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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Santharian Lembas (Adan´sonia) on: 21 April 2008, 20:04:39
Ermmm... More comments or is this ready for update?
2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / The Alur-Reformation on: 19 April 2008, 07:09:28
HI there Santharians, this is my new entry and as i was Alohar (but now im back with a more mature and respectfull attitude), i decided do reformated the Alur, a poisonous plant of the Silvermarshes. Here it goes then.

(Thanks to Miraran Therudien for his reformatting)

Categorization: Misc./Others

The Alur is a small plant with a spherical shape. Its is dark and has light green stripes on it, and it’s mainly found in the Silvermarshes and to a lesser degree in other swampy areas across South Sarvonia. It needs wet, muddy soil and thrives in regions with much rain. One of the most remarkable attributes of the Alur is that it is not permanently attached to the soil. It goes through the marches wherever wind and water take it, small, short roots sucking all the nutrients of the wet soil with some roots. The Mullogs use them to make a aceed so strong that it even burns Mullogs skin. They use the Alur aceed to fish and to kill bigger animals. It’s aceed is also used in some places by assassins.

As stated before, the Alur is a small plant of about sixteen nailsbreath wide with a globular shape. Its appearance is quite simple indeed but the internal surface is quite complex. The aceed it produces is made by the aceed glands that are placed on the inside of it's hollow body. It has a few little roots stubs on the inside of the sphere that, through a peculiar small hole its base, develop some small dark roots which infiltrate in the soft soil and rapidily take in as many nutrients and water as it needs it out. These dark roots drie and fall out when the plant is not in need for more nutrients or water.
The Alur is all black save for six to eigth irregular gnastheen stripes on it, providing a camouflaging effect in the muddy swamps. It’s “skin” is very thin making the Alur easilly squished, but when damaged a green liquid will come out severely burning any skin or flesh it comes into contact with. This green liquid is the powerfull aceed of the Alur, possibly the most dangerous of all natural aceeds. When it touches any natural material it burns and dissolves large amounts of it immediately. It has proven to be able to 'eat' through a majority of available materials but the Mullogs have discovered that


 the bark of some plants in the Kami Coppice aren´t damaged by the acid and so does crystal. The Alur only flourishes in wet, swampy and dirty conditions, like the ones in The Silvermarshes If not the acid will solidify and the its skin will wrinkle and it will look like a rotten apple.
When in need for nutrients the Alur opens a small hole on its top and develops a fleshy stick covered by a fur like tissue. Normally it is a dark brown fur or sometimes white fur. This fur isn´t natural fur and tought it seems it it sin´t. This fur stick is a very bad smelling organ and it smells exactly like a dead animal corpse. The smell and the looking of the dead disgusting and bad smelling stick atractats lots of insects like beetles,flies, mosquitos nad other insects that dwell in the swamps. Then when the stick has some insects on it it segregate a sticky substance (similar to the acid but not corrosive, only sticky) that traps the insects. Then the stick rectrates slowly to the litlle hole and the glued insects disappear in an horrible death in acid.
 The Alur can  be founded within The Silvermarshes , normally near dirty water pools or dead trees or corpses. Because it travels with the wind or with the water it doesn’t have a permanent location, but if it goes out of any mudy place without wet climate it dies fast.
It can be found in The Silvermarshes and is there from the Alur is better know due to the Mullog uses and lore, but the Alur exists in the following swamps and forests all over Santharia:

»Dead Man Grotto (were people say that the Alur are the eyes of the Crimson Berseker)
»The Shivering Woods (were it´s said that the Silver Hand used them to do scrifices)
»The Shaded Forest (sometimes the Alur acid is used by the elves there in wood carving)


Alur is used to make acids by the Mullogs who make Kami Coppice bark maded recipients and they fill them with other plants,mud, blood and Alur´s acid.This mix makes a gum like liquid. Then they cover their spears and arrows with them, so when they throw them to the preys it will melt and dissolve its skin and meat. But in more recent times, assassins from the big cities have come to The Silvermarshes with crystal vials to fill them with Alur´s acid. The Alur´s "skin" is smashed along with the roots to produce a green,slicky and disgusting liquid that is a temporary antidote against the Alur´s acid.[/color]on is used together with mud as a strong reagent for the Earth spelll  Waning (Level VIII). Alchemists search it to make engines work (cleaning dust or some dirt), and it used sometimes disosbruit some pipes filled with garbagge.[/color]
The Alur´s reprodution is strange and invulgar amongst the plants. It suddently opens its skin gradually and an enormous pink blossoom will emerge from the Alur. The Alur will then fix to the ground with its roots and it will survive for five days waiting for the wind to take the black polen that polinizes other Alur´s blossoms.  When polinized the flower turns gradually at a big rotten aspect dark fruit. The dark fruit is normally eated by some foul Mullog or animal. Then inside the beeings body the fruit will eventually kill him and the Alur seeds will grow feeding of dead beeing dead body.
History and Legends
 The Alur plant is a very known plant in the marshes were it dwells, principally the Mullog. The Mullog tell a very curious story of it, which is fantasious but reflexes what do Mullogs think about the Aur:

