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1  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: I'm still fascinated on: 17 October 2008, 08:28:30
Haha, I know I must be infamous for doing just that.  noidea  I'm most definitely hoping that I'll be able to crank out some more as well. My high school days were much more carefree, though, and I won't be able to write as quickly as before, but surely so.  :)
2  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: I'm still fascinated on: 15 October 2008, 22:07:18
I am here!  I've only read about half of the council tree entry.  I've been out of town for about a week to visit my brother and celebrate my birthday. :D
3  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: I'm still fascinated on: 05 October 2008, 09:07:43
@ Rookie: Very much inspiration there. grin What I will do to begin is read your entry on The Council Tree of the Llaoihrr Brownies.  Then if you don't mind I would like to take up your offer concerning the Rrihoorr Moss.  If I manage to complete that, then I would love to help expound on any of the other ideas you've mentioned.

@ Tharoc: Thank you for the food.  Really. I'm seriously starving.  *wishes Santharia had a mcdonald's too* Haha
4  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: I'm still fascinated on: 04 October 2008, 20:30:41
Thank you :)  And here is my OOC congratulations on your inauguration as well. :)  I'm not sure I have a place for posting in the thread since "Maertys" would be unknown and out of place, but my regards nonetheless!

And brownies, hmm, I never familiarized myself with the race, but I would be willing to do so for the prospect of new projects.  grin
5  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / I'm still fascinated on: 04 October 2008, 19:18:19
Hello all.  I was once a member here, though not for an extended period of time.  Formerly known as Zacheius Aquadel, I've changed the name to Maértys Shandál. I still like my old Zacheius name, haha.  :D I've done a lot of traveling since I last visited Santharia, and after finally settling down I remembered Santharia and the fun I had writing about the Ancythrian Spinneedler and the Bavereye Beetle.  After rereading so much about Santharia once again I am still fascinated by this fantasy-oriented dream, and even though it has been quite some time, I would love to reintroduce myself to the development board.

I'm still primarily interested in the bestiary/herbarium, so I'm hoping that, with time, I may be able to look into that again if I am welcome to do so. :)
6  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Bavereye Beetle - Scattersand Shoals - Insect on: 09 June 2007, 02:13:10
Haha, yeah I didn't know that until I changed the picture.  Sorreh.. but this is definitely the one I plan to stick with. noidea

lol Guess I should go find something else to do now.

7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Bavereye Beetle - Scattersand Shoals - Insect on: 06 June 2007, 10:53:23
Haha, when I saw all of that text I thought you had completely torn it apart, but I was able to fix it up pretty quick. Here's an overview of what I've changed per your request:

 - Emphasized that the Scattersand shoals were considered Baveras territory and sacred, thus the Bavereye was deemed sacred by some as well.
 - Took out reference to the Sanhorrhim elves and replaced it with early Shendar explorers.
 - Changed "Beatles" to "Beetles".  I think I got a bit far ahead of Santharia's time  lol
 - Seperated the belief about Bavereye "guiding ships" into the myth/lore section
 - Moved predator info under habitat/behavior
 - Also changed "illumanted" to "illuminated"... to think I was once spelling bee champion, haha.

Thank you both for your comments, that was very productive. :)

8  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Bavereye Beetle - Scattersand Shoals - Insect on: 04 June 2007, 02:25:26
Thank you, the Shoals are an interesting place.  In fact, instead of this, I almost tried an entry on the islands' natural predator, the Shinui.  If this falls through I may try to do that, but now I'm rambling.  I look forward to your comments, Hylphan.
9  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Bavereye Beetle - Scattersand Shoals - Insect on: 03 June 2007, 12:29:56
Don't be, I appreciate that you were trying to give constructive criticism. :)
10  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Re: Bavereye Beetle - Scattersand Shoals - Insect on: 03 June 2007, 07:07:36
Haha, well the "gem" is actually an egg, from which another beetle hatches after one dies.  It is just called the "gem" (referred to as such by those who speak of it), because in all outer physical aspects it is just like a crystalline rock, but harbors a greater secret within.  ;)

Edit: I almost forgot to say, it's explained in the mating section. :)
11  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / Bavereye Beetle - Scattersand Shoals - Insect on: 03 June 2007, 06:37:04
I decided to try my hand in the bestiary again given the time gap since my last efforts, so I wanted to keep it relatively small.  Though I must admit, my imagination just kept expanding while I wrote, so I hope it isn't too farfetched.

