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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Magic List on: 27 November 2001, 20:32:00
Hi, Silentsyco here, also Arion Raistlin.  Just joined this RPG, and I have an idea that, although it might be rather difficult to set up, would be very interesting to see happen.  I noticed you guys were discussing different lvls of magic and what should be open to different races and the such, well what if we sort of threw emotion in there too.  It takes (or should at least) a certain amount of concentration and willpower to cast spells, the requirements increasing depending on the level of spells.  It would be interesting to see someone's mood affect the types/amount of spells they can cast.  For instance, if someone's best friend just died, and they were grieving, or hysterical with rage, it would be difficult to concentrate, and thus, accurately cast a spell.  Also, I think it would be interesting to open a few of the very powerful spells only to those in extreme anger from some wrong done to them.  Of course, the spell has a very high chance of also injuring the caster, since it is a high level spell, and requires a lot of concentration, something one does not have complete control over when you're enraged.  Just a few thoughts, you could also have other emotions trigger different reactions, such as a grieved heart opening up healing spells that were unaccessible before.  Using emotions could also have the effect of say, prompting a show of limited magic from someone who is not magically inclined.  Not sure what you all think of this, just a thought I've had for a while and wanted to see implemented in an RPG.

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers"-Silentsyco

2  Organization and General Discussions / Organizational Schedules / hmm... on: 03 December 2001, 12:41:00
Since you mentioned asking questions about different tribes, what is the closest barbarian tribe to the city of Nyermersys?

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