Once upon a time there were three brothers: Úhnę, Fogarę e Nyanu. One of these brothers the only girl in the group,Uhnę had near her house in The Silvershiire a big tree in the Kami Coppice who produced suculent and gorgeous fruits. Uhnę was a solitary but every animal wanted to be Uhnę husband.
A litle snake talking to the other animals said that she will be Uhnę husband.
When Uhnę was passing, he said "What a beautiful perfume is in the air!". And the snake siad to the animals "See? She likes me" And the snake was so happy that touched Uhnę. In those times beeing touched by any animal will pragnant a womem. And was that that apenned to Uhnę.
But, her brothers didnt want that she become wife of any animal, mullog or plant in the swamps.
Then when Uhnę apeared to the brothers pragnant they became very furious and they talked, talked for hours to deciide what they will do.
Then the birth day arrived and a beatiful and strong boy. Uhnę telll him that before we was born she had a beatiful tree somewhere in the Kami Coppice, but his uncles have taken the tree and putted three birds guarding it: The Eagel, The Falcon and The Vulture.
The ltle boy wanted to eat the fruits (that were chesnuts by instance)
One day The Vulture when he was flying above the tree he saw the ashes of a fireplace were the fruits have been cooked. The Vulture flew fast to tell to The Eagle and The Falcon wat the boy did. So in that night when the boy came back The Eagle and The Falcon beak him to death. The mother Uhnę heard the notice by other animals and went there. When she saw her litle boy dead in the floor, she kneel and died there too, beacuse the sadness she felt was to painfull. The chesnuts the boy was holding trned inyo black litle things (Alurs) who went throught the The Silver marshes swamps.
3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Santharian Lembas (Adan´sonia) on: 18 April 2008, 03:29:27
well just did all of the changes, i think... Anything more?

I was wandering about a drawing for the adan´sonia. It is a very beautiful tree i think, and as Rookie said

Some really nice touches here Alarun, I particularly like the details you add to the different variations of the tree :).  The image of the red/gold fruits set against the sandy, seemingly endless desert is lovely.

I don´t know who could do the drawing but it would be very simple; just a small portrait with a desert background, a single Adan´sonia with those red/golden flowers, and (if this would be possible) a Shendar or a Toll Brok´Barrol looking up to the tree.

Thank you all for the comments!
4  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Santharian Lembas (Adan´sonia) on: 18 April 2008, 02:34:27
arr...about the flowers they are hermaphrodit, and i don´t know why do they grow so far from an other plants, but they do the same in Rl i think. Anyway im doing the changes...

hermaphrodit= "male" and "female" at the same time, as it happens with some animals and with some flowers
5  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Santharian Lembas (Adan´sonia) on: 18 April 2008, 01:37:10
need comments on Adan´donia...
6  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Santharian Lembas (Aj´Gol) on: 17 April 2008, 01:36:49
But there is not an entry of it but it is refered? So you had it on the site but no entry?
That´s cool, im filling in a gap :D. So, Adan´sonia it will be...
7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Santharian Lembas (Aj´Gol) on: 16 April 2008, 16:37:31
OK I will try to fix the name maybe something like Mag´nu´phyta, is it cool? Or you prefer Grand´vidyeir?

Well do you agree with the other changings I did, according to Artimidor? I will take a look at it later, have to go to a party...  pissedoff
8  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Other continents on: 16 April 2008, 16:24:55
You are right! Tonight I was thinking that too... Perhaps some migrating bird researcher went so far east that he discovered some islands which are a part of the  gigantic continent of Yamalquan (is it like this??), almost like Cristóvăo Colombo did in 1492, when he discovered the Caribean and Hati islands.
9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Santharian Lembas (Aj´Gol) on: 16 April 2008, 04:34:24
Thank you all!:grin: Im making changes (which are in yellow), and i just only want to say that you had the Aj´Gol featured in Santharia before i wrote this.
How can that be possible? you ask.

