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31  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 08 November 2015, 08:12:12
Comments would be most appreciated, Shabby! I am welcoming any comments, questions, and suggestions for all areas of this. I just ask to keep in mind that the current Orcs are going to be scrapped for new either cave dwelling or ship/barge dwelling orcs that are more Viking esque.  Also, more Myths and Lores are being composed- and the myth for Qu'prur's Heart is still unfinished.

Ohh.... Snow orcs. Rumored to have bolstered their numbers by interbreeding with Snow Trolls. Whether these claims hold any merit is questionable, especially considering the source of the information. Especially since the Kasumarii are notorious for their hate of the orcs of the region....?

32  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: What's the Matter with Santharia? on: 05 November 2015, 13:03:33
Hm... I would like to note that I'm on the site via my cellphone today without any wifi, and the last couple days I've been accessing it via an iPad. I haven't had any trouble navigating any part of the site on my phone, even doing HTML codes in posts on the iPad was- a little tedious at first- but ultimately rather easy.

This brings forward a thought. Could an app be made?

I think this is worth looking into, which I will start doing. I'll post about it again when I've learned more about apps and what it takes to make one.
33  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Sleeper in the Snow, Icelands Coast, Predator on: 04 November 2015, 18:33:30
Corrections, suggestions and comments made lovely in Lime!


The Sleeper in the Snow, as known by the Remusians, is considered by many sages and researchers as a unique land ray.  Upwards of two peds in length and equally wide, it seems to “swim” through snow and ice as easily as normal sea rays swim in the seas.  It is found wihin< within the frozen north of Sarvonia, concentrated in the Iceland Coast region, but stories of even larger ones being found in Cyhalloi have been told.  They are a predator that much is unknown, yet is much speculated on. Ooo! I love these already, as I love rays! Yay!


The Sleeper in the Snow is thought to be a type of land ray, in large part because of its physical resemblance to rays found in the sea.  The Sleeper has a wide flat body that can reach up to two peds in length and being equally wide.  From its head to its tail runs its trunk, which can be about a fore in thickness and two fores wide, which then tapers out to the end of its wings.  It does not have separate limbs.  Male and female Sleepers are roughly the same size, with males having larger claws.

It has pale flesh, covered in a fine covering < repetitive use of the word "covering", perhaps "coat" or another synonym would make this sentence less halting of silky white fur no more than a nailsbreadth in length.  At the end of each wing, closer to the front, are two claws that it uses to tear the flesh of its prey.  It has a tail, but it is short and thick, and researchers believe this is because it does not need a tail to use as a rudder the way sea rays do.

The sleeper’s< Sleeper's (capitalize) head consists of two pink eyes, and a mouth on the bottom with a double row of jagged< comma sharp teeth.  This is most definitely a predator.  Its nose is found further down its belly, and is not much more than a bulbous mound of flesh with four slits for air intake.  It does not have gills the way sea rays do.
   Special Abilities

The Sleeper has what many researchers suggest is an innate magical ability.  Though there are disagreements on how this magical ability in< is manifested.  Some argue that the Sleeper uses Fire< fire (lowercase) magic, melting the ice and snow before it as it glides along.  Others contend that it uses a Water based spell to change the form of the ice and snow.

Whatever the method, the Sleeper in the Snow can travel at amazing speeds through ice or snow.  In snow, it has been known to overtake a horse and rider.  Through ice it is considerably slower, but a man would be hard pressed to outrun it.

In snow, one can track the Sleeper by watching as the level of the surface snow falls slightly as it passes through.  It is a skill the Ice Tribes have perfected in both hunting the creature, which is rare, and trying to avoid it.


The Icelands Coast area is the only confirmed place where the Sleeper is known to exist.  During particularly long winters with much snow, it is known that this area can expand greatly.  There have been sightings as far south as Kuglim lands.  Of course, the Tandala Mountains form a natural boundary and no sightings have ever been made south of them.

Other locations rumoured to be inhabited by the Sleeper is the far northern areas of the Caaehl’heroth Peninsula and Cyhalloi.  Some stories of the creature in Cyhalloi have certain members of the species as over five peds in size.  There has never been proof of this, it must be noted. < I would suggest that Dying Ice Ridge on the east coast of Guldor or The Rolling Snows on Folasch would be perfect places for this awesome creature to be rumored to exist, and it would be hard for even natives to search these areas for the Sleepers due the former being ice marshy badlands and the latter being full of Snow Trolls.

