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1  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Horn of the Heavens pic on: 11 June 2010, 02:11:51
AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Clings to Seeker!*  jawdrop

Its absolutely beautiful, what great textures, your fantastic as always Seeker, aura +1 !!!! Thankyou ever so much! hug heart heart

I personally love the base, very simple, yet funky. When I imagined the burial of the Horn, I did assume it would be in some kind of a godly tomb, so I think its perfect! Although are the arms of the plinth intentionally matte or are they supposed to have a shiny finish as well?

Thanks again Seeker!! *Runs off to bake the Artist a bounty of delicious bakery!*
2  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Happy Birthday, Sire. Firefeet! on: 07 June 2010, 10:34:02
*Raises conductors baton and leads "The Santharian Amateur Choir" in a modest performance of Happy Birthday.*

Haven't seen you in a while Gean but I wish you all the happiness on your B-day! *MEGA-HUGGLES* heart hug
3  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 06-06-2010 on: 07 June 2010, 09:24:35
Great update everyone!!!  :D heart

And thank you for your hard work and time Arti! hug
4  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: A Santharian Postal System. on: 03 June 2010, 07:43:59
Thanks ever so much for all your comments guys, its given me alot to think about!!!!! grin hug *Petros Mega-Huggles everyone and passes round gifts of home-baking*

I did originally intend to incorporate all previous courier systems, and thanks to your pointers I have now got solid grounds of research such as the Wynd Racer, Royal Couriers and Traders with Wagons.

Let it develop WITHIN the existing universe rather than trying to work out a top-down system that you've designed in detail and then imposed upon Santharia...
I am guilty as charged, as I usually conceive a concept, then research and see how I can impose it upon Santharia. This is totally the wrong way to go about creating entries and I realise that my ideas will become more fluid, original and easier to write if I build the pyramid from the bottom. *Petros "accidentally" pushes the big red "MENTOR SYSTEM RESTART" button and clings onto Judy.* :P

I will Post a very skeletal entry either tomorrow or the day after, so Ya'll can see what kind of stuff i'm larking on about.

Thank you for your time guys! Enjoy your cake! grin
5  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: A Santharian Postal System. on: 01 June 2010, 13:03:09
Hooray!!! Only like five minutes posted and i already have great ideas! Haha! Thanks for the gold guys!  :P

Yes, I did presume that there would be traders and travelling mercenaries that would pass a message whether orally or by written letters, so I thought that a commercial Santharian Postal System would be quite modernly "class based". A state run enterprise (with direct approval of the Santhran of course!)  would deliver letters handed in at post offices located in major cities or post boxes located in most towns. A stamp would indicate the class of delivery. For instance if i could only afford a 2 san stamp my letter would be delivered by 4th class, which would include freelance traders and mercenaries that would be hired by the state for this purpose, delivery not guaranteed. However if i stamped first class my letter would be delivered by trained courier, within a much shorter time-frame and with a more secure delivery guarantee. I also considered a Santharian "Air-Mail" where letters are sent via carrier pigeon. Wether delivery requires Sea/Land/air/(magical?) travel would also decide the final fee.

Delivery to other continents will be a little more tricky, and would rely on a private courier specifically departing for said continent. But the purpose of a state approved postal service is to organise these services for the customer upon purchase, saving on contact time, so this organisation will be done behind the counter rather than the sender.

Also gives an opportunity to design stamps!!! *The Joys* grin heart
6  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / A Santharian Postal System. on: 01 June 2010, 11:01:58
Hello all!  grin

I have been very interested and have been researching into the idea of a Santharian Postal System since before my absence, and i have numerous ideas on how to employ such a service. Very basic Terran systems of post started cropping up in Egypt around 2400bc, so I assume a Time-Period issue should not be a big concern. I have scanned the Dev side for some signs of prior discussion, but I have not found anything as of yet. Of course the System would be based within the Santharian Kingdom, however im sure a Fed-Ex to the northern wastes could be achievable with suitable payment. :P

I would very much like to pursue an entry in this area, but as it is a rather general one,  I would really like your thoughts and views before embarking on it.


7  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Horn of the Heavens. on: 01 June 2010, 07:16:06
Thanks for taking the time to point out that stuff Arti! All comments incorporated, and merci for the aura! :)

I totally see what you mean regarding its usages, although i didn't want to leave the section very bare, solely stating that it will pretty much grant wishes, so i said that it was capable of fulfilling your deepest desires, and then went on to describe some of its fable-documented uses just to add some beef.

