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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Categorization Proposal on: 09 January 2006, 12:20:00
Well, you managed to pretty much nail what I was planning on doing.  For now, yes, the armor should go in its own sub-category with the weapons, and we can later go into much more detail if you'd like.  But right now weapons are: a) more diverse and plentiful in types, b) thus more fun.

And yes, I never had any intention of moving weapons to its own menu or out of the Miscellaneous menu.  But hopefully when the project is all finished, it will be much easier to navigate it.

Now, time to begin work on the outline that you suggested.

2  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Categorization Proposal on: 09 January 2006, 00:11:00
Short Blades
    - Knives
    - Daggers
    - Silverphial
    - R’unorian Dagger

    - Shortsword
    - Longsword
    - Erpheronian Broadsword
    - Nightclaw

    - Scimitar
    - Katana / Moonblade

Two-Handed Swords
    - Claymore
    - Greatsword
    - Flamberge
    - Whirlwind

    - Hand axe
    - Great axe
    - Battle-axe
    - etc etc etc

Blunt Weapons
    - Club
    - Mace
    - Flail
    - Warhammer
    - Maul
    - Efryst
    - Striker

    - Spear
    - Lance
    - Pike
    - Javelin (polearm/missile)
    - Halberd
    - Jarga
    - Bardiche
    - Scythe

Missile Weapons
    - Shortbow
    - Longbow
    - Crossbow
    - Arbalest
    - Recurve bow
    - Sling-shot
    - Blowpipe
    - Orcish Warbow
    - Sling

Throwing Weapons
    - Throwing knife
    - Throwing star
    - Throwing axe
    - Boomerang
    - Moondeath
    - Salen Pins
    - Seatooth

Miscellaneous Weapons
    - Steel fan
    - Claw
    - Sickle
    - Arm Blade
    - Corran’Loh
    - Razorclaw
    - Scourge

Weapons That Aren’t Weapons
    - Eya-Hoe
    - Tooth-Hoe

Weapons That Need Clarification
    - Judgement Quill
    - Steelurchin
    - Touch of Death
    - T’weep

Okay, the explanations.  First I shall point out that you will note new weapons that did not exist before.  These are mostly farm tools that I believe would naturally be developed over time.  These I will most likely develop last, as I would like to revise and edit the current weapons before making all-new ones.

Weapons entitled "Weapons That Aren't Weapons" are both types of hoes that should, I believe, be listed in the Gear and Tools section.

Weapons entitled "Weapons That Need Clarification", you will notice are all assassin weapons.  While going through all the listed equipment for information on how to classify the weapons, I noticed there were a great number of different kinds of daggers and things of the sort.  And some of them just didn't seem to make sense.  Such as the Judgement Quill.  I'd have to see a picture of the weapon before I could believe that it could actually do the jobs listed, and I know almost for a fact that the Quill is too large to slide underneath platemail.  Pretty much, I just need a different wording on them to make sure I understand what was trying to be said. (P.S. I believe that all of these weapons belong in the Short Blades category, with the exception of the Quill, which should be in Misc. Weapons.)

Oh yes, in the Polearm section, I will most likely just have spear, javelin, and pike all in the one entry, but for ease, I've left them as separate entries for now.

Also, I noticed that the "broadsword" is a specific weapon in Caelereth.  I think the Erpheronian Broadsword should take its place as the "wide" blade, because the term "broadsword" is actually just a generic term for a European, double-sided sword.  So that's why Broadsword is now just a general category.

And for similar purposes, I've placed all the single-sided swords such as the scimitars and the moonblade into the category "backswords" because "backsword" is a general term for any sword that has a single-side blade.  i.e. a falchion, or a katana.

This is just a suggestion, but I think if the Weapons Overview is changed into these 10 categories, it will make navigating the site much easier.  And any and all of these could change, so if this setup is accepted, feel free to leave out the weapons that dont' have entries yet (like claymore and whatnot, as those may change or just not be added).

I'll have more information and details for you all soon, but comments and questions are always welcome!  (Oh yes, and sorry for the length of this post...)

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 7/9/06 10:10
3  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Weapon:The Eclipsed Tome on: 18 January 2006, 16:45:00
Indeed.  While I do mundane weapons, you should check out the Lance entry.  That should serve as a good template for you, but keep in mind that this is just one blade.  That opens a lot of questions and possibilities for you.

Just do your research.  Late'

4  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re-Working of Weapons on: 11 January 2006, 19:08:00
The lance and the spear are commonly mistaken for one another.  And with pictures, well... it would be hard to tell a lance from a spear unless the lance had a hand-guard.

Nonetheless, as my attention has shifted away from the lance for now, I think I shall simply leave the Kuglim warrior's weapon as just a spear...  Unless the picture is from after the first Sarvonian War.  Then it would be very likely for the Kuglimz to wield the lance since they are renown for their horsemanship.  So all in all, that's just a timing issue.

5  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re-Working of Weapons on: 09 January 2006, 01:14:00
*whew* Now that I'm done posting the new categories that I have thought of, to answer to you, Marvin.  I was actually thinking of tying different variations of weapons to the various tribes.  Like, a claymore for a tribe of human, and zweihander for a different tribe.  Same function, in essence the same sword, but different strokes for different folks.  So yes, I look forward to designing these interesting weapons for the various people.