The Sleeper is a solitary creature.  It is very territorial and spends its time moving through its territory searching for food and looking to chase off others of the species.  Because of its reclusive nature, not much is known of its habits other than mating and hunting.  It is a silent hunter, as there are no reports of it making any noise of its own.


The Sleeper in the Snow is a top tier predator.   This means that there is almost nothing that it will not hunt.  From the humble hrugchuk mouse to wison calves, it is a creature that is not afraid to challenge prey larger than itself.  Though man is not a preferred food source, there have been reports of lone travelers being attacked.

The Sleeper uses stealth to hunt.  It approaches the prey from beneath the snow cover.  With blinding speed it can burst from the snow and reach a height equal to its body length.  The two claws on the end of each wing then grab hold of its prey and it pulls itself tight against the prey.  From there, its underside facing mouth is pressed against the unfortunate animal, and the sharp teeth do their business.

The Sleeper is not a combative hunter as much as it is a stealthy hunter.  Though it will physically engage its prey, it holds on only long enough to take as many bites as it can before releasing itself and falling back into the snow and disappearing, only to circle round and attack again from a different angle, < or attacking another animal if one is available, such as in a wison herd.  This saves it from sustaining injuries, as it really has no physical defenses.


The Sleepers are solitary animals.  They come together only to mate, which usually happens in spring.  The male will chase down a female and mount her by laying on top of her.

The female usually gives birth to two or three live young in the fall.  The young, about a fore in length, are able to follow the mother immediately.  They will stay with the mother all winter, then go off on their own the next spring.  Females who do give birth will not mate again until the following spring.  

During the winter it must be noted that females with young are particularly aggressive as they both protect their young and struggle to feed them.  It is the females with young that most human encounters occur.


Note to Readers:  Necteref is a strange deity in the Remusian pantheon, in that the deity often changes sex roles, appearing as a god in one myth, while becoming a goddess in others.  To many this is considered confusing and even antithetical to Ice Tribe mentality.  However, the Ice Tribes themselves seemingly find no contradiction in this and just accept each myth based on their own merit.

In the days when the gods walked the land, Chelinor, the God of Snow, fell in love with Necteref, the Goddess of Death.  Necteref, however, did not feel the same about the god.  For years she rebuffed his advances.  Still, Chelinor was not to be denied.  

One day, Chelinor followed Necteref onto the Frozen Waste.  Though she tried to run and escapre< escape, she could not travel through the snow as easily as the God whose domain was the very snow that slowed her down.  Chelinor was able to catch her and he took her against her will.

Afterwards, Necteref became with child.  When she gave birth, she was determined that her children would not be slowed by the snow and ice as she had been, but they would bring death in the way that she could do.  Thus was the Sleeper in the Snow born unto the world.  Bringers of Death that glide through the snowy recesses of the far north.


Ice tribes do not use much of the Sleeper.  The meat, what little there is, is very tough and not flavourful.  They do use the hide, however, as a cape.  The claws are fashioned into clasps and they wrap the hide around them. < What about its bones? Perhaps they could be used for something. Or maybe the skin would also make a great blanket for infants? Perhaps it would be perfect to make a travel bundle for a baby out of, as it locks in warmth and fends off cold? Just a random thought...

Teeth are used in jewelry and as arrowheads.

34  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: What's the Matter with Santharia? on: 04 November 2015, 14:19:25
Well... I wrote a couple long winded posts to share my thoughts. But instead I think I'll just look around for areas to perform CPR on.

*turns and shuffles off, a swarm of butterflies trailing behind her as she scribbles furiously in a tiny notebook.*
35  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Barekmahr - Manthrian Town on: 02 November 2015, 17:41:06
Corrections, suggestions and comments made pretty in Plum

Barekmahr (pronounced bark-MAWR) is a seaside town in eastern Manthria, in the United Kingdom of Santharia. The so-called “arsehole” of Manthria, its primary industry is the processing of the flotsam that floats down the Mashdai down to the Adanian Sea. Every piece of rubbish thrown away by the various towns along the Mashdai finds its way to Barekmahr, as well as a plume of sewage. Its people too are human flotsam, and they are the rogues and scoundrels of Manthria that can find honest work nowhere else. Yet despite that, the circulating hardscrabble of Barekmahr have managed to find a place where they can survive, if not exactly thrive.

