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1  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Zhunite Jong Ship on: 14 September 2008, 11:14:43
The Zhunite Jong Ship (often mislabelled as the Zhunite Junk Ship by foreigners) is a trading ship frequently seen sailing in small fleets between the Cities of Zhun and Anis Anpagan. A bit more rarely, they've seen internation use for their versatility and reliability.

Jongs are strong, versatile ships that are capable of sailing anything from the most brutal of seas to shallow rivers. For almost three millennium these ships have been employed by the Zhunites with very little improvements made to anything other than sail material.

Typically the hulls of these ships are made from softwood, although when such wood is not in abundance or expensive to important, other woods will suffice. The ships generally range from four to five peds in length, and are usually about one and a half to two peds wide. On the middle of the deck, generally about two peds in length and the full width of the deck, is a small wooden shelter, where cargo is held within a 'pen', that is a slight fenced in pit that leaves only about a fore for walkway on either side. These canopies are built directly around the center masts, with ladders allowing access to the top, where the rig can be accessed. 

The stern of a Jong are noticeably raised, often being the feature foreigners can identify it with, and within is the captain's quarters, comparably smaller to those of other ships. Beneath deck, are several compartments, where the rest of the sailors bunk beside rows of oars that are used in the rare occurrence that the wind is lacking in strength.

Sails and rigging:



2  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Ahoy! on: 12 September 2008, 09:07:56
Thank you for the warm welcome and all the suggestions on where to start - I'll look around and see what would be the simplest entry to test the water with.

As for info about me... I've lived in three ports, Laurium, Heraklion, or Iraklion depending on who you ask and Antirrio. I've basically jumped across the Aegean and the southern part of the Balkan peninsula.
     Then I had a little stint in Florida and finally wound up in, of all places, North Dakota - thousands of kilometers away from any real source of water... Great Lakes aren't bad though.

I'm going to go look around and see what I should start with.
3  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Ahoy! on: 10 September 2008, 11:24:30
For almost two years I've sulked around this site, reading whenever I had time to, and only now do I have the opportunity to actually get involved with this masterpiece.
     I'm Kalo Vlahoi, and would like to help develop anything having to do with either maritime cultures, ships/boats or fish. I've lived along one coastline or another for fourteen years of my life and was brought up learning about both the technology, contemporary and ancient that allow us to sail. Suffice to say, I'm fairly confident I can contribute accurate information to some projects...
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