Claimed by some to be the sole creation of Baveras, Goddess of the Sea, the Bavereye Beetle is a queer beetle that is unlike any other.  It was first discovered by Shendar explorers, who believed the Scattersand Shoals to be the territory of Baveras.  There were no doubts when they saw small, yet abundant, lights of blue, green, and silver flitting about the shores.  Upon closer inspection, they called the insect the "Eye of Baveras", or "Baveras' Eye", and thus its name is a portmanteau of the two words.  As these beetles illuminted Baveras' land, some Shendar even believed them to be sacred.  It is a relatively large insect, about half a palmspan in length.  A beautiful and mysterious creature, the Bavereye is a sight of wonder to any who happen to see their lights upon the shores of the Shoals.

Appearance. Though the Bavereye may have unique characteristics that distinctly seperate it from most other beetles, it has the same anatomy as any.  It has a tough outer skeleton that is a a bluish-green, the same as the ocean that surrounds it.  However, it is not known if this is the Bavereye's "true" color, because it changes colors to camouflage with its surroundings.  Thus, it can be seen to have many different colors.  When in the sand, it is a tawny brown, when among reefs it may change to a deep coral.  It is generally accepted, however, that it is of a light blue with a tint of green.

There is one thing about the Bavereye that remains the same, and that is a hard skeletal structure embedded in the center of its head and above the eyes, called a "gem".  It is called such because it greatly resembles a crystalline rock, though it is mere a combination of skeleton and a few minerals that the Bavereye obtains through its diet.  This gem can be either a deep blue, a dark green, or a bright silver.  Even if a Bavereye changes colors, the gem in its head remains the same color.  It is not known what the significance of the gem's color is, for other than its color there is no difference in the beetles. Beetles with blue and green gems are common, while silver-gemmed Bavereyes are quite rare; only a few have ever been spotted.

The beetle itself is about half a palmspan in length, so by comparison it is no small insect.  Like all beetles, it has hard forewings than spread out to reveal thin, translucent wings beneath, giving it a set of two wings when spread.  These wings are set far forward on the thorax, and the hind wings are longer than the forewings.  The beetle itself is slender and less rounded than most, and is shaped like a plump oval.  It has large round grey eyes and hairy legs.
Special Abilities.  As aforementioned, the Bavereye has the ability to camouflage into its surroundings, and it has been reported that there is no limit to the spectrum that it can imitate.  Stories have been told of Bavereyes who take on such vibrant colors as red, yelllow, purple, and even black.  Followers of Baveras relate this to the way water can shift and change to any shape or form.

Painstaking study revealed the Bavereye's adaptations to water.  It's large round grey eyes are divided in half, and it is believed that this is so the beetle can see both above and below water at the same time while resting on the surface!  Its legs have long rows of hairs that help it to swim, and like other water beetles it uses small hairs on the underside of its body to trap air in order to breathe below water.  When swimming underwater, the Bavereye appears to be carrying a small silver bubble under its body.  Scholars believe that this bubble is the air that it traps, but some believe that the beetle is carrying messages to Baveras.

It's last ability it the one it is most famous for, and that is the luminous gem embedded in its head.  The Bavereye can illuminate this gem so that it gives off a bright light the same as the gem's color.  Bavereyes with blue gems give off a blue light, green gems shine a bright vibrant green, and silver gems seem to shine a remarkable mix of blue, green, and white, though white light is predominant.  It was once questioned if this was a way of warding off predators, but the light really only seems to draw predators, such as the Flyer Crab.  Some scholars believe that the Bavereye is only capable of illuminating this gem during the dark hours at night, for never has a gem been seen to light up during the day.  A belief about this is that the Bavereye is constantly watching for Baveras, and even at night nothing escapes her eye.

