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1  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: A Santharian Petition for Justice on: 19 September 2008, 13:30:05
Sign me up.

Nathaniel Parker, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
2  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Druidic Magic: Time to finally finish it! on: 06 January 2008, 04:48:04
That was me cheering Pikel up because he was frustrated nobody looked at his magic entry after he asked them to. I succeeded.

In all seriousness the first thing that had to be done when I looked over that write up was a rewrite. Pikel himself stated that at the time he wrote it he was a [Capitalised expletive] writer.

Also, I will be developing at least one area of Druidic magic that I've discussed with Pikel that became relevant to my new character's history. It will be a compelling and obscure topic to say the least and will be taken much more seriously, I assure you.
3  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Flawless Victory. on: 05 January 2008, 19:22:36
Greetings Puny Mortals. Comments in Blue.

Druidic magic requires the veneration of nature if you don't believe in yourself and is practiced in a very special way by the Druidic orders, including the heretical order of the Black Druids.Come on Pike. Why you gotta keep the Black Druids down? It is based on their belief in 'essence‘ and the ability of the sentient mind to merge with it and then to manipulate it .This takes quite a long time to learn as to perform, but the results are often quite spectacular. Like breakdancing while on fire.

Only druids are able to practice the merging of essences So is Stephen Colbert a Druid?. That limits the prevalence of druidic magic to those places where druids live or DIE. That is mostly throughout Southern Sarvonia and parts of Northern Sarvonia. However, this researcher believes that there may be some scattered communities on other continents as well, because he's a freaking crazy person.

Druids teach that all things in this world exist on two levels; the physical level, and the spiritual level. Where the heck's the ice level? Are there any bonus levels? What level do you have to be to cast magic missile? Elaborate, man! An "essence" is the spiritual side of any given object. Nobody ever sees an essence except that kid in the sixth sense, although with the proper training, it is possible to interact with it. It can be called a soul of sorts, but it is only as sentient as its material counterpart is. An essence is the very core of an objects existence. If an essence is changed somehow, its material counterpart changes to accommodate it. One could say that an essence is the spiritual make-up of its counterpart. Or they could put the reefer down and not say it.

Basic Principles
Druidic magic is based on the druids’ belief in essences. The way they explain it, they merge their own essence with the essence of what they want to change, and from there merely will it into changing. This of course takes time, for they have to meditate for a time to actually make the merger. Just like a company. The older the essence one is trying to merge with, the longer it will take to merge with it. Again, like a company. For example: a coastal redwood that has been standing for over two millennia will take longer to merge with than a seedling flower. An older essence has "gotten used" to being the way it is. It is set in its ways, and thus harder to merge with. A younger essence is less set in its ways, and thus easier to merge with. I didn't come here to learn basic economics, I want some freaking razzle dazzle. Sacrifice a baby to a demon or something.

Each essence comes into being at the same exact time that its material counterpart comes into existence. Example, a human essence comes into being as soon as the child is conceived. Also, an essence can be said to have died once its material counterpart is destroyed or otherwise no longer existent. Example, a mountain has an essence. An earthquake occurs, and the mountain is split in twain. Pwnd. Since the "mountain" is no longer there, its essence can be said to have "died". But now there are two smaller mountains in it's place, and a completely new essence is created for each of them. More proof of geographically asexual reproduction. Bite me, creationists.

Each essence is as completely unique as its counterpart, but like its counterpart, it shares similarities as well. And if it doesn't share those similarities it doesn't get invited to the same parties it's counterpart doesn't, or get the same friends, or have the same fun. It starts listening to the same emotionally charged suicide themed music from the recent band it started liking since they have the same dyed black hair and black mascara the essence uses to express its individuality and pain. All Essences fit into one of the seven sub categories, which are: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Plant, Animal, and sentient being. For instance, a small rock's essence is as different from a mountain's essence as their physical “bodies” are, but the essences are still earth based. Nothing in this world has an essence that fits into two categories. It is always has a dominant essence type. Sometimes this is confusing, for it seems that some objects in the world could theoretically be classified as two, but this is mainly due to confusion. For example, if one were to mix sand and water, a new essence would not be created, there would merely be two essences next to each other, water and sand, and while their physical aspects may be mixed, their essences are still quite separate. So druids are the reason Nelson Mendela went to prison... fascinating.

With training, one could learn to merge one's essence with the essence of something else. Or to juggle. If such a merging occurs, the stronger willed of the two objects will be able to influence the essence of the other object, thus changing its characteristics. Just like high school! If the spiritual side is changed, its physical side will follow, and vice versa. If the physical side is changed, its essence will change to accommodate it. The exceptions to this are sentient beings. The merging of the essences is resisted by sentient essences. Its corporeal counterpart has a vague notion of something trying to control him, but they are not sure what is actually going on. However, if one can get past that, then they are able to merge. Known in some Black Druidic circles as a "Home Run". If one's essence is not as strong willed as the essence it is merging with, then one might find his own essence being manipulated, instead of vice versa.

Once the merger is actually complete, the essences of the druid and what he wants to change are one. They become Neo? Cool! The actual changing is quite natural. He changes something like he would move his arms, he merely wills it to change, and it changes. Of course, the more complex or intricate the change, the more a druid must concentrate on said change, or he may wind up with unexpected results. Making a seedling grow into a full grown tree is fairly simple, while making it grow into a tree of an odd shape or into a different color or texture than what is natural, that is a bit more complicated, and requires more concentration, and more practice.

