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16  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Re: Languages- a question for the writers on: 14 February 2010, 03:39:39
Dutch is my first language.

I don't have much problems in general with english. When i read it over a couple of times i somehow know it does (or doesn't) sound right.

I scored pretty high on my english during school and i have no problems understanding it when i watch a english movie without subtitles.

but i could nevertheless use some help in the things that didn't catch my eye. And without asking for help on this matter i am pretty sure you would have pointed the mistakes out anyway  grin  :P...

As i wrote something in dutch, i somewhat used complex sentences and difficult  translateble words. Some of these words don't have the same meaning as they do in english so i had to reformulate the complete sentence. It are some things that where bugging me. That's why i wondered... Hey! doesnt anyone else have such bumps in their writing?
17  Organization and General Discussions / Non-Santharian Stuff: Life, the Universe & Everything / Languages- a question for the writers on: 13 February 2010, 09:54:50
English is for many people not their primary language. If i don't watch out with typing stuff; i'l completly mess up my english grammar.

So when i am writing on something, let's say an entry. I first type it in my own language and translate it to english. By typing it first in my own language i am quite confident that most grammatical and typing errors will be dissapeared. It also helps me spot jibberish or strange formulations.

Since some of you write alot, how do you deal with the grammar of the english?

When writing on a entry....
Is your english so good that you get it right the first time?
Or do you first type it in your  native language?

I was just wondering, does anyone else have double work with translating; like me...
18  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 12 February 2010, 20:38:57
Just to notify people, i sort of played in on the following excerpt from ranks and titles of santharia (entry):

Governmental organization in Santharia has a long tradition. Though the uniting of the ancient kingdoms through the ascension of Santhros the Wise to the Santharian throne brought a new governmental structure to the lands on the highest levels and also led to the re-naming for ranks and titles on lower ones

so shouldn't the noble cirkles from which the knights originate be able to come from such cirkles? Even the higher nobles higher up the rank are people who love the idea of a knight to fight for their family's honour...

The Landholders (Lords and Ladies)
The Landholders are the nobles and aristocrats at the lower end of the Santharian hierarchy, living in manors. They are responsible for ensuring that the land is being cultivated by the peasants, who produce and make income. The Landholders' duties are to show loyalty, honesty and usefulness to their liege - this includes to provide financial assistance, attendance at court if necessary, and military service. Usually the position of landholder is inherited or transfered to people through marriage. In other cases clerics or nobles may be granted a fief to maintain.

I was thinking of adding the yellow part (and integrate the knight) of my entry to this...

I sort of played in on Santhros's unifactions and expected that most noble circles or at least the ones carrying those titles in: ranks and titles entry: would be accassible and provide the open door to my entry.

Wat do you all think of this?
19  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Integration of the knight on: 12 February 2010, 09:27:41
Well i would give this academy a certain social circle of men that are only accepted by this academy and describe them and still get the satisfaction of how i invisioned my project in the first place. and yes i'l not make them 'the' academy but 'an' academy.
I feel my aura re-embracing the project again...
20  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 12 February 2010, 08:43:20

yes i acknowledge my mistake now.

Perhaps i should limit myself to only a militairy academy and work from there?

But ehm very well, i'l put the project on hold and i won't barge in again with such a big project. it wasn't entirely a waste of time for me. I learned a lot from all the books i got from the library about medieval times :p
(a sneaky manipulation of the readers is required to get them to dig your project, a blunt vision of something that needs a lot of 'work', i know, now that i read it myself and the impulse in which i presented it, it's so wrong)

(oh btw talia the trivia score, it gave a score of: 11/10 and it said: 'You are a true adventurer of santharia, your survival skills outmatch everyone, there is no knowledge that you don't allready pocess, you can kill an adamant dragon only by wiggling your big toe.'  well this proves it, nobody probably ever had such a score on the santh quiz )  :D buck

Nevertheless i was too enthousiastic in presenting it. It's now a misunderstood concept and stained with my newbieness by everyone...

I'l give everything some thoughts....
21  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Integration of the knight on: 12 February 2010, 08:25:47

You describe the whole point i missed.

You are right!

i never wanted to -not-include- the other tribes, i sort of wanted to make santharia a bit of my own by creating something as widespread as a knight.
The knight would have allowed me to connect some of the dots and plotholes for my later entries, or more or less create a base to work from. I do not dismiss the entry of a knight but perhaps i made wrong approach. Perhaps i should dismiss the knight entirely, but focus only on the school for knights.

The militairy academy, the knight's school!