Yep the piece is one of mine, just something i chucked together on my beloved Sibelius. I will convert it to Mp3, but i presume that it will exceed attachment limits in that format, so shall I email it to you my dear webmaster?

@Seeker:--  You do make it very hard for a girl to choose, they all look wonderful!!! And thank you for your lovely wee taster picture!! heart

Well as i said I imagined it to be #3 when writing the entry, but i deliberately only describe its shape to be "conical" So there is some artistic lee-way. #2 seems to be popular and so does #3...In summary i originally imagined it as number 3 but perhaps we should go for number 1 as it is a kinda mix between the two!! :P

Apologies for being so mixty-maxty! :) 

8  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: New People Mod: Shabakuk on: 30 May 2010, 09:49:13
 clap   Congratulations Shabster!!!! heart hug

*Invites Shabakuk for a celebratory round of tequila*  devilish
9  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Horn of the Heavens. on: 30 May 2010, 09:31:17
Cant thank you enough for such a thorough comment my dear Shabakuk!!!! heart hug

All incorporated in one form or another! :)
10  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Horn of the Heavens. on: 25 May 2010, 10:00:04
Thanks again my dearest Bard! heart

Athvi and Dek, we should so form a guild! The Asscociation of Pathetic Artisans!  grin
11  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Horn of the Heavens. on: 24 May 2010, 22:24:31
Totally, go for it! heart

Changed the entry to, "Ice of a frosty azure hue". :)
12  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Introduction on: 24 May 2010, 20:49:07
*A bearded Petros enters from the shadows wearing grubby blue over-alls, accompanied by a wheely-bucket and mop. Grumbling and mumbling, he pours some sawdust on the slime and mops up Seth's footprints before plodding off into the shadows, one large grudge heavier...*
13  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Horn of the Heavens. on: 24 May 2010, 20:35:31
I have no experience with a paint brush what-so-ever (Maybe Altario should give me lessons :P , ive seen his astounding talent!) so don't really know whats drawable and what isn't. But yeah, after reading it again, they are totally totally similar and will need to be changed.

glowing red lava that somehow holds its shape and does not burn, despite a constant flicker of random sparks about its aperture...
Absolutely ADORE the lava idea!!!!! heart heart heart

Comments in-coorporated and thanks alot for once again giving me gold Judy! :)

I however kept the mouth-piece glass on the principle that i originally wrote it for crystal, but realised that with glass and the condensation occurring from the divine ice would allow you to see the players breath flowing through the instrument. And i kept the stone idea because i think it would look rather cool with overlapping sections, and with the lava, stone would would fit better, but thats just from Petros probably the worst artist in all Santharia (Should get an award for that!) So maybe crystal and clay would work better from a drawing perspective.
14  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Counting sheep in the Bestiary on: 23 May 2010, 23:13:48
*More at home in the slightly less deadly greenhouses, Petros Arrives in a clunky suit of armour*

Ill have half the cookies up front if you don't mind!

Ooooh, i've never set foot in the Bestiary before, this'll be a nice excuse to get some research done!! If its alright with you Beast-Masters ill pinch Apparitions, Love em to bits, there just so...Trippy! heart :P

Black Unicorn          --- Vicious (very much so) ---Scavenger/Carnivore
Bone Tree's             --- Vicious (Tough one)    ---       N/A
Dream Tempters       --- Vicious                      ---       N/A
Dryr                       --- Calm                         --- Such a thing as a Magivore?
Hiveling                  --- Calm                         ---       N/A
Mad Dancing Faeries --- Vicious                      ---       N/A
Void Sail                 --- Calm                         ---       N/A
WailWoman             --- Vicious                      ---       N/A
Watchers                 --- Calm                         ---       N/A
White Lady              --- Calm                         ---       N/A
Wisps                     --- Calm                         ---       N/A

5/11 are vicious  6/11 are Calm
15  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Horn of the Heavens (Formerly the Divinty Flute.) on: 23 May 2010, 06:58:41
Thanks Dek!
All mistakes have been zapped! :D
Achhh, i must be getting old, two glasses of wine and I cant tell my flutes from my horns! :P

Your such a naked Party Pooper Altario, always ruining my nudity orientated plans! Im sure that people would love me to model with my horn! :P

Ooh sounds like fun, Remusian instruments i presume? heart
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