Territory. The Bavereye Beetle lives exclusively on the Scattersand Shoals, and absolutely nowhere else.  What's more, the Bavereye cannot even survive anywhere else.  If these bugs are captured and taken elsewhere, they do not reproduce.  Whether this is because they simply refuse not to or are incapable, it is not known.  They are most common on the islands of Aiden, Sapphiria, Zandiria, and the southern beaches of Triam.  On Zandiria they are a certain sight, especially at night, but it is said that on Sapphiria they are over-abundant, and here even silver-gemmed Bavereyes are no rarity.  Sailors have mentioned how at night on Sapphiria these Bavereyes dance to the haunted tune of the windsong. 
Habitat/Behavior.  As mysterious as they are, the Bavereye Beetles are no uncommon sight upon the shores of the Scattersand Shoals.  Most often they prefer to remain underwater, though occassionally when they would like a good sunbath they crawl up on shore.  If there are any people around, they are very aware, and remain at a safe distance.  Yet, they always seem to be somwhere nearby whenever there are other beings around.  One sailor reported that each time he looked in the water he swore he saw one of them dive under quickly.  They seem to be curious, but cautious.

Sometimes these beetles just sit on the surface of the water, and there are occassions where people may seem them rubbing their forelegs on the gem of another.  This is a simple way to polish their gems, and they seem to take pride in them.  It is a funny sight to see, but Bavereyes like to keep their gems shiny and clean.  It is not known whether this is a necessity or just a vanity, but it is a habit of theirs nonetheless.

They are much more active at night, though it is not known when they sleep or wake.  Some believe that their colors actually determine such, as the green-gemmed beetles are more often spotted during the day, whereas blue beetles are a common sight at night.  Regardless, they are still seldom seen during the daytime.  Some scholars have stated that the beetles do not sleep at all, though this is not yet known.  One thing is sure, though, no Bavereye Beetle has ever been seen "sleeping".

During the day, they usually remain independent, though sometimes can be spotted in small groups of two or three.  At night, however, they come together in large groups.  If they are above water at night, they usually fly around alone, shining their light constantly.  Underwater, they gather in groups of nearly 20 and shine their lights to create a magnificent mixture of colors.  Some people sail to the Shoals solely for the purpose of seeing one of their dazzling night show of lights. 

The Bavereye has but two natural predators, the Flyer Crab and Scattersand Ray. Though there is a hard gem/egg embedded in its head, the Flyer Crab is able to pick out the gem and eat the insect, and the Scattersand Ray will just swallow it whole. However, no animal is able to break open the gem, and thus when eaten the Bavereye's egg will simply hatch a few weeks later, and the same is true for when the gem has passed through the Scattersand Ray's digestive system.  Thus, one lost and another gained.

Diet. The Bavereye has a simple diet consisting of seaweed and other various plants.  Underwater, seaweed is their primary source of food, and a few have been seen clustered together on this plant.  Sometimes, however, the Bavereye has a craving for coconut, and will raid a bombox plant as a group.  It is not known if their is a more extensive part of their diet, as these are the only places where they can be seen feeding.  It is possible that they may eat more underwater, but the beetles have proved elusive enough for no man to know.       

Mating. The Bavereye process of reproduction is perhaps the primary reason why devouts believe them to be related to Baveras.  They do not mate at all, and there is no indication of male or female gender.  The "gem" in their forehead shows its usefulness here, as it is actually an egg.  When it is young, the Bavereye has a hard piece of skeleton in the center of its head that hardens into the gem as it grows older.  This gem is very hard, and not at all easy to break.  Thus, the Bavereye usually keeps its gem for its entire life.  If the gem is lost, the Bavereye dies. 

