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1  Santharian World Development / Cosmology, Myths and Religions / Re: MOON: What did he during the Year of Darkness? on: 08 November 2010, 12:52:47
shocked -50, -40 and -30 degrees celsius? That is Arctic weather in the *winter*. When we reach between -30 and -40 with the wind chill here, everyone takes shelter in their houses, we are warned to stay inside as much as possible, and sometimes they even close the schools. Frostbite happens very quickly to exposed skin and death is a definite reality for anyone caught without shelter.

I know it's a realistic temperature for an earthen land without a sun, but, really? That's like throwing a medieval village and their livestock into the arctic winter - for a year. Bit extreme, no?

This is of course a fantasy world. Why does all our worldy heat have to come from the sun? Unlike here on Earth, Caelereth is not surrounded by the absolute cold of empty space; it's surrounded by the Void. Now, I'm not all that clear on the properties of the Void, but I really do believe the physics will be entirely different in terms of world heat distribution.

Yes, things will get cold, things will stop growing, everyone will be pushed to the limits of survival... but I don't think it requires the extreme of frozen wasteland. A winter that lasts three seasons longer than expected with no sun to nourish any vegetation or hope is a considerable struggle in itself. It's a case of: it's cold and there's nothing growing back. It then becomes a matter of how long it takes until all supplies are depleted and starvation finally ends in death.

One year could've simply been a short enough time that complete depletion did not occur.

These are just my opinions on the matter.
2  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: art person here. on: 21 September 2010, 00:54:59
Hurray for warm welcomes ^^ Thank you all for the kind words! And to those of you I haven't met before, *gives a big hug* Nice to meet you!

Seth, I do remember you quite well. You were a very noticeable and loveable presence in the Tavern. :)

Shabakuk - I shall go wander through the Person section and see if there are any entries that spark inspiration. I will admit though that I am a bit nervous and doubt my ability to create something good enough.. I'll have to start with the really easy portraits first.

Seeker - I've gone through the tutorial and I'm sure I could do something similar with that piece. Does it matter if it was drawn from a photograph? Will that have copyright problems?

Valan - Yum! *grabs a handful of cookies and starts munching* Mmmnom nom I adore you ^^ I do believe I'll come to like it here. *grabs some more cookies*

Talia - you have raised legitimate concerns. I'll start by saying that the portfolio is meant to give an idea of my work - my personal work that I do for myself. I have every intention of making my new pieces for this site appropriate in style, skill and content. I won't be using pre-existing things as far as know. Easier to just start out fresh.
As for the digital painting.. I work with a mouse, since I don't agree with the way my tablet functions, so I may not be as awesome at it as some would hope for.. I will try my best though. I've looked at Faugar's tutorial (the one Seeker linked) and I feel somewhat confident in being able to match that. We shall see?

Azhira - Hopefully I start soon but I've got some silly technical problems that will make work slow and inconvenient for the time being.

3  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / art person here. on: 19 September 2010, 05:48:08
Salutations, I am Faio. Also known as Fáiorríl - neglectful mini mod and frequent IRC lurker - over on the RPG side. I am an artist. I work in traditional media but am quite proficient with digital editing. I like drawing people. Here is a link to a portfolio of mine.
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