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16  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Knock, knock. (Ahem.) May I introduce myself? on: 09 January 2009, 07:05:54
A very merry welcome to you, sir! May there be many more threads of yours to hijack in the future!

Perhaps it might tickle your fancy to pay us a little visit here in our Gnomes' corner. As you can see, it is very small but there's plenty of room left to fill if you are at all interested!  grin thumbup
17  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 31-12-2008 on: 01 January 2009, 04:19:10
One note, also a shameless plug: in Judy's Tabulata Peryodiq entry, she mentions the Elemene Tabulata (or rather, the 'Tabula Elemene' to be precise), but it does not link to the entry. Perhaps you've done this for a reason, but I'd just like to point it out.
18  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: New Entry - Template Confusion on: 01 January 2009, 01:58:27
Ok, I'll try and come up with something using that. Thanks, guys!  grin
19  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / New Entry - Template Confusion on: 31 December 2008, 12:22:29
I have begun development on the Larcadia branch of alchemy, but I do not know which template to use for it. It's not a religion, nor is it an industry; it's more of a group of scientists with a unified philosophy and scientific method. Can anyone offer me some advice?
20  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: New Gnomish Vocabulary Here! on: 31 December 2008, 11:25:14
Judy, I like those much better - they look really cool.

I apologize, I'm a little rusty and as such haven't been able to completely familiarize myself with what we have developed as far as Gnomic goes. Could you point me to Rayne's word list so that I can do more than just blindly come up with words without any kind of cross-referencing or consistency? It'd be greatly appreciated.  :)

Personally, I do not know whether to connect or not, although I do think that connecting the master verbs does look rather neat.

On a side note - I presume that 'y' is used to indicate the negative when used as a prefix? Does this work similarly with words beginning with consonants, or is it exclusive to vowels? If so, is there some other method of indicating negative with words beginning in consonants?

As for 'burn water,' I was thinking more along the lines of 'burn, so that it turns into water.' But I see your point, and 'molim' should work just fine.

Perhaps we should start compiling these new words we have into an organized list. I would recommend not adding them to Rayne's, just so we can distinguish between those that have been neo-gnomicicated ( :P ) and those that haven't.
21  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: New Gnomish Vocabulary Here! on: 31 December 2008, 07:21:14
Ok, my memory is a little off, so if this has already been established then let me know... Basically, instead of using 'zer,' 'zor' and 'ziir' as helping verbs before our mundane verbs (zer verb), we simply conjoin them to our verbs to change their meaning; I think this is what Judy was getting at - and if not, then it simply expands upon her idea. In addition, for zer and zor, adding them before or after the verb in question dictates whether the subject does it to his or herself or whether they are being affected from a third party. For example, let's say that if 'zer' is before the verb, then it is self-afflictual, and if it is after the verb, then it is afflictual. I've made a rootword for 'burn' if there isn't one already (adero), so:

adero - to burn, to set fire to
zeradero - to burn itself, to set fire to itself
aderozer - to burn something, to set fire to something
garzeradero - to burn one's self, to set fire to one's self
aderozergar - to burn someone, to set fire to someone
aderoziir - burnt, to be burned

To avoid confusion, 'zer' exclusively is used for changing the state of something, while 'zor' is reserved mainly for performing actions.

Additional vocabulary:

neladero - to melt (derived from 'nel' for water and 'adero' for burn)
keluu - to freeze
keluuziir - frozen

Does any of that sound good?
22  Organization and General Discussions / The Northern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Black Gnomes Development on: 31 December 2008, 04:00:56
I suppose they can have black skin... it really isn't that big of a deal, after all. *bows*  :P

Ok, I'm going to take the initiative and throw out an initial idea, this one concerning their origins. Please remember that this is just something to expand upon.