The Bavereye only has a lifespan of about 7 years, and it is believed to know when it will die.  It is also said that the Bavereye chooses when it will die, as it never shows signs of sickness or disease.  However, it will crawl underwater, and its body will begin to shrivel up and grow thin until it eventually dies and turns to dust.  The gem, however, will remain, and only weeks later the gem will begin to crack open, and a white larvae will emerge.  It immediately burrows underground, where it is said that it visits Baveras and obtains its blessing.  Regardless, within a few months it will emerge as a fully grown Bavereye.

This process is done at different times by each Bavereye.  They do not die in groups, but only go underwater to die when their time comes; the cause of which no scholar has been able to figure out.  This incredibly unique way of reproduction leads to belief that the Bavereye contains both an egg and fertilizer within its body, and sometime during its life it will fertilize the egg within the "gem", thus creating a new life form.  Some view it almost as a form of reincarnation.  Others see it as a way of ensuring survival, for the gem is very difficult to break or remove from the insect, and even if removed it can still produce a larvae.  However, if it is removed and taken from the Scattersand Shoals, a larvae will never hatch.  It is said that if one carries an unhatched Bavereye egg, they are blessed by Baveras.  A few mages have accounted that the gem makes a good reagent for water magic.

There is a particular scholar who claims to have seen two larvae emerge from a single egg.  This is scorned by most, but there could certainly be a possibility that a Bavereye could produce twins.  No one else has witnessed such, however.  If this is true, though, then it could certainly be assumed that a Bavereye could even produce more than two larvae, though observation tells us that a single larvae is the common quota.

Myth/Lore/Origin. As several times stated, the Bavereye is said to be the sole creation of Baveras, the Sea Goddess.  This may be but a myth, and perhaps the reasons for this belief are but the extravagations of the imagination.   Sometimes Bavereyes wander far from the shores at night when there are ships in the distance.  They tend to fly in front of these ships.  It is common belief that they try to guide travelers to safety at night and save them from the treacherous reefs and waters.  Though some would say that if Baveras is angry they will guide ships into the reefs, and their luminous gems are difficult not to follow, thus earning them another name, the "Siren Lights". There are indeed mysteries surrounding the Bavereye, but none so much that shroud it completely in the unknown. 
12  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Ice Barrage on: 19 July 2006, 17:37:00
Mr. Ranger, please refrain from calling me names.  

I'm going to try to update this spell by Thursday, I've just been bus with work and other things. :hammer  

Edited by: Zacheius Aquadel at: 7/19/06 1:37
13  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Ice Barrage / Water Spell / Level VIII on: 12 July 2006, 07:22:00
Perhaps 'ice crystals' might be a better term here? What you have sounds a little awkward, though I admit I can't really think of a good term to use either.

I will attempt to find a better term

I'm not sure about this part. Given the more or less 4 thousand year history of Ximax, you'd think that there'd be little left to be created recently. Of course, given the long history, 'recently' might well be something like a thousand years ago too. :lol    Also, the part about creating a spell doesn't really sound right to me. You see, the way I understand it, all the spells in a Sphere are cast using the same basic technique, so essentially, there is nothing new to be created, once the idea of the Spheres have been formalised. That particular effect might not have ever been used until relatively recently, but the knowledge of how to do it has basically been there all along, available to anyone who gave it some thought.

It can be removed ^^

Well, normally things such as this would be kept to the Overview, and the Spell Effect section be used for the technical explanations, but apparently the others are fine with this, so I shall say no more about it.

Alright, but I would like to say that I was rather confused as to what went in the sections.  I thought that the technical explanations would be kept in the casting procedure, and that a longer generalization of what the spell is intended to achieve was placed in the Spell Effect section.  I'll remember what you've said in the future, though.

Why not manifest it as ice right away? Manifesting it as liquid water before freezing it seems to be making it unnecessarily complicated, if you ask me. Also, I don't think the freezing has much to do with strengthening the coldness property of water. Ice, as has been mentioned several times, has properties of both Earth and Water, and hence could be created if water comes under the influence of Earth (note the 'could'; it is only one of the possible results, since what you actually get depends on the resulting structure of the car'all, or Content, or whatever it should be called nowadays).

