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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Someone Please Listen! on: 12 July 2002, 14:28:00
The reason I say that is because that's what's in the entry. Like with Animate Dead, under spell class it says Necromancy. I just think the spells should be listed by spell class, not by the School. That would make them easier to find for each mage with a certain specialization.

As for Weaver spells: They're different from other spells, because they aren't really spells. They're Weavings, patterns. Not much to do with reagents or speaking or anything, just pulling magic together in a certain way. I've been working on an update to the Weaver Magic entry, but I'm still not completely satisfiedwith it. I'll get it up when it looks ready to me, it should explain it in more detail.

Oops, heh. This is Tarq, just a different thing.

Edited by: Llandon Elranwe at: 7/11/02 9:29:10 pm
2  Santharian World Development / Races, Tribes and Clans / Re: Please read, Viresse on: 19 July 2002, 00:56:00
Alright, as I said, I'm against the making of a tribe just so that someone can have wolf ears and a tail that serves no real purpose that couldn't be served some other way. But if no one will listen to that, then here's this:

Druids don't have special magic, they have Clerical magic. We've already come to the decision that the entire "shape changing stuff" should be kept to the dragon breed, Demonologists, and Necromancers. Otherwise it just gets out of control. The type of spell you mention is the type of thing I'm talking about when I say out of control. Just changing people into animals to control them? That's what Enchantment is for.

On top of that, the Animal Druids, are neutral and live as recluses, near the animals they love.

Further more, a sorcerer couldn't use the spells of an Animal Druid, or any Druid. He's a sorcerer, not a Druid, or even a Cleric. We've drawn that line already. People with Wizardly magic can't use Clerical magic and vice-versa.

Personally, it really miffs me that instead of coming up with something else to explain your character's weirdness, you do the normal thing and decide to just create a race to house him, and when we say No Races, you just lower the numbers and call it a Tribe. Just using the normal Magic accident as an excuse, fo course, then deciding to make up a spell to suite it, without, it seems, even reading up on the Druids who's magic you used to explain it.

Yea, I'm sure I'll get yelled at by plenty of people for this, but it's just my opinion.

EDIT - Arg! Yea, this is Tarq. Just FYI.

Edited by: Llandon Elranwe at: 7/18/02 7:57:18 am
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