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1  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Ulki'aiá (New Move) The divine account of Quáel'cáo on: 08 July 2009, 07:01:49
Takór Salenár,
     As to your questions on sin I offer this line of logic from RL: Scientist may prove that the earth isn't flat as was taught by the old church, philosophers might discredit religious beliefs, and a majority may stop believing in sin, but there are always those who choose to believe in ancient religions, and as each of these religions offer up moral codes, believers look upon the breaking those codes as sin.  The elves as a whole are a very philosophical and logic-driven race, but who's to say that some can't hold different views on life, and therefore; who's to say that some can't believe that to transgress their moral code is to sin. Afterall sin in its most simple form is simply breaking a rule.  Therefore; I contest that it is indeed very feasible for some elves to hold to a concept of sin and righteousness.  In RL Americans as whole are becoming less religious, but that doesn't stop those people who choose to newly align themselves with such strict denominations as Jehovah's Witnesses, and Mormons.  Some will always desire things to be painted in black and white, and does that desire really lack any more logic than any philosophical concept such as those held by the majority of elves? No matter the concept's foundation, it will at least in part allways be based on speculation, and this allows for choices as to which speculation to believe in.

@Quaélh'Orín, I can not argue with you when Styrásh in the point of debate. Is there something that you'd suggest using here instead?  The name really just has to relay the idea of new beginnings. I'd greatly appreciate any suggestions you could give me here.

As allways thank you both for your input, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Keep Dreaming,
2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Ulki'aiá (New Move) The divine account of Quáel'cáo on: 24 June 2009, 11:27:22
This is going to be a huge project, and whether or not it ever actually finds its way on to the site I enjoy working on it.  I'll continue with other entries along the way, and I'm actually hoping for my first masterwork could be the development of the said tribe of elves.  If indeed I do get that, then their religious beliefs will be a huge part of their culture (perhaps the biggest), and as such I'd like to have a very deep and full religious history established.  This is to say that hopefully putting so much time into this work here and now will aid me in my ultimate goal.  Even if all this fails to happen, I have to do a lot of cross-reference work to write this entry, and as such it expands my knowledge about this great world.  As far as any theological questions: They will all be answered through the course of this text.  I hope that nobody really has a problem with what I am doing here.
3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Ulki'aiá (New Move) The divine account of Quáel'cáo on: 20 June 2009, 03:31:44
I have begun to add the Book of Beginnings to this account.  Through much research I am attempting to follow the original ideas of this elven book, while at the same time making the changes which would make this group of followers a little bit different.  The idea here is that religion's natural evolution leads from many gods to a single god, and I believe this would be true with the elves as well.  This leads to changes in the hows and whys but not to the actual context.  As you can probably guess, this is going to be a massive entry, but any help along the way would be appreciated.
4  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Gregory Firelance Continued on: 20 June 2009, 02:36:24
Hello, Paladin I am Mifer, and I'm going to give this entry a good look over.  As you can see my commentary will be in orange.

Gre'chero'ii "Gregory Firelance" Fi'irak'uu

Living from 1240-1330 A.S, this famous R'unorian inventor from the Blaar’kr tribe is historically known for his weaponry and time keeping devices. He is responsible for the creation of the infamous Firelance machine as well as many other devastating devices of war. He is the Second on (Perhaps 'in' or 'from' would work better than 'on' here) his father's line to hold the first name Gre'chero'ii and fourth from his great grand fathers line to hold the surname Fi'irak'uu, (I would suggest separating this into two separate sentences here, or if you would like a semi-colon would do just fine.) though not much is known about the nomenclature of this region, his name is a clue to how the names of the male children are chosen. As he grew older however, he grew (Because "he grew" is already used in this sentence I would suggest that you say something along the lines of As he grew older, however, he developed a dislike for the....) to dislike the subtleties of war and turned his talents to more peaceful applications. At the age of sixty-two he returned to his first occupation, creating accurate time pieces, and thus he continued to do for the rest of his life.

I enjoy your broad imagination and creative scope here, and overall this is a great overview; however, there are a few problems with the flow of your sentences, and I hope to have helped you out in that regard.  Only in the very last sentence did I actually make direct changes, because I do no want you to feel like I am trying to tear your entry apart.  In fact, that last sentence is the only sentence I will change like that, and I only did so as a reference for you to use when I talk about sentence flow.  I hope that you understand my intention as it is, and do not feel as if I am attacking your writing style.  As far as style is concerned I will give suggestions, but every writer is a different creature and it is not my place to tell you how to write. With the details and imaginative scope of this entry it could easily be numbered among the elite such entries in Santharia, and I hope to help it reach a state of easy reading which contributes to your creative details in a positive way.  As you can see i am a bit long-winded, and for that I offer my apologies.

