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31  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Re: Santharian knight, cavella on: 09 February 2010, 03:21:15
It includes knights and their integration into cavella. The education and militairy training of a knight and a cavella are almost the same. A knight is nothing without it's horse. Within the army you will have the lower title: Infantry. And then there will be the knight/cavella. The knight's distinction of the normal soldier will be that they are trained, educated and deserve much more respect. Among the knights will be different ranks and titles From who the cavella or cavelry is one. Among the knights the ranks of officer, kaptain etc. will be mentioned. Ofcourse the higher circles of the nobles will gain a quicker access to the higher ranks.

So to answer your question: Yes the entry will include all knights in general terms. The exceptions of the knight (or warrior) will vary from tribe to tribe. But i guess this will describe the 'core' of the knight's live... Perhaps they will have a code that is honoured by all tribes making this class the standard...
32  Santharian World Development / People of the World of Caelereth / Santharian knight, cavella on: 09 February 2010, 02:31:06
Very well my first entry is going to be knight, In order to start my construction on the things i think are nesessery in santharia i need to construct the basic principle of the knight.
It might be a touchy subject so i have done a lot of research and rewrote the following passages alot of times to make my view of the  knight more evident.

The basic knight should have been written a long time ago in my opinion, not everything is as obvious as it seems to be a knight and it's worth an entry...

Ofcourse i as newbie  are problably tinkering with quite a delicate subject since the knight is the human race's biggest pillar of society. But i will write it in a supperficial way since the knighthood is more a blief and a way of life. Not every tribe might have this 'knight', but in general they 'serve' the unification of southern sarvonia and affect a great deal of politics, not even forgetting to mention that they are responsible for protecting the kingdom from enemy invasion, like the orcs and the like....

It's a rare sort of entry i noticed and i hope the reactions to this are positive and supporting (that's all i need to keep researching, rewriting and to finish the entry). Ofcourse if you find contradictions, have opinions that it should change or just feel the need to give a opinion about the idea, feel free to do so.
Ranks and titles

The knight, cavella

The knight is one of the most honorable titles troughout the land, Almost every young son, be it noble, be it farmer; they have probably all dreamed or imagined to become a knight at one point in their lives.
Especially during times of war and other times of darkness the individual people of santharia had (and still have to a degree) much sharper vorms of suffering and joy. The experiences of the most common people have always had a degree of mediocraty and absolutness from where the joys and sorrows are mostly evident in a childís mind. Every deed on every platform is in balance trough a tight but certain lifestyle. The bigger things of life: Birth, Marriage, death has always been lifted trough devine beliefs to be the mysteries of the gods or other spiritual beliefs. There isnít alot of justice in a world like this but there are ideals.
Troughout santharian history the knight has become an ideal. The knight enforces justice and some of the greatest stories troughout Caelereth wheere the heroicís of the knight. In times of great evil, brave men would rise up in the vorm of knights and they would spread justice  and hope troughout the lands. Their role within society has been and probably still is one of the most important. The entire human race is centered around a militairy structure from who the knights are itís backbone.

The requirements to become a knight:
There isnít always a choice for everyone, people of different circles can become knights be it from the lower class or the higher class. But not everyone has the capacitity to become one.
Being a knight is a dangerous carreer and takes great bravery, dedication and percistance. The path of a knight could lead up to a possibly early death. The reasons for most to choose the path of knight has advantages tough, The people will love you for your strenght, honour and commitment. They will love you, because you represent the fists of society. A succesful knight will be admired by the ladies and every child will look up to you.
The knight doesnít only try to impress the people but also their (individual) devine belief (their worshipped gods). By being courageous and fighting for ( and mostly in) their godís name they hope that there will be a special place reserved for them in the afterlive.  
Certain requirements are expected from the knight, mainly honour. You need to be hounest and polite to gain respect, a true knight would also never flee from battle, attack an unarmed opponent or jump on them from behind and they will never walk out when a friend or comrade is in peril.
They would (if the opponent is humanoid and from a hounorable tribe or race,) spare their opponents lives when they surrender. They will always defend the weak and helpless and will treat everyone with respect (even their opponent). Knights will always keep their word and will never lose their self control.
As being a knight you will fight for your landlord (who gets his orders from the dukes, thanes or even the king) and in return the landlord will grant the knight a piece of his land to settle during or after retirement from militairy service, which also makes it the knightís job to protect the peasants, farmers and other people that have settled on the landlordís ground from enemies, pillagers and criminals.

