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16  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ska'kalin revision on: 18 July 2012, 04:18:17
There's quite a bit changed. The entire special abilities section was excised, which also necessitated the removal of the usages section. Both have been replaced.
The diet is largely the same, the emphasis has moved from meat to a sort of detrivore.
The behaviour and mating sections received changes as well, partly to make it more legible, partly to reduce the overall intelligence to reflect their role as a more common pest.

There's a bit here and there that's been added in red
17  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Pin's Point and other Findings on: 18 July 2012, 02:29:16
Better late than never.
18  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Ska'kalin revision on: 18 July 2012, 02:27:23
Believe this one is done.
19  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Necropsy, examination after death on: 17 July 2012, 02:37:42
And the fact is, I wouldn't be able to give those rights if I wanted to.
You could use the quote function to get the colouring and wording from Azhira's post and move it into the original.
20  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Currency of Santharia, Rewrite on: 11 July 2012, 14:50:17
I would have the same problems if Mina had brought this idea seemingly out of the blue as well.
My issue is mainly with the changes to accepted and already widely used data (the names of the coins) and the sudden appearance of this revision. But all that aside, I suppose it's time to address problem yes?

As far as the problem of coins not being recognized, remember that we had several different kingdoms before Santharia was formed. Foreign coinage may be subject to a little more scrutiny than the average coin, and may have a reduced values in the eye of a local merchant but that assumes that the coin is worth what it is made of rather than a form of promissory note or token.

If the value of the coin is in its physical worth (the value of the coin is the value of the metal its made of) then you should still be able to buy goods and services on the value of that metal, regardless of the name or face which is on it. After all, it's still gold. Gold rushers would barter for supplies with gold nuggets. And this system might allow for money changers who specialize in determining the value of coins (and the sort of underhanded shenanigans that go with it). Say changing enthronian coins to vardynians so it would be easier to do business in Voldar. And I imagine there's a great deal of questioning as to whether or not the person in front of you might be deceitful enough to be using fake coins.

Trade transactions of course, might not be using coins, but likely goods for goods. A trading ship wouldn't be bartering for shiny coins after all (or at least not all for shiny coins), but goods that could be sold back at home. Furs for muskets or alcohol, silks for spices or even salt (which is worth gold, in the right situation) livestock for feed, feed for livestock, ore for wood. That's even why we have a system to determine the value of gems. I could see a thergerim choosing to barter in brights worth of metal or gems rather than counting coins.

Now, if the metal is deliberately adulterated (alloyed) or a simple placeholder (brass instead of gold) then the value of the coins is backed by a system of belief. The belief that a single coin of course, has value. The gold standard for instance says that the coin is worth a certain amount of gold, held by the state and represents the value of that gold when traded, but that's getting a little complex.

As far as whether or not the Santhran can enforce the standardization of currency, I don't think it would be purely the Santhran who does so, but the provinces themselves, the Thanes, at the behest of the Santhran. Perhaps with the intent of facilitating trade between provinces? After all, if everyone is using money with the same value then buying things with coins from another province becomes less of an issue. It might be why the designs are standard as well. If the coins have the same shape and weight, it's easier to recognize them, regardless of what is on them.

There's also the old problem of counterfeiting. Shaving the edges off of the coin (clipping), covering wood or lead with precious metals, or even painting it, mixing base metals with the precious metals...

I think I've gotten a little off topic here. So I'll end the post and come back the matter after I've actually gotten some sleep buck
21  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Twin Fever on: 11 July 2012, 05:35:03
Imagine my surprise when I'd discovered that Mira had beaten me to it? Greenfever or some similar ailment (green was in the name). And frankly I'd say he did a better job of it buck
22  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Currency of Santharia, Rewrite on: 11 July 2012, 05:34:07
The reason for my "hostility" real or otherwise, is that the phrasing you used seemed to imply that there had been actual open discussion, and forgive me for making that particular inferrence. It just seems that this is a little big to be sorted out via private messages and I personally see nothing wrong the with actual currency as it is.

If you wanted to amend the history section, we have a perfectly usable icon that lets someone add new content to an existing entry as I am sure you are aware. There was hardly a need to try to overhaul something that would negatively affect so many entries, regardless of what the history table needed to say.
23  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Twin Fever on: 11 July 2012, 05:02:57
I've had a great deal of trouble actually getting the edits to this saved, as well as writing this post, since I keep getting drawn away from it. So, apologies for the extra dose of bluntness here, I'm making sure I get it all down and post it, rather than trying to tip-toe around and be eloquent.

Quick rundown: Dek has it right. Twin has to do with seeing two identical (if horribly blurry objects). Seeing something so that it seems to have a twin. I really didn't think it was that hard to understand!