As the clear River<river Mashdai flows down from the mountain slopes, it gets somewhat less clear as it passes through the cities, particularly Marcogg. Trash of all kinds gets thrown into the Marshai, and at certain times of year, the river begins to resemble a moving dump more than a waterway.  But as the dump enters the sea, the people of Barekmahr are there to intercept them<"are there to intercept it". Trash barges filter off the top layer of debris and bring it back to the beach, where the people of the town filter through it their bare hands. Every piece of metal is meticulously cleaned and sold to the craftsmen of Marcogg to be made back into things of value. The organic matter is buried and used as fertilizer, helping feed the people of Barekmahr. What remains on the beach is then burned to form a cloud of greasy and foul-smelling smoke over the town.

The town itself does not look like very much. It is composed of a few hundred poorly constructed shacks that sit overlooking the sea and the river, made mostly of the characteristic eastern Manthrian whale-bone.<whalebone Most of the houses have gardens, well fertilized from the waste of the river, where much of the food that the town consumes is produced. The town's only real public building is the meeting house, a large building made of whalebone. There, the town's business and voting is conducted and town-wide meeetings<meetings are held. Perhaps more important than the goverment of the town<comma is the town's still which is also located in the meeting house. In that still, the much loved strong spirits of the town are produced, much to the disdain of the town's "upstanding citizens", as they are. Farther away, along the sea lies a great flat area of sand, covered in the concentrated waste of a huge portion of Manthria, where most Barekmahrers spend most of their waking hours, searching for things of value in all the mess.<repetitive use of the word "most", maybe replace it with "the majority of" or some other alternative?

Sitting in a pile of human filth searching for the tiniest glint of a piece of metal does not seem like much of an escape to the elites of Marcogg or Ciosa, but for the people who call Barekmahr home, it is a vital escape from their previous lives. Only the most desperate call Barekmahr home, and there is a constant flow of people leaving the town for better work elsewhere. Yet for each upwardly mobile person parting the town, there is inevitably another down on their luck that enters it<period

Barekmahr is located on the south side of the mouth of Mashdai River, the largest river in Manthria. It is located approximately 500 strals to the east of Marcogg, the nearest major city to the town. Very few towns of any noticeable size exist within a few dozen strals of Barekmahr, largely due to the cloud of fumes that hangs over the town and its vicinity. The nearest town to Barekmahr lies over the Marshai to the north, nearly 50 strals away.

Administratively, Barekmahr lies within the fief of Parthanul, part of the Duchy of Marcogg, though officials claiming to come from the Thane rarely are respected in such a den of villainy and trash as Barekmahr. The respect, or lack thereof, goes both ways, and as long as the goods and taxes continue to flow, Barekmahrers are generally left to their own business.

If you are a thief or layabout without any productive skills and with the desire to stay away from the authorities, Barekmahr is the perfect destination. It is isolated and well away from any prying eyes that might recognize an outcast from their hometown. Because of that, Barekmahr is truly a melting pot of different ethnicities and backgrounds. Given the location, most Barekmahrers are Avennorians, though there are many immigrants down on their luck from elsewhere in Santharia or from farther away.

Given the base of the population as rogues, escaping from elsewhere, most Barekmaherers are men. This has led to harmful social dynamics with brutal competition among men for women, destroying any semblance of social order. However, in recent years, more and more women are escaping from prostitution and marriage in Marcogg and the countryside to the relative freedom of Barekmaher, helping rectify previous social ills. Barekmahrers might spend all their waking hours sifting through human waste, but they are free, now and forever from whatever obligations that they held in a previous life.

Many of those who are born in Barekmahr leave at some point during their lives, typically leaving to go to a bigger city like Ciosa or Marcogg. For instance the father of the noted Manthrian pirate Rekj Snivild was originally from Barekmahr, though the father later left for Ciosa. From the constant flow of emigrants and immigrants, Barekmahr is full of transient people, and it lacks the homogeneity that other towns of a similar size possess. Despite that, Barekmahrers possess a sense of solidarity unrivalled in the region, because they realize that a town built on nothing but trash cannot survive for long divided.

