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31  Santharian World Development / History of Caelereth / Hidden Wind...after founding on: 06 February 2003, 00:23:00
A lot of holes remain, just wanted to get it up so I can work on it and make it more smooth and conforming to the rest of Sorren.  Sooner or later it will help in the fruitation of other Hidden Wind projects.  These are just merely creative thoughts on what may have happened after the elves left Saban Sovar incharge of the Hidden Wind.  I think somewhere in the process I will make a list of all those Sabans running about ;)

              After the elves moved on, leaving the Hidden Wind in Hovel Frond, the elves began to carve out their own niche.  They began to craft their homes from the trees, cutting them down and hallowing them out to suit their own needs.  The Bent Throne and its occupant, Saban Sovar, corrupted the forest.  From the first time he sat on it the corruption became apparent as it started to spread.  The trees began to bend and twist, making an organic sphere over the throne.  The forest is twisted by the corruption, locked in a perpetual state of decay.  All manner of decompsers, mainly mushrooms, occupy the forest.

      The Bent Throne began to grow and two heirs were born.  The elves hunted the area and also found use in some of the various fungi that began to spring up in Hovel Frond.  Mushrooms have always been a staple in the Hidden Wind diet.  The struggle to survive was on, and they endured and began to flourish.  Yet as te population grew, food became scarce in the area.  Some of the Hidden serparated from the building populace.  It began to be a more common sight, soon small pockets of Hidden Wind were scattered across Hovel Frond.  As they grew in size, Hovel Frond began to lack the resources to support all the Darkwind.  The some of the small cities began to look at Saban as the cause of the problem.

      Thus began the internal conflict within Frond Forest.  Nearly a third of the smaller cities band against Saban Sovar and the Bent Throne.  Other sided with Saban, while others remained aloof to the situation intirely.  Saban Sovar intended to quall this rebellion quickly.  He enthralled a leader of a group of Losh-oc that have been near Hovel Frond.  These orcs made a migration directly into the city.  The orcs began to serve as guards to Saban and formed a more fierce fighting force.

      During dusk on a cold winter eve, G'orth Ma'lr, one of the leading factions in the dissent was attacked.  Any who took up arms were slain by the orcs, the rest were captured and brought back to the Bent Throne.  G'orth Ma'lr was burnt to the ground and salted as to not support life any longer.  It remains to this day a barren, desolate landscape, a dark reminder of the internal conflict.   Fuir, the leading official of the city and the dispute was executed, and quartered.  Parts of his body were sent to the other cities that were apart of the rebel faction, with an explicit message, "Return to the city or be slaughtered.  Those that do as they are commanded will be spared."

      Soon many of the cities had surrendered, returning to the Bent Throne.  The remaining cities bonded together and gathered a force to march against Saban Sovar.  They were in route to wage the war on Bent Throne, when Saban Sovar brought the war to them.  The elves were caught by surprise and many fled into the woods.  After this incident occurred, the rebellion came to a conclusion.  Still to this day, individuals carry scars, physical and emotional, from the internal conflict.

      The Hidden Wind began to cultivate mushrooms, others farmed the fields just outside Hovel Frond.  Problems continued for a short time, but the supply of food steadily increased.  With order returning and the causes being taken care of, Saban's focus turned outward to the tribes of orcs.  They would become servants to the elves for what they have done in the past.

      Saban Sovar used his puppet cheiftan, Vuyrir, to cull the orcs in his command to the role of muscle in the Bent Throne.  He began a complicated strategy of elminating the leaders of other orcs in the area, establishing them under Vuyrir's control, and thus his.  Others were intimidated by the growing power of Saban Sovar.  With his military force beginning to grow, small orc raids became common.  The orcs brought back gifts to the elves.  Many of the orcs kept a sembalance of freedom by making tributes.

Need to do Corruption - The various cities that backed Saban Sovar remained...Bent Throne was the center of this dark and cunning game.

Distortion of Unity - The Hidden Wind's attempts to halt unity amoung the North.

Creation of the Castle of Darkness
Need for Knowledge - Their growing attempts to get information across the North.

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