Any resistances to the fever are purely racially related. I imagine that it would affect halflings, but since they are so horribly unlikely to encounter it they aren't getting any mention because there probably isn't a recorded case. Everyone else either traces ancestry to the ancient krean (the Tedhurien included) or to a non human race. The R'unorian tribes mentioned have elvish or orcish interbreeding in their history. Genetic conditions can (and do) provide resistance to disease.

So: To explain edits that I won't be making
-I'm not adding more fantastic symptoms, not everything needs to be fraas and krytoses and turning blue. Tolkien, not Carroll
-I'm not going to be adding further explanation of why it happens when it rains because frankly the mystery is nice. Want to know why it happens after it rains? It's carried by biting insects. That spawn in the water. That's all dev knowledge.
-The observations that I've made are perfectly rational ones that a native R'unorian would make. That guy got sicker than I did. Guess it's because he's foreign.

There will be as much lore and myth as I can reasonably manage without turning out some hackneyed excuse for a fairy tale.
24  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Necropsy, examination after death on: 11 July 2012, 04:46:13
Hey Kel, I wouldn't throw this right on the burn pile yet.
I'm not sure but perhaps this might fit as an addition to the surgical procedures section?
Perhaps mention that some unscrupulous physicians like to cut open dead bodies in the name of learning? I'd leave it up to you, but I'd certainly hate to see the work go to waste.
25  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: The Currency of Santharia, Rewrite on: 11 July 2012, 04:41:16
Thanks for jumping in with that link Mina, I wasn't actually sure where or when this discussion had taken place. Actually I still don't see where it really took place and why Talia is the one doing this rewrite...

If all that was being done was re-organization and tidying up, I'd be right on board with letting one person tidy it up but what you seem to be proposing is an overhaul Talia.
This isn't a trifling entry that's impossibly old or one that isn't particularly integrated.
It seems to me that any rewriting of this entry does need a little more work since any significant change will affect dozens of entries. Removing the X-Bards from the listings, for example, would require changes to at least a dozen entries. And I rather liked them to boot  :P

26  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: Galnós’danár Disease on: 11 July 2012, 04:18:46
Hey Dieren, Azhira's suggestion has quite a bit of merit here.
Perhaps this is a condition that affects the jewelrymakers themselves. The people who mine or are responsible for treating the blackstone?
The phrase "mad as a hatter" is a result of hatmakers suffering from mercury poisoning which could induce a variety of psychological symptoms. They used mercuric nitrate in order to separate fur from the pelt, but it takes time for that to build up in a person's body. Perhaps this works somewhat similar?

Other than that, Azhira's comment that it's very broad is something I must agree with. The entry needs to be refined a little before I think it's really going to shine. Elves and humans for instance, is a very wide set of sufferers given that they comprise most of the population of our little disc.
Without knowing who produces the stone, and who they trade it with, who wears the resulting product.

You say that the people of the Fallaerion Affaenath mined it first. Those would appear to be elves, judging from one of the maps here, and they're not exactly known for mining.

My advice to you is to let this sit for a while, sort out blackstone itself, and then come back and finish this. Or at the very least, develop the two concurrently. You're sort of putting the cart before the horse.

Sorry if the comments here are a little scattershot. I've swapped the icon for the time being.
27  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Shatterspine Mountains on: 11 July 2012, 03:54:57
@Azhira: Unlike other areas of the world, I don't have the work of six or seven other developers to pull from. Having an entry at all is what's working right now. And as you've proven, there's always time to go back and revise three or four times if need be. And it's better than leaving a dozen references to entries that might not get written for months.

@Artimidor: I've fixed the issue there. I'm not sure how I even missed it buck
28  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Shatterspine Mountains on: 28 June 2012, 06:54:16
Yeah, what happens when you start writing a little too late at night I think.
29  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hylph'xan'ian'kroi Mountains on: 25 June 2012, 08:00:22
@Mina: I tried to work out a better reasoning for the name than that, and since I've done quite a bit of work with it in mind I'll stick with the work I've got done. R'unor's rulling caste/tribe is comprised of hemi-demi-semi-elves descended from some rogue Kayrhem. In the end I hope that "Old R'unorian" before the adoption of any sort of lingua franca, will be a pidgin of Styrash and Kh'omch'rom.

@Art: I've been working (probably quite poorly and inconsistently) on a larger scale map of the island of R'unor, so that's a great help to know. Some of the naming feels just... badly inconsistent.

Edits made though, in Red
30  Santharian World Development / Places and Map Design / Re: Hylph'xan'ian'kroi Mountains on: 19 June 2012, 06:57:49
According to the original entry "Hylph'ian'xan'kroi" is supposed to mean "Gazing Longingly at the Method of our Destruction" but it's not exactly conjugated, and I can't really change it since it's on the map.
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