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1  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Rock goes up, I crawl out on: 26 December 2002, 13:16:00
Ah yes I forgot about that suggestion. I'll get started on it asap. Is there a certain time length you would like for the music. 4-5 minute tracks are typical but I can make them any length (TransFuture is a 15 minute journey!) that would be more suitable for thematic purposes. I can also extend or remix tracks with any sound effects (I have extensive FX from galloping horses to tavern noise) or dialog (see War of the Dead on my mp3 page). If a track seems to end promptly it's usually an edit or remix.


http://www.medievalfantasy.com/ralsig2.jpg" border="0""/>

Edited by: Ralrok  at: 12/25/02 7:21:37 pm
2  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Rock goes up, I crawl out on: 25 December 2002, 20:51:00
Hey guys,

Whew...hope everyone's having an excellent holiday. Bet it's just as busy as mine. Just polished up a couple tracks (their links spiraling their way to Artimidor for approval as I write this). Nothing too overpowering, a couple of peaceful tracks. Some complex powerhouse stuff's in the works though. How could I not have been moved by the overpowering of Helm's Deep in full color? Anyway, I've been waist deep in my horror and sci-fi projects (take a listen to War of the Dead if you're a Dawn of the Dead fan)...but I'm back on track with the fantasy for Santharia. Anyone have anything in particular you feel we need a theme for? Any form of theme I should use? Do we need more sugary-sweet soundscapes, acoustic village music, more classical oriented or more sweeping orchestral ear explosions? :p   Lemme know. I plan to do themes in all areas but I'd like to spearhead the ones you all want or need first. Feel free to name instrumentation if you have clear ideas. I'll work on it as much as I can. Have a great holiday everyone....


<img src="http://www.medievalfantasy.com/ralsig2.jpg" border="0">

3  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Santharian Soundtrack: The Scattersand Shoals on: 23 September 2002, 11:40:00
Actually it's pretty inexpensive to record a clean voice demo. All you need it a 4-track for recording ($200-300), a mic ($100), a mic Preamp/voice processor ($250), and a pair of monitors ($300) OR headphones ($80). Just a basic overview of what it would take to make the first step toward 'Enyaism'. : ) Go for it Wren! It's totally worth it.

4  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Wren's audio studio records!!! on: 31 July 2002, 19:44:00
Always wonderul to hear music from all different souces. Wren's voice was definitely made for renaissance. A ProVocal for voice reverb and effects would add some incredible depth and you have the voice that's worth it Wren. Of course the natural feel might be your goal. If so, nevermind. :)   Queen of the Dead...very nice Wren.  

Edited by: Ralrok  at: 7/31/02 2:45:16 am
5  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Profile art & pics-the inside story on: 17 August 2002, 20:35:00
Haha...no way man. That pic shows your personality! You HAVE to keep the pic now. It's your trademark! To change it would be...unholy. :rollin  

6  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Profile art & pics-the inside story on: 16 August 2002, 20:38:00
Hey guys...I'm curious about the pictures you have all chosen for your profile pic when you post. How about a rundown of where the pics came from or who created them. I find it interesting that some are obviously original art and others are obviously an actor (the Sam Neill Merlin is hilarious!) or fantasy character than had an impression on you. Stories anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

7  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Pencil drawings! Artist offering to work on pencil drawi on: 07 August 2002, 19:37:00
Beautiful pencils Erelen. Looking forward to some inspiration for some Santharian music! :)  

8  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Nordic/Viking warriors in Santharia? on: 03 July 2002, 23:59:00
Which clans or races in Santharia most fit the Nordic or barbaric Viking range? Must...have...links...:)  


9  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Site Update 28-07-2002 on: 29 July 2002, 21:02:00
Looks great as usual, great Sage of design. I'm going to try to get a few more tracks uploaded tonight and tomorrow...the more the...well...you know. I've placed the Santharia banner on my main page. I'm sure my main site will be changing a lot over the next month. My Elsidox series will continue which will mean a lot more regional music for different locations (winter, autumn, summer) as well as terrain inspired music (mountains, caverns, oceans, swamps, towns, etc). Recently I've been hammering out more personality inspired music which has made it more difficult to place in Santharia. Don't worry though. Lots of good stuff coming!  

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