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1  Organization and General Discussions / General Santharian Discussions / Re: Post missing on: 13 July 2005, 19:21:00
It means just that, that the post has been lost and can't be recovered. There's a bunch that were lost from when the site was hacked a little while ago.


What? I can answer mortals on this board too. I just rarely choose to do so, that's all.

Here I go, playing the Hero again...

2  Santharian World Development / The Santharian Library / Editted by yours truely on: 13 October 2005, 15:46:00
Talia, you need not bother. Allow me. *bows gallantly*

The whole thing began in a cottage on a shore
A woman cried and her husband swore
With all gold spent on a boat that sunk
They both went mad, and they both got drunk

Night turned to day, thus forgotten was the past
So little they knew about their dream fullfilled at last
As time stuggled on, they followed with haste
Their hopes grew bigger, and so did her waist

Then one night none but few got to sleep
For something had woken the Goddess of the deep
And so a child, as ugly as can be
Was born in a fishy little cottage near the sea

As years passed on by, he grew up on that shore
And old men oft tought him the fisherman's lore
But this little child did not mind what he learned
So the teachers grew weary and non less concerned

Before he could rebel they made up a plan
To make this young rascal a cunning young man
For no one had ever stood up to their tribe
In this case they needed to grant him a bribe

They promised him fortune and a lady so fair
That people she talked to would crumble in dispair
This Lady were trapped in the depths of the sea
And fishing was meant as a way to set her free

But young as he was, around 18 or so
He didn't mind ladies that deep down below
Instead he'd go strolling about upon land
For tired he grew of the fish and the sand

And further away he would go every day
The villagers saw this but could nothing say
In the end he would only return for the fish
For he would not last if he gave up that dish

His dad who so often awaited his son
Discoverd one day that his son was undone
The young man had not come to eat for a week
And everyone knew that this drained their physique

Thus life carried on in the village on shore
But two of the townfolks was happy no more
The son had by chance gotten lost in the heat
And cought himself walking on weary old feet

Away from the water, across a strange land
He walked and he withered, unable to stand
While waiting for nothing the dessert grew cold
He lied there and watched all the stars oh so old

How long he had been there he knew not himself
But rescued he was by a traveling elf
This strange looking fellow belonged in the sand
And didn't mind lending a strong helping hand

He gave him some fruit that he'd searched for and found
And took him some place not too widely renowned
The town was Azhorhria, and there he found peace
Untill lack of the fishmeat struck hard, like disease

His hearing grew duller, his strength went away
His body was shaking and colors turned gray
His stomach went ill but he wanted to eat
He'd rather bear with it than admitting defeat

Then one day the elf left, and without knowing why
They gave him a goat and then told him goodbye
The truth was that they could not care for his health
For Azhorhrian people were men of small wealth

So into the dessert he walked once again
But this time awaiting the rare dessert rain
The rainclouds would grant him chance to survive
Until his old townfolks could watch him arrive

So anxious he was, to see his old home
But desserts are tricky, and way off he'd roam
This young man's adventure was guided by fate
And home coming parties were ever to wait

The goat gave him milk, and meat when it died
But lonely it left him. "So lonely!" he cried
Depresion was clearing its way in his mind
He realized life is a mess to unwind

Though lonely he made it out, all safe and sound
And came to a place where no sand could be found
Instead there was plains and large barrens ahead
The land looked all stagnant and filled him with dread

The only thing present was darkness and fear
The air was as thick as the night sky was clear
Ahead lay a tower alone in the dark
The entrance a withered, powerful arc

His only one chance would be in that dark place
Salvation or doom lay in front of his face
So towards it he went, away from the world
The wind started blowing, and in he was hurled

The room was not big, with old books all around
It seemed like a lifetime of work on the ground
The walls, full of candles was blazing with light
But all of the candles were yet to ignite

3  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / That reward better be something big... on: 24 December 2005, 04:03:00
Illix flinched as a man crashed through the window, just barely catching the orc's reply... but that was all she needed to know that Grunok was in fact the Orc.

She quickly made her way over to where the man had landed, to tell this Grunok about the message.

"Um, excuse me Grunok, but--" at that moment the crystal in he pocket shattered, releasing a powerful flash of light. when the flash receded Illix was gone and in her place there was nothing left but a small case and a note that read:

Grunok, congratulations on becoming a member. I figured you'd be getting plenty of gifts, and thought that I'd get something the two of you could both use... Say hi to her for me and Douglas.

In small font on the case there was merely "War Paint- Add Some Concussive Force to your look"


Illix awoke in a field with a pounding headache. She remembered what had happened, the flash of light, and started cursing whoever gave her the note whe she felt a lump in her pocket. She reached in and found a note wrapped around a rock:

Here's the reward I promised. Next time, make sure it's a GOOD reward.

At that point, Illix resumed cursing whoever'd sent her the note in the first place... with far more colorful language than should ever be repeated.

Here I go, playing the Hero again...

4  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / Why am I here again? Oh, right... on: 16 December 2005, 23:29:00
Illix was still amazed as she stared at the paper in her hand. It had been brought to her on the breeze, yet... it was addressed to her. It held instructions which she found most odd, and a promise of a reward. Not one to turn down a reward, especially one for tasks this simple, she decided to question the paper later, and quickly pocketed it.

As she read the letter to herself, a figure reappeared briefly in the shadows. A sly smirk grew on his face as he watched her, remembering what his- for it was he who'd written it- note had said:

Illix Rosethorn, I have but a humble request of you. A dear friend of mine is having a celebration thrown in his honor and I, busy as I am, cannot attend. Therefore, I request that you please go in my stead, and deliver to my friend, Grunok, a gift. The gift is hidden somewhere en route to the meeting place... I assure you, you will know it when you see it.

After that he'd written instructions for her to follow, and signed the letter with a false name that he knew would be recognisable by a mere few, select aquaintances at the party. As he watched Illix head off on his task, he quickly vanished leaving only a patch of thick, black smoke.


Illix walked, following the path the note had described. It wasn't a long journey, but long enough for her to be late, according to the time provided on the note. She did make it there, however, before the party had ended, albeit the gift had somehow eluded her. She pocketted the note as she headed for the door, and felt a lump... somehow a small crystal with a note attached has been placed in her pocket, without her knowing. She found this most distressing, but clearly this was a gift for this friend- "Grunok" as the note had called him- and not intended to harm her. She entered the building and looked around, but didn't recognise anyone in the gathering. Just as well, she'd made enemies in her life, she'd rather be anonymous than hated.

However, this posed a problem. Neither note had stated who this "Grunok" was. illix decided to do what she usually did in a group of people she didn't know. Shout.

"'Scuse me, but is there a Grunok here?"

Here I go, playing the Hero again...

5  Organization and General Discussions / Announcements and Web Design / NUUUUUUU!!!!!!! on: 16 December 2005, 23:33:00
That's bad. Very Very bad. Serious is rarely ever good. :(  

Here I go, playing the Hero again...

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