There a few factors that may reduce the amount of time needed. For instance, the greater the number of druids working towards the same goal, the faster said goal will be accomplished. This is accomplished because the experience of all the druids is put as one, and they all merge with the object at the same time, thus the time is divided between the druids. Thus, if an inexperienced druid is added to the task, the task will get done faster, but not nearly as fast as if an expert druid was there, for experience is another factor. A practiced druid gets his task done much faster than one who doesn't use his gifts. Therefore, it is quite possible for a young druid who uses his abilities often to be more skilled than an elder who rarely finds need to use his skills, even though the elder has been a part of the order for a longer amount of time. The last thing that effects the time is how often a druid has merged with a particular essence; the more a druid merges with the same essence, the faster it takes every time. The previous paragraph reads very differently if you decide the task is achieving orgasm.

Druids also have the ability to physically merge with their element. In Green Druids, this produces the Kroi’lon, or war dryad; a gigantic half man, half tree being. "No, me father was a tree." In Red druids this produces the phenomenon known as the firedance. The Druids body is completely turned to flame, but retains its humanoid shape. Hot. Grey Druids can merge with an animal of their choosing. Ew. This often makes for interesting, often bizarre and horrific, transformations; such has a half-man/half-flunki, or a half woman/half-Cartashian Bear. Ooooooh. So my Uncle Ted that we're not allowed to talk about went to jail for being a grey druid. Awesome! The Brown druids can merge with the earth, Ew. making the Sfomm-Kereen, Thergarim for stone baby, who have bodies of moveable rock, not unlike a golem. Stone baby is a misleading name although, for considering the Somm-kereen's size, very few of the people of Caelereth would consider it a 'baby'. Similar to the Brown Druids, the Blue Druids can merge with ice, making their bodies a sort of moveable ice, again, not unlike a sentient golem. Except a stone baby can't be killed with  hairdryer. Not without some imagination involved, anyway. The druids all retain their sense of self, and their intelligence during these transformations. These transformations last for three days, and they cannot revert back during those three days, for that would require changing one's own essence, which is not only tabooed, it is thought to be impossible. After these three days, the druid dies, for causes unknown not only to this compendium but to druidic society as a whole. Majora made the moon crash into them? Because of this, these transformations are only used in a last desperate attempt to protect nature. Black and white druids do not use this ability, for White druids are too aloof to become martyrs, and Black druids do not love sentient beings enough to die for them. This guy's a liar, baby. I'd die for you. Now come here. I. Said. Come. Here. *zap* Considering how formidable these transformations are, the attempt often works.

However, there are limits. The main thing that must be remembered is that the druid must maintain his meditation while performing what he wants to perform. If his concentration is broken, than the merger is also broken, and any control over his element is lost. To maintain this concentration, the druid can only merge with, or attempt to merge with, one essence at any one time. How prudish. Beyond that, the druid’s limits are few. He can change anything about the essence, as long as it remains based on the same category. For example: A Grey druid can do anything he wants to an animal,Hehehehehehe... except give it sentience, because that would change it from an animal based essence, to a sentient being based essence.

It should be noted here that druids have placed a ban on changing one’s own essence. They have gone so far with this ban that they even teach that it is impossible to do. Not only that, one would have to be a Black druid to do it (for changing oneself would usually mean changing a sentient being essence, unless one is less than sentient), which is also banned by druidic society. There are stories of the elven Black druid, Mehán’chón, who figured out how to change his own essence. The stories say he made himself grow wings, and jumped off a cliff to learn how try them out. Unfortunately, he made the wings too small to hold his weight, and, much to Mehán’chón’s dismay, he remade acquaintanceship with the ground much sooner than he originally intended. However, for the most part, druids believe the story of Mehán’chón to be only a fairy tale. The Janitors, on the other hand...

It should be made clear that the merging process takes far too long to have any practicality whatsoever in most fights. So does a spirit bomb. Although, if one wanted the grand effects of an "artillery" of sorts, the druids are the people capable of fulfilling that role. Druids are capable of creating smaller effects; it just takes far too long to be practical in some cases. For example, a fire druid could burn down a tree, but it would be much faster merely to chop it down with an axe. Or a pig.

Of course, one must learn how to do all this, and to get training one must first find a druid (which is a task in and of itself.) If the druid decides that the hopeful has the personality and drive and love that are required, then the druid trains him. This training mainly consists of how to learn to meditate effectively which takes up a huge amount of time, and learning how to merge with an essence that is so unlike that of the druids. It usually takes roughly fifteen years for a human to learn druidic beliefs and magic, although there are rare cases of people taking a faster or , in some cases, longer amount of time to learn it. It should be noted that if the druids cannot use druidic magic until after they have completely learned the belief system and completed their training. Black druids however, must first become a druid of one of the other six orders, and then learn by themselves how to merge with a sentient essence. They are able to do this because they already know the basics of merging with essences, even though they know not how to merge with a sentient one. Thus it takes much longer to learn to become a Black druid than any other druid. Black druids are far too distrustful to take on apprentices, and the other six orders hold a taboo on Black druidism. Thus, there are very few Black druids in the world. That's what they want you to think.

This compendium holds no concrete, fossil, DNA, documented or fabricated evidence on the actual origins of the magic of Druids, although there are several reports, stories, and myths concerning it, and depending on which druid you ask, you will likely get a different story, assuming that the druid would be willing to tell you his stories in the first place, which is not likely unless you have proven your worth to him. "Now squeeeeal like a pig!" Elven Druids tend to tell people that Avá, and the Aeolía placed the essences, or énh’cár'ámn in their tongue, in to their physical ‘bodies’. I'd let Avá do whatever she wants to my body with her tongue. Rowr. Some druids say that the first person to access an essence was an old farm lady, who managed to merge with one of her many cats, although this story is unlikely. And terrifying if true. Some Druids say that everything started as one essence, and thus one body, and slowly split into many, until finally all the essence that exist today, exist, as do all the bodies.

I suggest you do a quick run over this with a grammar uzi and then it should be pretty much finished. I look forward to assisting you with this magic in the future.
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