Nevertheless i want to make sort of a elite warriors, but nevertheless humanoid and vulnarable. Perhaps something simular as how we train our marines in real life. But since it's a medieval time live should be more unfair and harder. Nevertheless i could remove or re-arange part of the entry and still create my knight. Where they origin from will be the schools and the social atmoshphere that suit certain parts of santharia... Perhaps erpheronian are good starting point.

How does such a approach sound to everyone?
22  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Integration of the knight on: 09 February 2010, 21:02:21
Basicly i want to add to- the humans.

I want to grasp the most important of the noble circles that present  the government.

Order of the Fallen,
White knights,

they are part of a system that originates from the basic knight.

The knight entry will describe the general idea of the knight and provide detail towards the rising knight's 22th year. From there on they'l have to join the militairy.

Somewhere from the part of where they are admitted to their warrior's school towards brave actions during their service they will be admitted to one of the ORDERS.

Orders are guilds and groups of knights that stand by each other and back eachother up. there are many guilds and orders but the most famous are:
Order of the Fallen,
White knights,

A warrior of these orders have followed simular trainings and lifestyles (a very hard one!) to become what they are. But it all roots from the foundations of being a knight.

Ofcourse the paladins will have more religious training and their beliefs will be more related to their gods, but a paladin is in a certain way, a knight.

Joining an order will only add to-- the history of the knight.


I foresee many great ideas popping up from this.

Paladins (THEIR training and what is needed to join their order)
other orders less famous,
the slight to mayor differences in the upbringing of a knight (how the many tribes have their own version of the knight),
Fighting styles, political intriges,
there is so many things that popped into my mind earlier but which i forgot,

anyways i want to limit the knight to certain area's of the kingdom. Not only certain tribes, but rather the noble circles, cities and where the tribes from who the idea of the knight sprang are most evident in other cultures...

Hope this clarifies it a bit... And hope you understand my vision of the project...
23  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 09 February 2010, 20:40:15
perhaps you are right. But i am quite stubborn so i'l immidiatly start a rewrite to include what you mentioned.

In my opinion an order can't be written without it's foreground. I will start finding suiting terrirories for them to be in, and make the nessacary adjustments.

My mission is clear, and i will only leave my project be if the people don't like it.

In my opinion i am starting small. My ideas directly impact this entry so in a way i can't abandon it.

But i'l take the entire idea back to the drawing board and will edit that which is our main topic of discussion currently. The territory sections.

24  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Integration of the knight on: 09 February 2010, 08:52:03
I can see now that it was wrong of me to start big and tone it down later, i could have better done it the other way around. But what's done is done. I will have to find a place for them tough. I intend to work out my idea a bit better and will keep the most vital parts that connects this entry to the history and structure of the tribes a bit open so that we can discuss the matter.

Thanks Alterio, i prefer such critisism. Valan sounds just like how his avatar might sound. :D buck He sort of frightens me now :P.
(haha just kiding Valan, you sounded a bit mean but probably mean well, or have your reasons).

it's a big project for a newbie but i know santharia quite well. I think i might have probably read most of the entries on the site so i am not completly clueless in what i am doing. Which you probably thought. But know this i wll do my best on this as long as everybody supports the idea. You can't put the idea down if you have only read a small part of it, so i intent to keep working on it until not only I am satisfied but until every member of the development is!

But well good night, it's late, i MUST sleep :p
25  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 09 February 2010, 08:21:00
you are right! Uhm but i guess someone with the ability to move this topic there will do so eventually.

Oh and just to let readers know:

I am faaaaaar from finished with everything in this entry!!!!

And my intention is not to modify social stuctures to santharia,... but add to or clarify them.
They should be described in more detail!!

The knight i am making is a predecessor or a part of the order of the fallen. The order of the fallen play an important role but as the entry suggests, it is not the only order there is.

The order of the fallen is not detailed enough in my opinion and i want to draw a better more detailed picture on this type of warrior.
26  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Re: Integration of the knight on: 09 February 2010, 08:01:55
The order of the white knights is an order that came from the knight and your
Nothing against you, but, please go do some research.
comment totally makes no sense. Haven't i asked in general to help me integrate this? Ofcourse not all tribes would be part of the knights, they would have their own standards of warrior's. But as i stated before, hasn't santhros unificied santharia? Which would open up a possibility to make the knight widespread. And if people are oppossed to that idea then we'l make them smaller and i'l edit the discription to make them more provincial.

