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1  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Join request on: 09 July 2007, 13:26:09
I wish to join and create a character here is the desired information:
Name: Ocus Janattan
parents: Daren Gnome + Metal Folk Dwarf
Preferred weapons: Labrys, a hidden dagger and kunai,and some Atch-Loch kept handy
Facial Hair:none
clothing: a medium mithrilite helm and some rough leather body with various animal skin chaps.
Hair:dark Brown
age: 145 years
Physical status: more agile than most dwarves and a just tiny bit weaker than the average dwarf, with a light muscle tone.
Backround: Aborn from a nomad Daran Gnome and a Rogue Metal Folk Dwarf who was shunned from the people of his dwarven underground city for unspeakable crime. and known throughout the entire race, aborn a child in the  City of Marcogg.7 years after he was born, His Father left without notice to search for something that, when Ocus (their son) asked him, was a "Atonement", Ocus does not know of why his father was above ground, and therefore thought that it was normal for a dwarf and a gnome to be nomadic. For they traveled from city to village  as a living to sell glass wares crafted by the mother gnome and to sell weapons armour and metal workings by the father. As Ocus grew he was taught by his father before he left, about the basics of smithing of all fashions, and left a book  that listed the advanced techniques of his father's smithing, he studied diligently and soon had mastered the art of smithing by age 15. However, his mother soon began to teach him of her arts and secrets behind alchemy over the course of his next years while still allowing him to practice smithing so as not to lose touch.by the age 25 he had mastered his Mother's art with such precision that she and him had contests through alchemy to see which person could make more profit at opposite ends of town-which usually ended up in a tie.as the years passed the mother grew old and soon living to the age of 275 died in her sleep. Orcun, Shocked and double-bent with grief forged a grave consisting of a  ice bottom in which he combined his skills of forging with his skills of alchemy to create a ice that never melts and burns the skin when not touched with protective gloves, a stone top that challenged his mathematics and his stone masonry to create a stone tablet with soil filled holes that he planted his mother's favorite  herb-vinterberries-on an ouline of her body.
(he was at the age of 125 when he did this and when this happend.) for 20 years he visited his mother's grave everyday no matter what and told her about the days events. However he realized he had to figure out where he was gonna go, the location of his father's tribe was never told to him because of his young age when his father left, so he became a nomad, traveling from place to place selling weapons and armor that have been made using a combination of smithing and alchemy.
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