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1  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Remis Galliway on: 27 April 2008, 22:01:18

Name: Remis Galliway
Race/Tribe: Mh'rhm (Shadow) Elves
Age: 640
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Alignment: Neutral
Character Title: Archmage

A calm, composed demeanor inhabits this tall elf. A mage by profession, Remis must remain composed at all times in order to keep his magical stabilty. This Archmage is a blunt, generally uncaring elf that can be rather rude at some points. He just seems to lack any ability to be nice to any living being. But, Remis is rational when it comes to most decisions, though you couldnt tell through some of his cryptic sentences.

But, the calm, yet rude attitude is just a forfront for the imaginative and energetic mind which Remis has. A key point to being any type of mage, Remis is creative in the literary sense. He has published over three books on the art of Shadow Magic, his very own discovery and creation. Not to mention that he has also made a few fiction novels which have most likely never been read outside of the elven world because of the rural way of books are treated among commoners.


A small elf in relativity, Remis stands a mere 2 peds tall, going over by a few nailsbreadths. A broad shoulderwidth, to any humans he looks like a formidable opponent. His mucles stand out on a strong level, his dark skin taunt over his arms.

This mage is usually seen wearing a black cloak with long sleeves, accompanied by a hood. At the extremites and edges, gray leather trim is sewn on so it wont fray much. He also wears a pair of leather shoes, for the physical way of walking is so much more pleasurable than being a shadow all of the time... It is a bland attire, with no coat-of-arms decorating the cloak, nor any designs or symbols. But it does, in a way, represent the Archmage's way of freeliving and traveling.

Magic & Abilities:

Shadow Magic
Despite the name, Shadow Magic, as it is called by Remis, is not really a dark art. It has no evil intentions, but merely is the practice of shadows. Wielding them, summoning them. And, to have shadows, you must have light, no?

Shadow Magic is based off the principle of "
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