Nevertheless the link you gave me (about the order of fallen) doesn't satisfy my need for the social structure and depth this topic needs. I think you are totally missing the idea of the concept. And furthermore you are mentioning hobits, elves and brownies. I am only talking about humans. Ofcourse they will only be suited to the tribes that are fitting for them. But eh... i did a lot of work on this and you are just putting it down like this? You didn't notice the work-in-progress- icon?

Anyways thanks for the opinion and the demoralising (and in my opinion misunderstood) comments but eh, any constructive comments anyone, or should i just put the idea ' the knight's roots' out of it's misery?
27  Organization and General Discussions / The Southern Sarvonian Continent / Integration of the knight on: 09 February 2010, 07:09:07
Link: http://www.santharia.com/dev/index.php/topic,14251.0.html
Hello people,

I have boldly started an entry of great imporance which might need your opinions and critisims.
With lots of enthousiasm i want to envision the knight of santharia.

Be doing so i halfway came to the conclusion that it affects a lot of different aspects of santharia.

Mainly the integration of this into santharia. The scale of my entry could apply to all of santharia or just to provinces or cities.

My aim is to create a centerpiece of 'a way of life'. An important social structure that will have some bumps allong the way if i want to create this the right way.

I highlighted my biggest question in the entry, yellow. More will follow as i work on this.

Your opinions and ideas are greatly appreciated.
28  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 09 February 2010, 06:52:01
@Deci :
Well it's true what you said, but basicly i was just giving an example. I know the orders of santharia have a certain influence and i just made something up. i kind of wanted to save matters of political influence and how widespread these knights and their beliefs are for last. But perhaps it's better to start this discussion as quick as possible...

I will brainstorm a bit on the most discussible matters and try to get some answers, to give an opinion or idea about all of this. I realise now that it might affect history and more aspects of the world in a wider scale then i thought. On the other hand, hasn't it always been assumed that knight's just roam santharia?

I know there is a lot of information not yet written on the matter, that's why i made something up (the yellow part for example) just to suggest a possibility. But it could also be that i missed or overlooked some important matters here and there.

Before orders of knight began to exist there needed to be people who would join these orders. I want to make this class. but yes it could be scaled down a lot to provinces or the like. But i was hoping to make it more global since santhros unificied the provinces.

I would really give you my general thoughts and rough lay-out on this whole matter on how i envision it. But i guess it's better to wait a while until i reach that particular part in the entry so all who read it can understand it to way how i meant it to be...

It's no problem for me to rewrite parts of it and reconstruct them into santharian.

29  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 09 February 2010, 06:19:44
I have highlighted a part of the text with yellow. I kind of made it up. I was hoping that it doesn't really contradict the santharian style...

And i am not sure if there allready exist entries or information on this subject. So it might need change or some clarification later on. Maybe an opinion?
I personally like the idea a lot but it is not me alone who has the final say on the matter...

Basicly the current structure is only built on men who become knight's. The physsical training of the academy would make it impossible for woman to become knight's...
The highlichted yellow text isn't suppossed to alter social structure within any tribe. It is suppossed to summarise how it works in the higher circles of nobles. I really want to clarify it. I will just do my best, but any constuctive comments or different visions on the matter are welcome!

@ Deci:

Thanks, i knew i was aiming it too high, hehe and indeed i have quite a overall vision of my project, but isn't it a good idea to somewhat present the idea in the form of an entry to give people a better idea of what i have in mind?
I'l try and draw some more attention to this and will continue to work on it.

To beauty of the concept is that i have somewhat managed to tie all the loose ends and connected the dots. This entry could be a jumping board to other entries of the same nature. (other classes, a more sophisticated law system, law enforcement etc.)

But i really need everyone's critical views on the matter to fully integrate the project in santharia, which might take some time...
30  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 09 February 2010, 04:11:40
No it's a good question. But i have the answer...

The knights are the basic, it's were it all starts and they will eventually form orders of their own. The knights of the fallen have basicly evolved from the basic knight. And these orders could have formed their own beliefs and teaching but they will not vary much from the general code of honour most knights belief in. like protect the weak and serve the king!

An order of knights isn't a tribe of it's own so beliefs will differ in each order, but it is a specific code that unites them. The different orders are not that distinct in their codes and beliefs but serve more political goals. The top of such an order has great influence and they are basicly the chess pieces of the king.

To make an example of such a political goal: It could be that different factions/orders have different oppinions about militairy tactics and were the tax moneys have to be spent. One order will want to decimate the orc threat as quickly as possible while another order wants to wage war to the south and claim natural resources to strenghten the kingdom's defence to avoid provocing the orcs to war.

The king can't ignore the order's opinions but has the final word...
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