Becoming a knight
The most promising knightís will start their training at around their 6th or 7th year of live (the choice to let them become a knight has ofcourse been made by their father). Their fatherís (mostly landlords, nobles or  retired knightís,) will often try to buy the best teachers available to built the foundations of him becoming a strong and determined man. Strong principles and the prospects of a tough but rewarding life are passed on from generation to generation (mostly by the older officers retired from militairy service who earn some extra coins by teaching) which are suppossed to prepare them for the academy and their miliairy service afterwards.
In most noble circles it is most common to let the first born inherit the landlordís possessionís. He will be learned how to take care of the land and make it prosper. He will be held accountable for the settlements around his mansion (or castle) and will cherish most influence. The second son born in nobelty will become a knight, the third will become a priest. All doughterís that are born serve to strenghten political ties (or to become richer) and need permission from their father to wed. Arrangements are made within these families long before the children reach adulthood. Because of this the knight will know who his wife will be long before he retires after militairy service with her. The knight is expected to love the noble lady more then anything in the world and will do anything to prove his love to her (even if he hasnít seen her yet).
Ofcourse this is just one example of a knight. Some people donít have the privilege to be born in such noble circles and most of them arenít that filthy rich so they will have to start at the bottom. Almost everybody (and this is were the kidís who cherrish the dream to become a knight start,) can become a page. A servant that stands even lower in rank then the servants of the landlord, he will get the most filthy jobs like cleaning, serving meals and alot of jobs nobody else really wants to do.
When the page has served well and the landlord is pleased, the page could become the knightís assistant. As the shield carrier of the knight you are ordered to look out for the landlordís horses, clean the knightís sword and help him to put on his armour. The shield carrier is allowed to train himself (inspired by his knight) and will be trained by the knight if the given knight deems him worthy, Itís nevertheless rare for them to get invited into the very best academies which are quite expensive (but the knight will feel obligated to pay the page  for his service) .

The militairy academy/ the knightís school:
With the start of their manhood (their 18th birthday) the son who is to become a knight will gain admittance towards the militairy academy. From there on they will truly be tested. Without proper precautionairy training (and schooling) in both mental and the physsical area it would be nearly impossible for anyone to endure. The schoolís main intention is to flush out all bad habits of the person and shape him into a disciplinairy soldier. The school will also determine their ranks based on their performances there. If one were to be dishounorful expelled from the school they would bring great shame and dishonour to their families. It is the toughest and sometimes most unfair punishment there is. Tough the school will have selections and the weaker performing students will be expelled to motivate the otherís to do their very best. The teacherís (mostly with militairy background themselves) will drill the students and give them nearly impossible tasks, all to encourage them to group up and create tight friendships (and sometimes to create rivalry). They will learn that their squad is only as strong as itís weakest link (which makes it extremely difficult for any spoiled fat kids), the assigned groups are to get their weakest link in shape or they will all face the concequences (which might seem unfair at times).
The schoolís sole intention is to shape the boyís into true soldierís.

33  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Another thing i wondered.... on: 04 February 2010, 04:47:26
I'l post my next ideas in ENTRY form, i am spamming the ideas&proposals forum with everything that pops into mind... lol  :P

I will work them out in microsoft word. It isn't really the ideas that are problematic, those are easy, it's how they are written... I'l try and make some of it. I'l put it down in a couple of days (or weeks).

I currently am working on:

-A belief (from a santharian (perhaps famous) philoshoper/researcher)
-The knight (the template, from before they join any order)
-law-enforcement (a template) (who enforces it and well perhaps create the santharian sherlock holmes kinda thing)

I intend to focuss on the criminal aspects of santharia
Either of my projects could be plain crap, but also have the potential to evolve...
But nevertheless i'l do my best.

That's all for now, and if i got anymore questions i'l post them in this topic...  grin

34  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Another thing i wondered.... on: 03 February 2010, 08:02:00
1.Have their been laws developed for santharia? Do they have something simular to a ten commandments?
2.And how about the punishment? Is it like in medieval times? lots of public hangings?
3.How does law enforcements deal with the more complicated crimes (magic involved ones, untracable serial killers, untracable assassins, other multi-offenders)?
4.I could imagine a lot of individuals made with santharian lore that would need different kinds of approaches to bring them to justice...
35  Santharian Game Projects / General Game Discussions & Newbie Area / Re: New Santherian Game: Legends of Santharia: Vence on: 29 January 2010, 21:34:23
Hello, the idea is great,

If you are interested in making your own games, or even engines....


check out multimedia fusion and games factory, i believe there are freeware older versions too on the site...

