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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Gurash Bird on: 15 December 2007, 05:55:07
In my Drawing classes I was thinking with Alohar about a bird that I think you will like. His name is Gurash Bird.Now let's go to the important thing!!! grin


The Gurash Bird is a big bird that normally has about 2 meters tall. He is white with black marks all over his body with his feathers up and very beautiful. The Gurash Birds are immortal but very rare. They only appear at night time or in wars. He has the power to break a mountain with his peck when mad, but still a good bird. Gurash Bird have a very special power that can cure any disease. When he cures someone he sucks that disease and turns black with white marks, his feather get down and he flies away to the sun where he explodes somewhere in the sky with his disease. He can't resurrect people.When he explodes his feathers fall in the sky. Each feather has the power to cure any wound, but when ten or more feathers are gathered and if you say the right poem there appears a new Gurash Bird in the middle of the feathers and then the feathers disappear.

Special abilities:

The Gurash Bird has another ability, the ability to turn itself into a Harpies where they battle any threat with crystal bows and big swords.


The Gurash Bird have a simple life. He eats worms and their habitat is the top of the mountain where there are only worms and Lil' spiders. They communicate with screams and wing signals when in birds. When in harpies the communicate like normal people.


The Gurash Bird only mates in Spring nights where they fly away to a distant land the nobody knows where it stays where the male puts the sperm in the female, then they get back to his habitat where the female puts the eggs.


Birdy, Birdy
In the sky
Made a poopy in my eye
But I don't care and I don't cry
'Cuz I thank GOD that cows can't fly
2  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / I'm Slayra on: 06 December 2007, 21:57:58
Hi dudes!!!

I love fantastic worlds and creatures and one of my best friends, not to say the best, told about this site and it seems to be really cool, so I joined and I'm anxious to start doing some posts of my ideas.That friend is Alohar is The same age as I.

I'm a kid with 12 years old and in other forums of Guild Wars they call me stupid Lil' brat and now I'm trying do share my ideas with my best friend Alohar.
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