When the Elven empire of F'v'cl'r fell around 11,900 b.S., the Gnomes were at a loss. Being a relatively meek and subservient race for such a long period of time, they had relied on the sophisticated social structure of the empire to provide them with methods of sustenance and objects of comfort while they, in turn, aided the other races through their expert practice of alchemy. Quickly realizing the extreme direness of their situation, the remaining Gnomes eventually rallied behind several of their most knowledgable alchemists, appointing them as de facto leaders as they tried to decide on what they should do with themselves. They roamed the northern continent, scrounging for food as they progressed further south; suffering many deaths due to starvation and sickness, they became in desperate need for help from one of the stronger races... and this opportunity presented itself when the nomadic group of Gnomes met with a [yet undetermined] tribe of humans who were traveling that same route. Allured by the charismatic nature and stalwart build of the other race, many of the Gnomes argued that their best chance for survival was to travel along with the humans and eventually erect a mutual settlement in a more hospitable region. However, one of the most prominent Gnomish alchemists - and very proud and decisive in his own right - warned that if they were to collaborate with the humans, they - being the weaker race - would lose what culture and identity that they possessed, and eventually assimilate into the human culture as mere thralls or servants. A large debate occurred, resulting in the group becoming split into two smaller entities; those that wished to remain independant, and those that placed their trust in the humans.

Ultimately, this new and much smaller group of Gnomes traveled in the opposite direction of their fellows, battling against harsh weather and meager food supplies in an attempt to find solace and respite from their suffering. Being drawn almost subconsciously to the ruins of F'v'cl'r, they managed to circle around the Eight Winds Bay and plod a path through the Waters Marshes and up to the far southeast face of the Imlith Mountains. There they lived for several years, before the looming threat of orc raids from the north forced them to once again travel farther east, finally establishing their first permanent settlement within the Vindel Mountains, near the Chapel Fjord.

Their language developed as a result of several external influences. Being originally from F'v'cl'r, they mostly utilized Styrash until eventually their tongue morphed into an eventual mixture of the Elven language and that of the Kanapan men, in addition to some elements of local Dwarven tongues. This resulted in a unique, rough and animalistic-sounding language that utilizes many different borrow-words. Body language and syllable emphasis also play an essential role in the language of the Black Gnomes.
23  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Chymicals and Elemenes: The Tabula Peryodiq of Santharia - updated Oct 08 on: 31 December 2008, 03:29:49
Wowee, Judy, you've sure kept your hands full - that's a fact!   thumbup

This looks absolutely wonderful from what I've read of it so far, and I applaud you for the effort you must have put in to it.

Just one reminder for anyone hoping to put this in table form: the 'Great Diamante,' as you put it, is a table that is diamond shaped, and each of the four elements (including fire) are assigned a side of the diamond. At each point, the purest known form of that element is found. At the center of the diamond is placed the pure element of Gnomish legend, and as one moves further and further away from the points, the elements get more and more distilled with one another. For example, if earth were on the left and fire were underneath it, an element found halfway between their two respective points would contain an equal balance of earth and fire properties. Of course, this would be a very difficult method of classification, but it is indeed possible, and I think it is befitting of our Gnomes' philosophy and method of categorization. This would also mean that there would be many places left blank, for elements that the Gnomes haven't discovered, but that they know - according to their system of alchemical beliefs - exist; akin to our Terran Periodic Table.

I'd be more than willing to assist in the creation of this table if need be.  ;)
24  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: New Gnomish Vocabulary Here! on: 30 December 2008, 08:34:59
Hey!  :)

I don't know how much help I'll be at the moment, because I am a bit rusty at the moment. However, I can give my two-cents on the current issue at hand.

In the timeline of the Gnorian tribe, it mentions the following:

9000 b.S. - 1655 b.S.
Assimilation by humans
Gradually the gnomish territory changes as they are either forcibly evicted from their villages or assimilated into the human civilisation. Starting in Voldar they are assimilated and also along the east coast of Sarvonia especially around Ximax where they join with the human cities seeing the respect they could get for creating the much needed magical reagents.

