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226  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Doodles!! on: 30 August 2008, 00:15:14
Go right ahead and try your hand at colouring it, Judy, I don't mind.    grin
227  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Doodles!! on: 29 August 2008, 16:04:36
Three new pictures added.

And, yeah... I was seriously doubting that it'd be site worthy at all- due to the fact that I drew it on notebook paper. I tried to draw it again on some blank white paper, but I can't. Oh well.
228  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Doodles!! on: 29 August 2008, 15:41:11
Uhm... I guess. If it's site worthy, I don't see why not.  ^_^  Lol
229  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Vee's Sketchpad on: 29 August 2008, 10:07:31
I'm not completely sure as to whether or not certain things would be usable on site. But, as per request, I have tried my hand at organizing this clutter into four categories. The last category (Unsure) is my pile of things that I don't know if would meet Santh-standards. A little helpful hand would be very appreciated: like pointing out things in the last category that are or aren't site-worthy.

Also! All newer or renewed sketches that I've added will have an asterisk(*) in front of it and will probably be put at the top of the list in whatever respective category that they happen to fall into.

Santh-Usable (I think)
Woman Portrait    /    Gryphon    /    Gryphlet    /    Back Hand Spring
Night Bird    /    Pouty    /    Strutty    /    It's an Ogre?!
Profile Sketch    /    Tree Disease    /    Random Lady

The Weeping Willows
Alile    /    Tristessa    /    Sola

Just for Fun
Seamless Insane    /    Seamless Insane Two    /    Melting Man    /    Sleepy Girl
Samantha    /    Anyone Else But You    /    99 Red Balloons    /    Afro Girl
Hiding!    /    !!!Penguin Down!!!    /    Self Portrait1    /    Self Portrait2
Neopets For The Win    /    Give Me The Moon    /    Strange Things    /    Pen Sketches
Pretty Lovers    /    Penguin & Panda's V-day

Beauty    /    Roots    /    Artist Girl    /    Disproportionate
Sorrow    /    Ashley Portrait    /    Sad Guy    /    Distrubed
Scary Woman    /    Crazy? I'm not Crazy    /    Spunky Chick    /    Strange Man
Loneliness    /    Blood Lady Painting    /    Jessica    /    Martial Artist
GuildWars Pen Sketch    /    Touch    /    Lobstermaid

Strange Little Butterfly Girl
heart ~ Vee ~ heart
230  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: What compendiumists realy look like! (the Mira version) on: 28 August 2008, 07:17:08
Hah!  *Snickerfits*
231  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 24-08-2008 on: 25 August 2008, 07:53:42
Thankies, Gean. ^_^

Oh man. I wish I wasn't so tired from the two planes home, or I might have made some more noise and maybe threw myself a li'l party for my first entry - Cause I'm an uber dork like that. But I was saving up all my energy for imploding in fits of vicious joy over seeing my dogs again.

*Gives herself two tired thumbs up and then goes back to poking lazily at a Flitter-Twitch.*
232  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Death Dance Butterfly , Queprur's Companion on: 10 August 2008, 23:56:49
Dead insects?... yes... I should add that. Heh. It hadn't come to mind at all. ^_^ Thanks.

And the butterfly is very poisonous, as stated in the special abilities section. I'm not familiar with any animal that we have that can ingest something toxic. Though, I'm not too familiar with the other animals taking residency in the Thaelon Forest. shocked   I'll glance around and see if there are any possible predators. If not, maybe I'll make one. grin

Thanks again!

heart ~ Val ~ heart
233  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Death Dance Butterfly , Queprur's Companion on: 09 August 2008, 12:11:19
Thank you for the great suggestion, Talia.

The behaviour section clearly states that the butterfly's life is centered around the finding of corpses- whether it be animal or humanoid- because it is their birthplace, food, and mating ground. I don't see why the butterfly wouldn't explore the entire expanse of the forest in attempts to discover something that is dead to feast upon.

However, I did make them more prominent in one area- which I supplied the name for at your suggestion.

Thank you, again. :)

heart ~ Val ~ heart
234  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Death Dance Butterfly , Queprur's Companion on: 09 August 2008, 03:34:58
You're right, Talia. I did miss Arti's final revision of the Thaelon Forest. However, I have read it now and my decision on here to have the Death Dances residing remains the same. I put the butterfly there because I felt that the forest suited the little critters rather nicely. I, personally, think that the rarity of them makes them more interesting. And their eeriness fits in well with the rest of the eeriness of the forest, IMHO.

Also, I revised and added a bit onto my territory section in order to answer the question of whether or not the butterfly exists throughout the entirety of the forest or not- which they do.