6  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Re-Working of Weapons on: 07 January 2006, 15:48:00
Thank you all for your encouragement.  I’ve actually been with Santh for a little while, so I know my way around decently well.  So I hope I don’t disappoint you with quality lower than you’re used to.  Anyways, I shall begin by regrouping all of the current weapons already made, and most likely revising some of them.

All the weapons I’ll be working with, however, are mundane items of normal iron and steel.  Enchanted, cursed, ethereal, or otherwise abnormal weapons are well beyond my capabilities.

Also, I dabble a little bit in art.  Doing sketches mainly, but I’d be happy to supply some new artwork for any weapons that don’t have some already.  My style’s a little different from most of Santharia’s thus far, but it may still suffice.

See you around the boards!

7  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re-Working of Weapons on: 06 January 2006, 21:25:00
Hello.  I am a heavy medieval weapons specialist, and I have done an extensive amount of research on nearly all weapons medieval.  And I noticed that your weapons section seemed to have some minor mistakes (may be intentional) and that the weapons overview seemed a little confusing.

I was wondering if you all might like for me to revamp the weapons section and get everything categorized by the type of weapon it is, and then listing it from there.  I will also be willing to add new weapons that I believe would have naturally developed over time (i.e. a halberd, sai and the like).

But of course, everything shall be posted for your input and then your final (dis)approval.  If you're interested, feel free to reply!

8  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Lance on: 08 January 2006, 16:22:00
Alright, I've added the overview (I don't think it has to be labeled...), and I've fixed a couple typos, as well as changed the sentence with the Santerrans to hopefully make more sense.

A thought on the coat of arms: will that have its own description under the picture, or shall I incorporate it into the entry itself?  Either way's fine with me, so whichever you prefer shall be done.

Oh yes, and if/when you put the entry up into the database, could you put the author as "Ruil Mallister"?  This is actually a temporary name, because I really want my character's profile to be the account's first post on Santharia.  I'd really appreciate it. :biggrin  Thanks!

9  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Lance on: 08 January 2006, 11:54:00
Alright, that sounds great.  I had chosen the Centoraurians as a likely source due to their deep connection with their horses, but that is a wonderful idea, Artimidor.  Thank you for pointing that out to me.  That will help greatly in further integrating the weapons into the world of Caelereth.  Afterall, there are many weapons that kingdoms and peoples were known for, such as the Scottish claymore.

I shall revise my lance post to make it even better, and feel free to use the picture.  Or is that a job I do? :|   *has never dealt with pictures before*

EDIT: How's that, Arti?

Edited by: Ken Shinjin at: 1/7/06 19:59
10  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Lance on: 08 January 2006, 11:38:00
Well, I am very pleased that my entry has made such an impression.  :D   First I wrote it in Word (prevents it from being deleted due to a temperamental internet), which helped prevent typos and misspellings.  I'm slightly anal, and posts and such must be as perfect as possible.

Yes, this is all my original work.  I do most of my research at en.wikipedia.org, which I have found to be the most reliable encyclopedia on the internet.  So you can feel free to double-check my work at anytime against their posts there.

I hope my further updates will please you as much as this one has!

11  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Lance on: 06 January 2006, 22:33:00
The lance can be thought of as a heavy spear.  Being a little larger and a tad heavier than the standard spear, the lance is the preferred polearm by many cavalry, especially the Centuraurians and Kassites.  With a stronger fortification of the blade to the shaft, the lance can also be used as a light slashing weapon in addition to its deadly piercing capabilities.  Due to this, the lance is a feared weapon on the battlefield and any wielding them command much respect from his/her peers.



The lance is often confused with the spear.  The main differences between the spear and the lance are as follows: the lance is a little longer than the standard spear, heavier (about 1 hafeb), and sturdier.  The lance is a weapon designed for use from horseback, so its head is usually fixed onto the shaft with more reinforcing.  Usually nearing 3 peds in length, the lance stands much taller than its wielder.

The actual head of the lance can vary based on the culture it is from and the purpose of the weapon.  Some have two smaller blades on either side; some form a cross-shape to catch enemy blades.  Others fan out, or have more ceremonial blades, some even use a hook for catching armor and ripping pieces off.

The usual material for this deadly polearm is separated into the haft and head.  The haft is most commonly made of oak, due to its durable make up, but black birch is the most sought after wood.  Black birch is strong enough to resist breakage, which makes any lance of black birch a most valuable catch, one in which most lords will capture and ransom similar to one of their kin.

The head usually comes made of steel, it being shorter than most sword blades and thus easier to forge.  Iron is a very common substitute, and mithril has been known to be a rare, powerful instance, but the most valuable (relatively easy to get) lances are those made of black birch and steel.