I have explored it a bit and it is by far the best game making engine (and user friendly) thing i have ever seen.

Adventures in Santhworld can only be text based... Games factory and multimedia fusion support animations... I am a amateur but i succeeded in creating a bomber man like game with sounds, self drawn animations and even included bosses for every 5 levels...

The ideas for engines are quite endless, multimedia fusion should even support 3d engines i believe, but that is a bit too complicated to figure out for an amateur like me.

I am fond of making my own stories, and interactive stories are even more fun.

Artimidor, you are a programmer right? Maybe you see a future including santharia with a program like that?

Oh and i also used Rpgmaker 2000, xp, vista, its a superengine for Rpg games, the only CON is that the graphics aren't fitting for Santharia...
36  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Questions.... and another idea on: 29 January 2010, 08:07:13
@ Rayne:

I agree... That's why a belief of a crazy researcher would be fun.
Aura connects everything in a certain way, and i was indeed planning on doing something with spirits and religious beliefs. 'The aura' would be a fitting name for my entry...

Imagine a intelligent person trying to make sense of the world... That's my aim... Ofcourse little facts would be known but the entry that i want to make would be a plausible 'theory' for the people of santharia trying to connect the dots...

The more people on the site that will belief the plausibility of the idea, the stronger it's overall aura will become... (or the other way around)
37  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Questions.... and another idea on: 29 January 2010, 07:01:24
@ Seeker

Well it's not really a big thing i am planning to do. It's just a belief, an altered explanation of something that allready is fact in santharia. It depends on how it evolves here on the forums. I might start another entry (an easier one) but i'd really like to try this one too if you don't mind cool

That's exactly wat i needed! thanks.  thumbup
38  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Questions.... and another idea on: 29 January 2010, 06:44:21
All people have a magical aura called their Caríall...
Can the aura be visible in some way, or can it be felt or sensed somehow? Are there santharian sort of people who have a certain outside bound with this Caríall? Like being able to see itís colour, smell, feel, sense or taste the aura?
My idea somewat goes into that direction. I want to write an entry about Caríall/ the aura and how human behaviour influences it.
I think i somewhere read about how Caríall is just a concept, an idea to devine magic... But are there facts or somehow proofs that the Caríall is there?
If i could get some answers on the above then i know how far i can go in the entryís credibility. Iíl post the idea afterwards (a rough outline of the entry) and then weíll see wat happens next....
I made something up inspired on the human psychology, i could make it Ďa beliefí or something that was researched by someone...
I donít plan on doing anything with Ďmagicí in any way (well it will be mentioned tough) but ehm well,... just answer the questions...
39  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: (big) ideas- open for discussion on: 28 January 2010, 09:59:33
I am most proud of my third idea.... Someone really should make something about magical crossbreeding. the possibilities are endless!!!
40  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / (big) ideas- open for discussion on: 28 January 2010, 09:55:06
I am new here in as a member to the development board...
But i have been following santhariaís development for a while...

 I have some ideas and want to share them with you. Iíd really like your opinions and thoughts about these ideas, and perhaps i could even inspire someone to one of these projects...

Iíl start with wat would be the bigger projects, they are just ideas for some point in the future... or they might not be such fresh additions at all, you decide!

Death cult
I think santharia needs another Dark cult or sect. Something similar to that of the cult of the True visionaries (you know the tchovka etc.). This dark sect would be more focussed on the undead and the realm of Coůr and could also be the place from were the Ďlicheí orginates. Perhaps you could even go as far as to create a different magic system for them... The cult would be quite dangerous and perhaps played a vital role in history (we could also make them extinct)....  Perhaps clichť but there must be a way to santhariaze this whole thing.

There are a lot of things you could go with this, but wat are the guidelines? In the real world we have a dinosaur era. Does Santharia have a time when animals ruled the world? Or should i think more in the direction of the Chosen.... are they this worldís dinosaurs? Still there is lots of things left to do with Flora and fauna from back then....
Wat other things have been discovered from back then then might have given impact on the people of nowadays? (perhaps there was a time of the titans? Or certain races of fylia?)