Thankyou :)

heart ~ Val ~ heart
235  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Death Dance Butterfly , Queprur's Companion on: 08 August 2008, 01:12:01
Ooo. Okay. ^_^   Sorry, I should've read through it instead of glancing over it. Thanks. buck

EDIT:   I added in a Researcher section. Hopefully what I jotted down there is sufficient.

heart ~ Val ~ heart
236  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Death Dance Butterfly , Queprur's Companion on: 07 August 2008, 18:54:10
shocked  I have no idea how to make the special abilities section sound less sciencey. But, I'll try to "vagify" it a bit for you. Though, I'm not quite sure how Eleyr's researcher would work out, since he seemed to be centered around the Red Diamond Butterfly- though I can't be certain, as I only gave the entry a glance through. I'll poke at the researcher some more, and at the inhabitants of the forest as well.

 ... And I changed "ballet" to "dance" for now, since I have noooo idea what the answer to that question would be. Heh! Anyway. Everything, except for those two bits- myth and special abilities- has been integrated. Yay.  buck

EDIT:   I poked at special abilities and have removed the myth/lore section. I think I'll just leave it out until further notice- when I come up with a big fancy story for it.

heart ~ Val ~ heart
237  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: The Dark Knight on: 07 August 2008, 00:21:44
Aw. And I was so keen to read the rest. ^_~
238  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Death Dance Butterfly , Queprur's Companion on: 06 August 2008, 00:06:00
Alright! All of your comments have been integrated, Drúadan, except for any expansion on the Myth/Lore section. Honestly, I have no idea how I would expand it. I can't think of anything else to add onto the story, sadly. Really, I just think I'm a bit burnt out at the moment.  *Rustles and kshkshs in a very leafy way.*

heart ~ Val ~ heart

by the way, "ksh-ksh" (pronounced: k-shh) is the sound that plants make when they giggle. :P
239  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / the Flitter-Twitch Butterfly on: 05 August 2008, 20:30:47
Edits made pretty in Pink.

the Flitter-Twitch Butterfly

The Flitter-Twitch Butterfly is a spastic, obnoxious little thing. Despite being very small, these colourful tiny insects still make themselves noticed. They flitter. They twitch. They fly around clumsily at high speeds and hit you in the face.

Animals, Smaller

If any insect could possibly be considered cute, it would be the Flitter-Twitch Butterfly. And if any insect could be considered absolutely obnoxious, it would also be the Flitter-Twitch Butterfly. Of course, one would have to find and catch the crazy bug first. However, whether or not someone were to actually manage to get their hands on one, the most noticeable thing about this butterfly is its size. It isn't that it is of any particularly impressive proportions, quite the opposite. It is simply that this insect is so very small. So small, in fact, that one would be hard pressed to actually notice it at all, if it weren't for their spastic nature.

Though, not as tiny as the Ceruwing Butterlfly, the Flitter-Twitch is still quite small with a wing span that can be anywhere between four to seven nailsbreadths. Despite its small size, its strong back supports two sets of thin wings on each side of its short, stubby body. It is assumed that the extra set of wings that this butterfly sports is the reason behind their erratic flight patterns, as well as their speed. One wing usually consists of two parts, the fore wing and the hind wing, which are both usually a fat oval in shape. The insect is most commonly found in different shades of pastel blues with pink and/or green dots speckling the crest of its wings.

The only real variance between different populations of this butterfly is the shade of its wings. Should this insect live in the more northern reaches of it's territory, the base colours of its wings tend to be red, orange, yellow and all of the shades inbetween. However, if it were to dwell in the more southern reaches of its territory, then its wings tend to be either purple, blue, green, or any of the shades inbetween. Yet, in the middle, where the north and south meet, this little bug can be any of a vast selection of hues, ranging across the entire spectrum of colour.

Its head is big compared to the rest of its body and two large eyes, one of each situated on either side. The eyes, to put it simply, are huge. The head, which is actually a thin oval shape, looks round due to the insect's bulbous eyes. Though it has eyes of nearly ridiculous proportions, it could be argued that the insect might as well be blind since it spends so much of its time ramming into things. The eyes are always a glossy light blue colour. Its antennae, which sit directly above its eyes, are usually a mere nailsbreadth in length and are shaped much like thin clubs. Its black proboscis, which extends from just below the butterfly's eyes, curls tightly under it's chin.

The insect's body is short and stubby and usually is about three nailsbreadths in length. Its body, no matter the colour of its wings, is always covered with a very fluffy green fur, which varies in shade. Like most butterflies, this one has six legs. Two forelegs and four hind legs. However, it is not unusual to see one that is missing one or more limbs. After all, one can't possibly expect to be constantly ramming into things without some sort of injury to show. The fine hairs that coat the bottom half of this insect's legs are either green or pink depending upon the butterfly's gender, the former belonging to the females and the latter belonging to the males. Though, unlike most butterflies, the males and females are indistinguishable from each other by any other visual means.