Lances have sometimes come to be confused with the commonly seen tournament lances used in tournies all throughout Sarvonia.  These lances tend to be made to widen outwards to protect the hand from shards, made of light, easily broken wood.  The head is merely a wooden or weak metal, forged to widen out into a broad tip to lessen the impact, and helping to prevent the death of the victim.  However, a “tournie lance” and a normal lance are not to be confused with one another, so the term “war lance” as often been heard to mean the normal lance.

The Centoraurions are renown for their devastating lance charges.  A full regiment of Centoraurion knights wielding their lances are capable of striking down even rival spearmen.  The power of the impact from the lance makes short work of even full-platemail, impaling the poor soldier hit by the lunge.  The lance soon began to spread, but most cultures use a normal spear in place of the javelin, usually because of its versatility.  

Being so heavy, the lance is usually solely used by cavalrymen, but it can also be wielded by infantry.  This normally requires specialized training, but the effects can be devastating.  The weight of the lance requires it to be wielded two-handed, but a firm thrust is all that is needed to finish opponents.

Due to the construction of the lance, it is rarely used outside of wartime or by mercenaries.  Guards and sentries normally are, instead, issued a similarly sized spear to wield.  Centoraurions almost always use the lance, however, as it is commonly associated to their horses, giving them much more interest to the tribe.

Fighting Style
The lance is relatively heavy, requiring the one-handed use of a knight to rely on his/her sheer momentum to keep the lance upwards.  But the impact of a cavalry charge with lances is not to be underestimated, usually resulting in the complete shattering of a unit.

On foot, the lance is a two-handed polearm capable of impaling nearly any enemy.  Although made for thrusting, the lance is also fully capable of slashing.  A large, powerful two-handed slash will most likely be more than enough for a fully armored footknight, the impact and momentum of the blade driving it deep into his/her body.  The strong wood and the steel head are connected with overlapping steel, with a small bit of steel being pushed through a hole in both materials, keeping the head of the lance from snapping off.

However, this is still merely a secondary option for a lancer to use, as its first and foremost usage is for the standard, but ever-so-effective, thrust.

The Centoraurians were first noted using the lance about halfway through the first Sarvonian War.  The Centoraurian cavalry were so powerful that the usage of lances quickly spread to surrounding lands.  Due to the lances’ durability making it capable of being retrieved from one enemy and used on the next, it became a very feared weapon on the battlefield.

Since then, almost all the tribes in North and South Sarvonia has adopted the use of the lance, and even the Santerran Army in Nybelmar has.  Most of these said tribes prefer to give the lances solely to cavalry, preferring the lighter spears for infantry work.  The humans are the ones who use it the most, but even some elves have been seen walking into a battle with a lance under their arms.

The Kassites of Nybelmar were often compared to the Centoraurians, as both cultures became extremely proficient with mounted lancers.However, the Centoraurians are more renown due to their participation in the Sarvonian World War and other large-scale battles.

Many famous individual lancers have also graced the history of Caelereth, even before the first Centoraurians were recorded using them.  One such lancer was the great Teimor, who led his people to the Celeste Lowlands in 1627 b.S.
"…after leading his people to where they are now, [Teimor] found an enormous Cartashian bear. He battled it one on one, the ferocious bear swatted the horse right out from under him. Teimor's lance was shattered beneath his mount. Using his shield he deflected the bear again and again, its jaws tore a hole in the shield. In the end, Teimor grabbed a piece of his shattered lance and pierced the immense creature's heart. Honouring the creature, Teimor founded the first town here."

The lance has always dotted the world of Caelereth, but after the Centoraurians' usage of it in the first Sarvonian War, it became a staple in polearm warfare.

Edited by: Artimidor Federkiel at: 1/8/06 8:20
12  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Map help!! on: 11 January 2006, 19:44:00
Thank you very much!  That has helped tremendously!  *hugs for all*  Solved nearly all my problems! :D  

13  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Map help!! on: 09 January 2006, 20:11:00
I noticed that on the large map of the United Kingdoms of Santharia, it says "1 = 5,000,000", and then the small ruler given goes up to 300.  But I didn't notice what measurement it used.  Can any of you help me?  Because I'm trying to figure out how long it would take my new character to go from Nyermersys to relatively deep into Northern Sarvonia, and then all the way down to Marcogg.  If I could get a by foot analysis then a with horse one, I'd be very appreciative.  Or just the distances.  Either one would be very helpful.

Thank you!

14  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Elven and Dwarven Word Request! on: 20 January 2006, 22:22:00
Could I get an elven and dwarven word for the following words/weapons?

- Axe (only elven needed)
- Blade
- Club
- Hammer
- Spear (only dwarven needed)
- Sword

I noticed these words were missing from the respective dictionaries.  And, since I'm trying to make specific weapon-types for the various races and tribes, it would be so much easier if I had these words to call them.

I'd really appreciate it!!!

EDIT: Oops, Luca accidentally directed me to the wrong forum. ^^;;  My bad.  I'll post this in the right one this time.

Edited by: Ken Shinjin at: 1/20/06 5:24
15  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: Requesting Elven and Dwarven Words on: 22 January 2006, 17:07:00
Okay, but are these elven or dwarven words?

EDIT: They look dwarven, but one can never be too sure...

Edited by: Ken Shinjin at: 1/22/06 0:10
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