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31  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Basic Alchemical Processes and Tools on: 31 January 2009, 10:53:54
Yep we do have a list on the dev board, but since we are still very much in the process of developing the language, it isn't on site yet. I think Rookie meant to give you this link. ;) Though that the other one would be good if you plan to make so Gnomic words yourself. I'll try my hand at it later today.

32  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Basic Alchemical Processes and Tools on: 30 January 2009, 16:29:54
Iíve taken a look. grin A quick suggestion, because it is way too hot to be near a computer, a few names derived from Gnomic would be good. An example for you: You could have gelazt mean beaker to the gnomes and gelast could be the Tharian derived form. That is a pretty bad example, because Iím not too good at that, but a certain bard is. :)

33  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Cross-reference contest on: 27 January 2009, 10:54:31
I'm just wondering, is there a cut-off date that you can't start the entry before? So any entry started before that date would be ineligible for the contest.

34  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Temperature - Measuring, Calibrating, and Units on: 27 January 2009, 08:57:46
Judy, that is celsius, isn't it? As in one perik equals ten celsius.
35  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Once upon a time... on: 26 January 2009, 08:10:31
Oh, yeah. Go with the young dwaf thing. Though I have basically no knowledge of dwarves, I always thought they were bigger than hobbits and gnomes, so younger one would fit better, me thinks. :D And it would also make it and even more darling scene. Excellent work Faugar! grin

36  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: Gnomish Vocabulary and Grammar Discussion on: 22 January 2009, 14:50:18
Wouldn't having no spaces in between the verb and time signal make it a bit confusing? The main reason I suggested my idea was that it was less strict with the rules. You don't have to necessarily add the furture time signal, but instead you could add tomorrow, or next week. Are we planning to go ahead with this, or just having a time signal for each tense. Because, if we decide to have numerous signals and no spaces then it might become a bit hard to pick the verb out in sentences. I know I sometimes make that mistake with French. And, while I'm sure the gnomes would be fine with this, weren't we trying to make a language that wasn't too hard on us? I'd just prefer the signals to be separate from the verb. I really do like the idea of having loose time signals, instead of rigid ones, and I'm not sure this would be possible when joined to the verb. But I do see you desire to keep it different from dwarven. Perhaps we could have it after the verb, but with a space there? Of course, if you guys think otherwise, then I'm happy to go with the group decision.

I think if we go with the numerous time signals then it will differ Gnomic from Dwarven in that aspect. And it does make it simpler, in my eyes. Otherwise we might get a bit confused with all the tenses. I know at least I will get lost in the six different past tenses, since I'm not very knowledgable with all that language mumbo-jumbo. But maybe you guys disagree. If so, I'll happily go with Judy's suggestion, for the good of the development. But is there a way we could still get my time signal ideas in? The one about being able to have the a different time signal, say yesterday, rather than the usual one. :)

Oh, and Judy a little thing I noticed. The title says Gnomish. Tut-tut. :P

37  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: Gnomish Vocabulary and Grammar Discussion on: 21 January 2009, 16:52:09
I just had an idea that popped into my head when Gaffin mentioned not wanting to conjugate verbs. I am very much of the same opinion, it just makes the language more difficult. Perhaps Gnomic could have no tenses whatsoever. I know that is a rather odd idea, but I think there are a few languages that lack tenses. So maybe it could work. I think Indonesian is one of those languages, so maybe I'll look into how they get by without tenses to see if it makes the language simpler. All of my friends who study Indo say it definitely makes it easy. I'll look into it if you guys think it could work for our little guys. I know from French though, I absolutely hate having to learn numerous tenses. So what do you guys think, could it work? Oh and sorry if this does clash with something. A bit of this language stuff is just comepletely over may head. :P But I think this may also fit in with Rayne's original concept. It allows the language to be less rigid, if I am correct. But I'd have to check.

Edit: A quick glance at wiki told me having no tense is indeed meant to be easier. All you do is add a time signal in the sentence. Now whether you guys think that is actually easier than the above idea is open for debate. The above construction of tenses is rather simple so maybe there isn't much need for my idea. Anyways, I'll give you guys some examples:

Brogur orkel orkelim
I eat food.

Brogur orkel maguk orkelim
I ate or have eaten food. (I got maguk, from guk, meaning time, so I'll follow that for my examples. It was just the first thing that came to my head, so it can be changed. And also, I imagine maguk could also mean something like past or already.)

