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1  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: I said I'd do WHAT? on: 19 October 2010, 01:31:55
Hah, brilliant: I'm going to be attempting the wonderful madness of Nano myself this year! I discovered it last year, but family troubles in November stopped me taking part. I'm optimistic seeing as I finished a novel that was probably around 250,000 or possibly even over 30K in under a year a few years back, but the limited time is going to make it veeery interesting. Then again, it's only 1667 words a day, right? Right? buck

This is my profile, if anyone's at all interested. Feel free add as a friend, bother, stalk etc. Oh, and you wouldn't mind if I added you as a friend, Cruci? We santharians have to stick together, after all.

Good luck seth, Dek and Cruciform!
2  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Happy Birthday Capher! on: 08 October 2010, 04:16:53
I hope you have as lovely a birthday as possible, Capher! Long may you continue to grace santharia with your presence :) heart
3  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Bestiary / The Enemethor on: 03 September 2010, 06:34:18
A small figure, rather tattered looking figure scurries beneath the vast arches and expanses of the compendium, leaving a line of muddy, bare footprints on the impeccably maintained marble and wood behind it. Finally, after looping through passages and halls and courtyards and more than once retracing its path, it arrives amidst the hot, damp stink of animals and cacophonic chorus of the bestiary.
ďNow then, now then-Ē she mutters to herself, digging deep in every pocket and hidey hole her outfit possesses ďItís definitely somewhere here, Iím certain oí that- the real conundrum is exactly where.Ē Finally, she extracts a bundle of paper just as tatty as herself with a smug ĎHa! I do have ití and proceeds to de-crumple it. ďBloody good job too. Woulda been quite the shame if itíd been truly lost, as all them months of trekking and researching and having hardly anything to eat up in the freezing frozen northlands woulda come to nothing moreín a rather unpleasant holiday.Ē With that, she arranges herself in the nicest armchair and best stocked writing desk (also closest to the pantry, naturally) the studies beside the bestiary provide, and begins to transcribe her entry.

Goodness-, this is the first entry Iíve posted on the dev boards since November of last year- and itís not even about hobbits!(though I do have plenty of half-finished hobbit type claptrap that should be posted soon)  Itís practically criminal I was gone that long. Although the Myth/Origin section is incomplete as, well, itís a beast with an awful lot of stories surrounding it, and while Iím not sure Iím really hugely happy with this entry( Idon't know, just feels like it went off track somehow- hopefully mythology section will fix that), Iím going to go ahead and post it for you lovely lotís appraisal, seeing as the rest of the entryís there. Plus I want to be finally rid of the thing.

Not sure if the appearance setting should really be titled appearance and discovery, or split into separate sections given it digresses into previous perceptions of the beast rather than solid description of what it actually looks like. Or maybe description of its discovery should all go into the researchers section. Looking at it again, it could work fine where it is. Thoughts?

Also, I have an entry on Ephash Crookhand in the works. Self obsessed, flamboyant explorers practically cry out to be immortalised in the Santharian compendium!

Categorization: Monsters, land (I think that's by far the best place for it, away from normal civilised animals)

Basic Overview of the Beast
There are a thousand different tales told of the death-creature in the cold lands of north Sarvonia, as there here are thousands who claim to have glimpsed this devil-beast, and thousands more whose gruesome deaths and sudden disappearances are attributed to the mist-stalker. Yet until recent research, the Enemethor was thought by most to be no more than a nightmare tale for dark nights, and a glimpse of some huge sinuous shape in the forest shade or night-time mist. It is perhaps described most concisely as resembling a reptilian wolf, the size of a bear, though that gives no indication of the cold, creeping fear this creatureís form sets into the mind of all who glimpse it. Indeed, one of the most common names for these creatures, originating from the kaeerdershin, who seem to have most knowledge of the death-dog, is Aiihru. It simply means fear.