I think I understand what you are saying, but I didn't think a water mage would be able to influence water with properties of earth.  And about manifesting the ice right away, it's pretty much the same as if I manifest the ice when the droplets have formed.  The way I intended it, the process works rather quickly.  As soon as the ounia is gathered, the water forms - right after the water forms, the ice is created.

If, instead of little balls of ice, you create small ice shards, it might be even more damaging. Perhaps that could one of the possible effects? BTW, I wonder if anyone else has thought of using a variant of such a spell for watering plants.

I thought about the ice shards, since Orril mentioned it as well.  I  may edit that effect in. About the variant of the spell... *raises hand* :biggrin  

You might also want to add that doing so is very draining, and it's not likely that one could sustain it for very long.

Can do

Um, sounds like there might be some confusion between water molecules and Water ounia, or just a poor choice of words. You don't draw ounia close together so they become water droplets. Instead, the xeua links between the Water ounia are strengthened, increasing the overall influence of Water properties, thus causing physical water to manifest.

Definitely a poor choice of words.  I will edit this so that it makes more sense.

I don't think this is the right way to achieve this effect. I'm not sure how large your droplets are, but if they are small enough, they could won't be falling at all, due to bouyancy or something of that sort. Of course, with magic, that isn't the end of the explanation. I think this could perhaps be explained by saying that although within each individual droplet Water is dominant, the fact that in the general area where the droplets are gathered there is still a large amount of Wind ounia, and that they are completely surrounded by Wind (in the form of air), means that the droplets have significant Wind influence as well. From this, there could be several ways to explain the reason the droplets remain afloat. The one that seems most logical to me would be that one of the effects of Wind's influence is the property of lightness/weightlessness affecting the droplets, thus keeping them in the air.

I understand.  What you're saying is that the droplets being surrounded by wind is enough to keep them in the air?  I don't think saying that wind influence in the area where they were gathered will always be enough explanation, as the water could be extracted from the earth to form the spell, where it would have more earth influence?

Erm, no, ounia can't be cooled. They're not exactly physical things. They express properties (such as coldness), which influence the object they are a part of.

Would I be able to say that the water is cooled?

I see no explanation of what causes the ice to move. Well, to be fair, we don't really have a good explanation for how it works with fire either, as Silfer said. However, I have been pondering for a while about how fireballs are made to move. The idea I have is that since Fire wishes to be Wind, the Fire ounia of the fireball that is conjured up naturally link to the Wind ounia all around them, and thus the Wind property of movement already affects the fireball, and all the fire mage has to do is to point it in a direction. It'd also explain why the fire mage initially has to 'hold' the fireball in place, I think (either by actually willing the Fire ounia to stay in the same place, or reducing the Wind influene on the fireball; I'm not sure). Now, Water wishes to be Earth, so I don't see a reason for it to naturally form links with Wind. However, perhaps the ice can still be given movement by having the mage create links between the Water ounia in the ice and Wind ounia in the surroundings? I'm not sure Sphere 2 can achieve this, but since this is Sphere 3, I don't think this should be too difficult.

I see.  Creating links between the water and wind ounia would have been my first proposal, but I was under the impression that elemental magi could not create links. x_x

In one of the more recent spell entries (I think it might have been one of my own), Arti proposed making a distinction between what he calls 'Focus' and 'Target'. I don't think those terms are very good, but at least they are much shorter than what I would have come up with. The distinction isn't really needed in most cases, but for 'projectile spells' like this one, it is, I think. From what I understand, Focus is what I think of as 'the target of the spell', ie. where the effect is created. For spells like Fireball, and this one, it is the spot just in front of the mage's palm, here the ounia are gathered. Target, or what I think of as 'the target of the effect' is what you want the effect you've created to affect, which, in this case, is what you're firing the ice at. I think, you might want to make more mention of the Focus here, and perhaps remove some of the less helpful details concerning the Target.