Magic and people...
Individuals that were exposed to magic. A spell cast with Sphere 3 could have lasting affects  on everything including people; right? A group of people who can not cast magic but are rather a victim or result of it. Much like how an archmage enchants his staff to possess certain qualities... Would there be a reason this couldnít be done on humans? Centaurs back in the time of the chosen were magical half breeds.... Itís worth an entry... Think off people who because of magic became immune to certain spells or perhaps became amplifiers of magic. A permenant wind spell could make people turn into a ghost like being. Other types of people could be turned into weapons... The mages endow certain persons with certain powers, giving them qualities like breathing fire or shapeshifting abilities,  or other mutations (with side effects).... (perhaps it could be really hard to make the individuals fertile,  a reason so few magical crossbreeds still live today...)

Existing races
Wat about the psyrpent and the Mohísys races? If they exist for real more records and research should be known about now,... Or are they concidered myth for the time being? (both races are an excellent example of a result from idea3 btw.)

I still had more ideas but as i wrote this those other things slipped my mind for now...
Iíd love to hear your opinions about these subjects ;) and iíl hope to add a few more later on....
41  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Re: Not exactly new to the site but new to development... on: 28 January 2010, 09:10:53
There is one thing i'd like to know a bit more off....

The evolutionary ladder.... Like here in the real world were there big differences between the flora and fauna from back then?

If i would like to create an extinct creature for example then what would be my guidelines?

Were the predators bigger back then. and was there a -once upon time the animals ruled the world?-

You would also need to know how the flora and fauna was back then, does artimidor have maps on how the terrain used to be?
42  Organization and General Discussions / Newbie Information, Joining Requests and Recruitment / Not exactly new to the site but new to development... on: 28 January 2010, 08:37:57
Hello people.

I like the content of santharia a lot and have some ideas for the site.

But i guess most of my ideas are too big for my own good to handle as a new member....

So i'd rather start small like creating a plant or a creature...

Perhaps someone could give me some hints or point me in the right direction to were or wat to get started on?

I can't wait to start working on my first entry...
I've read trough the site so many times, the time is there to become part of it myself....

Thanks in advance

43  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Re: Not making sense on: 28 January 2010, 08:16:47
Allright thanks for the responces.
I always like to see the bigger picture. When something happens it would affect everything. The butterfly effect...

Yea wat both of you say makes sense. Basicly the job i described should be done when a continent is almost completly done. there are always details or additions to be made, and the inconsistancies are just a minor detail until then.

But another question,... Is there anything on santharia, a continent or perhaps an area that is completly or almost finished? Or is the creation process never suppossed to end?

Are you going to create new races, magic systems and historical timelines at some point in the future? Perhaps when all the current content is somewhat finalized and the sources to create from have run dry?....

Perhaps none of you can answer this question,... but where is all of this leading to? Wat is the vision of all this work and wat do you think will be the most important steps along the way?

Just curious....
44  Organization and General Discussions / Discussions, Development Ideas & Proposals / Not making sense on: 28 January 2010, 06:44:29
hiya i,m a new member to the board but an active visitor of the site.

There are alot of entries made by alot of different persons. And as i have been spitting trough i have found several inconsistancies...

For example there are regions that house multiple predatory creatures in one habitat but make no mention of each other.

Also i found that when i searched some entry's they weren't listed in the site menu. The Warnaka mountains from the truban province is one example...

The world as a whole doesn't always connect in the right way. For example tribes that make no mention of important guilds that were created later on.

I know... it's difficult because when you create something new lots of other entries might need an update of it too...

Would it be any use to you, if someone (me for exemple) were to track down these inconsistancies?

perhaps i could take each continent apart and summurize the bestiary, herbarium, people and towns and flush out the inconstincies by connecting the dots of the whole picture...

But i'l only make work if it if it might serve some kind of use for you guys the creators of the entries.

The author or perhaps the current active creators of the area's or entries could fix these things....

On the other hand, this job will never end as new stuff will be created...

Anyways the plan for me would be to put question marks on every gap of missing information. I really have a nose for it.

Perhaps some dots should left open, for the reader's imagination. i'd love to hear your opinions about this....
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