The adventuring Erpheronian Ephash Crookhand has been collecting tales and reports on these apparently supernatural beasts for over twenty years, though his notes are disordered and fragmented. On meeting with the halfling compendiumist Jenna Silverbirch in an Arthyron village on the eight winds bay, he allowed her access to this formidable library. The result was a joint treaty on the Enemethor, written by Miss Silverbirch, though carefully edited and watched over by Crookhand. Below is an extract, detailing the appearance of the Enemethor:

It is with great difficulty that we attempt to describe the Enemethor. Each tale shows them differently, and every man who claims to have seen one is influenced by these tales, though he will most likely elaborate to cover this lack of knowledge. This, of course, makes it very difficult for us poor humble researchers to construct an accurate image of these most foul beasts, though by comparing the most common details in the numerous stories in our possession, we have boldly endeavoured to construct exactly that.
From a distance, the beast resembles a great hound the size of a bear, though sometimes itís height at the shoulder exceeds two or even three peds. Its legs are skinny when compared to its hulking body, though long, and seem to be able to carry of the beast with unnatural speed and power. Accounts of the beastís head are very varied, though all are variations on a wolfish, canine theme, ranging from squat, tusked snouts to jaws more suited in length and fang to a reptilian fiend such as the kaimun. Some accounts even describe multiple rows of razor teeth, similar to those found in the shark. Of course, those poor souls who do come close enough to properly see the monsterís fangs are those who the beast claims as its victims. A gruesome fate indeed! We can only speculate on what lies in those terrible maws.
One aspect of the fiendish fiendís fiendish anatomy that remains consistent are its eyes. In near all tales and sightings, which are almost always set at night, the Enemethor possesses round white eyes devoid of iris or pupil, which faintly glow in most eerie manner. One old kuglimz fellow, who claims to have seen the beast stalking by his village when he was a lad, described the eyes as Ďorbs with nothing warm or human in them. Like no animalís eyes should be. Cold as rocks and twice as deadly!í
The Enemethorís cry has, sadly for the purposes and curious minds of we researchers and intellectuals, never been heard, if indeed it has a call at all. No witnesses or tale tellers ever saw or described the beast crying out, although north folk who know of the beast as legend or spirit claim different. According to a Kaaer woman, Ďthe Aiihru shrieks, as a shir-vixen might. But it is a much nastier sound than shir- it is so cold. It freezes you right through to hear it scream. And sometimes it breathes softly and jaggedly, which sounds as if it were laughing at you, or crying-but horrid. If you hear a sound like as that at night, somewhere ancient and quiet, it is Aiihru.í A horrible shriek as described by the Kaaer is, it would seem, the most common cry attributed to the Enemethor. The traveller would do well to beware any strange shrieking heard at dead of night, then! Your researcher thinks he has often heard such calls in wild lands, and while he is braver and bolder than many a man, they have chilled his bones and put terror right through his heart!

-Extract from ĎTreaty on the Dreadful Beast Enemethorí by Jenna Silverbirch and Ephash Crookhand

It should be noted that Crookhandís view of himself could be described leniently as high. Exaggeration and overly enthusiastic prose is his own, and not Miss Silverbirchís, for which she would like to apologise.

Then came a monumental and entirely chance discovery. Crookhand and Silverbirch were staying in a Kaaer'dŠr'shŪn village researching local variations on the Enemethor myth, when a hunting band returned claiming they had found the body of a huge, leathery animal they had never encountered before. Some of the more superstitious in the tribe began muttering ĎAiihruí as soon as they heard of it, and so Ephash and Silverbirch persuaded the hunters to take them back to the carcass.
After a few days of travelling, in a dark, brooding part of the Themed'lon that the hunters said they rarely ventured into, they found the corpse of monstrous animal that was undoubtedly the basis for the Enemethor legend. The body had not visibly begun to rot, perhaps in part preserved by the ever lowering temperatures as deep winter approached. It had apparently died from the deep, fang like marks puncturing itís neck and other smaller wounds on the rest of its body: itís blood still stained the earth beneath it. What could have caused the wounds, no-one could guess. The hunters could not identify the creature that had caused the wounds. The prospect of some unknown thing deadly enough to kill an Aihruu was even more terrifying than the monster itself, and the party hauled the monster onto a sled and left for the village as quickly as they could. Once back, Crookhand and Silverbirch dissected the beast, making detailed notes and drawings. The description that follows is based on their findings.