(As taken from the Diary of His Wife Dris’niah)

As this is supposed to be from an entry in Dris'niah's diary, I do not think that you need to say "...Gregory Firleance was said to be..."; instead, you could just say something like: The first time I laid eyes on Gregory Firelance I didn't see the lack of muscular definition in his stout body, for I was so attracted to his obvious inner strength that what I saw looked to be a giant among men. Starting something like this helps to lend credit to the idea that it was taken from her diary. This will also help you to solve your tense issues in this paragraph.  As far as his actual appearance, you've painted a very detailed and intriguing picture with your words here.

During his earlier years, Gregory Firelance was said to be a “Stout young man, not muscular, but quite strong in his own way. His sandy-brown hair hangs low, longer than most men, and not particularly well groomed. Gregory's face, darker than most by (saying, 'as a result of being singed by the sun' might help the flow a little bit here) being singed by the sun, is composed of a strong, slightly pointed nose, framed by inquisitive green eyes. His mouth is small and indifferent (Perhaps 'unspectacular' or some such word would work better than indifferent here.) compared to the rest of his face. On his right cheek is a horrific scar caused by a work accident, where a blade was dropped onto him. The blade narrowly missed penetrating the skull but still gashed a deep wound into his cheek.
  "His hands are worn, and carry on them a constant roughness.” This according to his then fiancé, Dris’niah Rockleaf. As you already said this was drawn from her diary, and I don't think that you need to cite her here as well.
   However, as he grew older history recalls, he became less fit; though not overweight. He was not as healthy as before in his youth and it is possible this was brought on by the depression he entered when he began to regret his work. His hair changed, as with most people, to a gray colour, and he often wore it in a simple single braid ponytail, presumably to keep it out of the way as he worked. It is possible this change in hair colour made him feel further depressed.

He often dressed in simple clothes, mostly beiges or light, tan browns. “The way he dresses is without the usual tribal styling. He likes to wear simple clothes, and rarely wears more than a shirt and a jacket. Even on our wedding day, he wore a simple white shirt, and black trousers. The latter of these was covered in a sprinkling of sawdust. He does disappoint me, but I shall let him. He has a wonderful personality.” – Dris’niah Rockleaf

Ok, I'm a little confused here. At the beginning you say that his is from her diary, but tense changes and direct quotes imply that perhaps much of this is being paraphrased. Is this the case? If so, I suggest that you make the whole thing a direct quote as this will make the section easier to read and understand.

(As Taken from the Diary of Dris’niah Rockleaf)

Due to the line of his work, it would seem he would have been an aggressive person. However, as he was contracted to work in the military, he may not have been as cruel as his creations may reflect. It is likely he was under a lot of pressure to create the devices he did. In his later years he left the military to pursue a more peaceful life, creating timepieces. The main source we have about his personality is the diary of his wife. She wrote “Gregory is a loving man. While he may create the horrible machines he does, I highly doubt he would want to ever use them. In fact, I believe the only instance he would fight, would be to defend himself or his family. Some would name him a coward for not wanting to be in the military. Others, such as myself, would call him wise.”

He is known to have had few friends, but held those he did have dearly. This would show him to lean slightly towards being shy, or for the most part a loner. However, it is also possible his work put him under too much stress to keep many friends.

Gregory was known to take life seriously, though when in the mood appreciated humour. He was not one for rampant idiocy, but could take a joke. It possible his mother's death had a great impact on this side of his life, and her death at a party would explain this. His wife once said in her diary that the laughing of others may remind him, especially when he is not in a good mood, of the choking of his mother.
     This event must have affected him greatly for as the years have passed I have noticed the very different and even frightening changes in the way he acts towards anyone who so much as questions his theories. When in a good mood my dear husband would come home and greet me in the study before proceeding to his workshop. Now all he seems to do is Meet with generals, lords and tribal leaders from behind the stern metal doors of his workshop, we don't even eat dinner together anymore. I now wonder how he would react to the news that I have yet to bring myself to tell him, he's going to be a father.

    He's disappeared into his workshop again, this time four days have passed without my even seeing him. I think he may come out today and so this is when I will tell him of the arrival of his children. I only hope he forgives me for delaying telling him for so long.