The primary resource of Barekmahr is the same as its greatest curse: the trash. The trash that is so overpoweringly pungent that gives the town its uncharitable nickname is the very reason that the town exists at all. Inside the clumps and crowds of food-waste and sewage lies some valuable products that can be painstakingly filtered out of the trash and sewage by thousands of human hands. Every piece of metal and every shard of pottery can be used for something else, and Barekmahrers transform them into brand new things to trade.

Another valuable product that the river brings are formerly living materials, mostly food. That waste, already processed by the flow of the Mashdai and the natural capacities of yealm marshes is some of the most valuable and accessible fertilizers in the region and it is used with gusto by farmers nearby. Locals also use the waste to fertilize their home gardens, used to produce much of the food that the town consumes.

The most distinctive characteristic of Barekmahr’s climate is the stench. The scent of burning trash and to a lesser extent sewage permeates the town, rendering the scent of the air about as appealing as eating the trash itself.  Other than what has been created by humans, Barekmahr climate is similar to all the other seaside towns that dot the eastern coast of Manthria. The stiff sea breeze pushes much of the stench of Barekmahr north east, away from the town, much to the gratitude of Barekmahrers. While the stench of the town very well may be a very prominent quality that it has, climate goes beyond that. Does all the trash burning fires make it muggy there? If the rest of the weather is like other seaside towns along the eastern coast, put in a sentence or two describing those particular weather patterns. Even though it may be described elsewhere on site already, we don't want to force people to hunt around for information and anything that also pertains to this town should be reiterated here in your own words.

1550 b.S   Founding of the Town. On the site of a tiny fishing hamlet, Barekhmhar is founded by Avenorians trying to get rich quick by collecting things of value from the trash plume. They did not succeed in that mission, but the town they founded proved enduring.
210 a.S   Great Pestilence. A great wave of illness brought most of Barekmhar to Queprur, therefore ending the lineage of most of the original settlers of the town The town was mostly abandoned at that point, though by 235 a.S, escapees from the rest of Manthria repopulated the town.
850 a.S   Growth of Marcogg. As the city of Marcogg grows and grows, the quantity of the trash it produces grows as well, much to the benefit of Barekmhar. Barekmhar begins to expand in earnest about this time, reaching its current population around 900 a.S.
1025 a.S   The Storm of Three Nights.   This storm, though not as strong in Barekmhar as it was farther north, batters the town, destroying many homes. More dangerously, the barges that collect the trash from the river are damaged, requiring rapid repair.
1471 a.S   The Destruction of the Still. In this year, Barekmhar's still is shutdown by radicals who blame the spirits produced there for the town's ills of idleness and violence. The still is quickly repaired, and the drink continues to flow into the mouths of the town's drunks, much to the chagrin of those who had smashed the still in the first place. If anything, the unmet need for drink among the drunkards promoted violence, not reduced it.

Lovely- kind of :P  Or, well, as lovely as a town centered around refuse can be. I envy your descriptive yet curt writing style. I, myself, tend to babble.

Good work!

36  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 02 November 2015, 13:33:03
Thank you. I wrote this so long ago. It's hard to recognize problems with something you've reread and rewritten bits of separately, you kind of become desensitized to it as a whole. I'm fairly certain that I have addressed and fixed all things that you have pointed out, as well as rewritten a few bits of it. However, I was unable to color the revisions as I am at work and doing this via an iPad- writing code without a real keyboard or mouse is pretty tedious.

I kindly ask you not to worry about the Orcs bit, as they will be completely revised and everything written about them will most likely be completely disposed of. At the time I wrote it, I was heavily prejudiced against orcs. Lol, much like the Kasumarii are. Anyway, I am currently trying to come up with a new name for the orcs.