The Enemethor is a vast, powerful animal, standing two peds or more at the shoulder. The general shape of its frame shares most similarities with the wolf, though it is of course far bulkier, as itís shoulder and chest are wide, tapering into thinner hips (though even these are over a fore in width). It has no real tail except for a small stub similar to a bearís. Its legs and neck are thicker, in relation to its body, than a normal canine, however, and are as sinuously muscled and as its huge body. It is likely that, while it is hugely heavy, these powerful muscles allow it run exceedingly fast for moderate distances, as a bear can.

The pelt covering this threatening body is unusual. Or rather, the beast is unusual because it lacks a pelt. Unlike the predators it resembles, the Enemethor is clothed in black, leathery, slightly scaly skin, close in texture to birdís feet. This skin is slightly loose, sagging particularly around the bull-like neck, and wrinkling around other folds and joints, such as around the knees. Despite the Enemethorís massive size, this hanging skins gives it a rather gaunt, starved appearance. Somewhat adding to the more reptilian aspects of the beast, directly behind the beastís neck, protruding from its deepest neck folds is a handspan of bone spine, angled back so it follows the line of the Enemethorís back, though muscle around it suggest it could be moved to a different angle or even extended and retracted. A line of spikes, diminishing in size until they are simple pronounced lumps beneath the skin, extends down the beastís back.

A further bizaarity of the Enemethor is its feet. Instead of rounded paws, as found on canines, felines and bears, itís feet are closer to ape-hands. It has elongated, jointed fingers, four on each foot, and a each little under a fore long. Each ends in a hooked claw that can be extended to at least five nailsbredths. They are sinewy, knotted and bone-like, with rougher pads on the underside. A smaller claw-hook protrudes from the heel of each hand-paw.

The Enemethorís head is, perhaps, in a ghoulish and bizarre-looking animal, itís most ghoulish and bizarre feature. It is vaguely canine in basic shape, as its body is, though wildly beyond any normal dog in detail. While skin on the rest of the body is loose, around the head it is stretched rigidly taunt. It is drawn and almost skull like in its gauntness, with sharp jutting bone and shadowed hollows. Its eye sockets are especially sunken, with its eyes themselves being even more strange. They are five nailsbredth wide orbs that bulge from the head, while their surface is covered in a thin, milky film that normally signifies blindness in other animals. The pupils are so pale as to be invisible at all but the closest distances. It seems possible that the Enemethorís eyesight is very poor, and it instead relies on other heightened senses to navigate. Thin, tattered shreds of ears lie flat to the end behind the Enemethorís bony eye-ridges.

In a further skull-like touch, the beast has no canine nose- instead, itís nostrils are long slits extending a fair way up its already elongated snout. The end of this snout curves slightly inwards, as a birdís hooked beak might. The jaws hinging from the beastís long, sharp head add the final skeletal embellishment, as the Enemethor has hardly any lip. Its teeth are bared in a permanent grimace.

The Enemethorís teeth would appear to be its main weapon. The fangs around the front of its mouth are similar to other carnivore canines, slightly hooked and serrated, and almost as long and thick as three human fingers. Towards the back of its mouth its fangs become thinner, though just as long and sharp. They appear to be able to excrete a venom from sacs in the throat, which killed a horse in ten minutes when injected by the beastís primary researcher, Ephash Crookhand. A smaller, second row of more jagged fangs rings behind the front set. This already powerful bite is enhanced by the fact the Enemethorís jaws can open far beyond the limit of a normal predator. They can hinge out, snake like, to almost a right angle.