Now, I don't know when the city of Rasson itself was founded (perhaps that date hasn't been established yet), but the above quote gives us a quite plausible reason for how the 's' ended up in some Gnomish nomenclature - or should I say, "gnomenclature!"  grin rolleyes

But yeah - the fact that the Gnomes were, at the time, being forcibly assimilated into human culture, as well as their recent enslavement in the War of the Chosen, should give us an ample excuse for why the city was named in such a way. Hey, who's to say that Gnomic even arrived before the Gnomish government was officially established in 1644 b.S.? They had no reason to invent their own form of communication as part of F'v'cl'r, and after which they were too busy trying to survive to abandon Elven runes. After which, a long period of enslavement, assimilation and oppression follows; it would be implausible that they would have the time or initiative to concentrate on creating a universal Gnomish language until events had settled.
25  Organization and General Discussions / The Northern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Black Gnomes Development on: 30 December 2008, 08:20:27
Hmmm... your placement of the gnomes is beneficial for a number of reasons; first, that there is ample opportunity for them to interact with other tribes (friendly or not). It is also not an overly-crowded area, and there appear to be mountains and foothills in the general vacinity as well.

Reading over your previous ideas, I don't particularly fancy turning the Black Gnomes into a "steampunk" race. As a matter of fact, I always pictured them as practicing a sort of mystical, animalistic culture - which applied to their alchemy and science as well. We can probably find a balance of both if we toss a few ideas around, though.

Perhaps we should determine their physical attributes first: while I do think your idea of black skin was interesting, I think it'd be more plausible and perhaps a bit more unique to give them very pale skin, due to the environment that they live in, rather than just invent some kind of de facto pigment out of nowhere. Maybe the shamans (as Mannix mentioned) or prominent leaders and warriors of the tribes have their skin coloured as a sign of power or authority?

I am also going to assume that we will stick with their worshipping of the physical reality as well? If that is the case, then I think a really cool idea that I mentioned vaguely in another post was the concept that they consider pain to be the purest state of living. Maybe these Black Gnomes regularly practice ceremonies in which they inflict pain upon themselves or others that serve some kind of enigmatic socio-religious meaning? This would give some tribes reason to fear their bizarre way of life, fuel tales and legends of their exploits, and give the Gnorians an excuse to dismiss them as barbarians.

But on the inside, I think a richly structured social and economic system would fit their logic and beliefs well - how would we make something like this work?
26  Organization and General Discussions / The Northern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Black Gnomes Development on: 29 December 2008, 11:24:39
It seems as though my spark has finally flared again; hopefully with it I can rekindle the embers of this project.

I'm not making any promises, because I've broken enough of them already. But hey - let's see where we can proceed with this, huh?
27  Organization and General Discussions / The Northern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Black Gnomes Development on: 08 July 2008, 23:14:11
How can I forget warriors? Sure Mannix, go for it. Anything else you see you like to develop or have ideas for, go ahead and take it. You can see we've got lots to fill in!

Did we decide where the BG live primarily? I'm thinking underground - maybe caverns under the northern section of the Caaehl mountains? I don't see them as forest dwellers...they'd need rock for their creations as I see the BG as sculptors not wood carvers.

Somewhere down the line, we'll need to think about the BG involvement with the Deep Winds Portal and the Third Sarvonian War... evil

I don't know, I really didn't picture them as living underground... it just seems uncharacteristic to me. Besides, wouldn't it be kind of dangerous to practice alchemy down there, what with all the chemical fumes and all?  buck
28  Organization and General Discussions / The Northern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Black Gnomes Development on: 08 July 2008, 03:20:58
Sure, I can write a religious summary for you guys, just give me a couple of days.

As far as skin colour goes, I really wouldn't have a problem however it turns out, but dark skin is usually only found in places with warm climates to protect them from the sun; if they lived in the far north I would (scientifically, of course) expect them to be very pale. Of course, we don't always have to be realistic about things; we can work something out, I'm sure.
29  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Chymicals and Elemenes: The Tabula Peryodiq of Santharia (in progress) on: 07 July 2008, 03:04:05
Just wondering... would this turn into a periodic table.  That would be cool.  We could have a picture with them all and you could click on them to be taken to a short description.  Just a thought.


I was considering actually drawing the Table of Elements (in the diamond shape as it appears in the Elemene Tabulata) once I had a solid list of elements drawn out. Now that we are in the process of doing this, it is a real possibility.
30  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Chymicals and Elemenes: The Tabula Peryodiq of Santharia (in progress) on: 07 July 2008, 02:45:54
Brilliant! I've been wanting something like this for awhile now and actually considered doing it myself at one point, but you saved me the trouble. Now we are definitely building a strong basis for gnomish entries!
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