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1  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Aura of Conviction / Wind / Level III on: 30 July 2008, 04:39:21
Hello Mina, thanks alot for your time. I guess I have to learn a lot about Santharian magic. However, I'll let the project rest for now. It might be better to classivy this spell on a higher level, particularly since I'd like to keep the fact that it does not end immediately when the caster stops maintaining it. For this, however, I need to do more research. I'll put another post as soon as it's finished.
2  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Aura of Conviction / Wind / Level III on: 15 July 2008, 03:34:35
Hello everybody and thanks for finding the time to comment on the spell.

I thought spell class II is appropriate particularly because the description says that it "deals with spiritual illusions that tend to be cast on the being who the caster wishes to experience the illusion". Moreover, the Wind element has an affinity towards "ideas" etc. So I thought the caster could (increase and) influence the Wind ouniá of their target's cár'áll to influence these ideas. That is, the ideas a target may have of a song or melody he or she hears. So, as I described, if someone sings a song in a language not spoken by their audience, the caster might change their Wind ouniá to push their minds in the intended direction, if that makes sense. I wrote also that this does not work with surprises (at least not for lower mages). E.g., a fast and loud song cannot be understood as a peaceful song about love or related topics when no one understands the words. This spell can hence only work with a certain action, such as a speech (and I mean a speech, not normal chattering), a song or a melody.
3  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Lyrién Raohalniraél / Elf - Injerín / Enchanting Bard on: 14 July 2008, 10:22:48
Hello Nsikigan and thanks for welcoming me to the twilight zone :). I'm basically just waiting right now that someone has a look at a spell I've posted, and hope it will eventually be approved since it is at the very core of Lyrién's CD. I'd appreciate any help you could provide me with!
4  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Lyrién Raohalniraél / Elf - Injerín / Enchanting Bard on: 12 July 2008, 12:33:04
Hey Eléyr! How are you? Thanks for welcoming me here. Yeah I'm patient, you know that. Particularly because I have actually two characters in the Bardavos story. And I must say: It is as fun to post as Rina as it is to post as Belyan...thanks to you, mate. But again: Where the f*** do you get your ideas??? I want your inspirations. Bad! Now! GRRRRRRRRRRRRR!  grin
5  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Lyrién Raohalniraél / Elf - Injerín / Enchanting Bard on: 11 July 2008, 07:38:53
*munching* Hmm? What? *taking a sip of Dwarven Ale* oh thanks Mannix! I've found the food *grabbing some Doch Nuts*. UH, what is that? *running to the Lurivluvs*.
6  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Lyrién Raohalniraél / Elf - Injerín / Enchanting Bard on: 10 July 2008, 23:23:45
Hello everybody. I've just added a proposition for a new spell without introducing myself! How impolite of me! Well, Lyrién is a new character and it is his spell so I wanted to introduce myself with this account. My other character is Belyan Cuivizanel, who has been approved and is active in Bardavos (waves at Eléyr)!
7  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Aura of Conviction / Wind / Level III on: 10 July 2008, 22:48:35
Hello everybody. I've just created a new character, an elven bard who also is a level three wind mage. My idea was to make him a messenger of peace who uses wind magic, also, to make his audience more prone to understand, and of course be convicend by, his message. After I have briefly circumscribed in Lyrién's magical section what I had in mind, Mannix ( thumbup), who btw unmasked me as being the same person behind Belyan Cuivizanel (waves at Eléyr), was kind enough to repeatedly read over my CD and the magical section in particular and, among other corrections, suggested that I come here and post a more detailed description of this spell. Here it is then: Unleash your comments!  grin

Name: Aura of Conviction
School: Wind
Spell Level: III

As indicated by its name, Aura of Conviction, opens up the mind of a single target to make him or her more prone to the words (or songs) of the caster. If cast successfully, the target is much more likely to believe, and be convinced by, the words of the caster and his or her message, which also means that the target will understand their sense in the way the caster wants him or her to.

Spell Effect
Basically, the caster increases the Wind ouniá in the cár’áll of the mind of his or her target to make it as versatile as wind. Thus enchanted, the caster may then more easily convince his or her target to believe in his words which will follow after Aura of Conviction has been cast. Although the basic effect of this spell is not very powerful, it is a level three spell because of its duration: After the caster has cast this spell it finishes only when his speech (or song) is finished. He does not need to maintain it and can concentrate on his words.

The spell has another effect in combination with songs, for it actually is well suited for bards and singers affine to Wind magic: Even if the song is in a different language, e.g. Styrásh, the target can at least understand what it is about. For instance whether a ballad is about love, peace, the gods or the world, or a loud song is about wrath, war, love, or merely fun. These distinctions are particularly important if a singer wants to influence his or her audience: When he or she sings about peace, his target(s) will understand that it is about peace and their minds will be more prone to be convinced by their message. They might even become peaceful or even lay down their weapons for a while.

Casting Procedure:
There are basically two ways to cast this spell. Because inconspicuousness is essential for this spell, both ways are disguised.
A speaker may first introduce what he is going to talk about while piercing his target. This way, he will increase the Wind ouniá in his or her target’s cár’áll and define what his or her target’s mind shall absorb. Since it is usual for speakers to have a plethora or gestures, the caster may wave or otherwise point at his or her target. But most importantly is intense eye contact since the Wind ouniá has to be increased significantly. The same procedure applies for singers, expect for the fact that his audience will not necessarily understand the language in which he sings (see reagents).

A bard, just like a singer, does not need to introduce his or her song’s theme. However, he will have to intone the song first to prepare his target’s mind that it will be at least a ballade or a louder song. The spell does not work with surprises, e.g., if the caster starts a ballad about love to then do a crescendo which concludes in a loud verse about betrayal, revenge etc. After the caster has intoned his song and started to sing the first verse, he will then focus on a single target and then cast Aura of Conviction while he is singing. However, since the bard has to sing and to play, it is essential for this spell to be sustained that he never stops playing. Whereas a speaker or a singer my inlay a musical pause, since they only have to concentrate on one action, i.e. singing or speaking. Bards have thus an obligatory reagent (see below).

Magical Formula: Not yet defined

Aura of Conviction can only be cast on one single target at the same time. However, casters which are experienced in this spell may successively enchant many people in a large audience, usually starting with the “leader” of the group or the one which is most likely not to like his song or speech.

Speakers or singers do not need a reagent. However, bards, since they have to concentrate on singing and playing an instrument, will need an instrument as a reagent. Since it is very, very likely that a bard has an instrument, this does of course not pose a limitation to them.

Magical School: Wind

Spell Class
: Sphere of Mirage (Sphere I), Spell Class II (Wind Enchantment)

Since the target has to be so near as to understand the casters voice, the limitation of range is self-explanatory.

Casting Time:
The actual casting time depends of course on the level of the caster. But a level three Wind mage will not need more than five to ten seconds to increase the Wind ouniá in his or her target’s mind.

The spell will end as soon as the speech or song is over, or the very instant when a bard stops playing his or her instrument.

Counter Measures / Enhancing Measures
Very strong minds will certainly not be influenced by a lower level mage. However, the Enlightenment spell might be a good protection against Aura of Conviction since it increases the target’s ability to think clearly and be more concentrated. Highly concentrated minds cannot be affected by the Aura of Conviction. E.g., it is highly unlikely that an Orcish warlord with grinded battle axes who already smells blood will listen to a message of peace.
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