I'll try to do that

We haven't really defined what reagents actually do, aside from assisting the mage with casting the spell, so perhaps you might want to remove this statement. Just the stuff you've written in the rest of this section should be alright.


The unit 'blink' though corresponding roughly to 'second' is meant to be very imprecise, so it would not be correct to use terms like 'five blinks'. 'Several blinks' would be a better alternative.

Ok, I will edit that

Hmm...I'm not sure about this. Well, I suppose it could be so if the water is really near the Focus, but otherwise it'd take a while to move the Water ounia over, don't you think?

I actually just assumed *bad thing*that water ounia could be moved quickly if the caster was at Level 8.  To be more realistic I will lengthen the casting time

A little too long, IMO. Like I said, continous effects of this sort should be pretty draining. A similar-looking spell, Rays of Heat, lasts only 8 seconds at level 7. While that sounds pretty short to me (I mean, at level 7, you're considerd really powerful already), I don't think you should be sustaining this spell for more than, say, a minute or so.

More than a little too long, really.  I will make the edit.

That's a pretty strong blast.

Too strong?  

The presence of a good source of Water ounia should also be mentioned here, I think. It still is an enhancing measure, even if it's already been mentioned elsewhere in the entry.

Ach! I forgot that.

I have not made edits, but first of all I would like to thank you for what you have done here.  Already I have learned a bit more about magic by reading your comments.  I promise that I will try to do better! ^_^  

Edited by: Zacheius Aquadel at: 7/11/06 15:24
14  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Ice Barrage / Water Spell / Level VIII on: 11 July 2006, 18:37:00
Ignore the previous post

I just decided to delete the account so that I could continue to use this one.  Okay, new edits have been made.  I also performed a spell check o.o  That was a wise suggestion for me to completely take out the ball of water part.  It was just complicating the procedure. x_x

Edited by: Zacheius Aquadel at: 7/11/06 2:37
15  Santharian World Development / Magic in the Lands of Caelereth / Re: Ice Barrage / Water Spell / Level VIII on: 11 July 2006, 18:06:00

To those of you who have been so kind as to help me along with this spell, I'm sorry to inform you that I can't edit the first post because I created a global account with the same name!  Ez doesn't identify me as the same person v_v'  Sorry for the trouble, so I will re-post this spell with new edits according to Silfer's comments.  New edits are in Aqua


Ice Barrage is a special spell because the caster seems to draw water out of thin air and alter its qualities to fire a horde of ‘ice drops’ towards an intended target. The spell is especially useful for offensive attacks, as the balls of ice are fired at a very high speed and feel like piercing needles to anyone on the receiving end. Recently developed, Ice Barrage was rather an attempt by water magi to create a more offensive spell. It is quite a surprise to those who may believe that water magi are useless when not near water, although such people would be the less educated in magic anyhow.

Spell Effect
The effect of this spell is either to damage an enemy by striking them with small lumps of ice. Quite a site to see, the caster forms a ‘ball’ of raindrops that hover in front of their palm by gathering water ounia. The caster must know how much ounia they are capable of gathering, for if they attempt to gather more than they are able to, incapacity fizzling is highly possible. The result could be an erupting blast of water. The same blast will occur if the caster does not remained focus during the casting. Next the caster alters the raindrops altered into ice by expanding the cooling properties of water. If successful, the lumps of ice will begin to fire to the target at an extremely high speed. The ice is sometimes powerful enough to take down opponents, although it is better used to slow the advancement of enemies, or even just to cause damage.

The ice, because of the sheer speed, can be very damaging to exposed skin. Often leaving terrible red marks and sometimes bruising, it is a spell that is quite aggravating to say the least. The spell is so effective because the ice is small but many, and is as hard as stone. They can dent weaker metals, and nearly bust through wood.

If the water source is large enough, then the caster can make the blasts of ice last for an extended period of time. In fact, the caster can continue the spell for as long as they may wish, as long as the source of ounia is plenty enough. Although it this is generally not possible as focus is lost at some point.