Take a look at my comments on the appearance section, and you'll have an idea of my suggestions for this section as well. Again, I must praise your creative scope her, and compliment your ability to paint a vivid picture.


(All dates in A.s)

1240 – Birth of Gregory – Gregory Firelance born at some time during in the city of R'unor. Born to a wealthy merchant and his wife, he was spoiled during his early years.

1240-1255 – Gregory's Childhood – Gregory enjoys a normal childhood. He is reported to have been a curious child, interested in the inner workings of things, and fairly creative, building small devices from metals, using a blacksmith in R'unor as his workshop, from age thirteen. At fourteen years old, his mother died of choking at a party the family were attending. Gregory's wife wrote later that she could rarely coax him to talk of the death, and when she could, she got very little information from him.

1256-1268 – Gregory's Early Career – Shying away from his father's encouragement to become a merchant, Gregory worked as a clockmaker, creating timepieces for the nobility. Well practiced in his trade, his shop was one of the more successful in the city. During this time, he also meets and weds his lifetime partner, Dris’niah Rockleaf.

1269-1290 – Enters Military - Gregory Firelance is contracted to invent new war machines for the R'unorian army. He upgrades many of the R'unorian's existing war machines, such as the ballista, to increase their power, and firing rate, via adding mechanical additions to them.

1291-1295 – Firelance Machine – Over four years, Gregory had the concept of, built prototypes of, and perfected the Firelance machine. Upon seeing it in use, in a small off-coast island, the military immediately began production.

1296 – Doubts – Gregory begins to have doubts about the practicality of the Firelance Machine. So far, the second machine has only just been made. Late in the year, Gregory becomes depressed, and wants to be done with his work on such unpractical weapons.

1296 – Partial Entry- Wife gives birth to twin sons, taken by Imperial Court for purpose of protection from… Remainder of entry torn out of journal.

1297 – Note Destruction – Gregory destroys his notes at the start of the year. The third Firelance machine that has just been commissioned is destroyed, as without the notes it will not be able to be completed. It is possible his spouse suggested doing this, as she wrote several times in her diary she disapproved of Gregory's work.

1297-1298 –Youngest Heir- Younger of twin sons returned home by Guards Council, as payment Gregory designed a new device to counter the effects of a Firelance machine. What has become of his eldest, and how did his brother come to be in the care of the Guards Council?

1298-1326 - Gregory retires and becomes a clockmaker again, reopening his old shop. He takes on a young boy, who is unnamed in all sources except the journal of a man who Gregory claims is his eldest son, as an apprentice. The man named by Gregory was none other than General Nather Mi’rezzar of the Guards Council. Sometime here his wife has also died, as entries in her diary cease from mid 1298 onward.

1327-1330 – Final Years – Gregory, in his final years, hands over his shop to his apprentice. Later in early 1331 he, seemingly dies peacefully of old age in his sleep.

The following is an excert from Guard Captain Steelhammer's Journal, Soldier working on Firelance Project.

1275 - I have been assigned to give aid to the knights in charge of investigating the the work of Captain Fi'irak'uu. In the time since he has been working on weapons for us there have been several reports of abandonment by his men, however none have been found anywhere within the borders of our lands, it would seem as if they had all but vanished.

1278 - After three years of near continuous investigation the I have learned that Captain Fi'irak'uu is far from a conventional thinker; he rants day and night as he works about a way to use a combination of magic and machinery to make himself as endless in life, as a watch measures time. His rants are a bit much to handle at times but he has managed to develop some vastly improved variants of our current weapons. His auto-ballista rapidly fires bolts held within a in tracked cartridge.

1285 - Captain Fi'irak'uu appears to be attempting to keep his home life as separate from the work he is doing for us as is possible. I can honestly say that the man that his wife seems to think that he is, well it's a different man entirely from who he really is. By her point of view he is kind and caring and wishes only to finish his work for the military so that he may retire and return to making his clocks. She has not seen the man who took a spy whom he captured and removed his bones while he was still alive and conscious.

1287 - Captain Fi'irak'uu has been charged with creating a siege engine that can be moved across a body of water without having to wait for a ship to carry it across or making use of a bridge. He makes use of this assignment by using it as a reason to request several scrolls and books from the royal libraries. I have recieved a new set of orders from the king today, I have been recalled to fight on the mainland.

1291 - I have been allowed to continue my investigation of Captain Fi'irak'uu who is in the process of building a device that he has promised will put an end to all enemies who appose the might of our kingdom. I have arrived back at his workshop to find that it has been deserted for some time, to make matters worse I have entered several rooms that I could not get near when I was first sent to investigate him. The good captain has been testing his new weapon designs on his own men and then reporting them as deserters. Though I doubt the king will believe me I have sent in a report  with all the same.