Special Abilities
Dissection of the Enemethor corpse shows it possesses a gruesome array of weapons. With the fangs towards the front of its mouth sharp enough to rip through most flesh, and the poison excreted from its back fangs finishing off any prey not yet dead, it should be able to quickly kill anything in its sights, then swallow larger chunks of meat with its wide opening jaw. Its sheer size means it is likely very strong, again giving it huge advantage over whatever it decides to stalk. It is also rumoured to be surprisingly fast for such a big animal, though as these descriptions stem only from half-garbled tales it may be fairly cumbersome, relaying only on strength, fang and claw to pin down slower prey rather than speed to catch up with agile animals.

The Enemethorís hide is also very thick and tough, even more so than other armoured northern beast such as the Tsor Shotak lizard. Beneath it are several layers of fat that are likely to help keep the Enemethor warm in the more frozen northlands, despite its lack of fur.

Through the centuries, the Enemethor has stalked the minds of all who live in the north lands. The Kuglimz tell many ghost-stories of the beast, though they do not truly believe it is anything more than an evil spirit. Tales of hulking, evil hounds have even spread past the Tandala Highlands to Erpheronian lands, although there they are, again little more than stories told to scare around campfires on dark winter nights, while the most northerly point Enemethor stories have actually been documented is around the Kaaer territory around the south and middle of the peninsula of Caaehlíheroth. As the Enemethor corpse found Themedílon is been the only reliably documented Enemethor, the actual extent of its territory around that point remains unknown.
It would seem most likely that the beast actually lives in areas where it is believed to be real and has been apparently sighted many times, rather than areas where most think it is no more than a tale, or perhaps the shade of some malign spirit. Under this assumption, the Enemethor prowls the Caaehlíheroth peninsula and all lands where the Kaaer'dŠr'shŪn dwell,

Taking stories as the only basis for the Enemethorís behaviour, it is a solitary, vicious, nocturnal beast. Prowling only at night, it will either ignore anything around it as if stalking towards some dark goal, or hunt and kill anything that crosses it. All other stories of the Enemethor are purely mythical, so give no real indication how an actual animal might behave.

If tales of the Enemethor are to be believed, the beast loves human flesh above another meat and will stalk and kill any humans it encounters to feast on later. These stories are, however, pure speculation, and as the beast has never been studied in the wild its diet is unknowable. Its teeth show it is certainly a meat-eater, but what kinds of meat it consumes have yet to be determined.

As with everything except the Enemethorís anatomy, this aspect of the beatís existence remains completely unknown, though there has been speculation.

The mating organs of the only Enemethor specimen that has currently been dissected appeared to indicate it was male, and were closer to those found on a reptile or bird than mammal, though this is not clear as some of the specimenís groin and upper leg area were slightly wounded. However, Enemethor could be asexual, as several of the unknown organs the specimen possessed may have been wombs, and also as it may have some form of cloaca, (a single opening used by males and females during mating and also for all waste excretion) again as found in birds and reptiles.

It is also quite possible that the Enemethor cannot mate, because it is a magical or undead being not born, but warped or summoned into existence by some dark power, such as the Osthemanger Mists.

The Enemethor myth is widespread, taking a hundred different guises, and for every variant on its legend it has another name. Many of these names are euphemistic- it has countless nicknames, a few common varients including death dog, demon dog, death stalker, deathís shadow, the Nameless, swift shanks, the long-legged hound and many more. These nicknames are normally intoned with a nod or a respectful gesture, and are used because there is a fairly strong taboo against giving the beast one of its more direct names. Many believe that to do so calls the Enemethorís attention to you, or simply attracts malign spirits in general. The northern elves will not name it.

The common human name Enemethor would appear to be a poorly constructed mish-mash of styrash words- Enh for   , ne for    and methůr for name- in correct Styrash,     , literally the no name, or that without name. It is unlikely to be elven in origin, rather a human construction from Styrash as elves refuse to give the beast any sort of name.