Casting Procedure
The caster must be able to focus significantly, as existing ounia is gathered from hiding places such as moisture in the air and other damp materials. The spell truly makes use of the ability of water to hide in nearly any area or thing. The caster will focus the gathered ounia into a ball of water droplets that is formed in front of the palm. The droplets will only gather to a certain amount, depending upon the caster’s magical strength, as powerful magi can create droplets the size of a human fist. The mage gathers nearby water ounia to form these separate droplets of water. With good focus, the ounia are tightly drawn together into the droplets, but even as the caster does this, the droplets must continually shift through the air by manipulation.  This means that while the water is being formed, the caster must manipulate the ounia making up the ball of droplets constantly, causing the raindrops to shift spin and turn to keep them from falling to the ground.  Constant manipulation is necessary to create a ‘hovering’ effect.

Next is the alteration of water to the form of ice. Starkly, the mage creates an idea of the ice with the concept of a solid, and by using the power of their will can alter the Cár'áll of the droplets, supercooling the ounia until the properties of solid have overcome the properties of liquid, altering the droplets into lumps or balls of ice. The ounia must still be manipulated to create the hovering effect as well.

The larger the initial water droplets, the more powerful the effect of the spell will be when the ounia are released, creating the blasting result of the spell when successfully cast. If the caster wishes, he/she can continuously gather ounia while releasing and converting ounia at the same time - thus creating an effect of continuity.  If the spell is used when there is no significant source of water nearby, and must rely completely on hidden sources, the blast of ice will be equally powerful, but continuing the blast becomes more difficult and is weaker.

Magical Formula
Currently Undefined

This spell has no specific target, and can work in both offensive and defensive ways. The target of this spell can be anything that the caster wills to be affected. Good targets are oncoming attackers that need to be slowed, and even flames that may need cooling. If used with great power, more than one opponent can be the target, as the ice drops have no partiality. The chosen target can generally be determined, however, by anyone or anything that is in range of the shooting ice.

Not all typical water reagents prove effective in aiding successful casting of this spell. Wet stones, fish scales, and ice tend to prove useful for successful casting. Aquamarine gems, however, not only help the succession, but also amplify the power and effects of the spell. Aquamarine gems were once extracted from the earth, and so fit the idea of drawing hidden water for the use of this spell. Small aquamarine gems also make good focal points, as the mage can imagine the droplets of water and ice formed by this spell as a similarity to small gems. Water also helps.

Spell Class
Elemental Magic, Water School, Sphere III (The Sphere of Evolution), Class 5: Growth (Physical Representation of Evolution)

The spell has quite a far range, averaging around five peds. However, for more efficiency, the spell is better used at a range of four peds or less, for the further the ice must travel the less powerful the blow will be. Powerful magi (Level 10+) can increase the range of the spell to nearly double.

Casting time
The casting time of this spell depends much upon the focus and concentration of the magi. As ounia must be gathered and taken away from the surrounding area and then altered, the casting time can be slow. The general time is around five blinks or so. Being near a body of water increases the casting time dramatically, as the water can be gained almost instantly and cast within a couple of blinks.

The spell will last until the caster has run out of the source of ounia, or until focus is lost.  Magi of the same level of the spell (Level 8 ) can usually focus the spell for a 5-10 minutes.  More powerful magi (Level 10+) usually have the ability to focus the spell for 10-20 minutes, depending upon the environment and stress of the situation.

Counter Measures
A shield of metal is enough to counter against the effects of this spell, as the ice is never powerful enough to pelt through tough solids, although dents are possible. Powerful wind spells can divert the blasting ice, thus rendering the spell ineffective. Fire spells also tend to cancel the effects of the spell, causing a rising puff of steam.

Enhancing Measures
Casting time is greatly affected by reagents, as they can reduce the time needed to around three or so blinks instead (If the caster is not near a large body of water, in which case the spell can be cast within two blinks). Aquamarine gems tend to increase the range about a ped or so, but not always. Also, cold weather can increase the duration of the spell, as the alterations from water to ice become much easier and a slightly less amount of focus.

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