1292 - The king sends me instructions on how to get to the Aptly named Captain Firelance's work shop. He also sends instructions to by anymeans necessary make a copy of the plans for the captain's latest invention the Firelance Machine. I will do as ordered however inorder to make sure that they are not found by the captain and destroyed I am hiding my original copy in the guards barracks in the castle and then making several close but false copies to plant on a few of the good captain's most trusted men.

1294 - After making my copy of the plans I have learned the true purpose of the Firelance Machine. The Machine was designed to make it appear that it destroys all living targets in the destruction zone and has no other function however when the good Captain Toggled a lever labled power restore, the focus crystal focused some kind of magic energy into a pendant that he was wearing around his neck.

1295 - The King contracts Captain Firelance to build several more of the firelance machines after seeing how effective it was in the tests. Once again he focuses the Magic Energies into the pendant around his neck and then retires to his work shop.

1296 - Dris'niah is killed before my very eyes in a raid on the Captain's workshop, while the captain is away, I have sent word of the events to the king and word of his wife's death to Captain Firelance. He returns a day later and places the pendant into one of the firelance machines via a hidden recepticle. The machine begins to glow as it pours the energies into the dead body of his wife and then as if granted by the heavens she is brought back from the dead as if she had only slept. Could this be the true purpose behind the firelance machine? His wife once more walks among the living however she seems to not remember the Captain and insists that she must return to her village. The captain begins to talk of doubts in the machine ever being made to function the way he has designed it to.

1296 - 1297 - Captain Firelance seems to have worked his way back into the memories of his beloved wife, she bears him a pair of twin sons. The children are ordered taken from the Captain and his wife until the captain completes the construction of the third Firelance Machine.

I really enjoyed reading this biography as it was very intriguing. Might I suggest, however, that you go back through and make sure that all of the entries are complete sentences.  As a whole this is a very well written entry, and I look forward to reading more work from your hand. Have fun!! clap

Gregory Firelance was the inventor of one of the most evil and yet efficient war machines any sentient creature has ever created. He also upgraded many other weapons of the R'unorians.
5  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Phéran'Exhonanhé, Tree on: 20 June 2009, 01:37:00
Thank you Deklitch, I have made all of the suggested changes including those concerning numerals.  Words do read easier than the expressed values, and I am grateful for your input. You know, you should join us northerners up here, after all we do have more fun.  I'm not really so sure if the last statement was true, but I certainly enjoy it up here with the likes of Tharoc, Allysse, Grunok and many more.  It's a pretty good group of people. Anyways; you'll chase after your own interests and though I know little of the goings on outside of the far north, I'll be happy to help you with anything I can along the way.  Thanks again for your input!!! thanx
6  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Inauguration Party of Altario & Seeker to Santharian Membership on: 19 June 2009, 02:58:13
I suppose that I'm quite late to the party, but I'd still like to offer congrats to both Altario and Seeker. Hopefully I'll be joining you someday!  :)
7  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Concept of the Cog on: 19 June 2009, 02:53:41
As long as too much liberty isn't taken, I don't see why you couldn't make this work. I wish you the best of luck here.  :)
8  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Concept of the Cog on: 19 June 2009, 02:29:55
I'm going way back to the original post here.  I have been a machinist, and I must say that I do not see how a world such as Caelereth could have bolts.  In order for threads to work they must be very precise and consistent. Far more so than could ever be done by hammer and chisel. Rivets nails primitive staples or even screws could be feasible, but bolts need machinery with its accuracy in order to be created. The only way I could see bolts existing in Santh is if they were created through the use of magic, and I'd say that is a very far stretch indeed.  I hope this entry doesn't come to late, and like I said rivets can be used in place of bolts in almost all occasions.  Though cogs too need a certain level of symmetry and accuracy it is entirely feasible for them to exist, however, as they do not need machinery to make their teeth at least accurate enough.
9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Yoyarr - Aquatic (?) Monster on: 19 June 2009, 02:18:42
I see no reason what so ever that the creature couldn't have an intricately developed respiratory system which allows it to breath in oil.  I have no doubt that if nature forced it upon the creatures of some sea, at least a few of them would evolve and adapt with such capabilities.
10  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Herbarium / Re: Phéran'Exhonanhé, Tree on: 19 June 2009, 02:10:18
Not that I'm in a position to demand anything after such a long absence, but could we try to get this one back on track towards approval.
11  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: Moon oh moon, thou silver sphere.. on: 27 March 2009, 06:09:43
I have a question here! Has science really advanced to the point in Caelereth that their would be a universal concept on what the moon is, or would each people, and area have their own beliefs about the moon and its properties? As far as I know we are trying to create a medieval-like world here, and solidly scientific based ideas on what the sun and moon are, did not exist until well into the scientific revolution. Therefore; to confine moon ideas to a single entry might be too limiting. In all reasonableness each tribe or race could come with its own sub-entry on what the moon is in their own mythology. The most isolated of these groups could have some very fun and appealing ideas indeed!