My list of tribe names are:
FrostFoot orc  :  K'mul'bora-oc
FrostFang orc  :  K'mul'ruk-oc
FrostTusk orc  :  K'mul'tuk-oc
FrostMoon orc  :  K'mul'polk-oc

MoonBlood orc  :  Polk'tlor-oc  /  Polk'vok-oc
MoonFoot orc  :  Polk'bora-oc
MoonFang orc  :  Polk'ruk-oc
MoonRock orc  :  Polk'inuk-oc

BloodMoon orc  :  Vok'polk-oc  /  Tlor'polk-oc

ColdFoot orc  :  Wrosz'bora-oc
ColdBlood orc  :  Wrosz'vok-oc  /  Wrozs'tlok-oc
ColdRock orc  :  Wrosz'inuk-oc
ColdMoon orc  :  Wrosz'polk-oc

suggestions for "ice" in orcish:  roszul ,  wr'ul ,  k'rosz
37  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / "You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it." on: 12 August 2014, 14:31:25
It has been announced that a very beloved actor and comedian, Robin Williams, has died.

While he may or may not have been a prominent figure in your lives, he certainly was in mine. I'm not saying that I knew the man personally, as I did not- but I certainly wished that I had. I grew up watching television shows and movies starring Robin Williams, and he was a defining influence for me in regards to my personality, and the qualities I look for in others. Robin has always been a huge inspiration to me. He is my idol; I love and admire him.

This incredible and humble actor and comedian made me realize that while I might grow older, it does not mean I have to grow up. Though I may become more and more weighed down with the responsibilities that come with striking out on your own and becoming a member of society, it did not mean that I needed to bury the me as a child- as that is who I truly am.

Robin Williams fed my imagination as a child, encouraged me to dream not just big- but to dream gigantic. And as an adult, his standup filled me with much needed laughter to relieve all the stress of my responsibility-laden day-to-day life.

I've known for a very long time now that he was deeply depressed- and unlike many others who also knew, it never crossed my mind as to why he could be depressed. I, myself, have battled my demons and come out scathed and bloody. And I could never say that I really won against my depression, as it was still there lurking even if momentarily stifled. So many seem to think that fame, fortune, success and other outside influences have to do with personal happiness. But, so often, it does not. It has nothing to do with it. It is no wonder that comedians so often are found to have issues with depression, as laughter is one of the greatest stress relievers that someone can offer. I cannot say what might have been the demons with which he wrestled, and I will not say that he should have been thankful and joyous with all that he'd had. Not all are capable of such, despite the joy and inspiration that they themselves may be gifting to those around them.

I will not demean him by trying to figure out why he could feel the way that he felt. Rather, I extend my love and respect to him for keeping up the good fight as long as he did. He was not weak, he was so very strong. He was a beautiful person and a beautiful mind. The world is a lesser place without him and he will be deeply missed by everyone who has had the pleasure to know him, even if it was only from a very far distance.

Thank you so much for leaving your mark on this world so visibly. Though I had not had the incredible privilege of meeting you in person, you were one of the best influences in my life- and you will continue to be. I love you and may you rest easy.

Robin Williams
July 1951 - August 2014
You are loved.
38  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 11 August 2014, 03:34:00
Perhaps I was reaching a little bit with "Tsu'prur" (or "Tscu'prur) in trying to change the pronunciation a little bit as well. But I'm not so keen on "Kae'pr'pur".  "Kae" could work, but I would probably prefer "Kae'prur" if I went that way. I just don't like the excited use of apostrophes, if it can be avoided. :P

I'll take a look at the sea-distances site. Thanks for the reference.
39  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 10 August 2014, 03:12:49
Thank you very much, Arti. :) I sometimes miss "u"s, being American. ;P Anyway--
I'll make sure to correct all of that tonight, or within the next week at least.

However- Qu'prur was an intentional misspelling of the Goddess's name. I was even thinking of changing it just a touch more, as the Kasumarii have been separated from Sarvonia for so long (2000 some years). Since they have an affinity for starting names with "K" and "Ts", I was thinking " Tsu'prur " maybe- I really like the "prur" part of her name (because it sounds like "pure" to me, and Tsu'prur would sound like "So pure"- which makes a weird kinda sense with the way that they regard her as not just Death, but as infinity, so to speak.)

