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1  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Legends of Santharia: Vence - Demo released! on: 27 September 2009, 22:29:07
The demo version has been released. This version is for evaluation. The player must find his way to the main hall, solving various puzzles on his way. There demo ends there. If I'm given the go-ahead, the game will be completed soon.

I'm also planning on extending the game. The player will not only have to steal the battleplans, but he will also have to stop the enemy invasion.

Things are going well here...
Harver Lexton
2  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Legendary Tales on: 27 September 2009, 17:57:02
I'm making the game with Legendary tales.
Here is the site:


Where do I upload the first half of the game to?
Harver Lexton
3  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Re: New Santherian Game: Legends of Santharia: Vence on: 27 September 2009, 17:16:12
Legends of Santheria: Vence


This game is being created using a text-based adventure game creator. The creator is freeware. I obtained a copy with my favourite PC magazine, PCFormat. It allows you to generate items and put them into your game so that the player can interact with them how they see fit.

What do you suggest I use instead of Elven castles. Prehaps a rival Human uprising? Yes! That could work. Vence was sent by his superior t steal their battleplans as they plan to overthrow the current human empire. Your thoughts on this will be greatly appreciated.

I have made some of the game last night. I don't want to spoil the surprise but if you want to know, I will tell you.

When a say "A lot of games", I mean I'm definately making sequels to this. Three at least featuring a Wizard trying to make a name fr himself as a healer (I'm reading up on deseases for that one). And for the last one I'll make a fully 3D RPG 3rd person game about a barbarian who finds himself in a cannibal's trap.


Thanks for your advice.
4  Santharian World Development / Languages and Runes / Trollish vocabluary on: 27 September 2009, 17:00:41
I have come up with a list of trollish words. I would like somebody to edit them as they see fit and add them to the trollish dictionary.


KHOWEGHALA = Abduct / Steal
GHOSIKO = Absence / Death
TOKHADISO = Accent / Foreigner by dress
AMGHOLA = Accomodate (Needs)
BODULU = Accomodation (Housing)
KHEBETSO = Activity / Task / Quest
RATAK = Admire / Admiration
GHALWA = Love for non living item (Stone, Tree and Sentimental items)
KHAMOGHA = After (Time)
TAHI = Alcoholic beverege
GHLE = Alltgether
KHABOLA = Amuse / Make happy
MODIGHO = Ancestor / Elder
LENGHELO = God / Demigod / Champion of God / Angel
TENA = Annoy
IPELETKHA = Appeal to something other than a LENGHELO
ATAMEKHA = Approach somebody to speak
MAIKHETSETSO = Artificial / fake
PEMA = Avoid


TIBEKHA = Ban / Dissalow
BAGH = Bark / Tree Biproduct
ANAKGHA = Barter skins
MORETHKHO = Beat / Victory over something
MOK = Beggar or anybody in need of assistance
KHWALO = Behave / be polite
BEKHEGHA = Holy book / holy artifact
MADIGHWA = Bleed / injured
TITIO = Blow using mouth


KHAMPA = Sleep away from home / Camp
KHAPOTEGHA = Higher ranking / Elder
PHETSO = Challenge for status
SELOGHO = Cheap / Inexpensive
GHOLOKH = Cheif / Leader
KHERK = Place of worship of good LENGHELO
GHORKH = Place of worship of evil LENGHELO
MOTSE = City
MOKGHATO = Club - Translated as 'Deathstick'
SETEPHO = Corpse / GHOSIKO thing
LEBEGH = Topping on food
GHASKA = Crawl / Sneak / Tunnel
KHOKHOGHA = Large number of GHGH


KHAMEGHELA = Every day / Daily / Duties / Chores
GHOBENA = Dance / Ritual Dance
SEBEKH = Dare / Wager
LEFIKHI = Darkness / Evilness
MOLOGH = If you owe somebody something
GHOGHOKH = Defy / Disobey
DIA = Delay
BOTOTA = Concave
NGHAKHA = Without life / Without water
GHOL = To detain for crime
EPA = Dew - Translated as 'Wetwool'
VUKH = Dirty / Unclean from bad actions
OMA = Dry


If these are welcome, I'll continue to letter Z. Please edit these and tell me if I may continue.

5  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / New Santherian Game: Legends of Santharia: Vence on: 27 September 2009, 04:59:10

Adventure/RPG Game -- Text Based


Legends of Santharia


I'm planning on making a lot of games dealing with notable characters from the Santharian universe. The game will be a text based adventure where the character must find items and use them to complete puzzles or quests in order to advance to the next stage.

In Legends of Santheria: Vence, the character plays as an agent known as Vence. Vence was born from Sarah Numuun and Dreveer Lexton. At the age of sixteen, he began to show interest and talent in the field of marksmanship and security. By the age of twenty, he became a master of stealth.

For a few years Vence worked as a freelance agent making great achievements with his career, forcing publicity upon himself.

The game takes place in an elven castle. The introreads that, "Vence, you have proven yourself worthy of this task. However do not get over-confident! You are to retrieve the plans and leave... It was not simple. Later that night, I was in the council chambers. The plans were on the table. My black cloak swam with the surrounding darkness. I reached for the papers. The red seal glistened at me through the moonbeam. Suddenly, wild animals poured through the gates, driven by an unnatural force. The castle guard sealed the doors using lock spells... I was trapped."

The player must aid Vence in his attempt to escape the castle and give the plans to his superior.


Your thoughts are welcome.

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