Brogur orkel gukil orkelim
I will eat food. (Gukil, could also mean future, maybe.)

Brogur orkel aguk orkelim
I am eating food. (And again, aguk could mean something else, such as present, now or middle.)

Brogur orkel mapir orkelim
I ate food yesterday. (This is just an idea, if you want to specify the time of the action, you can add that in instead of the time signal, as it is a signal itself. So mapir could mean yesterday.)

I know that probably doesn't cover all of the tenses, such as the imperative, but I'm in a bit of a rush. And the placement of the time signals can be changed, I just put them before the verb. This concept would need some work though, as this has only taken me a few minutes. Hopefully a few words of what I have said is understandable. Feel free to take or leave this idea, the above one is also good and I'm more than happy to use it. This is just something that popped into my head. :)

Edit II: Another idea I had. Since we are trying to stick as close to Rayne's original concept, and she said the language is fairly loose, allowing switching. Perhaps this switching of the sentence structure could be used to say something. Maybe it is used to emphasise what is in the sentence. I'd say it would probably be more of an oral thing to do. And funnly enough, this is supposedly what happens in Latin and Japanese. So I'm guessing that is why Rayne added that, including the bit about the proper particles always being in the right place. Maybe that need not be for Gnomic. Maybe they have a different way of reorganising the sentence. I'm just putting my ideas out there. grin

38  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Messy-haired young man on: 18 January 2009, 11:28:27
Woah, I had no idea you were an artist, Grun. I agree with Nsiki, the neck seems a bit narrow right now. Aren't necks about the same width as your head? That is what I always thought. Oh, and if you do widen the neck he might make a fine hobbitling. Maybe a little pudgy-fying of his cheeks and a rounder face and he'd be perfect. Or if the cheeks would be too hard to fatten up then he could be older, say close to coming of age. That way he would of lost a lot of baby fat but yet to again more of it in later life. I'd just have to find an entry for him. Of course, if you think there is a better use for him, by all means use him there. :)

39  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: My Art on: 16 January 2009, 10:00:44
Well then lets see what everyone else thinks. :)
40  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: My Art on: 16 January 2009, 09:56:50
Jereth you are an extraordinary artist. As for the forest illustration, I'd say it would do better in another entry than the Thaelon, as that already has quite a few pictre. Perhaps we could find another forest for it. Maybe the Almatrar Forest? And couldn't it also be used the forest in Nepris. Of course, it's up to Arti.

41  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Wyrek, Flying- Riding Animal on: 13 January 2009, 10:28:20
Also, if it can carry elves, I doubt it could carry Brownies. And they already have their own mounts, so they don't need a bigger and probably hard to ride mount.

42  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Cross-reference contest on: 11 January 2009, 15:01:09
I'd say so, Nsiki. Otherwise that is a lot of work for one person.
43  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: A new proposal! on: 11 January 2009, 13:18:17
Seems like a cool idea, but I'm not sure it will work as a mount for the little races. Hobbits wouldn't see the point in flying around this way and that. It would be much to cold and too much effort. I'd guess dwarves wouldn't use it because of the whole living under ground thing. Though, maybe if their tunnels are big enough. That's one for Judy. And as for gnomes, well... I can't see a gnome flying around on a bird. What use would they have? But we have ther shorties don't we *checks* The goblins and mullogs. With the first, they are the same height as Eyelians, so I'd guess the bird would have to be the same size as a gryph to be ridden, and so no much point really. And the mullogs, I'd couldn't really say. They are about hobbit size, but I'm not sure whether they would use a bird like this or not.

Edit: Seems you might not be going with a big bird now. Oh well.

44  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Where On Earth Was Middle-Earth? on: 11 January 2009, 12:31:07
So wait, I was born surrounded by skeletons. AHH!!! Or maybe I was closer to the Bombadil residence. It is amazing I didn't notice. :P
45  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Re: New Gnomish Vocabulary Here! on: 10 January 2009, 09:26:12
Give Judy my best, Alysse. I hope she goes okay. heart

And Gaffin, may I suggest we compile all the existing Gnomic words, whether they are from Rayne's list, the Gnomic entry or other entries, and try and sort them out. A few posts ago I posted some of the rules of Gnomic. Please do tell if I missed anything. And combined with the info on verbs we have, I'd suggest we can sort out a lot of the words. So what do you think, does this seem like a good course of action?

Edit: And in case you don't know where Rayne's list is, look here Oh, and here is another of Rayne's lists, on numbers and time.

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