Also, a lot changed between the last time I tossed out a map and now. In fact, pretty shortly after making that map I made huge alterations to the entry and switched things around yet again. Tuttinbu was only there because I was trying to make some kind of weird language for the Faburi- a tribe that I ultimately decided not to add to the continent. I do like the Faburi, however, and I kind of hope that they get added into the world yet, just to a different continent as they don't suit Cyhalloi in my mind. Maybe if the Orcs didn't live here already, the Faburi would have a place- but that isn't the case.

As for the distances... it really kind of makes my brain turn into a pile of lifeless sludge to try to do that kind of math. (Or any kind of math beyond counting on my fingers, really.) Talia was saying I should put the time the voyage would take? And Mina was saying I should put the distances too, because I should know the distances? But I don't know any distances. And I have no idea how much sea a trade ship can cross in the span of a day or a week. But I'll try to figure it out buck

Anyway. I'll do my best to get a map set up for you soon with correct places names and another with tribe territories laid out.
40  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 06 August 2014, 18:03:16
It's been a billion years- I'm sorry....

I cannot stress to you enough my extreme dislike and ineptness at math in general. Anyways--

I placed a port called Ludor, mentioned in the Storm Cloaks entry, which they will use as their own personal port 'Guild' city, so to speak, for trade with other continents and as their base of operations. I was thinking that I would place it upon the island just northeast of Lockette, since I had originally intended for neither of those islands (Lockette or the smaller one adjunct to it) to be approachable by ship. However, if you honestly think that that is too far as well I won't mind changing it over so that Ludor is upon the little spit of land just southwest of Lockette. It's not a big change for me, and I leave it to the discretion of the folk more savvy in seafaring than I.

Also, I have changed Waning Island up a bit so that it is more of just a city than a port, one that they do not just freely allow insiders to enter. I'm thinking that Ludor will be the only place that they really let people freely wander into, as it will be a trading port. As for the goods that they'll trade- I suppose that I'll have to figure that out by refreshing myself on.. every... little.. tiny... eensy.. bit of information on the Kasumarii that the site has to offer. However, the Storm Cloaks entry states that they trade in skills and services as battle ships and such. But I am sure that I can figure out other things for the Kasumarii to trade- after finally making contact with Sarvonia and, I'm sure, realizing the importance of trade with the continent in the ways of supplies as to ease their living in the harsh climate, I'm sure they can come up with a few products that world would desire. (especially since they will have no money and will work strictly upon a barter system)

There will also be no travel to the Deity Isles. Perhaps some kind of artifact quest can be composed there, but I intend on the Kasumarii being incredibly superstitious about that particular set of isles due to the stories of the Totem from the people who have visited the place. No one in their right mind wants to be subjected to the whims of the deity living there- or whatever it may be. Perhaps I'll be able to figure that out at a later(ish) date.

I will add the Ulvur into the Races section shortly.
41  Santharian World Development / Santharian Artists Workshop and Resources / Re: Pale Frogstool and Flitter-Twitch Butterfly pic on: 24 April 2013, 08:14:47
I know I haven't been around at all in a long time, my life has been a troublesome matter- But I love this. It's cute and spot-on. Thank you for this wonderful illustration of my annoying little butterfly, Seeker.
42  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 10 November 2012, 06:18:40
I assure you I am working everything out, little by little, and have read and re-read all of the comments thus far. Everything has been very helpful, thank you very much guys. However, my progress on this will once again be slowed down just a tidbit more as my computer turned itself off while working on this the other day and has, since, been little more than a giant brick. So I have been reduced to borrowing my friend's laptop when I'm around him. Right now I do not have time to respond to all of the comments, but rest assured that I have taken them all into account and am applying them accordingly. Again, thank you all very much.

And, yes, Coren. Sure. But I have the Kasumar'ii to rewrite as well after I am done with this monster. :P
43  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 27 October 2012, 16:16:01
Honestly, I don't exactly remember why I changed the spelling of Queprur. Probably something to do with their worship of the Goddess, and the fact that they see her in the light that the elven culture sees her in. Maybe I just thought I could get away with it. Dunno. Though, I do like the way Qu'prur looks better than Queprur. Changing the spelling back isn't a issue, and I'll do so. Easier than BSing well enough to use apostrophes with reckless abandon- and, if I remember correctly, there's already one set of islands with too many apostrophes.   >.>

And! It's never too late to suggest changing anything!!! grin

"Salén'Phýr" I got straight out of the Styrash dictionary, literally copied and pasted the two words and stuck a apostrophe between them. If the accents should be the way you say, then I will change it as I am not elven language savvy.

