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256  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Noxie-Pie is in the Building on: 08 November 2007, 11:04:18
Bonjour, dollies. I am Valeri. Better known as Nox on the RPG board. I don't bite... usually.

I kind of have schooling that I go to. It's a complicated situation and I'm much too tired of explaining it to do so right now or ever again. I am an artist. I write often, I draw all the time, and I sing once in a while. I rant a lot. Periodically, I'll even draw something that's decent. And I only sing in the shower or when I'm feeling particularly like I should be living in a musical.

I am a martial artist and am currently a brown belt who is slacking off and missing a lot of class due to bad knees and weak ankles. I'm doing weight training to fix this problem before I really start up on it again and get my red belt as I was supposed to about a month ago. Unfortunately, at the moment, I couldn't go and earn my red belt right now if I wanted to because I can't land any of the jump side-kicks in my form as my ankles and knees are too weak to keep from buckling... Enough ranting about that, though.

I've been around for... uhm.. I actually haven't kept track of how long it's been since I joined the RPG side of things. But I had known about this site for about two years before I actually was able to work past my shyness and join. So, now I'm upon the Dev boards. Though, I honestly have no idea why. I suppose that I'll eventually create something nifty, perhaps even in the near future.

So... uhm. Yeah. This is my little "Hello, I'm here" post. I think I've got the basics:

1.)   Stay clear of Miraran's Greenhouses as I am told they're dangerous.
2.)   Keep out of Artimidor's sock-drawer. Though it currently has yet to actually exist in his spiffy, squeaky-new flat.
3.)   Stay away from Talia's "Apprentice Workspace". I think it was called the Dungeon of Doom or something of the like?
4.)   Avoid all Marmarans, especially Decipher, I believe it was.
5.)   And run from all and any moments of Petros singing for reasons that I have yet to discover.

*Winks and smiles prettily.*   I'm a quick learner but I frighten easy and am skittish as a Strata Cat, so please be gentle. ^_~

~ heart Noxie heart ~

EDIT:   Wow. I literally stared at the post button for a little over half an hour before actually working up the nerve to click it. A simple little task which still proved to be amazingly hard to do. And when it happened it was indeed a surprise. My reaction is recorded in the IRC as such:

[09:02:PM] Nox: I'm still trying to decide if I should or shouldn't.
[09:02:PM] Garret: lol ... but you feel compelled to post it
[09:02:PM] Nox: Shhh shhhhh
[09:02:PM] Garret: lol
[09:04:PM] Nox: OH MY GOD
[09:04:PM] Nox: I just clicked it
[09:04:PM] Garret: lol
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