much easier to develop a weapon that already has so much written about it. I also believe I owe Talia an entry on the Shendar double Kilijj.
40  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Bracer Sword on: 04 December 2009, 06:04:29
Made a few alterations and additions enjoy
41  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Weapons that need entries on: 04 December 2009, 05:17:06
While  am not currently up to claiming any of these I would be glad to share my knowledge and input with anyone who needs it. I am a second generation metalsmith(primarily silverwork but I have made a few blades) I also spent the last four years working on and off in a local Swordshop in missouri. I have a pretty extensive knowledge of weapons from bronze age to modern era so feel free to drop me a PM or an email.
*drools at the fact that the infamous Moonblade still has no entry.*
42  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Wrath Cleaver on: 04 December 2009, 05:02:30
If I can borrow a digital camera from my sister I should be able to get some photos of some knives and a sword I recently finished.
43  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Wrath Cleaver on: 03 December 2009, 00:15:27
I am pretty knowledgeable in weapons use and development. I spent most of the last five years working on and off in a sword shop. Plus I design and make my own blades.
This particular weapon would be rather unwieldy It would be devastating on a hit but a miss would make it very difficult to stop the momentum of the thing. Unless you made t a little thinner in the cross-section or reduced the width of the blade a bit. I do not see a problem with a serrated blade and a sword breaker spine.
While the serrations are not common to medieval or ancient weaponry I don't see why they could not be incorporated into a weapon. It would make for a vicious wound similar to a Flamberge or Kris blade.
You could perhaps reduce the width of the weapon from spine to edge as this would bring down the weight a bit and make the weapon easier to manage. However I have a friend who stands almost seven foot tall and he uses a monstrous two handed sword that is over five feet long and weighs almost ten pounds. Once he gets it moving you have to either get hit or get out of the way.
44  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Basic Alchemical Tools on: 02 December 2009, 23:38:29
OK. After reading through everything I have a few suggestions for you Lionhorse.
1; remove the thin wall and thick wall headings. They do seem to make it more confusing as well as being kind of clunky. Plus you have a crucible listed as thin walled. I have a crucible I use for melting down silver and making bronze it has very thick walls. This is just an example.
2; Use spell check and preview your posts. It will help in the long run.
3; You have chosen as ambitious a project as my poisons project. It will take you awhile to get all this stuff sorted.
4; You could try organizing the vessels alphabetically
45  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Bracer Sword (comments welcome) on: 02 December 2009, 23:10:25
As a weapon developed originally by the Nightsons of the Kasumarii, and having spread to other cultures as well, the triangular long-blade of this sword is a formidable one to say the least

This melee weapon, consisting of a triangular blade a palmspan to a palmspan and a half wide at the base, then tapering to a reinforced diamond shaped needle point, often measures at least a fore, sometimes up to a ped in length.

[color=yellowTwo bars of metal extend down the forearm to just below the elbow, over this is a curved piece of metal that covers the forearm like a bracer.[/color] The bars have a grip custom fitted to the wielder a few nailsbreadths from the base of the blade, just enough to grip it.

Often the bracer has ornate carvings added to it in life-like detail. One of the most common motifs is that of a bird of prey with its wings sweeping forward and its beak open in a cry of challenge.


This Weapon has become a favorite among the Kar-ii Nightsons in thanks to a combination of the fluidity of the fighting style and the fact that a wielder of such a weapon is difficult, if not impossible to disarm.

The use of this weapon has spread to other races and cultures as well.  

Fighting Style
The fighting technique incorporates an acrobatic style with lots of leaping weaving ducking and spinning. The blades twin razor edges allow for vicious slashes while the heavy, sharp point allows for deeply wounding stabs. One of the favored attacks with these weapons involves slashing through joints and the flesh over major blood vessels, such as the inner arm and the inner thigh. Additionally these blades can deliver a bone shearing punch-stab that will shear through anything short of full plate armor.

The weapons are worn in sheaths generally strapped to the lower leg. This allows the weapons to be drawn on the move or while tumbling past an opponent as the hilts extend above the knee for ease of grasp.

While the fighting style is fast and graceful one of the main advantages to this weapon is the fact that a wielder is nearly impossible to disarm, short of lopping off an arm above the elbow. The bracing of the weapon also allows it to deliver incredibly penetrating punch strikes, able to penetrate all but the heaviest of armors and shields.

Main Disadvantage- not as long as many swords no fancy flourishes or twist with the wrist unlike what can be done with a rapier
I know this needs fleshing out more just noting it down before I forget

These weapons originated among the Kasumarii a long time ago and have since spread to other races.

The first weapons consisted of simply the blade and a leather strap for support. Later it was realized that a metal band would be useful in deflecting attacks. In fact the current basic version of the weapon has a band almost three nailsbreadth thick. Later the addition of spikes and smaller blades became common to give an additional edge in combat.

The most recent addition is the mounting of a spring powered launcher that can fire a crossbow bolt. The launcher is generally concealed in some ornate artwork sculpted from the brace of the weapons. Wolves, ravens, dragons, and cats are all common ornamentation With the concealed launcher, if there is one, firing out of the open beak or mouth.

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