Take a look to the Shendar people entry, and in Quellion drawing (i think it is from him), what is that tree in the back behind the Aj´Nuvic and the Shendar women? Don´t know of any Ráhaz-Dáth tree... Well from now on, you can say it is an Aj´Gol.
10  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hi there on: 15 April 2008, 16:28:46
Thank you artimidor! Actually i was all the weekend reading the history and all the plants of the Santharian Dream... Your site is amazing. Well, about my entry it was my idea of making some sort of LOTR lembas for the Santharian Dream, but very different lembas, as you will find if you are going to read it...

Thank you anyway :D!
11  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Santharian Lembas (Adan´sonia) on: 14 April 2008, 17:22:02

    Changes according to Talia, Rookie and Artimidor comments are in yellow.

    Name: Adan´sonia (in the Ráhaz-Desert), MithmuzBorwul (Theregrim) and Cárpherán (Styrásh translated as “life tree”)


    The Adan´sonia is a very well known evergreen tree all over the deserts of Caelreth, and particularly those of Denilou, by the Toll Brok´Barrol dwarves, and the Ráhaz-Desert by the Shendar nomads.
    It is also an unusual tree due to it’s strange big trunk, and its spiky leaves. It is normally founded miles away from any other Adan´sonia tree.
     The MithmuzBorwul (roughly translated as “gold bread” in Theregrim) orginates from the south-western desert of Denilou, the Hol´Dispor (Desert of the Lost). It was the first plant Brok Strongarm saw when he and his dwarf colonizers arrived to Denilou. Adan´sonia seeds were taken by birds who came from the Raház-Desert, as they ate the Denilou Adan´sonia tree fruits and seeds, those were birds (like the Banded Ricau, The Sarvonian Gull, and even the magnificent Haloen)which landed on Denilou, and took the seeds with them to the Ráhaz-Dáth which developed very good in the Seven Jewels and further to the north almost reaching the Narfost Plains.


    One of Adan´sonia characteristics is that it is not a large tree but isn’t small either. Its big branches and spiky leaves are estimated to reach about fourteen peds to the highest branch. The Adan´sonia is an impressive sight in the desert because normally adan´sonia trees stand alone in the rough soil of the desert borders far away from any other plant. But above all this the trees are known (this is how you can see the difference between Parpalms and them) by their most amazing feature: its large trunk.
    The dwarves of Toll Brok´Barrol said that the biggest Denilou Adan´sonia trunk they found was fifteen peds diameter!
    Like any desert tree, adan´sonia trees have spiky leaves so they can maintain their water and not loose it. Those of the Adan´sonia are small, grey-green, and have small spikes on both sides of the leave. These leaves are sustained by very few, but huge, branches. The leaves only grow on the topmost branches.
     The bark of this tree is thought of being brown and dark-brown, but there are also yellow bark adan´sonia trees (it may depend of which type of Adan´sonia it is). Its bark is very soft to the touch but it is very tough indeed, and no knife could take off a bit of this tree bark. The bark changes colour over the years, and in winter, to darker-browns, and as the tree starts to die its bark turn to a magnificent white colour, which is as dwarves say a „MithmuzBorwul corpse“


    It is also in winter, that Adan´sonia hermaphrodite flowers (it was impossible to the pollen to go across stralls of desert land) appear  in the tallest branches of the tree, because it is in winter that temperatures in the desert aren´t so high as normal. The flowers are of red and white colour and they are quite the size of rose flowers. As the time becomes hotter huge, watermelon like fruits start to grow. They have normally a red colour and are very tasty, even considered an delicacy among the dwarves of Toll Brok´Barrol, but those that the dwarves taste are not red fruits but gold ones, because Denilou Adan´sonia fruits are golden and seem like gold chunks, from which was born the name of the tree in Thergrim language, MithmuzBorwul.

    There are two known variants of Adan´sonia:

    • Denilou Adan´sonia- The Denilou Adan´sonia is well known by the dwarves of Toll Brok´Barrol and they make bread from its fruits. This Adan´sonia is bigger than the Santharian one, and there is no known animal living in Denilou that eats its fruits, although there are Haloen birds that rest in their crops before heading to the Ráhaz-Dáth. This kind of Adan´sonia has a darker bark and has big fruits which have a golden colour.

      • Ráhaz-Dáth Adan´sonia- This kind of Adan´sonia is the most known all over Santharia. It is shorter than the Denilou Adan´sonia, and both Shendar Aj´Nuvic and Haloen feed on its fruits and nest there (referring to Haloen). It has a lighter bark, of a yellowish-brown colour. Its fruits are red in colour.


