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1  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: 'Ello on: 01 February 2009, 09:06:35
Thank you for your welcome, all of you ^^

I certainly hope to see you all around and I'm glad to be here.
2  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / 'Ello on: 01 February 2009, 01:58:52
This is probably one of the coolest sites i have EVER seen. I'm very impressed and i'm glad to be joining you.

3  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: The Calamandrian Mist Bear on: 01 February 2009, 01:57:45
thank you for being so polite. I'll follow your suggestions ^^
4  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / The Calamandrian Mist Bear on: 31 January 2009, 11:25:29
                              The Calamandrian Mist Bear
The Calamandrian Bear is a carnivorous animal with massive claws and teeth which let it hunt the many deer and boar which roam in its forest homeland. The bearĎs main habitat is in forests all across the world, though it is most common in the Drifting Woods, giving this bear itís nickname of The Mist Bear, for it seems as if it is only a mist, for how gracefully it moves throughout the mossy plains. It has developed great swimming skills due to the many lakes and rivers which spot the Drifting Woods.
Appearance. A full grown Calamandrian Mist Bear can reach a height around 4 to 5 grains. Its appearance also adds to itís name, for it has a misty white-grey coat and foggy blue eyes. Due to the prey which it hunts, the Calamandrian Mist Bear has massive claws for tearing flesh, and huge paws for breaking the bones of itís prey. It weighs around 4 or 5 Pygges which allow it enough bulk to attack prey, but not to much to slow it down. It has long slender legs which also add to itís speed and grace. Their fur is fairly thin, as to let air travel through to keep the animal cool. They are eqipped with a tail longer than most bears, which hangs down onto their back thighs. They generally walk on all four feet, unless they are frightened or angry.
Special Abilities. This type of bear is a fast swimmer and runner. Traveling in water and on land are both common occurrences for the Mist Bear. In the water they can reach speeds up to 30 strals per hour and on the land they can travel a stunning 40-45 strals per hour. The Calamandrian Bear is also known for its massive brute strength which it uses to take down many varieties of animals. Besides this, the Mist Bear is also known to climb a tree with great speed, as well as leap great distances to take down prey.

Territory. With a great range of habitat, the Calamandrian Mist Bear can be found in most all forests across Santharia. Their most common territory is the Drifting Wood, found in West Nybelmar. The Hovel Frond Forest is also a common sighting place for this bear. Other than these to concentrations, the Calamandrian Bear population stretches across Santharia.

Habitat/Behaviour. The Calamandiran Mist Bear likes to avoid danger and conflict... to a point. If itís territory or pack is threatened, the Mist Bear is quick to act and attack. Most of the Mist Bearís day is occupied by hunting and fishing. When not in search of food, they sleep and eat, as well as hunting off humans and elves who often use their fur and hide for clothes and robes. The Calamandrian Mist Bear hibernates only for about 2 or 3 weeks during the coldest weeks of winter.

Diet. The two main parts of the Mist Bearís diet are fish and meat. In rare occasions they may eat bark, berries, roots, and other plants, if they have not eaten in a long period and meat is not readily available. The main meats they eat are deer, elk, boar, and even goats. They also eat many things, including wild horses, weasels, and even the smallest of mammals, when in dire need of food. They have even been known to eat humans rather regularly. This is believed to be an old myth, but it is not known to be true or not. Either way, many stories and myths are told of this animal and its exploits, false stories, or possibly real ones.

Mating. Mating ages range highly, though the most common median is six years of age. At six years old, the bears first start to mate with a member of their own pack, at the same age. It makes no difference of families, many bearís have been known to mate with their own siblings. It may seem appalling to some, but to these creatures it is everyday life. Every two or three springs, the Mist Bears mate, for about a week, or sometimes a week or so longer.

Myth/Lore. The most common myth spread of the Calamandrian Mist Bear is itís interaction with humanís. As they myths go, The Calamandrian Bearís attack all living things in sight, including humans. No one can say for sure if this is completely true, though it is a known fact that Calamandrian Bears do, from time to time attack humans. Whether it is out of nature or food deprivation, we canít be sure. But either way, due to this myth, many villages and many different races respect this strong proud animal. Many villages use the hunting of a Mist Bear as a initiation to manhood. Some though see it as a threat and try to exterminate it completely. This leads to many problems, as the population of the Mist Bear declines.
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