Other common names include Aiihru, meaning simply fear, from the Kaaer, Hoíveir, from Kuglimz, particularly the Helvetíine, Mortartulak amongst the Ashz-Oc and Ahrak amongst the Rhom-Oc.


Coming soon!

For centuries, folklorists and adventurers have documented odd tales of the Enemethor, but it was the Erpheronian explorer Ephash Crookhand who assembled the largest library of accounts concerning the beast. This was used as basis for a treaty on the animal, written when it was still believed to be purely ghostly, with the help of the Halfling compendiumist Jenna Silverbirch. The pair were also the first to find proof of the Enemethor as a real animal, when they discovered an Enemethor corpse in the Themedílon forest. So far all current knowledge of the Enemethor is based on this discovery; though Crookhand is working to try and track down the Enemethor in the areas it is most commonly sighted.
4  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Re: Azhira! on: 29 July 2010, 17:59:38
Excellent, I'll carry on using it, then! And while I can imagine orcs not having a word for fear, it'd be great if it could be a distant development of the kuglimz word. Thanks for the quick response :)
5  Organization and General Discussions / Bell-Ringing - Notifications to Developers / Re: Azhira! on: 25 July 2010, 18:09:58
Hullo Azhira! wave

In an entry I'm currently writing concerning a horrible northern beastie, I mention that the kaaer name for it is Aiihru, which simply means fear. As they're your tribe through and through, I was wondering if you would be happy with that, and if not, have a different word to suggest to mean fear. I would of course be more than happy to change it if you weren't :)

6  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: Mian Longfellow, Hobbit Patron on: 22 July 2010, 05:50:46
Excellent work here, Valan! While, of course, I love the idea itself (tricksters being my favourite kind of god/legend) the execution is brilliant here too: clear, interesting, and to the point. Plus you've conjured up some wonderful images and I love your use of that more hobbity way of speaking! Have some aura for expanding hobbit-lore so excellently.  

I've only got one comment, really, and it's not hugely significant:

Mian is also considered very clever by hobbits, "clever enough to think of things which anyone could have thought of, which is a very clever thing to do indeed".

This just doesn't quite read right to me,  while I do get what you're trying to say here,even accounting for the hobbit way of speaking. maybe something along the lines of "clever enough to think of things which anyone could have thought of if they'd only thought hard enough, which is a very clever thing to do indeed". or "clever enough to think of things which anyone could have thought of, once they'd heard of 'em, which is a very clever thing to do indeed". Though that's just my view.

And a little typo:

The Blessedvales which include Liran, Dalireen and a smattering of others are various patrons of things hobbitish, great and small. Unfortunately, the Big Folk seem to confuse these Blessedvales with deities, rather than the polite, cheerful reverence that the halflings accord these figures which has led to the occasional creative misunderstanding.

As for the becoming a patron section, I'd say just describe how his legend is likely to have arisen, IE developing what you've already mentioned about him likely being a very long-lived hobbit with possible elven heritage, who attracted older trickster tales with no set hero as well as generating his own. You could mention stories that seem to have more basis in fact, perhaps, and so would point to the real hobbit behind the Mian legends, and describe how his reputation grew during his lifetime so that after his death he became something of a legend. If that makes any sense at all. It doesn't have to be very long, I suppose.