I did, and probably still do, significantly underestimate the size of all of the islands that make up Cyhalloi. It is hard for me to get a grasp on the areas and how much I can put into them when I don't know the square miles or, really, any solid numbers telling me just how big the areas are. I'm not very good with looking at a map and being able to judge the distances, especially when there is no distance measurement guide (or whatever that little measurement bar is called) on the map. I only have other continent maps to compare it to, and when I did that, Waning Moon Isle seemed particularly small to me. Thank you for the rough estimate of its size, and I'll be sure to fix that part as it is particularly unlikely for a port city to take up 125miles of space.

As for the orcs- they're called three different things in the entry because I couldn't figure out which one I liked better, or which was most acceptable. Chuut, if I remember correctly, means... vermin? Or something like that? Inuk for rock (since Dorolak is largely a rocky island with little else on it... like the rock trolls, for example). Emesz is... fire? Right? Which would keep true to the initially implied nature of the orcs by... I-forget-what-his-face-name-was... So... I don't know, I was just trying to come up with a good name for them and was having a hard time of it since I'm not orc-savvy at all. And I have absolutely no intention of calling them Doro-orcs since I personally think it sounds silly. angry
It is true that my description of orcs iiisss pretty prejudiced sounding, but I really do want them to be particularly inbred-- "lower' orcs, if you will. I kind of wanted them to be the backwater hillbillies of Cyhalloi that survive mainly on their hardy constitutions and dumb luck, I suppose. Or at least, that's what I remember my intentions for them being. When I revamp the section, I'll try not to be so harsh on the orcipops. And before I get to doing too much with them, I'll be sure to read a bunch (if not all) of the Orc Tribe entries so I can get a better feel for the race.

As for the Ulvur and the Moon issue, I'll do my best to elaborate on that a bit more. At the time, I had assumed it would be obvious to everyone- but it was silly of me to do so, especially since newbies onsite would not know the same information about the Ulvur as I do unless they were to actually have read about them beforehand. And such things should not be assumed.

Since I am revamping the Kasumarii, I am integrating all the changes I would like to make to the tribe into this entry as it is the primary source of information about Cyhalloi. Shade Clerics are what I would like to change the Dark Priestesses to, since they don't reeaally have temples or anything like that. I'm still kind of figuring all that out. Once I have the geography of Cyhalloi down-pat then it will be exponentially easier for me to lay out a bit more about the Kar'ii- though I'm trying to keep the basics of what is already there.

What you said about the tundra and tree growth is a very good point, and I'll revamp the entry to accommodate the information that you've provided me. Honestly, I hadn't thought that far into it and was just keeping the basics of what was already laid out for Cyhalloi- which had a forest on the northern part of Guldor where the Ice Elves resided in their Ice Towers. The picture for the Tundra entry is what birthed the Dying Ice Ridge, really, and the angle of the picture will make more sense to me with the forest down by the southern coast as opposed to the northern. The towers will remain, the trees, however, will have to move. Perhaps a forest of icy stalagmites would be appropriate for the area, since it is so far north and close to the void- or whatever reasons seem fitting.

Geography is hard for me (and orcs even more-so), and I really appreciate the help. Thank you, Mina.
44  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Masterwork: Mapping and Overview of Cyhalloi on: 20 October 2012, 16:00:06
Not much has changed in the entry, though I assure you I've been poking and prodding at this since I last was actually active onsite. However, I feel I have gotten to a point where the entry can welcome comments, not because I feel it is fully finished- but because I can't seem to get any further with it after such a long time. Sooo... pretty please? Comments would be super appreciated, as well as(especially) suggestions for the Orc's mythology- orcs are so beyond me. When I look up at them, all I can see is a jutting chin, big teeth, and angry eyebrows. buck

Thank you and Bobspeed
heart ~ Val ~ heart
45  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Forum Hacked on: 07 June 2012, 06:21:43
Thank you, that seems to have worked. No more random links everywhere!  :)
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