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211  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hi, my name is Sivartius, and I am a... on: 29 April 2009, 04:36:26
Thanks Artmidor.  I'm pretty new at this.
OK, here we go.  Take II

well, that didn't work.  I will try to attach it.
Here it goes.
212  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Hi, my name is Sivartius, and I am a... on: 29 April 2009, 02:37:07
Looks down at one broken cookie sitting alone on an empty plate
<sniff> cry
Oh well, I guess he who hesitates has lost his cookies too.
<bite><chew chew chew>
Mph!  Ees are ood!
Wow!  My thanks to you most gracious lady Alysse.  Thou hast gained thyself a most devoted servant.  An thou needest assistance, thou hast but to call.
<performs a low bow with many flourishes>
<wipes crumbs selfconsciously from mouth and tunic>
Thank you all for your encouragement and ideas.  You've all made me feel very welcome.  I was about to say, "at home", but my home is sadly lacking in orcs and elves.  I'm not too good at the whole "mingle" thing, or "doing the pretty", as it was known in Victorian England, that's what spending most of your life in a book will do, but I'm really glad to be here.

I had an idea, I was hoping to get comments on.  Please remember that this is only a rough rough draft.  Please be kind.
<tries to give soulfull puppydog eyes, but succeeds in looking rediculouse>

Here we go.  I attached the pictures, so I hope this works.  The idea with the separate tower, is that if a visiting noble or ambassador comes, they can have their own area.  We cannot attack them over the narrow bridge, but neither can they attack us.  Both sides can feel safe.  Additionally, there are no ground floor doors or windows.  This helps with defence, but it also minimizes spies etc the easy entrance and exit for the diplomats.  The second picture is a beginning map/layout of the castle town.  The names didn't come through well when I scanned them, but they're totally open to change anyway.  The area behind the keep is the castle gardens, with walks, pleasure areas, and rose bushes, as well as vegetables for the castle kitchen.  Anyway, please let me know what you think.

Well I'm sorry I got everyone all riled up with my closing.  I'll have to come up with something normal and inconspicuous.

For the honor of the Queen!!
<flourishes imaginary sword, looks around, and charges from the room.>
213  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Santharian Resources Overview on: 28 April 2009, 14:45:13
Hi, I'm new, and not very familiar with Santharia yet, so if I flub, please let me know.  It's better to be found a fool and fix the problem, than to live a fool and never know. 

Anyway, I would say that the most important resource in any area would be food.  Without food and water there is no life.  During the middle ages, the vast majority of the population was involved in subsistence farming.  Very, very few places imported any but the most expensive luxury items, spices, salt, etc.

After that I would say timber/lumber.  Houses, ships, furniture, all require lots of wood.

Then you need stone.  Do they have any granite?  What type is it?  Is it the white rough stuff with black flecks that can come in spheres like readymade catapult ammo?  How about marble for inlays.  I personally like the rose colored marble.  How about geodes?  I can certainly see how they could work in as a magical ingredient/material.  Maybe someplace could have a secondary industry of finding polishing and shipping geodes ("stone eggs" maybe, or "eggs of the earth",).  I don't know, it sounds like a good idea.  There are plenty of rock hounds today.  I know a couple of people who have a side income/hobby of finding quartz crystals and carving them.  Anyway thanks for taking the time to read this.  I hope something I said gives you an idea.

Yours in Christ;
214  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Hi, my name is Sivartius, and I am a... on: 28 April 2009, 13:58:59
Hi, my Santharian name is Sivartius.  I'm new here.  I've always loved writing and fantasy, and am always coming up with great ideas, especially about culture, history, etc. but before I can finish a full story, I come up with a new idea for something totally different, and off I go again.  I like to deal with the whys and hows.  "Why do people from XYZ spit in each others glasses before a meal.  It evolved out of a ceremonial tasting of the others glass to demonstrate that no poison had been administered."  That kind of thing.  But what I really love is castles.  Not so much views of them, though that's fun too, but the design and layout.  How are the rooms set up?  How many stories?  Where are the stairs?  Are there any secret passages?  Where are the kitchens, and the well?  Better make sure to put those two close together, or you will have many tired and disgruntled cooks, and a lot of burned food.  I'm not so good with interior design though.  I don't know hanging, furniture, (except it's size,  "whoops, I put a seven foot bed in a six and a half foot room,") or how it would look on the inside.  I just like to make sure everything fits together and makes sense.  Fantasy engineering if you will.  Unfortunately, most of my designs have been done in pencil.  I'm not sure how to do them on the computer, or post them here.  Anyway that's me.  I love fantasy (but not the dark depressing kind), military sci-fi, classical and sacred music, and, as you can tell, yakking to people who have better things to do.  I hope I can help contribute to this wonderful world that is being, I have to say, grown more than built.  Thanks for listening.  Where's the castles?

Yours in Christ;
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