Also, I have a general question: where is this entry going to end up? I know he's most likely to go in the patron section, under people in the cosmology and myths sidebar as he uses the patron template, but he's not really a patron as much as a folkloric figure or folk hero. The other option is that he's put under the hobbit deities section in the religion and beliefs sidebar, as he counts as one of the Blessedvales. But the only other occupant of that sub-section is Dalireen, whose entry is quite old so is written as if she's a god, when I'm pretty certain the general consensus on hobbit belief thus far is that they don't have gods, only revered legendary figures, such as Mian. Only Mannix seemed set on giving them gods, heh. Perhaps that sub-section needs to be renamed Blessedvales instead of hobbit deities. Thoughts, anyone?
7  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Re: Mian and the Green Dragon on: 20 July 2010, 01:33:22
Now, first of all you must excuse this small act of thread necromancy/hijacking, but I absolutely had to tell you how much I enjoyed this little tale, Valan! You've captured the tone of voice perfectly (I can just imagine the old hobbit storyteller with a crowd of eager listeners gathered around him...) and managed to create such a timeless story, using familiar elements to create something that still feels unique. You may say this was a rare piece of inspiration, but I'm hoping you might be struck by the muse again in the not-too distant future ;)

Also, it's really great to see a hobbit story-book in the library, especially one relating to the various hobbit-beliefs that got discussed a while back. Do you know, one of my plans on my return was to see if we couldn't get a book of hobbit stories put together- it's almost like you read my mind :D I wonder if we couldn't fit the ever-wonderful seth's Sconder story into the book, as she mentions he appears in more than one tale, so perhaps he could be some kind of greedy variation on the main hobbit trickster Mian, of course. (with seth's approval, naturally rolleyes ) I've had a half-finished story sitting around for a while, about a hobbit named Dimadale who gets the better of dragon, so again might he be a more homely variation on Mian? If not, is there the possibility we could create a book of lesser hobbit tales to house them?

EDIT:And approximately half a second after I hit post I realised that all the above really should have probably gone in the main Mian thread, or a new thread altogether. Sorry bout that, I got somewhat carried away buck

Oh, and here, have some aura for your trouble.

*bumbles off in search of the main Mian thread*
8  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Valanskind Day on: 16 February 2010, 04:16:36
Hah, rayne, I love it! From now on I shall never celebrate paltry valentine's day, but the far superior Valanskind day :D
9  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Patient Report: PhD disease on: 14 February 2010, 04:26:31
Oh, I'm going to miss your little snippets of ingenuity, shaba. Seeing your latest wonderful creation is always such a pleasure!

I hope all goes as well for you as it possibly can. Good luck! heart
10  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: I'm new here! on: 11 February 2010, 01:51:39
Hullo, shati! Here, if you're not full already, have a slice of pie. I baked it myself, y'know ;)

Hardworker, you say? Well, that's always excellent. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you round and about this lovely site. heart
11  Santharian World Development / Miscellaneous / Re: We heard what she said.... on: 08 February 2010, 06:20:43
Oh, I love it! That really did make me lol, mr wargrider. Such clever wordplay and...oh... the bawdyness lol
12  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Re: Happy Birthday Rayne! on: 24 January 2010, 22:22:18
I hope you have an absolutely lovely birthday, Ms Avalotus!  heart
13  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Oh, hello there on: 21 January 2010, 06:06:45
Well, hullo trevi- I mean Radakail. Jenna, the resident hobbit here. I haven't been too active of late but that's changing right about... *checks watch* now, so I hope to see you around lots on both sides :)

Sounds like you're off to a great start already! Coming here with background santharian knowledge, evidently being so literate, polite and creative: I just know you're going to do well. I thoroughly look froward to seeing more of your contributions.

Oh, and here's a little welcome present, courtesy of yours truly *from nowhere, the hobbit girl whips out a steaming pie dish* just for when you've finished those nice things you've already got. It's got plenty o' taters in it ;)
14  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Absense on: 16 January 2010, 01:59:59
Aww, glad to hear things are straightening out for you, dek. It's lovely to have you back :) I hope everything goes as smoothly as it can for you in the future!

Hope to see you around, having fun and generally basking in all-healing santharian-y goodness cool heart
15  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Do we need/want a general lexicon? on: 08 January 2010, 05:55:51
This newb thinks this is an excellent idea! No new alternate names, but clarification and a glossary for existing ones. I was with alt on that tea/coffee confusion, so it would be a great help for all, I suppose.
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