Keep Dreaming,

P.S. The same could be said about the sun.
12  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Ulki'aiá (New Move) The divine account of Quáel'cáo on: 20 March 2009, 04:07:07
This will be a very long entry, and I am in fact considering the breaking up of it into several parts, but for now it works well as a single entry. Any critique as I build this religious text that is bound to be enormous would be much appreciated.

Keep Dreaming,
13  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Ulki'aiá (New Move) The divine account of Quáel'cáo on: 19 March 2009, 06:21:38
Yes, I was aware of the Cárpa'dosía, or The Books of Beginning, but i hope to have my prophet here bring forth a book that "has not been corrupted" and of which the book of beginnings is just a beginning.  :P There could be nothing simpler!

Keep Dreaming,
14  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hi!!! on: 19 March 2009, 06:13:17
A belated welcome to you, and I am called Mifer. It's very nice to meet you, and i do hope to see some of your writing very soon.
15  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Ulki'aiá (New Move) The divine account of Quáel'cáo on: 18 March 2009, 04:15:42

I, Quáel'cáo, having been called of the Divinity, and having been given the office and responsibility of prophet and revelator to the peoples of the world, do hereby find it necessary to give an accurate and full account of my doings and the revelations that have been put before mine eyes hereto.  Such is the nature of mortal and sinful beings to apostatize from and corrupt the truths of their fathers, and as such; I do write this account as a testimony against those who would bastardize the words of the Divinity and as a safe haven for those who wish to stay faithful to the truth.

In prelude to this writing I find it necessary to write for the strength of my people and in condemnation of those who have persecuted us hither to.  Ours is the true and holy calling of the divinity, and though swords of hand and mouth may be thrown at our blameless hearts the Divinity will not suffer that we with our truths will perish at the hands of weak and sinful mortals. For every cruel word thrown at our feet a culprit will be recompensed with nine times ninety hours of suffering, and if one should raise their weapon against the called of Divinity he shall be condemned to an infinite and eternal piercing of the heart with even one thousand daggers. I would beseech ye then enemies of the High that thou dost no longer persecute the innocent and chosen.

And, to all those who find in thine hearts a desire to know of the truth, I say unto thee that thou art chosen and called of Divinity to learn thyself in the ways of enlightenment. Even so much as thy intent is true all of thy past transgressions can be forgiven thee, and by commandment of the almighty divinity on high, thou shalt be accepted as a brother to our holy and high order of divine knowledge and supreme being.

I, Quáel'cáo, was born into a city that in its great pride was beginning to forge its own rot. Yea even that great city, Fá'áv'cál'âr, was nigh at destruction. For they had in their great pride angered the divinity, and through their idolatrous ways they had corrupted the religion of truth. With their creations of many Gods, the very glory of Avá had been diminished in their eyes. For verily, there is but one god, and that god is Avá. And even to call Avá, God, does not glorify the truth as it should be.

Nay, but I will give unto the world the name that our One up high does wish to be called, but in prelude, I must first tell the very story I have been commanded to tell. Therefore, I will tell it. I will tell even the story of mine own ascension to divine knowledge, yea even mine own ascension as the chosen of divinity, and the revelations that were given me by the most high concerning the corrupted Dós'carpaías, or as it has come to be known by the evil and corrupt peoples of the mundane, Carpa'dosia.

I, even at the young age of seventy and two found myself saddened by the evil pride of the elves with in Fá'áv'cál'âr, and I did feel in my bosom a burning desire to leave this place of rot. Therefore, I did grab my meager sack and did travel to the forests beyond. How long I traveled in the forests I know not, for I was lost so deep in thought that even many suns did set before I lifted my eyes from my path.

Awe and wonder did fill my very soul, as I found myself amidst an ocean of sand and sun. Yea, I did feel my tongue swollen with thirst, and my stomach sore with hunger. Realizing that I was to perish under the penetrating rays of the sun, I did fall to my knees, and I did call out to the gods to save me.