      The Adan´sonia is original from the Denilou desert of Hol´Dispor, but migrating birds took those golden chunks seeds to their homeland and some seeds actually have developed in the Ráhaz-Dáth, before Brok Strongarm discovery. The Shendar were amazed by the wondrous tree that had those tasty fruits and was a good resting point for Aj´Nuvic. While feeding the Aj´Nuvic with Adan´sonia fruits they helped it spreading further to the north of the Ráhaz-Dáth desert, where it developed very well, but the tree didn´t have those golden fruits, they were red instead. Over the years people of the Ráhaz-Dáth forgot its origins, and now no informed person would think that the mighty Adan´sonia came from the Iron Realm, Denilou.


      Adan´sonia fruit is very famous. Dwarves call it MithmuzBorwul, the golden bread, and they actually make a bread with the fruit. They smash the fruit until it forms a powder, like flour. But a golden (or red, if they are from the Ráhaz-Dáth, but Shendar rarely make this kind of bread) powder. Then they add pure water from the snow of the highest peaks, and it makes a very consistent dough. They mold the dough into small round shapes and then the dwarves, with their big hands covered with golden powder, put it into a great dwarf oven. Those ovens are only known by the Denilou dwarves. They are big ovens, round with many little stone gates to put adan´sonia bread in.
      Then after four hours in the oven the adan´sonia bread is ready to eat. The bread tastes like chicken and has a little taste like apple, it is very revitalizing, and it is very common of dwarves to have their bags filled with these breads, and they eat them in long walks in the mountains. Other races of Caelreth know this bread too, and many buy them from the elves of Denilou or from the dwarves of Toll Brok´Baroll.


      Dwarves all over Caelreth say „As healthy as MithmuzBorwul“ which means, of course, that that person is very rich, coming from the adan´sonia has its fruit with the colour of gold.

      There is a Shendar proverb that says "If you see an Haloen it is a sign of luck, if you see an Haloen in an Adan´sonia, it means you have found a place to eat and rest", which of course, means that Adan´sonia are resting points in Shendar dislocations across the desert.

      "Everyone was as motionless as an adan’sonia tree, not able to move" - The Tale of Mi´Khran and Dilluar, A Santharian Romance, by Ishamelion

      About the Adan´sonia itself, we only know the history of Brok Strongarm and his fellows while they were lost in the Hol´Dispor desert, searching for mountains where they could settle. According to the history, Brok and his companions were lost in the Hol´Dispor and they only survived because of adan´sonia fruits, which they thought it was a sign from Urtengor, due to the fruits golden colour.
      They took some of those fruits when they headed to the mountains and there they discovered that they could make small loaves of bread with it, and that the bread was more tasty than the fruits.
      Dwarves in Toll Brok´Barrol sing a poem about the Adan´sonia, normally in times of wealth and happiness, they all go to the main hall and in the dwarf’s strong voice we can hear this ballad.

      The Mithmuz is a great tree
      Lying alone in the desert
      There, ahead can you see?
      Said our father, Brok Strongarm
      When to this mountains he was coming
      He took the magnificent fruits
      And those are now remembered in our lutes

      The Mithmuz is a great tree
      Lying alone in the desert
      There ahead can you see?
      Urtengor, our mighty lord
      Lead us to this prosperous land
      Where gold is born from trees, lying in the sand

      Hi-oh, oh
      Where gold is born from trees, lying in the sand!
      The MIthmuz is a great tree
      Lying alone in the desert
      There ahead can you see…

      Fauna related to the Adan´sonia

      There are two animals who eat Adan´sonia fruits, and those are:

      • Aj´Nuvic- This Shendar animal is known to rest and sleep under the shadow of the Adan´sonia tree, when it´s very hot in the desert. It is this animal that gives name to Adan´sonia tree. Aj´Nuvic love Adan´sonia fruits, and they can reach the taller branches with their neck.
      • Haloen (Firebird)- This beautiful bird is known in Denilou to stop and sleep in Adan´sonia branches but it is in Ráhaz-Dáth, that they do their nests among the spiky crops of the tree, and they eat its fruits as well, and even the seeds, being the Haloen one of the principal factors that made Adan´sonia tree spread from Denilou to the Ráhaz-Dáth.
    12  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Hi there on: 12 April 2008, 23:50:10
    Hi there Santharians! Discovered this one the net while I was searching about fantasy comunities. I´m glad to help you develop your fantastic world, from what I´ve heard about a lot  grin
    Well, I'm anxious to start working in the herbarium, which is my favourite of your "subjects".
    Above all, congratulations for your work, but I hope it would become even better with my contribution.
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