This pesky, little annoyance that calls itself a butterfly can be found throughout the majority of Santharia. Though its territory spans from Marcogg to the Celeste Lowlands, the bulk of its kin live between the Heath of Jernais and the Rimmerins Ring. However, they tend to mostly reside out in open areas, such as large fields, because it is simply impossible for them to live for too long within forests due to their bad habit of smashing headfirst into objects larger than themselves.

The Flitter-Twitch Butterfly retains the ability to thrive in almost any kind of environment. However, the less trees and other formations large enough for it to recklessly crash into, which could be pretty much anything the size of a child's fist or larger, the better. This insect's tendency to fly about as fast as possible with no regard for objects much larger and much sturdier than itself often leads to injury, and sometimes death. Despite its odd, even suicidal habits, the butterfly thrives throughout a large portion of Southern Sarvonia.

Much like its name suggests, this butterfly simply cannot sit still. When it is not taking to recklessly flying about, it is dining on a particularly bright flower while twitching in place. Seemingly packed full of nothing but energy and unable to sit still, the insect will sometimes even pause what it is doing to flitter about the flower for a moment before landing and resuming its dinner.

Other than that it is undoubtedly obnoxious beyond reason especially when one is attempting to cross through an area that this little critter has decided to congregate in, because nobody likes being bowled into by a butterfly. Not too much is understood about its nature. Mostly, this bug is just viewed as an annoyance rather than something pretty and sweet, as most butterflies are thought to be. It has been noticed, though, that this insect does prefer to fly about in very small 'swarms', which generally tend to be fifteen to sixty butterflies in size.

The Flitter-Twitch dines on a multitude of wild flowers, which bloom throughout the territory that they inhabit. As a caterpillar, it will eat any leaf of any plant that it happens to be laid upon. Though, as a butterfly, it tends to somewhat prefer flowers that are brightly coloured. Amongst the many varieties of flora that this little insect delights in calling lunch are plants such as the Dalferia flower, the Dreamers Breath flower, and Erissa's Tears.

This butterfly's life begins and ends during the spring. It does not require any type of traits or show to be met for the mating to begin. Instead, it simply goes on doing what it has been doing for the entirety of its adult life, crashing into things. Though, of course, instead of crashing into objects, such as trees or people, they aim to crash into each other. Despite that this sort of thing happens all of the time, it can only end with a mate being chosen come springtime. Once the female butterfly has mated with a male, both parents will die shortly thereafter.

Before dying, of course, the female will find the closest green, leafy plant upon which to lay her eggs. On average, the female butterfly will lay anywhere between eight to ten eggs at a time. The egg is usually an oblong shape and seems white at first, but is actually a very light shade of blue. Generally it takes two weeks for the egg to hatch and the larvae to emerge. This larvae is a peculiar looking critter. Impossibly small with its oversized eyes, it begins its life no more than one nailsbreadth in length. However, it looks like nothing more than a moving lint ball, as they are completely covered with fuzzy green fur. Through the course of the next three weeks, the caterpillar grows two more nailsbreadths in length and becomes very fat with food.

When the time comes for it to cocoon itself, it simply stops wherever it happens to be and does so on the spot. Another two weeks of gestation in its cocoon turn this cute little caterpillar into a cute, though horribly obnoxious tiny butterfly. After it breaks free of its cocoon, it then finds a place to hang upside down in order to allow its wings to dry and inflate. Because this butterfly is so very small, inflation usually only takes up to fifteen minutes. However, the insect still requires another half an hour for them to dry completely. Once both of these tasks are complete, it clumsily flies away to repeat the entire cycle again.

All of what is known about the Flitter-Twitch Butterfly is credited to Liefloff Sjugnarr. Over several months were spent travelling and studying this tiny insect, though there are possibly quite a few things still left to be known about it. One of his discoveries concerning this bug has to do with its gender and how to differentiate between them. Via a series of tests and very close observation, he had noticed that only the butterfly with green fur coating its legs laid eggs.

heart ~ Val ~ heart
240  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: The Death Dance Butterfly on: 05 August 2008, 18:25:57
Woo! Everything is finished, though I'm not too sure about how good the Myth/Lore section is. That area really stumped me, big-time. Anyway. The Queprur's Companion is finished and I am now itching for someone to just... rip this apart for me, if they can.    *Glees!*

heart ~ Val ~ heart
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