Yea, I did call them each by name, and each one by one, but exhausting heat was my only reply. Even did this continue, until the only god I could remember was that most high one, Avá.

And I did call, Avá in to the blue of the sky, until my voice did rumble now longer, and all that came from my lips was hoarse breath. In this, and upon my knees I did relent to the very ravages of death, and I did give up all hope.

Even as the burning fingers of death did threaten to close about my heart I did hear a voice so sweet and beautiful, soft and soothing, loud and encompassing, and so ancient and powerful that I dared not lift my head for fear that I would perish in the glory of the God that stood before me. Even in my weakened state my entire body did quake at the sound of that voice.

And it did call me by my name, and it did seem to me as if I was hearing my name for the first time, and I was commanded to look up into the eyes of the glory that stood towering above me, but I was loath to look up for fear that I might wither under the glory of such eyes.

Nevertheless, I did look up, for I had always been a humble being, and I did know the perils of disobeying the commands of the one most high. Even as I did look into the infinitely powerful and all-knowing eyes before me, my heart did swell to a size that it threatened to burst the seams of my chest, and an agony sweeter than any pleasure filled my very soul until I knew that I looked not upon one of the gods, but The One, The Only.

Verily, this being beyond description did hold out its hand, in which was a cup so adorned with jewels that it belonged in no worldly court, and did command me to drink. Therefore, I did drink, and as I did not only my throat, but my very soul was quenched.

Gratitude and awesome wonder did fill my bosom at this miracle, though I could find no words to express such. Even as I pondered these things the sweetly horrible voice did again fill my head, and thus were the words of The One:

Quáel'cáo, my child, anguish no more, for thy pain does move me to sadness. So great is thy faith and love for me that thou wouldst leave the very great city of thy birth to escape the corruption and evil soothsaying of those that do claim to worship me, and yet are idolatrous and evil beyond measure.

In thy immeasurable goodness thou hast guessed that they cannot speak the truth, and even now thy blind faith shall be rewarded with truth. Yea, even truths that have been lost to the fathers of thy fathers shall be given to thee now. For verily, thus shall the most faithful be rewarded.

Even as The Almighty concluded these sayings, the hand of righteous purity reached out and touched my mortal eyes with truth, and in a single infinite instant I saw both the beginning and the end. Yea, I did verily see the infinite truths of eternity.

Much of what I saw in that instant has not been given to me to write of in this book, but this I do say that verily this world we live in hast a terrible and awesome future of which one part to come is the destruction of the glory of Fá'áv'cál'âr.

Even as I did begin to ponder these great things I was commanded to return to the city of my birth, wherewith many who were good and whole would come unto me and hear the teachings of singular truth that I was to bring forth unto them.

Yea, and I did as I was commanded and did go forth amongst my brethren, and even in my youth I was blessed with mighty words as if they did come from divinity itself and many did hear my message.

Our numbers did swell so quickly and with such ferocity that many of the wicked and evil leaders with in the city did begin to fear that a rebellion of righteousness was growing into inevitability. Yea, and they did whisper in to the ears of other leaders and peoples until we were hated with a great loathing by most of the population.

In their wicked hatred for righteousness the horrid mobs of elvish hatred did reap much destruction amongst the members of our great and righteous faction, and even those most horrible of sins which are rape and murder were committed in great abundance.

Seeing these evil doings and fearing for the lives of my people I did fall upon my knees and did call upon the most high that its people might be saved from the ravages of cruel and wicked elves. I did pray with an aching heart for even nine days and eight nights until once again the great divinity did grace me with its presence and did command me to take the enlightened children on an exodus to a holy land where we could ever after live in peace. But the divinity did say unto me that I must be patient, for before I could lead my people from this hate I was to first record the Dós'carpaías as it was intended from the beginning.

Thus I did begin my work, and through the power of divine communication and revelation I did write the following, and all praise be to the most high being:

Dós'carpaías (Book of Beginnings)

Before time knew bounds, and before stars hung in the sky, yea even before the sky was called the sky there existed a great consciousness which rested in a state of dream and contemplation.  For even an eternity did this great consciousness dream and contemplate over the many questions of being.

The first question that could not be answered was how something could exist with out a place to exist in.  This great consciousness then realized the necessity of place was existence’s first need, and thus by gathering matter from the infinite realms of eternity and combining them in countless combinations, the lands and seas of Caeloreth were born.
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